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4 CEO’s Message A Better World Each Day

15 Teke on the Street What It Means to Be a Teke

16 Recruitment The Secret to Successful Recruitment

18 Volunteers Greek Life Administrator of the Quarter and Volunteers of the Month

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The cover forms the TKE house plate with more than 1,400 photographs taken over the past four years. They represent the more than 250,000 Fraters who have been initiated into TKE. From high profile alumni to key volunteers and beyond, each Frater makes a significant impact on who you are. “A Day in the Life of a Teke” is truly remarkable.



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LIFETIME GIVING LEVELSGolden Eagle Society - $1,000,000 or moreKnights of a Lasting Legacy - $500,000 - $999,999 Society of 1899 - $250,000 - $499,999Grand Prytanis Circle - $100,000 - $249,000Presidents Circle - $50,000 - $99,999Leaders Society - $25,000 - $49,999Scholars Society - $10,000 - $24,999Triangle Society - $5,000 - $9,999Founders Society - $2,500 - $4,999Opportunity Out of Defeat Club - $1,000 - $2,499Grand Council Society - $500 - $999Fraters Society - $250 - $499

THE TEKE (ISSN 1527-1331) is an educational journal published quarterly in spring, summer, fall and winter by Tau Kappa Epsilon (a fraternal society),7439 Woodland Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765. Periodicals Class postage paid at Indianapolis, IN, and additional mailing offices.

POSTMASTER: send address changes to THE TEKE, 7439 Woodland Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765.

All alumni Fraters who donate $10 or more to the TKE Educational Foundation, Inc. will receive a one-year subscription to THE TEKE. It’s our way of saying thank you and of keeping you informed regarding what’s going on in your Fraternity today.

How to submit stories and photos:Chapter news should contain information about events, community service projects, and other notable achievements. Articles and photos can be emailed to [emailprotected] and [emailprotected]. Mail hard copies and prints to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. Digital photos should be at least 300 dpi in resolution or on a digital camera’s highest-quality setting. Photos showing alcoholic beverages or members displaying unsuitable behavior cannot be accepted.

THE TEKE is the official publication of Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity. TKE was founded on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL.


Chief Executive OfficerSteven A. Ramos (Zeta-Theta)

Vice President for Fraternal ServicesJohn W. Deckard (Grand Chapter)

Director of OperationsLouis L. LeBlanc, CAE (Gamma-Theta)

Director of Events & MarketingChris Walsh (Rho-Upsilon)

Director of CommunicationTom McAninch (Alpha-Zeta)

Creative DirectorMatt Gutierrez (Upsilon-Iota)

Production ManagerKatie Sayre

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2009 – 2011 GRAND COUNCIL

Grand PrytanisDr. Herbert L. Songer (Alpha-Upsilon)

Grand EpiprytanisEdmund C. Moy (Lambda)

Grand GrammateusBob Barr (Beta-Sigma)

Grand CrysophylosRodney G. Talbot (Beta-Chi)

Grand HistorRobert A. Jarred (Omicron-Kappa)

Grand HypophetesChristopher T. Hanson (Alpha-Pi)

Grand PylortesDr. James Hickey (Zeta-Alpha)

Grand HegemonShawn A. Babine (Lambda-Delta)

Grand OfficerCorey Mathews (Gamma-Theta)

Grand OfficerFritz Jacobi (Lambda-Alpha)

Collegiate Advisory Committee ChairMichael Beals (Epsilon)

OFFICES OF THE GRAND CHAPTER7439 Woodland DriveIndianapolis, IN 46278-1765Tel: 317-872-6533Fax: 317-875-8353Email: [emailprotected]:

Better Men for a

Better World


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A Day in the Life of a TekeEvery day Tekes are influenced by prominent alumni and may not realize it. Now you know.

The Sitdown Meet Frater Dan Mead, chief executive officer of Verizon Wireless.

Brothers for LifeA TKE daughter, wife, and mother relates how a tragic event transformed the lives of her family.

A Historical Conclave Review student registration and alumni & guest pricing for the upcoming Conclave in San Antonio.

Foundation Annual ReportTKE reports on the continuing support of alumni members and friends of the Fraternity.

Board of DirectorsThe leadership team of the Foundation is its board of directors, headed by an executive committee.

TKE Heritage SocietyThe Fraternity recognizes our planned giving donors for their commitment to the future.

ScholarshipsTKE honors 2010 recipients of Grand Chapter Scholarships.

Chapter FundsThe Foundation administers funds for Chapter Scholarships and Special Projects.

TEF First-Time DonorsThe Foundation welcomes donors who made their first gift in fiscal year 2010.

Foundation DonorsThe Foundation acknowledges and recognizes those who contributed in 2010.

Lifetime Giving ClubsA special thank you to our giving club members for their significant support.
















THE TEKE Wants to Hear From YOU!:The Fraternity’s magazine publication needs your input. We would like to hear from all chapter Histors, Alumni Associations, and volunteers. Please send all submissions to Frater Tom McAninch, Director of Communica-tion, at [emailprotected] Katie Sayre, Production Manager, at [emailprotected].

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Across our great planet you will undoubtedly find Tekes—from Moscow, Beijing, Sydney, Dubai, Buenas Aires, Tokyo, London, New York and everywhere in between. With more than 255,000 members, we are not only on campuses—we are everywhere. Tekes are heads of corporations like Verizon Wireless and Starbucks. We are leaders in government, such

as Gary Doer (Canadian Ambassador to the U.S.) and U.S. Congressman Francisco Canseco. We are sports legends such as Terry Bradshaw and Digger Phelps. Tekes are officers in all branches of the military. Tekes are aspiring professionals in a myriad of careers that will continue to climb the ladders of success. At the same time, we have more than 10,000 members in colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. We are everywhere. Can we say that the day of a college student is the same as that of a CEO? One consistent theme between them—they step up to leadership. They are building on their education. They work in teams and help others succeed. Members are also involved in giving to the community with their time and treasures. These values, principles and character-building traits are a trademark of Tau Kappa Epsilon.My day starts with physical exercise that keeps me strong and provides an opportunity to clean the slate of my mind to start fresh each day. The trip into work allows me time to catch up on local and national news. Once in the office, there are communications to send/receive and act on from students, alumni, staff, the Grand Council and other partners. Sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow, and often I listen and learn. Usually there are project meetings, team meetings and conference calls that help to drive TKE toward our strategic goals and, ultimately, our mission. I have the great pleasure to work with men and women who love TKE with an unwavering passion and consistently go the extra mile to help our brothers. We all want this organization to be successful in every endeavor—be it college graduation, leading a corporation, or just being the best brother a fraternity can ask for. I read about great things that our brothers are doing each day to help the community. I am so proud. As a Frater, I also worry when I read of incidents where our brothers brush with injury or death. This is where the decisions of a few can have adverse effects on us all. We must look out for our fellow Fraters. Through it all, I keep my mind fixed on accomplishing the ends set forth by you. My day concludes usually late in the evening with checking email one more time before retiring for the evening. It is a full day. The successful results make all the effort worthwhile and each day great. Men throughout the TKE Nation, both collegiate and alumni, should be proud of the work they accomplish. Whether it is for the Fraternity or a professional endeavor, each accomplishment should be aimed at building a better world. If you can look in the mirror at the end of the day and say ‘I helped make a difference,’ you will continue fulfilling the promises made when you took our Bond. Keep up the good work and stand tall—you are a Teke.

Yours in the Bond,

Steven A. RamosChief Executive Officer



q ceo message

“If you can look in the mirror at the end of the day and say ‘I helped make a difference,’ you will continue fulfilling the promises made when you took our Bond.”

A Better World Each Day

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Your next speech is about increasing sales in a tough economy, so you decide to discuss the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management demo and their sales tracking and forecasting abilities.

q feature

A Day in the Life of a Teke

HOWard ScHUlTzTheta-Iota (Northern Michigan University)Co-Founder & President Starbucks

raY FranKlin, llTLambda-Alpha (University of South Florida)Production Director/ Author of On-the-Job Speech TrainingStage America, LLCOrder of the Golden Eagle

Ed MOY, llTLambda (University of Wisconsin)Former DirectorUnited States MintGrand Epiprytanis/TKE Alumnus of the Year

Marc BEniOFFBeta-Sigma (University of Southern California)Chairman &

dan MEadPi (Pennsylvania State University)President/ CEOVerizon Wireless

As you pull on a TKE T-shirt and some shorts, the stomach begins grumbling. It’s time to head toward Starbucks for a coffee and breakfast sandwich.

GrEG WOOdSOn, llTBeta-Sigma (University of Southern California)Vice President, Chief Ethics & Compliance OfficerColgate Palmolive CompanyFormer TKE Educational Foundation Chairman

Taking a seat in the coffee shop, you crack open the On-the-Job Speech Train-ing book for your business class on professional presentations. You need to ace this class not only because of the grade, but it will also look great on the resume.

The total comes to $6.03 and, luckily, you have three pennies sitting in your pocket.

Music begins blaring, but you can’t find where it’s coming from. You struggle to hone your hearing and wipe your eyes to get them working on the source of this abrupt interruption of slumber. As your brain starts to kick into gear, you realize it’s the alarm clock which was moved over to the desk to ensure getting up. As you walk over to it, the time reads 6:15 a.m. ‘Man it’s early,’ you say to yourself. After hitting the off button, you grab a towel and toiletry bag to get the morning started. After a hot shower, all your senses are fully functional. Pulling out your toothbrush and Colgate toothpaste, morning breath will soon meet its death.

Switching gears a bit, the professor asks the class about the influence of space travel with the rise and fall of communism.

Once the breakfast has been gobbled up and the coffee is empty, you head off to class. Since you have a few minutes to spare, you decide to call the Prytanis of the chapter about the intramural championship tonight on your Verizon Wireless phone.

After the call, you step into the history class. The professor begins talking about the fall of the Soviet Union and Ronald Reagan’s role in helping to break up communist rule. He cites some of the most famous words uttered by Reagan, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down these walls.”

rOnald rEaGan, llTIota (Eureka College)Former President of the United StatesOrder of the Golden Eagle

GErald carrBeta-Sigma (University of Southern California)Former NASA Astronaut/Commander of Skylab IVTKE Alumnus of the Year


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Class concludes and you head over to the auditorium on campus because TKE and the student government are sponsoring a speaker to talk about making right choices. The powerful presentation begins with Mark Sterner asking questions of the audience about various topics which involve critical decision-making.

MarK STErnErTau-Mu (Johnson & Wales University)DUI: A Powerful Speaker Lesson:Campuspeak

Ed drOSTE, llTEpsilon (Iowa State University)FounderHooters Restaurants/Casino

JiM FiEldinGGamma-Kappa (Indiana University)PresidentDisney Stores

BrUcE GOrdOnPsi (Gettysburg College)Board MemberCBS

cHarlES r. WalGrEEn, Jr., llT Upsilon (University of Michigan)Former President, ExpansionistThe Walgreen CompanyOrder of the Golden Eagle

STEvE FOrBESGrand ChapterPresidentForbes Media, Inc.

PHil SiMMSMu-Sigma (Morehead State University)Super Bowl Winner and MVPCBS Football AnalystTKE Alumnus of the Year

TErrY BradSHaWBeta-Zeta (Louisiana Tech University)Super Bowl Winner and MVPFox Football Analyst

KEvin GilBridETau-Eta (Southern Connecticut State University)Offensive CoordinatorNew York Giants

The presentation is very moving and you are compelled to get your picture taken, along with the other Fraters in attendance, for a piece to be placed in the upcoming edition of THE TEKE magazine. You invite Frater Mark out to lunch at the local Hooters for some wings.

Since your niece is turning 10 next week, you decide to head over to the Disney Store. With so many recent movies she has loved, you are sure to find some-thing. With a doll and backpack of her favorite character in hand, you turn back to the list.

In the car, you turn the radio dial to CBS news to catch up on what’s going on in the world today.

PaUl cainEGamma-Kappa (Indiana University)Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue OfficerTime Inc.Griffin’s Giving Fund Founder

An interview you find intriguing begins with CBS football analyst Phil Simms and Fox football analyst Terry Bradshaw talking to New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride about the upcoming season.

q feature

Following lunch, it’s time to get some errands out of the way. First thing on the list—some vitamins and a couple magazines. Stopping at Walgreens, you grab the daily multi-vitamins, an issue of Forbes magazine, and Time magazine.

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (7)

GEOrGE HalaSGamma (University of Illinois)Founder of the NFLTKE Alumnus of the Year

MarK rOMiG, llT, PGPTheta-Mu (University of New Orleans)Former president of the Allstate Sugar BowlOrder of the Golden Eagle

lES PaUlGamma-Delta (University of Miami)Inventor of Electric GuitarLes Paul Series Guitars

rOBErT nardElli, llTZeta-Theta (Western Illinois University)Former President & CEOHome DepotTKE Alumnus of the Year

WilliE nElSOnNu-Xi (Stephen F. Austin State University) Singer, Songwriter

ElviS PrESlEYBeta-Psi (Arkansas State University)King of Rock ‘N Roll

dOn & PHil EvErlYGamma-Rho (Indiana State University)Singer, Songwriters

dr. ScOTT cOWEnDelta-Gamma (University of Connecticut-Storrs)President, Tulane UniversityExcellence in Education Award

dr. GrEGOrY GEOFFrOYAlpha-Chi (University of Louisville)President, Iowa State UniversityExcellence in Education Award

WilliaM v. MUSE, llT, PGPEpsilon-Upsilon (Northwestern State University)Former President, Auburn UniversityOrder of the Golden Eagle

Fr. GaBriEl zEiSDelta-Phi (Saint Francis University)PresidentSaint Francis University


One particular question asked was about offensive lineman David Diehl and if he will continue his greatness first seen in the 2002 Sugar Bowl.

With a Greek Week coming up, the chapter has decided to build a float and have you play a few songs. After picking up building materials at Home Depot, you need to pick up your Les Paul guitar that was tuned at the local music shop.

While at the shop, you decide to pick out a few pieces of sheet music for the perfor-mance—”On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson, “Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley, and “Let It Be Me” by the Everly Brothers.

Getting back in the car, you head over to the local library to find some information about graduate schools. The top choices are Tulane University, Iowa State University, Auburn University, and Saint Francis University.

q feature

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (8)



MiKE HUcKaBEEBeta-Psi (Arkansas State University)Fox News CommentatorPresidential Candidate 2008

GarY dOErZeta-Iota (University of Manitoba)Canadian Ambassador to the U.S.Former Premier of Manitoba

BOB Barr, llTBeta-Sigma (University of Southern California)Former U.S. CongressmanGrand GrammateusTKE Alumnus of the Year

PaUl WiGHT, iiXi-Beta (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville)Professional Wrestler“The Big Show”

W. alan MccUllOUGHDelta-Upsilon (Missouri Valley College)Independent DirectorGoodyear Tire & Rubber

rUSSEll HEil, llTBeta-Pi (Georgia Institute of Technology)Former Senior Vice PresidentDelta AirlinesTEF Fraternity for Life Award

cOnrad HilTOnAlpha-Omicron (New Mexico State University)FounderHilton Hotels

MarK JOHnSOn, llT, PGPNu-Theta (University of Utah)Executive Vice President/General ManagerJohnson Moving & StorageTeke Alumnus of the Year Award

PaUl MOBlEYGamma-Kappa (Indiana University)Chairman/CEONoble Romans Pizza, Inc.

As you begin to head back to campus, you flip on the radio and hear Fox News commentator Mike Huckabee discussing politics with the Canadian Ambassador to the United States, Gary Doer, and former U.S. Congressman Bob Barr.

Once you get back to your room, travel plans need to be set for those graduate schools you will be visiting soon. So, you take a look at flights with Delta, hotels with Hilton, and a moving company with Johnson Moving & Storage since you will need them eventually.

Craving Pizza, you grab some Fraters to hit Noble Romans on campus.

After the interview, a commercial comes over the airwaves saying the WWE is com-ing to your city with the special guest being “The Big Show.”

Another commercial comes on advertising a Broadway show that will be at the local playhouse this month.

