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Hidden Garden is a jumping puzzle east of the Infinite Coil Reactor in Mount Maelstrom. To get here, you must complete an event to kill one of four keepers that spawn across the Mount Maelstrom zone. Once defeated a portal to the Hidden Garden will open.

Tip: Bring a friend. There are no waypoints in the area, so if you're there alone and you die you will either have to use a waypoint outside of the jumping puzzle to revive and then find a new event to get back to the area, or carry a Revive Orb with you.


How to Start

The Hidden Garden puzzle has a unique method for reaching the area. Players must find one of four events in Mount Maelstrom and slay the keeper to open a portal leading to the Hidden Garden area.

  • Defeat the Keepers of Earth: Sootberme, south east of Criterion Waypoint.
  • Defeat the Keeper of Light: Ashen Waste, south and slightly to the east of Ashen Waypoint.
  • Defeat the Keeper of Waves: Gauntlet Gulch, north of Oxbow Isle Waypoint.
  • Defeat the Keeper of Winds: The Stychs, southeast of Irwin Isle Waypoint.

The guardians seem to have a 15 minute reset clock

In the Hidden Garden

The goal of the puzzle is to get the Cantles of the four elements to open the Sylvan Chest by Dierdre. To get to the chest, approach the tree from the south east, there will be several cliffs and roots to jump upon and climb your way up. The achievement is earned once you open the chest.

These can be collected in any order.

  • The Cantle of Sky is located to the north, through a cave filled with spiders. You will climb a mountainside. At the top are some Diving Goggles.
  • The Cantle of Sea is to the south, in a cave with waterfalls and trees whose leaves you must climb.
  • The Cantle of Earth is at the base of the giant tree in the middle of the area.
  • The Cantle of Sun is at the top of the tree, along with Diving Goggles.

Cantle of Sky

Obtained from the Cluster of Winds in the north of the Hidden Garden. There's a cave in the north west corner with several spiders in it, run to the back of the cave and you can find ledges jutting from the sides and several large mushrooms to jump across. This trail of ledges and mushrooms leads you to the top of the cave and outdoors again.

Once outside, a clear jumping path comprised of cliff ledges and floating rocks leads high into the sky, with a bridge half way along. A small group of spiders spawns at the bridge.

A few floating rocks further up, you'll find the cluster surrounded by Air Elementals, including one or more Veterans. You can run in and grab the cantle without getting hit. There's also a pair of diving goggles on the ledge, and a large expanse of water below.

Cantle of Sea

Obtained from the Cluster of Waves in the Hidden Garden. The cluster is located in the south end of the map, in a watery cave, look for small ledges and plants with large leaves to jump from to climb up. Halfway up the cave a group of spiders will spawn. There's a veteran ooze at the end of the cave guarding the cluster, but it can be avoided.

Cantle of Earth

Obtained from the Cluster of Earth in the Hidden Garden. This is the easiest cantle to obtain. It's at the very bottom of the tree in the center of the garden. You can climb any of the large shards jutting from the ground and drop right on top of the cluster. It is surrounded by several veteran and normal Earth Elementals, that like to cripple, but they can all be run past fairly easily.

Cantle of Sun

Obtained from the Cluster of Light in the Hidden Garden. The cluster is located on the very top of the tree in the center of the garden. To start up the tree, go up from the south east side. Make your way up to the chest, and head to the left. There will be a path of mushrooms and roots that you can climb up. Be warned, if you fall once you start climbing mushrooms you will die unless you can land in the small pond below.

You can take the cantle from the cluster on top of the tree. There's another pair of diving goggles sitting on the west edge and you can jump to the small pond.

Video Walkthrough

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