FSU Student Apartments For Rent (2024)

Because Tallahassee is such a big college town, a lot of apartment complexes have roommate matching services, or, if you sign a lease for a 1/1 room within a 4/4 apartment (for example), they will not require you to find your own group of roommates. They will find other students like you that had no one to partner with and take the responsibility of filling that apartment off your shoulders.

There are also FSU sublet postings you can browse. Another option is using FSU roommate matching services to help connect you with potential roommates that also go to your school. FSU also has a great set of University affiliated Facebook groups specifically geared towards helping people find sublets or to connect them with potential roommates. You must have a FSU email address to gain admittance to these groups.

Where to find places to live

There are a lot of apartments for rent in Tallahassee and most FSU off-campus housing options are actually geared toward student renters. Search online for cheap apartments, pet-friendly apartments, apartments close to FSU and more to find the perfect apartment that meets your FSU student living needs. You can also look at FSU apartment ratings to see what other students have thought about local FSU off-campus housing options. Wherever you choose to live, you are going to enjoy the best years of your life at Florida State University.


A big question to ask yourself is whether you want to live on the Tennessee Street side of campus or the Pensacola Street side. These streets are two of the main streets in Tallahassee and FSU. You can live on the Tennessee street side of campus and still choose to live on the East or West side of campus, and vice versa with the Pensacola Street side of campus.

Choosing which one of these street sides of campus you would prefer to live on just helps you narrow your search down a little bit more, as each street side of campus has a very different vibe and offers very different environments.

Pensacola Street is a lot more urban and you are usually closer and more immersed in student life at Florida State because it connects to Gaines Street. College Town is located there, with its string of fancy shops and restaurants like Urban Outfitters and Madison Social. Gaines Street also has an eclectic offering of shops, like Gaines Street Pies, All Saints Café & Cinema, and other vintage and artsy stores. And directly off of Gaines Street is Railroad Square, the artistic and cultural hub of the city.

On the other side, Tennessee Street is a lot more suburban. You are more likely to find families and other, non-student residents of the city residing there. You find more common stores, from grocery stores, dollar stores, and more. It can be a little bit quieter here and can be a better fit for some students.


Once you move off-campus, you are a lot less likely to eat at on-campus dining halls, such as at FSU's famous Suwannee Dining Hall that was designed to architecturally resemble the dining halls at Oxford (the basis of the design for the Great Hall in Harry Potter).

Tallahassee has a lot of great restaurants. Gumby's Pizza is a well-known restaurant, best known for its Stoner Pizza, which includes toppings like french fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks to name a few. Gaines Street Pies is also very popular (though Gaines Street is lined with eclectic local food options). This restaurant grew so popular, it now has three locations so no matter where you live in Tallahassee, you'll be able to find a location close to you. All Saints Café is another staple in the Tallahassee area. Open 24/7, it has vegan and vegetarian options which makes it a hot spot for students.

In such a big college town, there are also plenty of bars and nightlife available. Bullwinkle's Saloon is a popular venue for students as it's very close to campus and has a riding bull for patrons. Potbelly's is another popular venue that most students make their way to each weekend. It is a little bit farther from campus but still very close. Poor Paul's Pourhouse is also a great option if you like something a little more rugged. It features billiard tables, and once a week they order pizza from Gumby's to provide to patrons for free (it is right across the street from Gumby's and campus).


The best way to get around campus is your own two feet. Off-campus, you either have to drive or take the bus. The bus system at FSU is great and is free for students. As long as you account for crowded buses, late buses, and other regular delays, you can get around where you need to. Students can also ride the city buses for free, which is another great perk to help get you around town if you do not have your own transportation.


Parking is very scarce at FSU. FSU has more than 40,000 students. While this is not necessarily a downfall, it can make the university and the town of Tallahassee, FL a little bit more difficult to navigate. And it definitely makes finding parking a challenge. There are many lots and parking garages scattered across campus, but most spots are filled by 8:30 am so you have to get to campus really early or take the bus.

Sometimes students can find parking later in the day if they are lucky. It is a common sight to see desperate students slowly driving around the parking garages and following students who are walking back to their cars so that they can take their spot.

FSU also requires students to have parking permits and they are very vigilant in checking that every car on campus has registered and has a virtual permit to park. If not, expect to be slapped with a hefty fine. You can make appeals, but they are unlikely to be successful.


Leon County, where FSU is situated, has had the highest crime rate in the state of Florida for the last five years. This means that students need to be vigilant when walking around, especially at night.

The FSU Campus is relatively well lit and there is an abundance of emergency light booths around campus. Their layout was designed so that no matter where you stand on campus, you can always see one of these little booths and be able to flee to it for safety. Each booth is topped by a bright blue light, making it very easy to notice at night. They also have a phone or intercom system at each that will directly connect anyone who approaches it to the FSU Police Department.

FSU has its own Police Department too, which is incredibly active. They have their own police station directly on the campus. Knowing the FSU PD is around can help you feel like you are in safe hands while attending this school.


There are a lot of grocery shopping options in Tallahassee. Most Florida residents rave about Publix, and the Publix locations in Tallahassee boast some of the best produce shopping in the franchise. There are many of them scattered throughout the town and they have really great options, including a food bar offering more than sandwiches and chicken tenders. Publix also opened up a Green Wise Market store there, the first of its kind in the country. It is supposed to be a grocery store geared towards a market of millennial shoppers, which is why Tallahassee was a prime spot to open the location in.

As to everyday shopping, Gaines Street or Railroad Square are popular spots for vintage, handmade, and eclectic items of every variance. But for a more run-of-the-mill experience, you can be sure to check out the Governor's Square Mall. It is not within walking distance from campus, but there are buses available to take you.

FSU Student Apartments For Rent (2024)
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