Since you will be going on a road trip later this month, getting your car and tires looked over at Goodyear Tire seems like a very good idea.

q feature

MilES WilKin, llTGamma-Theta (University of Florida)Former COO Clear Channel EntertainmentCEO, Broadway Across AmericaFormer TEF Board Member

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (9)

ricHard “diGGEr” PHElPSEpsilon-Zeta (Rider University)Former Notre Dame Basketball CoachESPN College Gameday Analyst


O. GEnE BicKnEllDelta-Mu (Pittsburgh State University)Chairman/CEONational Pizza Company (largest franchiser of Pizza Huts)

MErv GriFFinGamma-Delta (University of Miami)CreatorWheel of Fortune & Jeopardy

dannY THOMaSGamma-Nu (University of Toledo)Entertainer/FounderSt. Jude Children’s Research HospitalTKE Alumnus of the Year

SHiMMY MEHTa, llTTheta-Zeta (Rutgers University)Founder/CEOAngelwish

JOE TaiTAlpha-Epsilon (Monmouth College)Announcer/CommentatorNBA Cleveland Cavaliers

dannY villanUEvaAlpha-Omicron (New Mexico State University)Creator of mainstream Hispanic Television in U.S.Founder Univision & TelemundoTKE Alumnus of the Year

rYan crOcKErAlpha-Theta (Whitman College)Former U.S. Ambassador to IraqDean of Texas A&M’s School of Government & Public Service

As you pull the covers on the bed to keep you warm, you begin thinking about how you will change the world. There were and are so many influential Tekes, but what will be your legacy? Will it be in business, education, entertainment, government, science or something else? You are comforted in the fact that joining TKE has helped build a solid foundation, as it has for more than 250,000 others. How you will capitalize on all of this is the real question. Taking one last look at the clock, you think, “It certainly is a great day to be a Teke.”

Now it’s time for the intramural basketball championship. The Tekes are favored to win it, but will have some stiff competition to get the trophy. The excitement is in the air, similar to watching a college basketball game with Digger Phelps commentating on ESPN.

With the championship in hand, you and the guys head to celebrate at Pizza Hut.

Since you already had pizza for dinner, you decide to leave early and get ready for an evening of studying. Once home you decide to turn on the TV. “Studying can wait for a little while,” you think and decide to flip through channels until you land on Wheel of Fortune. And you can’t stop at only watching that show, so you keep it on for Jeopardy too.

During the two shows, two commercials stand out: (1) the great work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and (2) opportunities to grant children wishes through Angelwish. This gives you a great idea for two philanthropies to present at the next chapter meeting.

Knowing that you have a test in Spanish tomorrow, but still wanting to watch TV, you decide to flip over to Telemundo to challenge your vocabulary and comprehen-sion skills.

It’s getting late, but you decide to brush up on your knowledge of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tomorrow Ryan Crocker, the former United States Ambassador to Iraq, is coming to speak during your current events & history class.

q feature

As you flip through stations, a basketball game catches your eye. It’s the return of Lebron James to Cleveland. Wanting to see the drama, you decide to keep it on for a bit and listen to Cavaliers commentator Joe Tait.

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q the sitdown

This phrase is the battle cry on billboards and in advertising for the largest mobile telecommuni-cations network and wireless phone provider in the United States: Verizon Wireless. With more

than 104 million customers and connections, the cell phone giant needs a proven leader and someone who is commit-ted to delivering on its promise to customers. “We know our best was good for today. Tomorrow, we’ll do better.” They have their man—Frater Dan Mead (Pi, Pennsylvania State University). His story of success begins as a dishwasher at the Pi Chapter house and continues today as a leader in industry. Similar to another great Teke (Frater Ronald Reagan, Iota, Eurkeka College), modest beginnings in small-town Penn-sylvania keep him grounded and hungry to make the great business he heads become even greater. Though his business life keeps him exceptionally busy, he always finds time to support his chapter, university, and the community through philanthropic endeavors. Mead not only walks the walk and talks the talk, he pushes others to help build a better world. Join us as we discuss his college days, the impact of TKE, and his rise on the corporate ladder to where he sits today.

The TeKe: Tell us a little about your upbringing and what has brought you to where you are today.

Mead: I feel very fortunate, as I was the first of my family to go to college. Everyone encouraged me and made it a priority to get me there. I worked my way through school and one of the things I did as a Teke was become the dish washer for room and board. I washed the dishes for several years and I also worked at the university grading papers. Eventually in graduate school, I got a research assistantship. Every experience helped me solidify who I was.

The TeKe: how did TKe enhance your experi-ence at college?

Mead: I was involved all six years at Penn State. Living with 60 guys in a house, having some fun activities and help-ing each other out was very good experience. I was Hypo-phetes for a few years and it was a good leadership experi-ence. My closest and dearest friends to this day are Fraters I spent time with at Penn State. So much so, I purchased a vacation—some call it a football—home near campus about

“Rule the Air!”

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (11)


q the sitdown

Actress Mariska Hargitay; Dan Mead, CEO Verizon Wireless; and Detective Deirdri Fishel at the premier of “Telling Amy’s Story,” a documentary on domestic violence, on May 18, 2010, at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Verizon Wireless donates $5,000 through its HopeLine program to the Rutgers University Department of Sexual Assault Services and Crime Victim Assistance.

a mile from the Teke house. I am three houses down from Joe Paterno [head football coach for the Nittany Lions] so it makes football days interesting on that street.

The TeKe: Did TKe help in your professional and personal development?

Mead: TKE helped a great deal. The Fraternity gave me a lot of confidence when I was coming out of school for interviewing and leadership opportunities. I grew up in a very small town in the Allegheny Mountains, so I had never met anyone from a city before. Being in school and at TKE with so many diverse individuals, it gave me a great founda-tion and let me see what people thought about different things. I learned about going in taxis and flying in airplanes, things I had never done before. It was a good maturing environment.

The TeKe: What are some of the ideals you learned in TKe that you still use today?

Mead: One of the biggest is a responsibility to society and giving back. We worked hard to help others out as much as we could. At Verizon we have a tremendous responsibility to the communities where we are. We focus on two key areas with the Verizon Foundation—Thinkfinity and HopeLine. Thinkfinity focuses primarily providing educational tools for teachers with kids in K-12 grades. We want to stress the importance of learning by providing resources and a bank of information from the nation’s leading educational orga-nizations. HopeLine is an opportunity for Verizon Wireless customers to recycle their old phones. The mobile devices are refurbished and we donate them, along with free air time, to domestic violence shelters around the country. All

of the others have the parts taken out and every dollar pro-duced is given to those shelters. I didn’t start these programs, but all of us who are Tekes got a great foundation in service and philanthropy.

The TeKe: “Telling Amy’s Story” is another pro-gram talked about among philanthropic circles; what is this?

Mead: This is a story of an employee of ours who was murdered by her husband at Penn State. She worked at a Verizon Store about two miles from the Teke house. This happened a few years ago, but we saw an opportunity to educate people about this epidemic. It started out in Penn-sylvania, the university, and surrounding communities and it became viral because of its impactful message. We went to Washington, D.C. and premiered this last year with domestic violence prevention advocates, White House representatives, and many others. It garnered such momentum and attention, we expanded our effort to share her story through all the PBS stations. It is so compelling and reiterates our respon-sibility as a society to help. It shows how we have used our technology and our resources to make difference in all the communities where we have a presence.

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What’s It’s your go-to site for thousands of premium lesson plans, ”interactives,” videos, a new Com-munity site and Professional Develop-ment from education’s experts. And yes, covers all the core subject areas. it’s all free. Students, teachers, library media specialists, parents, afterschool program providers, homeschoolers and anyone interested in teaching and learning can tap the learning power of this growing collection of standards-based resources. The Verizon Foundation supports and participates in innovative programs to improve literacy and strengthen educa-tional achievement for children and adults. is just one example of this commitment at work. With the website, Verizon Foundation is providing a unique, innovative, technology-based approach to literacy and student achieve-ment. With the combination of free best-in-class learning content, complementary Professional Development and a growing online Community for users, Thinkfinity is helping students tap their own and technol-ogy’s potential inside and beyond the classroom.



q the sitdown

HopeLine puts the nation’s most reliable wireless network to work in the community by urging customers to help turn no-longer used cell phones into support for domestic violence victims and survivors. Since HopeLine was launched in 2001, Verizon Wireless has: • Collected more than 8 million phones. • Awarded more than $10 million in cash

grants to domestic violence agencies and organizations throughout the country.

• Distributed more than 106,000 phones with more than 319 million minutes of free

wireless service to be used by victims of domestic violence.

• Properly disposed of nearly 1.7 million no-longer-used wireless phones in an environmentally sound way.

• Kept more than 210 tons of electronic waste and batteries out of landfills.

#HOPE (#4673) is a service available across Verizon Wireless’ nationwide network. Callers will be connected directly to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The call is toll and airtime free.

The TeKe: Talk a little about your career path.

Mead: I got out of school, wanted to go back to my hometown and stay there, but that never worked out. I have relocated 16 times and the longest I have spent in one place was Penn State, being there six years as I said before. We have been all over the place, but the company has given me such great and interesting opportunities. I could not be more proud of Verizon; it’s really been a great experience.

The TeKe: What has been the key to your success?

Mead: I don’t think it is anything unique to me. I love to work and really enjoy work-ing with other people. It is just showing up every day to add value to whatever position I had. As you move along and begin to lead other people, I have found it is vital to surround yourself with exceptional individuals who are better in whatever field they are in than you could ever be by yourself. At Verizon, we take great pride in who we are and live by a credo: “We are going to do our best for our customers and employees today and we are going to do better tomorrow.” It is that simple. There is no magic formula. I have to earn my way every day just like every other employee.

The TeKe: What is one piece of advice for a Frater coming out of college or a member changing career paths?

Mead: The most important thing, the very foundation of whatever field they are choosing, is their personal integrity. When you say something, you have to mean it. When you give your word, you don’t need a contract. When you look someone in the eye, shake their hand, and tell them what you are going to do—you need to do it. Your professional reputation is important. You are building your own personal brand with your integrity. I mentioned that I moved many times; most of those times people tapped me on the shoulder and said, “We want you to go do this.” I didn’t go around looking for things to do. You look how people act and react to a difficult situation and then you see the foundation of their character. Those attributes are important to us at Verizon. Diversity in the workplace, like in TKE, is vital to the success we see. Having different experiences and backgrounds gives us strength at Verizon and beyond.

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q the sitdown

Telling Amy’s Story

Produced by Penn State Broadcasting and funded by the Verizon Foundation, the film tells the story of Amy Homan-McGee, a 33-year-old mother of two who was killed by her husband in 2001 when she decided to leave him after suffering years of abuse. While Amy’s 4-year-old and 7-month-old sons waited in the car with her mother, Amy entered her home to retrieve some of her belongings. Her husband, Vincent McGee, was waiting for her and fatally shot her in the head. Watch the story and learn more at Dan Mead, Chief Operating Officer, helped spearhead Verizon’s support of this film, which initially was a training program project to educate others on domestic violence. Mead also worked with Steve Garban, chairman of the board of trustees at Penn State, who spoke about Penn State Public Broadcasting’s role as “a national leader in public service media.”

The TeKe: You have been with Verizon for 32 years—what gets you up in the morning and takes you to work each day?

Mead: I am extremely competitive and it’s winning in the marketplace. Verizon Wire-less is the leading wireless company—in customer experience, and network. It is exciting to get out in the market. I spend a tremendous amount of time out in the field because that is where people make a difference. We have more than 104 million connections—84 million retail customers, in excess of $60 billion in revenue, invest $6–8 billion into our network every year, and have more than 2,000 owned and operated stores. Talking with customers and employees makes it fun. We have a responsibility to give communities the best communications experience. If this weren’t fun, I wouldn’t do it.

The TeKe: What sets Verizon Wireless above the other carriers?

Mead: Our commitment to our customers, employees and shareholders. It is who we are. We challenge ourselves to be the absolute best in every segment of the business we are in. It starts with our foundation, the network, complemented by our operating systems, and the best devices around the world. And it’s the confidence that our people have in sharing our value proposition with our customers. In any given month, we have tens of thousands of interactions with customers—helping them in our call centers, in our stores, and distribution partners, and that makes the difference. We have enhanced our network substantially in the last year—the speed and impact of our 4th Generation LTE network is being felt everywhere. We get up to win every day. It is an extremely competitive industry and we need to be at our best with each customer. It all begins and ends with them.

The TeKe: how will the iPhone impact the Verizon brand?

Mead: We are very encouraged and appreciative of our partnership with Apple. We couldn’t be more proud to be associated with their team. It’s an outstanding company and they have an exceptionally loyal customer base. It is a new device that was uniquely designed for our network. We have seen tremendous influxes of new customers, existing customers upgrading, but what is important is the network for all our operating systems.

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (14)



q the sitdown

daniEl S. MEadPresident and cEO

Dan Mead is president and chief execu-tive officer of Verizon Wireless, the premier wireless provider with the nation’s largest, most reliable wireless voice and 3G broad-band data network. Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless company in the United States. Before assuming his current position in 2010, Mead served as executive vice president and chief operating officer at Verizon Wireless, responsible for nationwide operations and performance for all customer segments. Previously, Mead was president of Verizon Telecom, an organization of more than 70,000 employees delivering telephone, Internet and entertainment services, including high-speed fiber-optic technology, to millions of residential and business customers across 25 states and the District of Columbia. In 2005, Mead was named president of Verizon Services Corp., responsible for managing finance operations, real estate and supply chain services for all Verizon companies. During his tenure, the unit received the “Best New Shared Services Organization” award from the Shared Ser-vices & Outsourcing Network. Mead was one of the founding senior executives of Verizon Wireless in 2000 and served as president of the company’s Midwest area, a 15-state region that stretches from Pennsylvania to the Dakotas and from Minne-sota to Kentucky. He has also held leadership roles in various telecommunications functions with Verizon and its predecessor companies. In addition to serving as a member on the Verizon Wireless Board of Representa-tives, Mead is a member of the board of directors and an officer of CTIA, the wireless industry trade association. Also, Mead is on the board of ISIS, an emerging mobile com-merce company. Mead earned an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in quantitative business analysis and finance from The Pennsylvania State Univer-sity. The University named Mead an Alumni Fellow in 2008. Mead also received the Penn State Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor given to a graduate by the University, in June 2010.

The TeKe: Where do you see yourself in the next five or ten years?

Mead: I am very focused on the responsibilities I have now, my work in the com-munities I can help, and my family. I think about how I, and Verizon, can add value today. When there is an issue, we get to it. When a storm is coming through, we have network people working round-the-clock to ensure the system stays up. When Katrina hit, we deployed network teams for weeks going on months. I work hard to make sure this company is set up for success in the many years to come.

Frater Dan Mead is a model Teke. He lives the ritual each day through his ser-vice and philanthropy, leadership, example of character, and effort to better the chapter he calls home. Fraternity for Life is a phrase he puts into practice as he puts his tie on in the morning and eats dinner with his family. The vision

of his company works hand in hand with the principles and ideals of this Fraternity. This is one reason he is a terrific fit to lead this massive company. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” He proves that a strong work ethic and ambitious nature will get you far in life. Regardless of if you are heading a multi-billion dollar company or teaching elementary school kids, we all have the ability to show the world what TKE is by our actions. We know how Frater Dan does this. How will you?

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (15)

Jacob roed• UNC-Wilmington (Mu-Chi)• Senior• Crysophylos• Communication Studies, 3.1 GPA• Order of Omega, UNCW Assoc.

for Campus Entertainment, Seahawk Link Peer Mentoring

• Up til Dawn, TKE Childhood Cancer Benefit Bash

“Once I enrolled in UNCW, I knew I wanted to be part of a bigger organization that dedicated its time to education, community service, and social aptitude. The Mu-Chi chapter here immediately stood out and joining not only gave me some of my best friends but made me a better man overall.”


q teke on the street

ReGION 1How do you show others what it means to be a Teke?



Why did you join TKE?

How has TKE affected your life? What does it mean to be a Teke?

Matt Gallo• College of Staten Island (Upsilon-

Lambda)• Junior• Rush Chairman• Music, 2.9 GPA• Upsilon Lambda Club, WSIA 88.9

FM, Relay for Life Planning Com-mittee, CSI Jazz Ensemble

• Relay for Life, Project Hospitality, YMCA Strong Kids Campaign “Since my initiation, I have been continually active in all aspects of the Fraternity. I believe my dedica-tion and love for TKE provides a positive example for Fraters both old and new.”

david adkins• Columbus State University (Omicron-Tau)• Senior• Past Epiprytanis• Criminal Justice, 2.86 GPA• Student Government Association,

Vice President of Finance• St. Jude Radio-a-thon, Dream Home,

No Shave November for Prostate Cancer

“I joined TKE because of the diversity, campus involvement, and brotherhood that was displayed by my chapter..”

nick Mccormick• Oakland University (Upsilon-Xi)• Junior• Prytanis• Cinema Studies/Communication,

3.3 GPA• Student Programming Board,

Student Congress, Academic Conduct Committee

• Gamma Phiesta, a Gamma Phi Beta event supporting multiple non-profits

“TKE has guided my transition into adulthood with incomparable lead-ership opportunities, extensive networking, and values that will guide me forever.”

