Joanna Pickering new play debuts in Paris this week! (2024)


Pickering’s Trilogy: Truth, Lies and Deception will have its premier at Le Pavé d’Orsay Theatre in Paris on December 16th for a three night showcase, with more dates to announce.

Pickering’s trilogy contains three short plays Cat and Mouse, Sylvie and Sly and Beach Break. Audience reviews describe them “three one act plays that deliver on every level and shake the audience to the core.”

The trilogy explores fragility, complexity and danger in three dark-humored, and often shocking stories, about strong, hilarious, not perfect, women in a patriarchal world.

Joanna Pickering as Layla and Koël Purie Rinchet as Zurie.

Cat and Mouse tells the story of Jade, an aspiring actress who meets Hollywood movie director at the hotel where she is bussing tables. Jade thinks her life will change forever. However, nothing is at it seems. [TW//CW//sexual assault, specific, brief moment]

Sylvie and Sly tells the tale of an aging actress, who is in denial about her tragic reality and decides to save her floundering career with the help of a devoted friend and social media.

Beach Break is the story of two female friends who go away to a holiday beach island to escape men problems, when something terrible happens that has explosive repercussion[TW//CW//references to sexual assault]

Angela McCluskey

Angela McCluskey song “Wild Le Temps de L’Amour” features in the play. McCluskey has worked with Dr. John, Cyndi Lauper, Deep Forest, Joe Henry, The The, and Télépopmusik, as well as releasing her own albums, and writing music for television and film (Grey’s Anatomy). Pickering, in the role of Jade, performs a dance sequence to the song, with co-star Robert Bradford in the role of Hollywood movie director Marcus Meekus. The play is a twisting, disturbing, yet seductive “Cat and Mouse,” like chase thatwill make the audience question what they’ve seen for a long time — weeks or months — after blackout.

“Angela read my play and said it was a refreshing and bold take on a difficult subject. It’s my Francoise Hardy moment — dancing on stage with Angela’s voice in Paris! It’s a beautiful song. Another little dream come true. I love Paris. I love Angela’s voice. I am a very fortunate playwright. I was also given Télépopmusik’s amazing, new album to listen to, but for those tracks, I need to write a new play.”

Cat and Mouse is directed by Chris Mack (Theatre en Anglais’ The Importance of Being Earnest, Seventy Scenes of Halloween, Paris Vampires, and Vampire Vermont, and co- founder of Paris Playwrights and former member of Blueprint Theatre, The Empty Space Theatre, and Annex Theatre in Seattle). Sylvie and Sly is directed by Alessia Siniscalchi (Hamlet at Brave New World Rep New York, Rep, Forbidden to Dance at Napoli Teatro, I Burned Your Eyes at Goethe Institute, Medea’s Visions Teatro Belinni, Studio la Ména500 × 500gerie de Verre, Kulturfactory). Beach Break is directed by Pulchérie Gadmer (Cimetière after Les Paravents by Jean Genet and 4.48 psychose, Fragments after Sarah Kane at the Nanterre-Amandiers Theater Aquarium, L’Illusion comique by Pierre Corneille, Avignon Festival and Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe).

Pickering (Creation Stories, Theatre 68, Lady Macbeth, Pittsburg Shakespeare in the Park, King Herod in Rope and The Cross) will be performing alongside her cast, which included Robert Bradford (Finding Babel, Highlander, West Side Story), Julie Kalya (award recipient for The Woolgatherer, Bazaar and Rummage by Sue Townsend, Pinter’s A Kind Of Alaska, Pygmalion, An evening with Oscar Wilde), Bollywood actress Koël Purie Rinchet (Rock On, On the Couch with Koel), Hollywood’s Eugenia Kuzmina (Spy City, The Gentlemen, Bad Moms, New Girl), Manuel Sinor (world premier of award- winning Einstein’s Gift, Résistantes at Avignon theatre festival), Chloe and Emmanuel Danon.

The plays were published in the pandemic after the trilogy was showcased with The League of Professional Theatre women with Broadway and TV actors Caroline Aaron and Dan Lauria reading. Pickering’s writing is described as “fierce, complex, nuanced, deep, and honestly human,” as well as her audience noting the hard hitting plays — “By turns funny, dark, absurd, sexy, and bold, they evince a subtle understanding of friendship.” (Next Stage Press Reviews)

Pickering speaking to Broadway World said, “These plays are close to my heart, they’re messy, gritty, and full of brutal and hilarious reality. They’re the first plays I wrote. I am humbled at the response they have had in Paris. The work gained an experienced, talentedand incredible team who were passionate to bring the writing to stage. To have the support of the Parisian English Theatre community is a dream. I am excited to share them with Paris.”

Pickering, added “There is always intense debate after these plays showcase. I think plays should make you think and re-think, and you can force the audience to ask the important questions. I take every one on a roller coaster, and then let the audience work it out. I rarely explain my work.”

Performances will take place on Thursday December 16th, Friday December 17th and Saturday December 18th (Tickets 20 Euros) with further dates to announce. The performance is approximately 90 minutes with no set intermission. Tickets now on sale in advance:

Angela McCluskey


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Joanna Pickering new play debuts in Paris this week! (2024)
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