Steven castillo• Bowling Green State (Zeta-Lambda)• Junior• Rush Chairman• Graphic Design• 2 Dimensional Artist Association,

Club Soccer• Dog Walking, Gameday.Give

Back. benefiting St. Jude “TKE has changed my life by

altering how I think when I wake up in the morning, how I go about my day, and how I view life. TKE has taught me to appreciate the people closest to me and cherish not just the special moments but also each time I am with my brothers.”

Travis McKinzie• Southwestern Oklahoma State

University (Epsilon-Eta)• Senior• Epiprytanis• Pharmacy, 3.2 GPA• TKE Collegiate Advisory Committee,

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Tri Beta, Medical Professionals Club, APh-A-ASP, OSHP

• St. Jude Sit-a-thon, MS Bridge of Oklahoma Jumpathon, Habitat for Humanity, Highway Cleanup

“Being a Teke is about having the desire to grow and develop amongst men with the same goal. It’s about working together to grow socially, morally, and mentally to make ourselves and each other better.”

Christian Handley• Univ. of California-Berkeley (Nu)• Junior• PR Chair, Technology Mgr.• Mechanical Engineering, 3.17

GPA• Order of the Golden Bear,

Theater for Charity • Preserve and Protect Wildlife at

Berkeley’s Shoreline, Battle of the Bands for St. Jude

“Being a Teke means sharing lots of inside jokes between you and your brothers. It means making a friend in the house laugh by say-ing a single word, and it means having a brother’s back at all times.”

david Kunze• Monmouth Univ. (Kappa-Kappa)• Sophom*ore• Rush Chairman• Political Science, 3.4 GPA• Intramural sports, Monmouth Club

Rugby team• Dancing with the Tekes & Shoprite

fundraiser for St. Jude, Beach Cleanup with Zeta Tau Alpha

“I show others what it means to be a Teke by always proudly wearing my letters around campus. Showing the passion I have for being a Frater comes through when speaking to others or potential new members. I work to the best of my ability to disprove the common stereotypes here and beyond.”

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (16)



q recruitment

The Secret to Successful Recruitment

Chapters and colonies alike ask one question above all others: “How can we have a success-ful recruitment?” There is no magic bullet. The secret stares you in the face every day. YOU

are the difference between success and failure. Whether you are the Rush Chairman, Prytanis or new member, each Frater has a role in making a difference. Fall, winter, spring or summer, you are the key. Why did you join TKE? Most likely it was not the T-shirts, extracurricular activities or fliers. You joined because someone in the chapter or colony became your friend and asked you to be a part of this great organization. Col-lege men don’t walk in the door or see your latest service project—they meet someone associated with TKE. Based on their first few interactions, a light will either flicker inside or they’ll move on. While big recruitment events are fun and social media can bring your name to the forefront, it’s the one-on-one conversations which seal the deal. Don’t take our word for it. The proof is in the pudding, Fraters. From young to young at heart, the key to joining was meeting that one man who made a lasting impression and ultimately became their friend. TKE seeks to build better men for a better world, but if you don’t go out and network, this mission will never be fulfilled. The same is true once you move on from your collegiate experience. Attempting to get a job without references rarely is successful. This challenge you will face throughout your life. We must remind ourselves of the great story of a young college man struggling to make ends meet who took a job washing dishes at the chapter house. A man who was welcomed not because he fit a specific description nor had wealth from his family. He had great character and was an all-around great guy. When he became friends with the others, he saw the value in becoming a Frater. A cold day in February 1929, he took our Bond and went on to be-come one of the most influential men in American history. Yet, during each step toward his ultimate success, he never forgot where he came from. He consistently wrote letters and phoned his fellow Fraters ... his best friends. Frater Ronald Reagan (Iota, Eurekea College) is just one example among a myriad of TKE success stories. As evi-denced in this magazine, it all started with a handshake and a conversation. What will the Frater standing next to you become? Will the countless men on your campus miss out on this amazing opportunity because you are still sitting in your dorm room? Reflect on your own TKE story and then go out to meet some new friends.

iniTiaTEd 2010“The men of my initiating chapter inspired me to aspire to be a better man before I knew they were Greek affiliated.” —Julieus Thomas (Tau-Chi, Carthage College), initi-ated 2010, transferred to Western Illinois.

iniTiaTEd 1994“It was just a place I felt welcome and I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not.” —Matt Weiss (Beta-Lambda, Auburn University)

iniTiaTEd 1999“I had no thoughts of joining a fraternity when I got to college. I knew a guy in the house and was a friend before I went to school. He recruited me just to have people to hang out with since I was new on campus. I joined more for the friendships I already made in the house, and I still love those guys more than any other friends I’ve made. It was friendship first and foremost above anything else.”—Michael Vittorio (Nu-Lambda, University of Southern Indiana) iniTiaTEd 1987“My two best friends joined and became founding fathers of Rho-Zeta Chapter. I wanted to share the Bond with them, so I started Omicron-Nu Chapter, so I could be initiated.” —JJ Edelmann, PGO (Omicron-Nu, Florida Institute of Technology)

iniTiaTEd 1997“I joined because most of my friends at the time were Tekes, and after that it was for the joy of overcoming the challenge!” —John Baxter (Iota-Omega, Glenville State College)

iniTiaTEd 1984“My best friend joined and helped me overcome my misconceptions 27 years ago.” —Donald Powers (Omicron-Sigma, Indiana University Southeast)

iniTiaTEd 1959“I think, like most Fraters, because a Teke asked me to. In making that first decision, most of us rely on our perception of a Teke, or Tekes, whom we know, or come to know. We are all ambassadors for our Fraternity. For most people, TKE is what they see in one or more of us.” —Herb Huser, LLT (Beta-Gamma, Oklahoma State University)

iniTiaTEd 1992“I joined because I met the guy that would become not only my big brother but a true friend.” —Jeff Morris (Iota-Upsilon, University of West Alabama)

iniTiaTEd 2010“I joined TKE because of the guys ... I didn’t have to be anything but myself.” —Dan Wells (Zeta-Theta, Western Illinois University)

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (17)

The sun was just rising over snow-blown Ottawa as we drove away from the Tau-Omega (Carleton University) chapter house on a freezing winter morning in Febru-ary. This spring break road trip was the culmination of

months of planning, endless meetings, scrambled long distance phone calls and last minute packing. We would visit seven U.S. TKE chapters in nine days, covering just shy of 2,174 miles. Two cars, ten Fraters in the Bond, a few lazily stuffed bags, a plethora of tacky sunglasses, a few pillows and nothing but the open road between us and the adventure of a lifetime. After nearly nine hours of driving, a few fast-food pit stops and some time spent speaking to U.S customs, we finally arrived in Akron, Ohio, home of the Beta-Rho chapter. None of us had ever been to the city before, but the chapter had a reputation for being one of the best in the region. After getting to know one another, we ventured to the historic Omicron chapter at Ohio State University. No matter how many times I’d seen the house in pictures, it amazed me, especially coming from Canada where large Greek houses are virtually impossible to find. After a few days of stunning hospitality from Omicron, we made our first visit to see the new TKE International Headquarters in Indianapolis. We had previously only seen photos of the building, but as we approached it in the distance, we recognized it immediately. There, we were given an almost royal tour and had the opportunity to sit down with various members of the staff. We discussed our chap-ter’s past and, more importantly, our future. There, Associate Regional Director Matt Gutierrez (Upsilon-Iota, IUPUI) gave us the idea to attend and help with a rush meeting being put on by the Upsilon-Iota chapter, IUPUI in Indianapolis. There we were able to represent TKE’s international presence, while our Hegemon, Renner McCreath, spoke fondly of rush and his experiences with the Fraternity. Later that night, we met with the Alpha-Chi chapter in Lou-isville, Ky. This was the most southern chapter any of us had ever visited and although cultural (and often linguistic) differences were apparent, these allowed us to bond and become aware of just how


q on the road

By David Meffe, Tau-Omega (Carleton University)

Reflections on a Journey Across TKE Nation

(Left) Tau-Omega visiting Beta-Rho Tekes at the University of Akron; (below right) at Omicron Chapter, Ohio State University.

similar Fraters from thousands of miles apart can be. After a few goodbyes, we visited one of our favorite chapters, Rho (West Virginia University), in Morgantown, W. Va. As usual, these Fraters opened their home to us in a fashion that truly shows what TKE is all about. Never were we left without a guide or friendly face in the city. We then ventured to the University of Maryland, home of the Beta-Delta chapter. Although other chapters seemed to have Greek rows, something of a foreign concept to us, Beta-Delta had the most exquisite of any we had ever seen. A massive row of identical colonnade homes encircling a field greeted us as we sat jaw-dropped in our cars, searching for words with which to describe the magni-tude of institutionalized American Greek life. Our final stop would be at TKE’s only Ivy League school, where lived the men of Scorpion Chapter at Cornell University. They showed us once again that with great intelligence also comes heart-warming hospitality and friendship. These men displayed a true virtue of love, while they opened their historic home to us for our last night on the road. As we finally arrived home with empty pockets, cameras full of pictures and heads brimming with memories, we all collectively came to a stunning realization. There’s something to be said about the feeling of traveling to another country, arriving at a doorstep with nothing but an overstuffed duffle bag and a grip, and instantaneously being welcomed as family by someone you’ve never met. For mem-bers of Canadian chapters, the feeling of isolation from the greater fraternal community can sometimes set in. However, through this voyage, it became apparent to us just how large and vast the TKE nation truly is. These Fraters, in the true spirit of fraternity, treated us like family, welcoming us into their lives and showing us what made their respective chapters tick. Through these experiences on the road, we all came to realize that TKE represents far more than a mere institution or fraternity, but rather a collection of men bound forever by traditions and his-tory that span over a century. These men proved to us that although we may only be individuals, together we are, and will always be, something far greater than ourselves and that is what makes the Bond of Tau Kappa Epsilon truly remarkable.

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (18)



q volunteers

Greek Life Administrator of the Quarter: candicE WOlF It is difficult to describe what being a part of Greek Life is all about. Social events, friendships, and service are all segments, but fail to capture the full scope of fraternity and sorority membership. Candice Wolf, assistant director of campus activi-ties at Northwest Missouri State University, says the professional and personal experience gained is unparalleled. “The difference Greek students are making and the sense of family someone gains from joining a Greek organization makes me confident that our organizations will continue to exist,” said Wolf, the TKE Greek Life Administrator of the Quarter. “We continue to see greater retention in our Greek organizations and have positive assessments from those who have joined a fraternity/soror-ity. This tells me we are not just important for our individual members, but for our universities.” Most recently, she has been working hard on a proactive risk management policy for the com-munity. While there hasn’t been a serious violation or event, Wolf believes this was an area lacking at their institution. Actions like this help not only the Greeks, but the university as a whole. Her various initiatives and work have led her to many positive

experiences in her young career. “The best moments are when one of my stu-dents ‘gets it.’ Watching students grow into leaders over their time in college and even go on to careers in higher education or Greek Life is why I do what I do.” While this Zeta Tau Alpha member doesn’t look for recognition, the job is sometimes thankless no matter how great the service. This is a primary reason behind the acknowledgment TKE is giving Wolf. This profession is vital to the success of our chapters and the countless others in Greek Life throughout North America. Her involvement professionally extends past work hours. She is a board member for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Nodaway County, the service chair for the Kansas City Metro Alumnae chapter of ZTA, and serves on the Technology Committee for the Associa-tion of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors. The Offices of the Grand Chapter are grateful for the efforts of Candice Wolf and all the Greek Life professionals on campuses around the globe. If you know of someone who is making a differ-ence on your campus, please let TKE know. Email [emailprotected] with suggestions and reasons for nomination.

April Volunteer of the Month: JOSE MarTinEz Having a passion for the Fraternity and an unselfish drive to see others succeed are two of the many reasons Frater Jose Martinez (Sigma-Psi, Clemson University) is a Volunteer of the Month. As a Life Loyal Teke, he has quickly ascended into a prominent role as Grand Province Advisor for northern California this year. The bulk of his time and energy center around helping colonies in the area become chapters. His effort did not go unnoticed. “Jose would consider his work to be just a small part to help TKE Nation,” said Frater Michael Russell (Associate Regional Director for the West). “But his chapters and colonies have produced a record number of candidates and each of those groups in ‘NorCal’ have been converted to paid initiates from the fall. This speaks volumes about how highly the members value his opinion on why joining TKE is a good decision.” A high school teacher by day, this Life Loyal Teke holds a master’s degree in education and tutors kids in his community after school hours. He some-how manages to then fit in time for TKE.

“I volunteer because I feel that TKE has given me much more than I could ever repay,” said Frater Jose. “I am forever indebted to our Fraternity for the friendships and experiences I was privileged to be part of. I volunteer so others can see what I have.” He has begun to see the fruits of his labor as two colonies he has been heavily involved with set their chartering dates. It is for this reason, and several others, he continues to drive and push every Teke he works with past their perceived limitations. “I get to see chapters grow, develop and dis-cover what our Fraternity is all about. As alumni, we get to reminisce college days. As a volunteer, I get to support them in the creation of their own memories. That is very rewarding.” Originally from Napa Valley, Calif., Frater Jose trekked across the country to Clemson University for undergraduate work and joined TKE in the process. He teaches 9th grade geography and 10th grade world history. From all of Region 4, the TKE Nation, and the Offices of the Grand Chapter— thank you.

“We continue to see greater retention in our Greek organizations and have positive assessments from those who have joined a fraternity/sorority.”

“As alumni, we get to reminisce college days. As a volunteer, I get to support them in the creation of their own memories. That is very rewarding.”

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (19)


q volunteers

“Many of the problems our current collegiates face are the same problems our volunteers faced in their chapters. This makes us a vital resource in that we have experienced the same issues and have found ways to overcome them.”

June Volunteer of the Month: PaTricK GlEaSOn “Whatever you put into TKE, this Fraternity will return tenfold” is a motto Frater Patrick Gleason (Beta-Upsilon, Univ. of Maine-Orono) has held dear to his heart while working tirelessly as a Grand Province Advisor. He credits his time as a volun-teer with adding more friends and learning lessons unparalleled with other experiences. “As a collegiate member, I had the opportunity to work with some really amazing volunteers,” said Frater Patrick. “A major lesson learned during this time was that TKE is much larger than any one indi-vidual or group. When I finally committed to becom-ing a volunteer, I felt a tremendous sense of pride being able to help one of my chapters overcome obstacles and accomplish goals set.” He recognizes the challenge presented with each year that passes—new men come in and experienced Fraters leave it in their hands. Consis-tent volunteers can help bridge this gap, but this is where Frater Pat and the entire TKE Nation need your help. “Many of the problems our current collegiates face are the same problems our volunteers faced in their chapters. This makes us a vital resource in that

we have experienced the same issues and have found ways to overcome them. The most valuable asset we can provide our undergraduates is ourselves.” Knowing this benefit, Frater Patrick has worked hard to be there for members in the North-east as a confidant and teacher. Being an effective volunteer requires a myriad of skills, but the primary set includes active listening. “I believe to be an effective volunteer you need to be able to connect with your undergraduates. This means listening to them, understanding who they are and what they want to accomplish, and helping them develop a ‘plan of attack’ to achieve their goals. You need to be willing to share your experience, both the successes and failures, in order for them to better prepare for their own challenges.” This Life Loyal Teke also volunteers and donates to a number of organizations, primarily the Relay for Life. Cancer has had a large impact on his family and he wants to positively impact the research and programs supported by this organization. Build-ing better men to build a better world is the epitome of this Frater’s life. The impact he is making will leave a lasting impression.

May Volunteer of the Month: PETEr lindSaY

“As a volunteer, one is allowed to observe and facilitate one of the few instances in life where young idealists grapple with the intricacies and challenges of true democratic self-government.”

Reorganizing a chapter is no small task and one many shy away from. Not the case for Frater Peter Lindsay (Delta-Xi, Miami Univ.) who welcomed the challenge to revive his home chapter amidst juggling a full plate of coaching a university men’s swimming team. While his title is campus advisor, the full list of tasks he performed was well outside the job duties. “Volunteering at my home chapter has pro-vided a tremendous opportunity to make a small contribution back to the great investment of Tau Kappa Epsilon and its leaders of Delta-Xi,” said Frater Peter. “Our reorganization makes it possible for TKE to continue to be a significant agent in the storied history of fraternities at Miami University.” As a Top Teke in 1972, his experience as a collegiate member is similar to many Fraters, but his views on the impact of the TKE experience are somewhat unique. And these concepts drive his passion to help this chapter succeed. “As a volunteer, one is allowed to observe and facilitate one of the few instances in life where young idealists grapple with the intricacies and challenges of true democratic self-government. These Fraters and candidates strive daily to translate our inspiring

abstract principles into concrete plans, actions, and service. The process of setting standards, developing teamwork, and living the principles is challenging, sometimes harrowing, and can be very emotional. It is such a reward to be an observer of the crucible of leadership that is a fraternity chapter.” Frater Pete believes volunteerism is vital to con-tinuing the greatness TKE has been accustomed to for more than 60 years. Retaining these men and increas-ing the caliber of young alumni coming into this role will help push the limits beyond what it is today. “The most important skills have been to be an effective listener and reflector, attempting to amplify in reflection the idealism of the Fraters. The chal-lenging skill set has been to develop the recruiting skills to develop and retain active alumni advisors. These opportunities for developing leadership in a democratic context are rare for today’s students, and TKE can make significant contributions to this important university mission.” In addition to his work with TKE, he spends his time coaching local swim clubs. With volunteers like Frater Peter working with our newest members, the future of this Fraternity is bright.

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (20)



q chapter news


Rank Chapter College/University Region Size

1 Beta-Sigma University of Southern California 4 138

2 Omicron The Ohio State University 3 128

3 Alpha-Tau Drexel University 1 122

4 Pi-Xi University of California, San Diego 4 118

5 Beta-Delta University of Maryland 1 108


1 Epsilon-Beta Colony University of Tampa 2 49

2 Beta-Sigma University of Southern California 4 41

2 Pi-Xi University of California, San Diego 4 41

4 Beta-Xi Arizona State University 4 37

4 Kappa-Tau University of Arizona 4 37

6 Alpha-Gamma Washington State University 4 36

7 Nu University of California, Berkeley 4 35

8 Omicron The Ohio State University 3 34

8 Nu-Eta Colony Boise State University 4 34

10 Sigma-Alpha Florida International University 2 33

11 Xi-Iota University of Central Florida 2 32

11 TKE Colony 852 University of California, Santa Cruz 4 32

13 Rho-Delta Cal Poly Pomona 4 31

14 Alpha-Tau Drexel University 1 30

15 Kappa-Psi Quinnipiac University 1 29

Rank Chapter College/University Region Men

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (21)

Omicron-Tau Columbus State University $45,500.00

Gamma-Upsilon University of Texas-Austin $37,338.30

Beta-Mu Bucknell University $31,389.00

Pi Penn State University $27,831.60

Tau-Omega Carleton University $26,568.10

Rho-Theta Lake Superior State University $22,433.00

Beta-Pi Georgia Institute of Technology $17,784.80

Kappa-Psi Quinnipiac University $16,394.00

Pi-Epsilon Christian Brothers University $15,425.60

Beta-Delta University of Maryland $13,810.00


q chapter news

Albion College, OmegaStrength 56GPA 3.1Community Service Hours 480

Philanthropic Dollars $2,665Recruitment Results 15

Appalachian State University, Omicron-AlphaStrength 51GPA 2.8Community Service Hours 4,689

Philanthropic Dollars $10,862Recruitment Results 15

Arizona State University, Beta-XiStrength 61GPA 3.0Community Service Hours 1,285

Philanthropic Dollars $2,345 Recruitment Results 29

California Polytech-Pomona, Rho-DeltaStrength 104GPA 2.8Community Service Hours 2,238

Philanthropic Dollars $5,910Recruitment Results 32

Coe College, ZetaStrength 33GPA 2.8Community Service Hours 415

Philanthropic Dollars $200Recruitment Results 10

Concord University, Iota-XiStrength 33GPA 2.6Community Service Hours 1,251

Philanthropic Dollars $1,597Recruitment Results 17

Fairleigh Dickinson Univ.-Madison, Tau-ThetaStrength 38GPA 2.7Community Service Hours 802

Philanthropic Dollars $2,400Recruitment Results 13

Top 10 Chapters in CommunityService Hours in 2010-11

Alpha-Chi University of Louisville 8,254

Delta-Nu Northwest Missouri State University 7,231

Omicron-Alpha Appalachian State University 4,689

Beta-Theta University of Missouri-Columbia 4,660

Tau-Omega Carleton University 4,021

Omicron-Tau Columbus State University 3,544

Pi-Epsilon Christian Brothers University 3,419

Tau-Eta Southern Connecticut State University 3,235

Upsilon-Gamma University of Minnesota-Duluth 3,071

Omicron-Sigma Indiana University Southeast 2,971

Top 10 Chapters in Philanthropic Dollars for 2010-11

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (22)



q chapter news

CONCORD UNIVERSITY, Iota-XiIn February, Concord Tekes sponsored a Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute that is still searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. After a weeklong fundraiser, Concord University fraternity members, students and faculty met at noon Saturday and made their way to Bluestone Lake. Once the temperature was measured and everyone lined up on the shore, they bravely plunged into the Arctic-like water as a way to take a stand. Frater Josh Hanna said the Polar Bear Plunge has been taking place for more than 10 years and has become a tradition for Concord. This year the chapter challenged Concord faculty to either donate or take the plunge and now they are challenging the public as well.

LAKE SUPERIOR STATE UNIVERSITY, Rho-ThetaRho-Theta Chapter invited the public to bankroll its 18th annual winter swim, known as the Polar Plunge, which benefits the Special Olympics of Michigan. The event took place on February 19 on the St. Mary’s River that connects Lake Superior and Lake Huron. This year, the Tekes had 50 or more participants come out and support the Special Olympics to raise more than $5,000, which will aid the organization in their annual Swim Meet that takes place on the campus of Lake Superior State University every April. Rho-Theta set a new record this

year with the most money ever raised at their annual Polar Plunge. Co-sponsors of this event included Zim’s Pub and the Sault Ste. Marie Fire Department.

LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE, Rho-ChiLebanon Valley Tekes raised $3,300 for the American Cancer Society. Brothers walked the track at the Arnold Sports Center at LVC March 18 & 19, starting at 3 p.m. Friday and ending at 3 a.m. Saturday, to raise awareness about cancer and celebrate the cancer survivors. Relay for Life is the largest philanthropic event of its kind at the college; as of March 1, 2011, more than 60 teams and 300 participants were registered. Team TKE partnered with Rita’s Ice in Palmyra and Cleona to hand out free Rita’s to participants during the event while accepting donations to “Ice Out” cancer. The brothers also partnered with Guitar Center in Harrisburg who donated three $20 gift cards to be raffled. Relay participants bought a chance to “Rock Out” cancer by playing Guitar Hero for a small donation. Frater Andrew Leib, senior relay team caption, said, “We at Rho-Chi believe that our commit-ment to Relay is the best way to dispel the stereotypes and misconceptions of fraternities on campus and in the Annville-Cleona community.”

Iowa State University, EpsilonStrength 61GPA 3.0Community Service Hours 1,125

Philanthropic Dollars $5,330Recruitment Results 16

IUPUI, Upsilon-IotaStrength 53GPA 2.5Community Service Hours 1,945

Philanthropic Dollars $2,672Recruitment Results 21

Lake Superior State University, Rho-ThetaStrength 25GPA 2.8Community Service Hours 2,154

Philanthropic Dollars $22,433Recruitment Results 8

Lebanon Valley College, Rho-ChiStrength 20GPA 2.9Community Service Hours 749

Philanthropic Dollars $3,674Recruitment Results 11

Kansas State University, Alpha-LambdaStrength 81GPA 2.6Community Service Hours 1,038

Philanthropic Dollars $2,755Recruitment Results 14

Keene State College, Lambda-SigmaStrength 35GPA 2.9Community Service Hours 750

Philanthropic Dollars $2,080Recruitment Results 5

Merrimack College, Sigma-KappaStrength 34GPA 2.7Community Service Hours 756

Philanthropic Dollars $7,343Recruitment Results 8

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (23)


q chapter news

North Carolina State University, Beta-BetaStrength 41GPA 2.7Community Service Hours 729

Philanthropic Dollars $100Recruitment Results 22

Rutgers University, Alpha-EtaStrength 53GPA 2.5Community Service Hours 785

Philanthropic Dollars $7,310Recruitment Results 16

Saint Louis University, Epsilon-AlphaStrength 19GPA 2.7Community Service Hours 407

Philanthropic Dollars $2,000Recruitment Results 9

Southeastern Louisiana University, Theta-NuStrength 37GPA 2.5Community Service Hours 655

Philanthropic Dollars $4,775Recruitment Results 18

Southern Illinois Univ.-Carbondale, Beta-ChiStrength 65GPA 2.5Community Service Hours 643

Philanthropic Dollars $10,593Recruitment Results 19

Trine University, Beta-EpsilonStrength 24GPA 2.9

Community Service Hours 563Philanthropic Dollars $234Recruitment Results 7

Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham, Pi-DeltaStrength 47GPA 2.9Community Service Hours 2,016

Philanthropic Dollars $2,486Recruitment Results 15

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, Alpha-Eta Tekes at Rutgers University hosted several events raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society over the past two years. The most recent was January 22 at a women’s basketball game against Providence. The fundraisers have been run through the concession stands at

various Rutgers sporting events in-cluding basketball and soccer. The stands require 20–25 individuals to run smoothly and Rutgers will then donate 15 percent of the sales back to the charity. By doing this, the chapter raised more than $5,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society since the re-colonization of Alpha-Eta in 2009. Through these games they also helped strengthen social ties by co-sponsoring stands with various sororities.

UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA-BIRMINGHAM, Pi-DeltaThe Fraters of Pi-Delta Chapter hosted a “Twister” tournament to raise money for the Burn Unit at Children’s Hospital on November 19, 2010. Brothers set up registration tables around campus weeks prior to the event in order to get as many participants and donations as possible. Not only did the brothers raise $1,053, but they were also able to provide great entertain-ment and prizes for the participants. First prize received an IPOD Touch, second prize was a VIZIO Blu Ray player, and third place received a George Foreman grill. The director of the Burn Unit at Children’s Hospital opened the tournament by thanking everyone for their par-ticipation and reminding them how important it is to help those in need. Because this is the first time Pi-Delta has hosted such an event, they anticipate it being an annual philanthropy and will only become better in the future.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-BERKELEY, NuOn February 20, fifteen Fraters from Nu Chapter helped move wood chips and restore egret habitat at the Berkeley shoreline with the Aquatic Park EGRET organization. EGRET is the stewardship group for the tidal wetlands of Berkeley’s largest city park. Volunteers with the organization help tend to the shoreline habitats, improving the quality of life for a multitude of water foul that reside near the coastline. Under Mark Liolios’s leadership, the EGRET group has helped restore and maintain healthy habitats for herons, egrets, and other wildlife for more than one decade. The Tekes first began volun-teering with Mark in the fall semester of 2010, when Frater Nik Crain organized his candidate class to volunteer at the aquatic park, a grassy area surrounding the lagoon off the Eastshore Highway between Berkeley and Emeryville. At the event on Sunday, Frater Crain said the experience was not only educational but allowed the chapter to strengthen their appreciation for the local beauty of Berkeley and the surrounding Bay Area.

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (24)

University of California-Berkeley, NuStrength 99GPA 3.44Community Service Hours 1,562

Philanthropic Dollars $3,845Recruitment Results 35

University of Central Florida, Xi-IotaStrength 74GPA 2.7Community Service Hours 1,477

Philanthropic Dollars $5,625Recruitment Results 31

University of Houston, Epsilon-OmicronStrength 59 GPA 2.4Community Service Hours 719

Philanthropic Dollars $3,898Recruitment Results 25

University of Kansas, Alpha-PhiStrength 18GPA 3.0Community Service Hours 1,185

Philanthropic Dollars $819Recruitment Results 6

University of Michigan, UpsilonStrength 43GPA 3.2

Community Service Hours 925Philanthropic Dollars $6,750Recruitment Results 22

University of Pittsburgh, Tau-PhiStrength 22GPA 2.7Community Service Hours 282

Philanthropic Dollars $3,266Recruitment Results 7

Univ. of South Carolina-Aiken, Sigma-ZetaStrength 35GPA 2.7Community Service Hours 1,402

Philanthropic Dollars $1,233Recruitment Results 11

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, Xi-Iota On February 13, the Xi-Iota chapter had its first roadside cleanup of 2011. At 10 a.m., more than 15 brothers and new members managed to wake themselves up to come help clean their sec-tion of Alafaya Trail from McCulloch Road north to Chapman Road. Being led by the community service chairman, Albert Zolin, everyone put on their orange vests, picked up a bag, and went on

their way down the two-mile stretch of road. Despite the early time for some and excessive exercise for others, the Tekes always manage to have a great time while doing something good for the community. An hour or so later, Fraters had filled more than six giant bags with trash and litter found on the side of the road. On Friday, October 29, 2010, Xi-Iota hosted its first annual Trick or TEKE costume party. This included every-

thing from DJ Areyto spinning all night long to a live performance by Call Me Crazy. Everyone had an awesome time and all the profits went to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The chapter raised $1,700 for St. Jude and hopes to make it an annual event!

UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, Alpha-PhiTekes of Alpha-Phi Chapter hosted their semi-annual TKE in a Box charity event on October 8. For 48 hours, they lived in a cardboard box house in front of Hy-Vee, 3504 Clinton Parkway, to collect canned food and cash donations for the homeless. Chapter members worked in shifts and stayed at the store from noon Friday until noon Sunday. Food donations benefited ECKAN’s Just Food pantry and cash donations went to the Lawrence Com-munity Shelter. During the past two years, Fraters raised more than $3,000 in food and monetary donations for the homeless.

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA, Theta-EtaTheta-Eta Chapter in Vermillion, S.D., has been hosting Fight Night since they re-chartered at USD in 2006. An annual amateur boxing event, the 8 to 12 fights feature students from the University of South Dakota, rival South Dakota State University, local boxing gyms, and many fraternity and sorority fighters. There is intense competition between the Greek houses

on campus and between USD and SDSU. All of the proceeds raised at Fight Night have been donated to the Alzheimer’s Association in the past and now to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Tekes typically raise anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000 for the charity organization by collecting admission at the door and from local sponsors. In the past, Fight Night has been held in the Vermillion High School Gym. This year, the chapter was able to host the event at the DakotaDome on March 31. This would not have been possible

without the full support of Theta-Eta Chapter, local sponsors, and various members of the Vermillion community. Thanks to Frater Robb Price who served as executive director of the competition ... seeing the success of the event made all the hours of planning worth it.



q chapter news

Photo by Nick Krug

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (25)

University of South Dakota, Theta-EtaStrength 37GPA 2.7Community Service Hours 802

Philanthropic Dollars $3,199Recruitment Results 11

Valdosta State University, Zeta-NuStrength 39GPA 2.8Community Service Hours 902

Philanthropic Dollars $2,620Recruitment Results 9

Wabash College, Alpha-AlphaStrength 42GPA 2.9Community Service Hours 324Philanthropic Dollars $120

Recruitment Results 3

Washington University (St. Louis), XiStrength 58GPA 3.3Community Service Hours 638

Philanthropic Dollars $1,650Recruitment Results 14

Wayne State College, Lambda-ChiStrength 25GPA 2.5Community Service Hours 608

Philanthropic Dollars $1,500Recruitment Results 7

William Paterson University, Nu-OmegaStrength 28GPA 2.4

Community Service Hours 1,044Philanthropic Dollars $558Recruitment Results 13

York College of Pennsylvania, Omicron-UpsilonStrength 28GPA 2.6Community Service Hours 482

Philanthropic Dollars $1,600Recruitment Results 11


q chapter news

on the Michigan campus assisted the men by encouraging passersby to donate change for their efforts. “When I arrived to help with closing ceremonies on April 1, I could hear the music before I even arrived at their tent,” said St. Jude local representative Mairin MacDonald.

“Onlookers were everywhere and a few TKE alumni were even doing push-ups alongside them. I have never seen anything quite like this in my life.” The men raised a total of $6,167 in 24 hours, an average of $257 per hour and $0.50 per push-up. Their efforts are helping to save lives and show others how a little effort can make an incredible difference. The Offices of the Grand Chapter extend a sincere thank you to both the men of Upsilon and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Together we are helping build a better world.

Success is an understatement when taking a look at Upsilon’s (University of Michigan) recent philanthropic endeavor for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Frater Ryan Anderson approached the Detroit St. Jude office with an idea a few days after attending the Regional Leadership Confer-ence in Indianapolis. The plan was to have a 24-hour push-up marathon while raising money through bucket shakes and letter writ-ing. The date was set for March 31, 1 p.m., to April 1, 1 p.m. Then it was time to get on the ground and begin. Each of the 50 Fraters had a minimum pledge of $50 and at least 350 push-ups. They sought to reach 12,600 total push-ups, the number of children diagnosed with cancer each year. Members drafted letters to friends, family and local businesses, encouraging them to give to this cause. Delta Delta Delta Sorority

UPSILON IS BACK – Pushing Up the Limits

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (26)



q chapter news

Brothers for Life

Dear TKE,

We’ve all heard of the phrases, ‘what a difference a year makes’ and ‘things hap-

pen for a reason.’ For one young man, these statements truly say it all. This past year was

filled with a collection of emotions from heartbreaking grief to absolute joy.

One year ago, my son Nicolas was a busy college freshman working hard

academically, playing college tennis, and pledging a fraternity at Kutztown University.

He always wanted to be part of that unique brotherhood of men and fully participate in

Greek Life as a college student, just like his grandfather did more than 60 years ago. His

grandfather, a member at Penn State University (Pi Chapter), had shared fond memories

with Nicolas from his fraternity days and the close contact he still maintains with some

of his brothers. Upon entering Kutztown University as a freshman, Nicolas was very

disappointed to learn there was not an active TKE chapter to follow in his grandfather’s

footsteps and carry on the family tradition. So, he decided to join another fraternity.

Along the way, he was assigned a “big brother” to help guide and instruct him

during the pledge process. One member, Mike Nusca, and my son became very close right

away. They had the same sensitive, caring personalities, strong family values, sense of

humor and moral beliefs. It was a perfect fit, but shortly thereafter, the unthinkable

happened. On St. Patrick’s Day 2010, Mike was involved in a very serious motorcycle

accident on Main Street in front of Kutztown University. The student body was shocked.

For one long agonizing week, the brothers stood vigil at Mike’s bedside, praying for a

miracle. That miracle never came. Michael died on March 24, 2010. He was only 20 years

old. We received a phone call late that evening from a very grief-stricken son, who just

lost the best friend he ever had. As parents, this is your worst nightmare coming true, not

being able to console and comfort your child in person.

We, as his parents, were very concerned about Nicolas’ emotional well-being

and his academic status. He ended up not pledging the fraternity, the most important

reason being Michael’s death. He quit his college tennis team and he lost his sparkle and

vibrant energy that only a parent can recognize. It was very painful to watch our son go

through this. Weeks went by, but sometime between the funeral and the end of the semester,

somewhere deep inside of himself, Nicolas found a spark of positive energy. It was like

he woke up one morning and was a new person. He was going to rise above all that had

happened and start over, stronger than ever before. An amazing idea was beginning to

form in his mind. ‘What if I could bring back TKE, grandpa’s fraternity, to Kutztown?’ He

began to display a passion and fight within him.

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (27)


Nicolas, being deeply rooted in family values, knew that if this was possible, he and his grandfather would share something very extraordinary. With several weeks left until summer break, he went door to door, knocking on many dorm rooms and apartment buildings, looking for friends who would consider joining his interest group. In the back of his mind, he was deciding how and when he was going to “unveil” this project to his grandfather. At the end of September, Nicolas’ grandfather celebrated his 80th birthday. Nicolas’ gift for his grandfather wasn’t ready yet. He simply said, “Grandpa, your gift is in progress.” Nicolas spent many hours on the phone with the Regional Director, Pete Dawson, and others to make his dream a reality before the end of the year in time for Christmas. It was on December 25 that Nicolas finally presented his very special gift to his grandfather. He ordered a custom made TKE sweatshirt with his grandfather’s chapter on the sleeve. When the gift was opened, his grandfather didn’t really understand the full meaning until Nicolas took his jacket off to reveal a shirt that spelled out Tau Kappa Epsilon. He said, “Grandpa, we are going to be brothers. I have been working on getting TKE back on campus at Kutztown. It should be recognized by the university after winter break and you can even be present at the time of my initiation.” The joy among all the tears was unforgettable. Eight of the 25 young men in the interest group traveled to Baltimore, Md., to attend TKE’s Regional Leadership Conference. The night before we were to drive with his grandfather to Baltimore for his initiation, Nicolas called us at midnight filled with excitement. The TKE Headquarters was going to offer his father an opportunity to become an honorary member and be initiated along with Nicolas. The three of them—my son, my husband, and my father—would all be “brothers for life.” It was a very emotional evening for my family. It was the culmination of a year where Nicolas turned a tragic event into a remarkable, positive achievement and where we, as family members, were immensely proud. The memories of that special evening will live forever in our hearts. When I look at my son after the year he has had, I see someone who is an inspiration to me. They say things happen for a reason. Almost a year ago, we didn’t know what that reason was. Now it is clearly evident. To this day, Nicolas has never taken off Mike’s bracelet. Mike too, is a “brother for life” even though he and Nicolas are members of different fraternities now. Mike will forever be Nicolas’ big brother who is smiling down at him from above with much love and approval that his interfra-ternal friend has finally found his pathway to success.

With love and respect,

Mrs. Karen SimonProud TKE Daughter, Wife and Mom

Brothers for Life

q chapter news

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (28)

San Antonio, Texas, is the site of the 2011 Conclave—a place where you will help write a new chapter in TKE history. All indicators point to record attendance and participation in the greatest celebration of brotherhood. Online registration is live and discounts are available for both stu-dents and alumni, but time is of the essence. Help elect the leadership (Grand Council), vote on changes to the constitution (Black Book), participate in educational programming, work alongside Fraters during service in the city, network with prominent alumni and collegiate members, and enjoy the fellowship that only a Conclave can provide.

Find more information and register at

Student Registration

If you register by July 11 and use the Conclave Savings Plan, any student can come to Conclave 2011 for as little as $349/person if registering with 8 people from the chapter for an 8-man bundle. $524 - $50 (discount) = $474/person $474 x 8 people = $3,792$3,792 - $1000 (CSP) = $2,792 $2,792/8 people = $349/person

If you can’t get 8 people to come, you can use the CSP and still register 4 people for $449/person. $749 - $50 (discount) = $699/person $699 x 4 people = $2,796$2,796 - $1000 (CSP) = $1,796 $1,796/4 people = $449/person

These prices are without any use of Chapter Credits or Special Projects funds. Other prices are as follows:

**Save $50 per person by registering either 4 or 8 people by July 11.

A single student can register for every housing plan EXCEPT the 8-Man Bundle. Eight people must register to receive the bundle pricing.

All student packages include Conclave registration, three nights lodging in designated accommo-dations, four meals, off-site event and educational programming.



q conclave

A Historical Conclave

Housing Plan On or before July 11 After July 11

Quad $749/person** $799/personTriple $774/person $824/personDouble $849/person $899/personSingle $949 $9998-Man Bundle (2 rooms) $524/person** $574/person

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (29)

Other savings/funds to utilize when registering

1. Register 4 people for Quad or 8 people for the bundle and receive $50 off per person2. Conclave Savings Plan – all chapters should have $1,000 3. TEF Special Projects – same as RLCs, must use manual form available on Chapter Credits – must fill out manual form—call OGC for information.

Alumni Pricing

Unlike students, alumni can register for a non-housing package. If they want a room at the Grand Hyatt in our block, we have a negotiated rate of $149/night which is inclusive of all taxes/fees.

The actual alumni package includes the Brotherhood Event (Friday dinner), Grand Inaugural (Saturday dinner), program lunches (Friday and Saturday), registration materials, and a souvenir. Alternatively, alumni may purchase individual tickets to the Brotherhood Event and/or the Grand Inaugural.

The best deal for alumni is to register for the alumni package by July 11. They will receive $50 off their registration fee and only pay $399/person. See the following chart for information on other prices:

Guest Pricing

Alumni also have the option of bringing a spouse, friend or significant other. The Friends and Family package is a program for guests of registered alumni. It includes planned activities on Friday, program lunch (Friday), the Brotherhood Event (Friday dinner), Grand Inaugural (Satur-day dinner), registration materials, and transportation to/from events. Alternatively, guests may purchase individual tickets to the Brotherhood Event and/or the Grand Inaugural. The best price is $249/person for the package.


q conclave

Pricing Friends & Family Package $249/person Brotherhood Event Only 150/person Grand Inaugural Only $150/person

On or before July 11 After July 11

Alumni Package $399/person $449/person Brotherhood Event Only $150/person $150/person Grand Inaugural Only $150/person $150/person

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (30)

the ways TKE has impacted the lives of so many members. On page 43 is an illustration of the future Courtyard. Nearly 500 bricks have been sold so far and we encourage everyone who would like to be a permanent part of TKE history to buy a brick for themselves, another important friend in TKE, or your chapter or alumni association. TheotherfundraisinginitiativeisaPlannedGivingprogramwhichencouragesallTekesto“RememberTKE.”TheTEFBoardofDirectorshasset a goal to raise $10 million in planned gift commitments toward which we have already raised over $4 million. Our hope is that many more will join our ranks and put something in their wills or trusts that will keep TKE strong and growing for many years to come. If you have already made a charitable provision in your estate plan for TKE, please contact Joyce Ann Anderson at 317-872-6533 and she will send you the proper forms for registering your gift. You will then become a member of our very special Heritage Society made up of very special Tekes who have chosen to “Remember TKE.” AtarecentRegionalLeadershipConference,ayoungFraterwalkedupand asked what it took to start a scholarship fund with the TKE Educational Foundation.Hewentontodescribeagreatjobhehadjustlandedandsaidonce he graduates and begins his work, he would like to start a scholar-ship fund to express his gratitude for all that TKE has done for him. WOW! Imagine the impact this young man will have in making our world a better place!Fundsbeginprovidingascholarshiponcetheyreach$5,000.ThisisagreatwaytoextendahelpinghandtoaFraterwhoistryingtocompletehis education. ThankstoeachoneofyouwhohavehelpedinextendingtheFounda-tion’s outreach to more young men in 2010! We appreciate the part you playinbuildingBetterMenforaBetterWorldandlookforwardtoyourcontinued support!




Theyear2010willmarkanotheryearofgrowthandcontinuedrecov-eryfortheTKEEducationalFoundation.In2009,withaverylargebequestfromFraterCharlesR.Walgreen,Jr.,wereceived$1,670,000incontribu-tions. In 2010, contributions totaled $1,260,000 which was a very good year again! When we began the year, our investments were just beginning to come back to their previous levels. Now, one year later, while we still have two of our endowment funds “under water,” nearly all have recovered and have been restored to the levels of original donor contributions. ThiswasagreatyearfortheeducationalprogramstheFoundationsupports. To summarize the impact of these programs, consider the following: u Attendance at Regional Leadership Conferences in Kansas City, Jacksonville,SanFrancisco,PhiladelphiaandIndianapolisgrew40percentto nearly 1,000 undergraduate Tekes. Alumni facilitators provided many stimulating sessions for the attendees which they were able to take back totheirchapters.AspecialthankstoGregandCayWoodsonalongwithElmer Smith—both of whom have named an RLC with an endowment gift of $250,000. uTheTKELeadershipAcademywasheldagaininColoradoSpringswhere 72 young men were inspired by a strong facilitator corps led by JohnDeckard,DonnieAldrich,andTEFMedalofExcellencewinnerandleadvolunteerfacilitatorFraterChrisNiles.TheFoundationcapturedthesuccessful academy on a video which describes how the academy changes livesandhelpsbuildtomorrow’sleaders.Thevideoisavailableonthewebsite—so please visit to view it. A special thanks to all those who responded to Chairman Ernie’s challenge and matched his gifts to provide $35,000 in more support for this great program. uTheAlumniVolunteerAcademywasheldatournewHeadquartersin Indianapolis where about 75 men from all over the country gathered to learnmoreskillstouseinworkingwithourmembers.Thisgroupofmenreallymakesadifferenceinthequalityofourprograms.TheFraternitydeeply appreciates their commitment and excellence. A special thanks goesouttoPGPDr.WilliamMuseandhiswife,Marlene,forstartingtheKeyLeaderEndowmentwhichprovidessupportfortheacademy.Theendow-mentislargeenoughtoprovideagrantof$4,000nextfiscalyear,butwestillwanttoraiseatleast$200,000moretooffsetevenmoreofthecost.We also have a video available on the website about this great educational program. TheFoundationalsolaunchedtwoimportantfundraisingprogramsthatwillmoldthefutureofTKE.ThefirstwasaprogramtoraisefundstohelppayforthenewInternationalHeadquarters.About$300,000hasbeenraisedtodateagainstagoalof$2million.FeaturedasafundraisingprojectistheBetterMenforaBetterWorldCourtyardwhichwillbealasting testimony to



A Report from the Chairman and President



The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (31)

2010 2009 ASSETS Cashandcashequivalents 254,498 444,591 DuefromTauKappaEpsilonFraternity,Inc. 14,491 17,920 Other Assets 56,537 10,573 Investments,atfairvalue 3,499,330 2,110,937 Propertyheldforsale 66,925 - Pledgesreceivable,net 1,643,992 1,601,165 Cashsurrendervalueoflifeinsurancepolicies 132,542 110,819 Propertyandequipment,net 3,812 86,485 Beneficialinterestinperpetualtrust 79,553 71,358

5,751,680 4,453,848

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETSLiabilities Accounts payable and other accrued expenses 21,340 8,185 Net assets Unrestricted 489,880 268,832 Temporarily restricted 3,671,828 2,622,613 Permanentlyrestricted 1,568,632 1,554,218 5,730,340 4,445,663

5,751,680 4,453,848


q state of the foundation

TKE EducaTional FoundaTion, inc.Statements of Financial Position

May 31, 2010 and 2009

The TKE Educational Foundation’s 2010 audit was conducted by the independent accounting firm of Blue & Co., LLC. The above Statement of Financial Position is included in this audit.

TKEEducationalFoundationTOTAL ASSETS



The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (32)



q foundation leadership

ChairmanRichard C. ErnestBeta-Mu,BucknellUniversityPresident/CEo,CrownMetalManufacturingCompany

Vice ChairmanMark A. Fite, CFCDelta-Xi,MiamiUniversityof OhioPresident/CEo,Option Technologies Interactive, LLC

Secretary-TreasurerElmer R. Smith Mu-Sigma,MoreheadStateUniversityPresident,InteractiveLearning Solutions

Grand PrytanisDr. Herbert L. SongerAlpha-UpsilonFortHaysStateUniversityRet.,VicePresidentforStudentAffairs,FortHaysState University

Kevin J. BrockBeta-Rho,UniversityofAkronInvestment AdvisorWilliamBlair&Company

James E. Crockard, IIIZeta-Epsilon, Waynesburg UniversityAttorney,EquitableResources, Inc.

R. Don JohnsonGrandChapterBoard,HospiceofSt.JohnBoardofAdjustmentandAppeals,CherryHillsVillage

Lonnie G. Justice, PGPPi-Alpha,AshlandUniversityVicePresident/GeneralManager,AgilentTechnologies

William V. Muse, PGPEpsilon-UpsilonNorthwestern State UniversityBusiness&EducationalConsultant

Robert L. OlcottAlpha-Xi,DrakeUniversityManagingPartnerTheolcottConsultingGroup

John B. PhillipsNu, University of California-BerkeleyTrustee,GroupInsuranceTrust of the California Society ofCPAs

Lee M. StaceyRho-SigmaGrandValleyStateUniversityRegionalManagingPartnerWillisGroupHoldingsLtd.

Donald R. TapiaSigma-Theta,SaintLeoUniversityFormerCEo,EsscoWholesaleElectric, Inc.

James L. Totten, PGOKappa-Psi,QuinnipiacUniversityGlobalProcessDevelopmentAdvisor,ExxonMobilCorporation,DownstreamControllers

Daniel D. VillanuevaAlpha-omicron,NewMexicoState UniversityPartner,RusticCanyon/FontisPartners

Charles W. WittersGamma-omega,EasternIllinoisUniversitySeniorVicePresident,Lee&Associates Commerical Real Estate Service

Gregory P. WoodsonBeta-Sigma,UniversityofSouthern CaliforniaVicePresident,ChiefEthicsandComplianceofficer,ColgatePalmoliveCompany

Ernest Fite SongerSmith Brock



TheTKEEducationalFoundationisguidedbyaBoardofDirectorsmadeupofTekeswhomeetthefollowingcriteria: 1. Are enthusiastic about their TKE experience and

want to continue to engage as a volunteer 2. Have been successful in their chosen career or

profession and willing to share their knowledge tobenefittheFraternity

3. Reside in an area of the country that comple-ments geographic diversity in order to extend theFoundation’soutreach

4. Memberswhoarewillingtogivebackingratitude for the part TKE has played in their becoming successful

TheBoardofDirectorsiscomprisedofupto30mem-berswhomeetthesecriteriaandwhoarewillingtooffertheirtime,talentandtreasureinguidingtheFoundation.TheboardisheadedbyanExecutiveCommitteemadeupofourchairman,vicechairman,secretary/treasurer,GrandPrytanis,andtwoat-largemembers.TheExecutiveCommit-teeguidestheFoundationbetweenboardmeetingswhichare held twice a year, with a third meeting at Conclaves every two years. InadditiontotheBoardofDirectors,anumberofFratersserveoncommitteesfortheFoundation,helpingtorecommendpoliciesthatwillsupporttheFoundation’smission.Thosecommitteesinclude: Investment Committee, Rob Olcott Awards and Scholarship Committee, Lon Justice DevelopmentCommittee,ErnieErnest BudgetCommittee,JimTotten Audit Committee, Rick Schultz NominationsCommittee,BillMuse GrantsReviewCommittee,MarkFite/JimTotten FoundationAmbassadorsareguidedandtrainedbya


To learn more about becoming a member of the BoardofDirectors,[emailprotected].

Crockard Muse

Olcott Phillips Stacey Villanueva Witters Woodson



The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (33)


q heritage society

IS TKE IN yOUR FUTURE? One of the most valuable and enduring ways that you can demonstrate your support for Tau KappaEpsilonisbynamingtheTKEEducationalFoundationasabeneficiaryofaplannedgift—a will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or charitable gift annuity plan.

Inanefforttocreateanenvironmentthatfostersasenseofphilanthropy,theTKEHeritageSociety recognizes the generosity and foresight of those who wish to perpetuate the principles ofourgreatFraternitybyrecognizingandhonoringalumniandfriendsofTKEwhohavemadeacommitmentforfuturegenerationsofourFraternitythroughtheTKEEducationalFoundation.

ARE yOU INCLUDED? TheHeritageSocietyisnotintendedforrecognitionofongoinggeneralsupportpurposes,butfor the special commitments made over and above annual fund gifts, such as planned estate investments, to help grow the permanent endowment and designated funds. Any individual or 317-872-6533.

CHAPTER ETERNAL HONOR ROLLThefollowingFratershavepassedintotheChapterEternal,butin life made a commitment of $10,000 or more in support of theTKEEducationalFoundation.

AlbionCollege WilliamC.Prout,Jr.CarrollCollege FrankW.KoenenDrexelUniv. JamesG.Crouse,Sr.Eureka College Carrol C. HallGeorgiaSouthernUniv. FrankSandersGettysburgCollege C.HerbertFoutz CharlesH.Miller J.GeorgeSchmid,Jr.IndianaUniv. RobertM.HillMarshallUniv. GeorgeBlankenshipMillikinUniv. orvalW.DiehlMonmouthCollege CharlesBruning,IIoregonStateUniv. EricH.PiersonRensselaerPolytechnicInstitute JackR.Fisher,PGPTheohioStateUniv. JayC.RouthTrineUniv. PaulB.RutledgeUniv.ofCalifornia,Berkeley IrvingP.KrickUniv.ofIllinois WilliamC.M.SchroederUniv.ofLouisville WilliamE.Biggs RodneyWilliams,Jr.,PGPUniv.ofMichigan H.GlennBixby Charles R. Walgreen, Jr.Univ.ofMinnesota JimT.KaneUniv.ofPennsylvania D.ReedGeerUniv.ofSouthernCalifornia GeorgeW.WooleryUniv.ofWashington FrankA.Rostedt Lloyd E. SteeleUniv.ofWisconsin-Madison KenW.SellsUniv.ofWisconsin-Superior DuweR.WoerpelWashingtonStateUniv. GeorgeF.PriorWashington Univ. Roy S. OtteWestVirginiaUniv. BernardS.Palcich ClaudePrichard

HERITAGE SOCIETyAshlandUniv. LonnieG.Justice,CFCBarryUniv. Dr.RonLennonBowlingGreenStateUniv. JamesM.HookerBucknellUniv. RichardC.ErnestCalStateUniv.-Northridge ChristopherBeckCarrollCollege MauriceJ.LindquistCentralMichiganUniv. RonaldF.NeukamClarksonUniv. EdwardR.Dominy,CFCCornellUniv. EdwardR.McDowellDrakeUniv. FrankP.TroostDrexelUniv. ChrisA.Grasso,CFCEastern Illinois Univ. Charles W. WittersFrostburgStateUniv. MarkA.JacobsonCalStateUniv.-Fullerton JohnM.Manzanares,CFCGeorgeWashingtonUniv. ChristopherT.HansonGeorgiaInstituteofTechnology RussellH.Heil MichaelA.SmithGlenvilleStateCollege JamesC.UptonHumboldt State Univ. Walter K. SchindhelmKentStateUniv. JohnM.Perme,Jr.KnoxCollege StevenA.Jones,CFCLongwoodUniv. StuartE.Hallett,III,CFCMarshallUniv. JohnstonB.BellMiamiUniv. MarkA.Fite,CFCMoreheadStateUniv. ElmerR.SmithNewMexicoStateUniv. GabrielAnayaNewberry College Harry E. HawkinsNorthCarolinaStateUniv. MichaelA.Moxley,CFCPurdueUniv. ThomasM.McAninchSalisburyUniv. BrianD.CoonsSoutheasternLouisianaUniv. BrianM.Bosarge KurtF.KleinSouthernIllinoisUniv.-Carbondale RodneyG.Talbot ChristopherB.TidwellTrine Univ. Robert W. ConklinUniv. of Central Oklahoma Jim R. Haws

Univ.ofHouston MicahB.VinsonUniv.ofKansas LloydD.DickensheetsUniv.ofLouisianaatLafayette BobbyA.JarredUniv.ofLouisville AlvinF.WalkerJr.Univ.ofMassachusettsLowell KennethL.GeorgevitsUniv.ofMichigan WilliamA.ThompsonUniv.ofMissouri-St.Louis LouisW.Pfleckl,Jr.Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln John C. JenkinsUniv.ofNewHampshire DennisW.PerryUniv.ofNeworleans MarkC.Romig,CFCUniv. of Northern Iowa Alan E. WrightUniv.ofSouthFlorida FredrickT.JacobiUniv.ofSouthernCalifornia JohnW.PlumbUniv.ofSt.Thomas BruceE.Carlson,CFCUniv.ofTexasatElPaso Fr.W.PatrickResen CobyS.VillaLobos RichardB.WalkerUniv.ofUtah MarkK.JohnsonUniv.ofWisconsin-Madison PaulC.AspinwallUniv.ofWisconsin-Milwaukee KyleJ.SwetzigUniv.ofWisconsin-Platteville JeromeE.Schewe,CFCUniv.ofWisconsin-StevensPoint TimothyL.TaschwerUniv.ofWisconsin-Whitewater JoelE.Johnson,PGP ThomasJ.Kuchan T.J.Schmitz,CFCUticaCollege ThomasM.Castner,CFCValparaisoUniv. JamesA.MeyersVirginiaPolytechnicInstitute GaryS.MichelWagner College James J. HickeyWaynesburg Univ. James E. Crockard, IIIWesternCarolinaUniv. J.WesleyPierceWesternIllinoisUniv. RobertD.Taflinger,CAEWorcesterPolytechnicInstitute WayneD.SwitzerGrandChapter KevinW.JohnsonFriendofTKE Dr.RandallRentfro


Thank YouHeritage Society

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$2,300 StevenJ.MuirScholarship DrewBundschuh,BucknellUniversity,Beta-Mu$2,000 StevenJ.MuirSpecialScholarship AbiramBala,UniversityofCalifornia-Berkeley,Nu$1,500 W. Allan Herzog Scholarship BrettGoldstein,UniversityofCalifornia-Berkeley,Nu AlvinYi,UniversityofCalifornia-Berkeley,Nu$ 600 Charles J. Trabold Scholarship Vincentoliva,MonmouthUniversity,Kappa-Kappa$500 DonaldA.andJohnR.FisherMemorialScholarship CoryFunk,AshlandUniversity,Pi-Alpha$ 500 Timothy L. Taschwer Scholarship AlanVoegele,St.CloudStateUniversity,Theta-Rho$475 FrancisJ.FlynnMemorialScholarship ScottDePutron,SyracuseUniversity,Iota-Zeta$325 SophusC.GothMemorialScholarship CamdenAndrews,UniversityofCalifornia-Berkeley,Nu$300 HarryJ.DonnellyMemorialScholarship AndrewPia,SyracuseUniversity,Iota-Zeta$275 ThomasH.Dunning,Sr.MemorialScholarship NicholasJ.Hansing,WashingtonUniversity-St.Louis,Xi$275 DwayneR.WoerpelMemorialLeadershipAward MarcoFanelli,UniversityofCentralFlorida,Xi-Iota$ 250 T. J. Schmitz Scholarship RyanDulac,UniversityofMaine,Beta-Upsilon$250 CarrolC.HallMemorialScholarship MichaelBurn,GeorgiaSouthernUniversity,Lambda-Upsilon$250 RaymondW.FranklinScholarship Elliott R. Scheirman, University of Houston, Epsilon-Omicron$225 JohnB.PhillipsScholarship MichaelJ.Cerussi,UniversityofCalifornia-Berkeley,Nu



$1,200 John A. Courson Top Scholar Award JohnW.Forman,CornellUniversity,Scorpion

$875 Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership Award JoshuaD.Lammert,MissouriValleyCollege,Delta-Upsilon

Everyyear,theTKEEducationalFoundationdisbursesthousandsofdollarsinscholarshipfundstohelpyoungFratersrealizethepromiseofhigher education. Along with the academic and social support of the TKE chapter, these funds make college dreams possible for young men of all backgrounds and aspirations. AnyTekeingoodstanding—whetheranewcollegiateFrateroranalumni pursuing graduate study—is eligible for scholarship support. TheTKEEducationalFoundationoffersthreetypesofscholarships: •ChapterScholarships:Everychapterhasascholarshipfunddedi-

cated to supporting its members in their academic careers. • GrandChapterScholarships:TheGrandChapteroffersscholar-

shipsforqualifyingTekesfromacrosstheFraternity. • RegionalorArea-BasedScholarships:Donorscanhelpyoungmenin

their communities to become their best selves through TKE. TheTKEEducationalFoundationBoardofDirectorsapprovesanannual

$700 Ronald Reagan Leadership Award MichaelBeals,IowaStateUniversity,Epsilon

$425 Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship AnthonyJ.Battaglia,UniversityofCentralFlorida,Xi-Iota DanielW.Scarrow,CoeCollege,Zeta

$225 WilliamV.MuseScholarship ChristopherW.Nish,ValdostaStateUniversity,Zeta-Nu$225 FatherTimothyVakocScholarship ColtenMilford,SaintCloudStateUniversity,Theta-Rho$200 GeorgeW.WooleryMemorialScholarship JourdanWilson,UniversityofEvansville,Zeta-Beta$200 WallaceG.McCauleyMemorialScholarship AlexanderJ.Gettys,AdrianCollege,Theta-omicron$175 DorisandElmerSchmitz,Sr.MemorialScholarship BrianCasey,UniversityofWisconsin-Madison,Lambda$175 WilliamWilsonMemorialScholarship WilliamLaliberte,UniversityofMaine-orono,Beta-Upsilon$175 JohnC.Fitzgerald,Jr.Scholarship ScottSilverman,CalPoly-SanLuisobispo,Rho-omicron$ 175 Lenwood S. Cochran Scholarship GeorgeKoutsouras,NewYorkInstituteofTechnology,Xi-Gamma$175 EricD.DunningScholarship JeremyGordet,EastCarolinaUniversity,Lambda-Psi$150 EugeneC.BeachMemorialScholarship MinhD.Ngo,UticaCollegeofSyracuseUniversity,Lambda-Lambda$ 150 Lon Justice Scholarship TylerUlreich,AdrianCollege,Theta-omicron$150 BruceB.MelchertScholarship ScottKubik,UniversityofMissouri-Columbia,Beta-Theta$150 MilesGrayMemorialScholarship ChristopherJ.Purvis,AmericanUniversity,Colony834$150 MichaelJ.MorinMemorialScholarship RandallS.Trebat,Jr.,Univ.ofNo.CarolinaatWilmington,Mu-Chi$ 125 International Exchange Scholarship KevinS.Kinzer,TrineUniversity,Beta-Epsilon

award from each scholarship fund, as long as a fund is at or above $5,000 asoftheendoftheFoundation’sfiscalyear(May31),soanawardcanbepresentedinthefollowingacademicyear.Fordonorswhoareworkingonbuilding their scholarship funds, and have not yet reached $5,000, whatever dollars are contained in the scholarship funds are maintained and invested for growth. Throughendowedandoutrightgifts of all sizes, donors can show strong support for tomorrow’s TKE scholars and invest in the next generation of TKE leaders. Learn how to set up a scholar-shiporcheckouttheScholarshipPacketby visiting

Forman Lammert Beals Battaglia Scarrow

q grand chapter scholarships

DID yOU KNOW there is no limit to the size of a scholarship fund? Based on the Foundation’s experience, the quality and longevity of a chapter often relates to its ability to provide scholarships to its members.

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q chapter funds

TheTKEEducationalFoundationisa501c3corporationandsupportsthechaptersbyprovidingtaxdeductionstodonorsinterestedinsupportingtheFraternity.Anyonecandonateandreceiveadeduction, including non-Tekes or parents. Also, as a member becomes a Life Loyal Teke, a portion of his enrollment goes directly into the scholarship and the special projects funds of his home chapter.


Foradditionalinformationonhowtoaccessthefundsoronhowtosetupafundofyourown,contacttheTKEEducationalFoundationstaffbycalling317-872-6533 or at [emailprotected].










Chapter Scholarshipsand Special Projects

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q chapter funds

CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIPS AND SPECIAL PROJECTSSCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SPECIAL PROJECTNAME NAME FUNDS FUNDSIndianaUniv.ofPennsylvania Delta-Rho 161 61IndianaUniv.Southeast omicron-Sigma 318 319Iowa State Univ. Epsilon 884 656 IUPUI Upsilon-Iota 705 946JamesMadisonUniv. Mu-Tau 44 88Johnson&WalesUniv. Tau-Mu 44 44Kansas State Univ. Alpha-Lambda 53 54 Kean Univ. Tau-Lambda 324 325 Keene State College Lambda-Sigma 160 160 KentStateUniv. Iota-Pi 368 368KnoxCollege Delta-HaroldK.Meeker 12,691* 2,782KutztownUniv. Xi-Phi 100 101La Salle Univ. Iota-Iota 57 58 LakeSuperiorStateUniv. Rho-Theta 296 173LebanonValleyCollege Rho-Chi 481 1,046LindenwoodUniv. LindenwoodUniv.(#730) 57 58LongwoodUniv. Rho-Kappa 208 209LouisianaStateUniv. Beta-Phi 133 133Louisiana State Univ. in Shreveport Tau-Upsilon 107 108 LouisianaTechUniv. Beta-Zeta 164 164Loyola Univ. Chicago Epsilon-Kappa 435 436 LycomingCollege Mu-Theta 4,418 63LyonCollege Xi-Tau 57 58MansfieldUniv.ofPennsylvania Nu-Tau 53 54MariettaCollege Zeta-Sigma 68 50MaristCollege Sigma-Rho-AnnReilly 18,090* 165MarshallUniv. Beta-Nu 166 166MerrimackCollege Sigma-Kappa 2,816 922MesaStateCollege Pi-Kappa 115 115MiamiDadeCollege Xi-Nu 107 108MiamiUniv. Delta-Xi-CliffordSheard 51,663* 241MichiganStateUniv. Rho-Beta 7,572 108MichiganTechnologicalUniv. Mu-Lambda 8,655 114MiddleTennesseeStateUniv. Sigma-omicron 759 319MidwesternStateUniv. Mu-Gamma 310 40MillikinUniv. Beta-Millikin 44,241* 524MinnesotaStateUniv.,Mankato Theta-Tau 386 260MissouriStateUniv. Beta-omega 115 115MissouriUniv.ofScienceandTech. Beta-Eta 9,347* 4,731MissouriValleyCollege Delta-Upsilon 1,874 51MissouriWesternStateUniv. Xi-Eta 460 436MonmouthCollege Alpha-Epsilon 115 115MonmouthUniv. Kappa-Kappa 933 35 Kappa-Kappa-Alumni 3,000 Kappa-Kappa-CharlesJ.Trabold 21,618*MontclairStateUniv. Rho-Zeta 57 57MoreheadStateUniv. MuSigma 1,711 911MuhlenbergCollege Zeta-Eta 115 115MurrayStateUniv. Zeta-Chi 44 216NewJerseyCityUniv. Tau-Delta 95 95NewJerseyInstituteofTechnology Kappa-Eta 9,955* 157NewMexicoHighlandsUniv. Iota-Chi 229 229NewMexicoStateUniv. Alpha-omicron 562 474NewYorkInstituteofTechnology Xi-Gamma 629 373New York Univ. Tau-Alpha 53 NewberryCollege omicron-Theta 353NichollsStateUniv. Mu-Zeta 219 220NorthCarolinaStateUniv. Beta-Beta 1,001 427NorthDakotaStateUniv. Delta-Psi 1,525 265NortheasternIllinoisUniv. Lambda-Pi 88 88NortheasternStateUniv. Sigma-Lambda 269 314NortheasternUniv. Mu-Eta 100 101Northern Arizona Univ. Epsilon-Rho 57 57 NorthernIllinoisUniv. Delta-Eta 88 57NorthernKentuckyUniv. Pi-omicron 393 432NorthernMichiganUniv. Theta-Iota 4,097 904NorthwestMissouriStateUniv. Delta-Nu 263 2,146Northwestern State Univ. Epsilon-Upsilon 461 462 Northwood Univ. Rho-Epsilon 206 207 ohioUniv. Alpha-Beta 115 115oklahomaStateUniv. Beta-Gamma 461 425oldDominionUniv. Kappa-Delta-TidewaterBlueridge 50 364oregonStateUniv. Tau 9,445* 290PaceUniv.-Manhattan Tau-Pi 107 107PaceUniv.-Pleasantville Sigma-Iota 44PennStateErie,TheBehrendCollege Sigma-Delta 115 115PennsylvaniaStateUniv. Pi 11,644* 367,083PortlandStateUniv. Zeta-Kappa 14,775* 874PurdueUniv. Alpha-Zeta 11,662* 919QuinnipiacUniv. Kappa-Psi-PhillipJ.Duerr 8,083*QuinnipiacUniv. Kappa-Psi 14,394* 683Radford Univ. Omicron-Omega 142 142 Ramapo College of New Jersey Sigma-Upsilon 208 208 RensselaerPolytechnicInstitute Gamma-Epsilon 158 7,636Rho-Alpha Chapter Rho-Alpha 331 331 RichardStocktonCollegeofNewJersey Pi-Sigma 95 95RiderUniv. Epsilon-Zeta 209 210RochesterInstituteofTechnology Xi-Upsilon 16,491* 173RockhurstUniv. Kappa-Nu 30,468* 610RollinsCollege Zeta-Phi 464 422RooseveltUniv. RooseveltUniv.(#782) 50 50Rowan Univ. Omicron-Iota 216 570 RutgersUniv. Alpha-Eta 699 4,183RutgersUniv.,Newark Theta-Zeta 223 223SaginawValleyStateUniv. Upsilon-Delta 821 714

SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SPECIAL PROJECTNAME NAME FUNDS FUNDSAdelphiUniv. Kappa-Theta 100AlbionCollege omega 9,584* 620 omega-WilliamC.Prout 93,213*AlbrightCollege Nu-Beta 125AllianceCollege Zeta-Upsilon 89 89AlmaCollege Zeta-Delta-EugenePattison 8,927* 160AngeloStateUniv. Upsilon-Zeta 159 139Appalachian State Univ. Omicron-Alpha 545 546 ArizonaStateUniv. Beta-Xi 208 101ArkansasStateUniv. Beta-Psi-CecilHolifieldScholarship 2,208 Beta-Psi 9,915* 538AshlandUniv. Pi-Alpha 275 275AuburnUniv. Beta-Lambda 835 437 Beta-Lambda-PrytanisScholarship 5,208*AuburnUniv.Montgomery Pi-Zeta 114 114BabsonCollege Pi-Rho 89 89BakerUniv. Xi-Kappa 107 108BarryUniv. BarryUniv.-NeilAndrew HutchensonMemorialScholarship 9,363* 172BaylorUniv. omicron-Pi 476 477BeloitCollege Kappa 249 250BentleyUniv. Nu-Chi 44 44BoiseStateUniv. Nu-Eta 202 200BowlingGreenStateUniv. Zeta-Lambda 329 329BradleyUniv. Beta-Alpha 115 115BucknellUniv. Beta-Mu-MyraSnyder 223,774* 1,022ButlerUniv. Gamma-Psi 567 492CalPolyPomona Rho-Delta 222 223CalPoly,SanLuisobispo Rho-omicron 183 183CaliforniaStateUniv.,Chico Theta-Pi 88CaliforniaStateUniv.,LongBeach Delta-Theta 231 232CaliforniaStateUniv.,Northridge Upsilon-Beta 555 555CaliforniaStateUniv.,Sacramento Theta-Upsilon 215 215CaliforniaStateUniv.,SanMarcos Tau-Rho 213 28CaliforniaUniv.ofPennsylvania Zeta-omega 89 89CarletonUniv. Tau-omega 98 98CarrollCollege Mu-JamesT.Kane 23,437*Carthage College Tau-Chi 146 146 CentenaryCollegeofLouisiana Iota-Theta 146 146ChristianBrothersUniv. Pi-Epsilon 1,242 509Clarion Univ. Lambda-Epsilon 552 180 ClarksonUniv. Iota-Kappa 7,121* 108ClemsonUniv. Sigma-Psi 664 648ClevelandStateUniv. Delta-Epsilon 825 827CoastalCarolinaUniv. Tau-Tau 219 219CoeCollege Zeta-TheodoreI.Wallace 17,903* 422College of Staten Island Upsilon-Lambda 57 57 ColoradoStateUniv. Gamma-Beta 2,835 931Columbus State Univ. Omicron-Tau 472 456 ConcordUniv. Iota-Xi 158 1,214ConcordiaUniv. Kappa-Chi 389 393Cornell Univ. Scorpion 100 101 Davis&ElkinsCollege Alpha-Psi 108 108DefianceCollege Iota-Phi 355 457DePaulUniv. Lambda-Kappa 126 126DrakeUniv. Alpha-Xi 2,438 780 Alpha-Xi-WilliamH.Wisdom 19,428* Alpha-Xi-Robertolcott 20,726*DrexelUniv. Alpha-Tau 230 229EastCarolinaUniv. Lambda-Psi 114 114EastTennesseeStateUniv. Pi-Gamma 276 266EasternKentuckyUniv. Mu-Beta 53 54EasternMichiganUniv. Delta-Pi 219 220EdinboroUniv. Kappa-Mu 440 365ElonUniv. Lambda-Mu 100 101EmporiaStateUniv. Gamma-Phi 298 298EurekaCollege Iota 975 95FairleighDickinsonUniv.,Madison Tau-Theta 413 413FairleighDickinsonUniv.,Teaneck Xi-Delta 89 89FloridaInstituteofTechnology omicron-Nu 3,927 823FloridaInternationalUniv. Sigma-Alpha 558 559FloridaStateUniv. Lambda-Iota 728 266FortHaysStateUniv. Alpha-Upsilon 220 220FrancisMarionUniv. Tau-Sigma 57 58FranklinCollege Rho-Upsilon 6,034* 743FrostburgStateUniv. Theta-Chi 10,775* 457Fullerton,CA Mu-Xi 2,707 1,008FurmanUniv. Gamma-Mu 332 388GannonUniv. Delta-Chi 363 363GeorgeMasonUniv. Mu-omega-GeneGarnes 17,721* 537GeorgeWashingtonUniv. Alpha-Pi 282GeorgiaInstituteofTechnology Beta-Pi 6,404* 10,519GeorgiaSouthernUniv. Lambda-Upsilon-BuddyClay 2,322 1,712 Lambda-Upsilon-RichardSilvey 5,110* Lambda-Upsilon-ClarenceButler 6,644*GeorgiaStateUniv. Lamdda-omega-JerryC.Nims 18,899* 108GettysburgCollege Psi 275 276GlenvilleStateCollege Iota-omega 5,154* 655GrandValleyStateUniv. Rho-Sigma 15,834* 839Hamilton College Alpha-Iota 115 115 HartwickCollege Gamma-Zeta 246 95IllinoisStateUniv. Mu-Upsilon 543 544IllinoisWesleyanUniv. Alpha-IllinoisWeslyan 26,716*IndianaStateUniv. Gamma-Rho 378 379IndianaUniv. Gamma-Kappa 1,889 440

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q chapter funds

CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIPS AND SPECIAL PROJECTSSCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SPECIAL PROJECTNAME NAME FUNDS FUNDSIndianaUniv.ofPennsylvania Delta-Rho 161 61IndianaUniv.Southeast omicron-Sigma 318 319Iowa State Univ. Epsilon 884 656 IUPUI Upsilon-Iota 705 946JamesMadisonUniv. Mu-Tau 44 88Johnson&WalesUniv. Tau-Mu 44 44Kansas State Univ. Alpha-Lambda 53 54 Kean Univ. Tau-Lambda 324 325 Keene State College Lambda-Sigma 160 160 KentStateUniv. Iota-Pi 368 368KnoxCollege Delta-HaroldK.Meeker 12,691* 2,782KutztownUniv. Xi-Phi 100 101La Salle Univ. Iota-Iota 57 58 LakeSuperiorStateUniv. Rho-Theta 296 173LebanonValleyCollege Rho-Chi 481 1,046LindenwoodUniv. LindenwoodUniv.(#730) 57 58LongwoodUniv. Rho-Kappa 208 209LouisianaStateUniv. Beta-Phi 133 133Louisiana State Univ. in Shreveport Tau-Upsilon 107 108 LouisianaTechUniv. Beta-Zeta 164 164Loyola Univ. Chicago Epsilon-Kappa 435 436 LycomingCollege Mu-Theta 4,418 63LyonCollege Xi-Tau 57 58MansfieldUniv.ofPennsylvania Nu-Tau 53 54MariettaCollege Zeta-Sigma 68 50MaristCollege Sigma-Rho-AnnReilly 18,090* 165MarshallUniv. Beta-Nu 166 166MerrimackCollege Sigma-Kappa 2,816 922MesaStateCollege Pi-Kappa 115 115MiamiDadeCollege Xi-Nu 107 108MiamiUniv. Delta-Xi-CliffordSheard 51,663* 241MichiganStateUniv. Rho-Beta 7,572 108MichiganTechnologicalUniv. Mu-Lambda 8,655 114MiddleTennesseeStateUniv. Sigma-omicron 759 319MidwesternStateUniv. Mu-Gamma 310 40MillikinUniv. Beta-Millikin 44,241* 524MinnesotaStateUniv.,Mankato Theta-Tau 386 260MissouriStateUniv. Beta-omega 115 115MissouriUniv.ofScienceandTech. Beta-Eta 9,347* 4,731MissouriValleyCollege Delta-Upsilon 1,874 51MissouriWesternStateUniv. Xi-Eta 460 436MonmouthCollege Alpha-Epsilon 115 115MonmouthUniv. Kappa-Kappa 933 35 Kappa-Kappa-Alumni 3,000 Kappa-Kappa-CharlesJ.Trabold 21,618*MontclairStateUniv. Rho-Zeta 57 57MoreheadStateUniv. MuSigma 1,711 911MuhlenbergCollege Zeta-Eta 115 115MurrayStateUniv. Zeta-Chi 44 216NewJerseyCityUniv. Tau-Delta 95 95NewJerseyInstituteofTechnology Kappa-Eta 9,955* 157NewMexicoHighlandsUniv. Iota-Chi 229 229NewMexicoStateUniv. Alpha-omicron 562 474NewYorkInstituteofTechnology Xi-Gamma 629 373New York Univ. Tau-Alpha 53 NewberryCollege omicron-Theta 353NichollsStateUniv. Mu-Zeta 219 220NorthCarolinaStateUniv. Beta-Beta 1,001 427NorthDakotaStateUniv. Delta-Psi 1,525 265NortheasternIllinoisUniv. Lambda-Pi 88 88NortheasternStateUniv. Sigma-Lambda 269 314NortheasternUniv. Mu-Eta 100 101Northern Arizona Univ. Epsilon-Rho 57 57 NorthernIllinoisUniv. Delta-Eta 88 57NorthernKentuckyUniv. Pi-omicron 393 432NorthernMichiganUniv. Theta-Iota 4,097 904NorthwestMissouriStateUniv. Delta-Nu 263 2,146Northwestern State Univ. Epsilon-Upsilon 461 462 Northwood Univ. Rho-Epsilon 206 207 ohioUniv. Alpha-Beta 115 115oklahomaStateUniv. Beta-Gamma 461 425oldDominionUniv. Kappa-Delta-TidewaterBlueridge 50 364oregonStateUniv. Tau 9,445* 290PaceUniv.-Manhattan Tau-Pi 107 107PaceUniv.-Pleasantville Sigma-Iota 44PennStateErie,TheBehrendCollege Sigma-Delta 115 115PennsylvaniaStateUniv. Pi 11,644* 367,083PortlandStateUniv. Zeta-Kappa 14,775* 874PurdueUniv. Alpha-Zeta 11,662* 919QuinnipiacUniv. Kappa-Psi-PhillipJ.Duerr 8,083*QuinnipiacUniv. Kappa-Psi 14,394* 683Radford Univ. Omicron-Omega 142 142 Ramapo College of New Jersey Sigma-Upsilon 208 208 RensselaerPolytechnicInstitute Gamma-Epsilon 158 7,636Rho-Alpha Chapter Rho-Alpha 331 331 RichardStocktonCollegeofNewJersey Pi-Sigma 95 95RiderUniv. Epsilon-Zeta 209 210RochesterInstituteofTechnology Xi-Upsilon 16,491* 173RockhurstUniv. Kappa-Nu 30,468* 610RollinsCollege Zeta-Phi 464 422RooseveltUniv. RooseveltUniv.(#782) 50 50Rowan Univ. Omicron-Iota 216 570 RutgersUniv. Alpha-Eta 699 4,183RutgersUniv.,Newark Theta-Zeta 223 223SaginawValleyStateUniv. Upsilon-Delta 821 714

SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SPECIAL PROJECTNAME NAME FUNDS FUNDSSaintFrancisUniv. Delta-Phi 4,993 101SaintLeoUniv. Sigma-Theta 101,496* 971Saint Louis Univ. Epsilon-Alpha 516 76 Salem International Univ. Nu-Rho 114 114 Salisbury Univ. Sigma-Sigma 50 50 Sam Houston State Univ. Rho-Rho 640 158 SanJose’StateUniv. Rho-Xi 150 150Seton Hall Univ. Iota-Rho 115 115 Shawnee State Univ. Tau-Nu 57 58 Shippensburg Univ. Zeta-Tau 443 253 SirSandfordFlemingCollege Upsilon-Kappa 189 190SonomaStateUniv. Tau-Beta 379 379SoutheastMissouriStateUniv. Delta-Zeta 200 201SoutheasternLouisianaUniv. Theta-Nu 455 366SoutheasternoklahomaStateUniv. Epsilon-Theta 222 738Southern Connecticut State Univ. Tau-Eta 1,013 1,015 SouthernIllinoisUniv.Carbondale Beta-Chi 23,641* 5,518SouthernPolytechnicStateUniv. Xi-Chi 3,860 4Southwestern Oklahoma State Univ. Epsilon-Eta 114 114 Spring Hill College Upsilon-Alpha 361 461 St.CloudStateUniv. Theta-Rho 500 443St.John’sUniv. Theta-Sigma 95 95St.NorbertCollege Sigma-Xi 211 212St.ThomasUniv. Tau-omicron 53 54StateUniv.College-Buffalo Pi-Mu 1,313 54StateUniv.ofNewYorkatBrockport Sigma-Beta 107StateUniv.ofNewYorkGeneseo Sigma-Tau 115 115StephenF.AustinStateUniv. Nu-Xi 518 273SUNY-Fredonia Suny-FredoniaColony 44 44SusquehannaUniv. Iota-Beta 133 133TempleUniv. Sigma-Phi 241 241TennesseeTechnologicalUniv. Mu-omicron 115TexasA&MUniv. Pi-Eta 108 58TexasA&MUniv.-Kingsville Nu-Upsilon 107 108TexasStateUniv. Xi-Xi 173 173Texas Tech Univ. Omicron-Rho 3 271 TheohioStateUniv. omicron 2,400 417TowsonUniv. Pi-Upsilon 158 434TrineUniv. Beta-Epsilon 7,165 54Troy Univ. Lambda-Zeta 216 216 TrumanStateUniv. Iota-Gamma 111 111Univ of Ontario Institute of Technology Upsilon-Eta 44 44 Univ.atBuffalo Epsilon-Chi 1,242 260Univ.ofAkron Beta-Rho-TomDemeter 4,301 8,541Univ.ofAkron Beta-Rho-Kevin&BeileBrock 33,776*Univ.ofAlabama omicron-Xi 262 263Univ.ofAlabamaatBirmingham Pi-Delta 559 386Univ.ofAlbany-SUNY Pi-omega 107 108Univ. of Arizona Kappa-Tau 454 455 Univ.ofArkansas Theta-Xi 100 100Univ.ofArkansas-Monticello MonticelloAR(#758) 108 108Univ.ofBridgeport Nu-omicron 100 101Univ.ofCalifornia,Berkeley Nu-SophusC.Goth 15,621* 1,561Univ.ofCalifornia,Davis Sigma-Chi 107 107Univ.ofCalifornia,SanDiego Pi-Xi 184 184Univ.ofCentralFlorida Xi-Iota 675 676Univ.ofCentralMissouri Delta-Lambda 1,665 312Univ.ofCentraloklahoma Epsilon-Sigma 992 145Univ.ofCharleston Theta-omega 399 355Univ.ofCincinnati Lambda-Gamma 3,022 451Univ.ofColoradoatBoulder Gamma-Iota 158 209Univ.ofConnecticut-Storrs Delta-Gamma 209 210Univ.ofDayton Xi-Mu 100 101Univ.ofDenver Gamma-Tau 190 190Univ.ofDetroitMercy Epsilon-Phi 43 43Univ.ofEvansville Zeta-Beta 139 139Univ.ofFindlay Iota-Mu 115 115Univ.ofFlorida Gamma-Theta 3,301 31,144Univ.ofGeorgia Xi-Lambda 95 95Univ.ofHawaiiatManoa Tau-Epsilon 210 210Univ.ofHouston Epsilon-omicron 1,192 777Univ.ofIdaho Alpha-Delta 59,026* 203Univ.ofIllinois Gamma 25,943* 223Univ. of Iowa Lambda-Eta 44 44 Univ.ofKansas Alpha-Phi 585 116Univ.ofKentucky Gamma-Sigma 190 190Univ. of Louisianna at Lafayette Omicron-Kappa 173 174 Univ. of Louisville Alpha-Chi 100 387 Alpha-Chi-Henry Combs 3,386 Alpha-Chi-ohlmann-Biggs 17,226* Alpha-Chi-RodneyWilliams 118,198*Univ.ofMaine Beta-Upsilon 446 446Univ.ofMaryland Beta-Delta 183Univ.ofMaryland,BaltimoreCounty Upsilon-Theta 243 243Univ.ofMiami Gamma-Delta 189 189Univ.ofMichigan Upsilon 87,445* 110,773Univ.ofMichigan-Dearborn Rho-Tau-GaryD.Dysarz 3,397Univ.ofMinnesotaDuluth Upsilon-Gamma 543 543Univ.ofMissouri-Columbia Beta-Theta 440 440Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha Epsilon-Epsilon 107 8 Univ.ofNebraska-Lincoln Phi 216 216Univ.ofNevada,LasVegas Pi-Lambda 139 158Univ.ofNevada,Reno Pi-Iota 207 258

SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SPECIAL PROJECTNAME NAME FUNDS FUNDSUniv. of New Hampshire Alpha-Nu 470 47 Univ.ofNeworleans Theta-Mu 1,929 1,014Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Upsilon-Nu 500 Univ.ofNorthCarolinaatGreensboro Rho-Gamma 190 190Univ.ofNorthCarolinaatPembroke omicron-Delta 199 199Univ.ofNorthCarolinaatWilmington Mu-Chi 705 705Univ.ofNorthDakota Alpha-Sigma 115 115Univ. of North Texas Lambda-Omicron 115 115 Univ.ofNorthernIowa Delta-Tau 173 174Univ.ofoklahoma omicron-Phi 100 101Univ. of Rhode Island Alpha-Rho 115 115 Univ.ofRioGrande Rho-Pi 114 114Univ.ofSouthAlabama Nu-Mu 5,508* 1,281Univ.ofSouthCarolina Rho-omega-A.ScottKing 5,651* 313Univ. of South Carolina Aiken Sigma-Zeta 108 108 Univ.ofSouthDakota Theta-Eta-JohnM.Litzelman 8,892* 320 Theta-Eta-Jameso.Hanson 13,615*Univ.ofSouthFlorida Lambda-Alpha 752 754Univ.ofSouthernCalifornia Beta-Sigma 1,338 2,490Univ. of Southern Indiana Nu-Lambda 1,346 883 Univ.ofSouthernMaine Lambda-Delta 89 139Univ.ofSouthernMississippi Pi-Psi 273 274Univ.ofTennessee Univ.ofTennessee-Knoxville(#748) 107 108Univ. of Tennessee at Chattanooga Sigma-Omega 50 50 Univ.ofTexasatAustin Gamma-Upsilon 338 44Univ.ofTexasatSanAntonio Pi-Theta 143 143Univ.ofTexas-PanAmerican Kappa-Beta 44 44Univ.ofToledo Gamma-Nu 57 58Univ.ofUtah Nu-Theta-PatAshton 5,268* 204Univ.ofVirginia Gamma-omicron 44Univ.ofWashington Chi 12,993* 440Univ. of West Alabama Iota-Upsilon 583 163 Univ.ofWestFlorida Tau-Psi 444 151Univ.ofWestGeorgia Xi-Theta 2,876 771Univ. of Western Ontario Tau-Iota 100 101 Univ.ofWisconsin-LaCrosse Theta-Phi 158 158Univ.ofWisconsin-Madison Lambda 48,266* 633Univ.ofWisconsin-Milwaukee Zeta-Zeta 4,719 2,043Univ.ofWisconsin-Parkside Univ.ofWisconsin-Parkside 44 44Univ.ofWisconsin-Platteville Mu-Nu 9,637* 2,651Univ.ofWisconsin-StevensPoint Epsilon-Nu 1,969 887Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater Iota-Omicron 1,115 538 Utica College Lambda-Lambda 342 342 ValdostaStateUniv. Zeta-Nu 266 216VirginiaPolytechnicInstitute Xi-omega 100 100Wabash College Alpha-Alpha 50 150 Wagner College Zeta-Alpha 831 823 WashingtonStateUniv. Alpha-Gamma-GeorgeF.Prior MemorialScholarship 29,815* 452WashingtonUniv. XiLifeLoyalScholarship 399 XiChapter 638 2,088 Xi-JimBurmeister 1,731 Xi-JaewooKim 3,253 Xi-Roy&Katherineotte 59,775*Wayne State College Lambda-Chi 537 538 WayneStateUniv. Beta-omicron 50 50WaynesburgUniv. Zeta-Epsilon 289 290WestVirginiaStateUniv. Upsilon-Epsilon 310 311WestVirginiaUniv. Rho 10,219* 262WesternCarolinaUniv. Zeta-omicron 89 89Western Connecticut State Univ. Tau-Zeta 152 152 WesternIllinoisUniv. Zeta-Theta 21,834* 1,751WesternMichiganUniv. Delta-Alpha 114 770WesternNewEnglandCollege Mu-Iota 189WhitmanCollege Alpha-Theta 50WidenerUniv. Theta-Lambda184 139WilliamPatersonUniv. Nu-omega 166 166Winona State Univ. Nu-Kappa 562 448 WorcesterPolytechnicInstitute Zeta-Mu 611 10,850YorkCollegeofPennsylvania omicron-Upsilon 107 108Youngstown State Univ. Epsilon-Iota 331 532 Order of the Knights oftheNorthScholarship 1,591 Order of the Shield Scholarship 2,378 Southern Order of Honor Scholarship 4,658 CanadianTKEScholarshipFund 4,921 FarmerLeadershipFund 5,000* InternationalExchangeScholarship 6,121* GeorgiaProvinceScholarship 8,002* CapitalArea/Jackand RachelDartScholarshipFund 17,618* TKEServantLeaderScholarship 21,002* WoodsonRLCScholarship 40,000* IronmanSpecialProjects 5,858


NOTE: Fund balances are as of 5/31/10.Forthecurrentfundbalance,[emailprotected]. Scholarshipfundsandspecialprojectfundsmayreflectpledgesthathaveyettobereceived.Therearefundscurrentlybeingadministered bytheFoundationfornon-operating,closedchaptersofTKE.Thecorpusofeachfundremainsintactandwillbeavailableintheeventany chapterisreactivatedinthefuture.Inthemeantime,theFoundationreservestheoptionstoofferscholarshipawardsfromtheearnings ofthesefundstoanyundergraduateTekemeetingscholasticrequirements.ThedirectorsoftheFoundationstronglysupportthefactthat thefundswereestablishedtoassistmembersoftheFraternityintheireducationalpursuits.Thefactthatachapterisclosedshouldnot preclude awards being made to other deserving members of TKE.

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Special Funds Train TKE Leaders

q special funds

School Amount PurposeArizona State University $174 RLCBarryUniversity $150 RLCCaliforniaStateUniversity,SanMarcos $185 RLCChristianBrothersUniversity $950 RLCFloridaInstituteofTechnology $240 RLCGlenvilleStateCollege $500 RLCIndianaUniv.-PurdueUniv.Indianapolis $189 RLCIronmanAlumniAssociation $1,096 RLCMidwesternStateUniversity $271 RLCMissouriValleyCollege $339 RLCMoreheadStateUniversity $800 RLCNewYorkInstituteofNY-oldWestbury $229 RLCNorthwestMissouriStateUniversity $756 RLCRutgers University $200 RLC

School Amount PurposeSaint Louis University $440 RLCSamHoustonStateUniversity $393 RLCSouthernPolytechnicStateUniversity $800 RLCSouthwestern Oklahoma State University $100 RLCUniversityofCentraloklahoma $930 RLCUniversityofFlorida $796 RLCUniversity of Kansas $445 RLCUniversityofSouthernCalifornia $398 RLCUniversity of Southern California $2,232 HousingUniversity of Texas at Austin $205 HousingUniversityofTexasatAustin $90 LeadershipAcademyUniversityofWestFlorida $200 RLCUniversityofWisconsin-Milwaukee $1,200 RLC


NoWMoRETHANEVERBEFoRE,collegiateFratersunderstandthevalueofattendingourtop-ratedannualRegionalLeadershipConferences(RLCs).In2010,morethan900men—thehighestnumberonrecord—traveledtooneoffiveconferencesnationwide,participatinginFraternitynetworkingeventsandinteractiveprogrammingfocusedon leadership skills, chapter operations, personal and professional development, and much more.

While the stats are impressive, the fact remains that many more Tekes who’d like to attend RLCs—scheduledFebruary2012—coulddososimplybytappingtheirchapters’specialprojectsfunds,managedbytheTKEEducationalFoundation.

INCREASING AWARENESSSpecial projects funds are designed to fund collegians’ leadership development, as well as educational and housing needs. Yet, some chapters may not be fully aware that these funds exist, let alone whether they have a balance that would permit interested members to defray the costs of attending RLCs, or even our 2011 Conclave.

Forexample,while65percentofchaptershadatleastoneFraterrepresentedatRLCsin2010,98chaptersdidn’tsendanyoneatall.What’smore,justunder10percentofundergraduate members registered for RLCs in 2010—though many more expressed interest.Thebiggestchallengecited?Financialconstraints.

WHAT’S yOUR FUND’S STATUS?Are you an alumnus who’s interested in attending the 2011 Conclave, 2012 RLCs, or who wants to encourage chapter members to take full advantage of this leadership opportunity aswellasothersofferedthroughtheFraternity?Contactustolearnthestatus of your chapter’s special projects fund.

Alumni interested in promoting leadership development among young Tekes may also make tax-deductible donations directly to their own chapter’s special project funds.





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Beta Chapter Scholarship Helen Stowe

Beta-Sigma Chapter Building TheHaeyoung&KevinTangFoundation,Inc.

Better Men for a Better World Courtyard KimberlyBlair PhilKerrigan LaForetConf.andRetreatCenter BarbaraLuglan DorianShager Ashley Walsh Jennifer Weir Zeta-Omicron Collegiate Corp.

Kelsey Buzzanco AmyBlackwell

Epsilon-Omicron Chapter Leigh Hollins JohnMilam

Lenwood Cochran Scholarship BobandLibbyCarman DougandFrancieMarkham

John P. Dodok Delta-Upsilon Chapter CherylDodok

Philip J. Duerr Kappa-Psi Chapter Scholarship MichaelandTamaraAmore Richard S. Campbell CarlyDeCandia KarlandGailDuerr DavidKhinM.Han FrancisR.Proto,DDS PatriciaAnneProto JeffSimon

Irvine GandeeAlpha-Lambda Chapter MaryJoGandee

Herbert R. KlingScorpion Chapter MildredKling

L. T. LockeAlpha-Omega Chapter BettyLocke

Joseph F. Maiocco, Jr.Rho Chapter MargaretL.Maiocco

John H. MoyerAlpha-Tau Chapter MarjorieF.Moyer

Omicron-Nu Chapter Scholarship BethandMichaelLappen

Jeffery PetersonTau-Chi Chapter BrittanyFitzsimmons

Frank SandersLambda-Upsilon Chapter AlphaEpsilonPhiSorority DougandSusanAbramson MaryAtkins Jennifer Holcomb PamLavender TommyMorgan Todd Reaves Regina C. Smith Washington-WilkesHistoricalFoundation

J. George Schmid, Jr., Trust

Sigma-Kappa Scholarship Carl and Sharon Aber EllenBent Bhatia&Phatia,PC Erik Olson BrendanPommills

TKE Leadership Fund Sharyn Cunningham JasonDavis EllanorC.Donnelly Jill A. Konija NancyMathias JonathanPollack GraceShaw Edward Kirklin

Charles J. Trabold Scholarship Elaine Allegretti Robert and Catherine Haack BrianandLindaJackman

Billy TresloSigma-Xi Chapter Sandra Hodel-Runtz

Dwayne R. Woerpel Scholarship DianeCooper

Friends of TKEEveryyear,TKEparents,wives/widows,andotherfriendsoftheFraternitysupporttheTKEEducationalFoundation.TheFoundationisencouragedthatmany believe you don’t need to be a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon to believe in and support our mission of aiding men in their mental, moral, and social development for life.

CREATING COMMUNITy AND LIVING LEADERSHIP definesbeingaTeke.I’velearnedthisinjusttwoshortyearsasaTekemom.Priorto2008,IhadnotpaidattentiontoGREEKlife(otherthanbeingaGreekbyheritage).Ihavetoadmitmyknowledgeoffraternitylifewas formed from a well-known movie, which shall remain nameless, andwhatIwitnessed(differentfraternity)whileastudentattheUniversityofMichigan,backwhentheearthwascooling.Itwasquiteanuninformedandbiasedopiniontobesure.Inowexperi-ence what it means to be a Teke, up close and personal, by watching my son, a student at Lake Superior State University.

IwatchedandlearnedashewentthroughRushWeek(What?Theyactually make you spend at least 10 hours a week in the library asapledge?Great!),attendedtwoleadershipconferences,andcurrently is his chapter’s vice president. I’ve listened intently while my son talks about whom he met and what he’s learned at the conferences, and his ideas for strengthening his local chapter. I’ve also observed, and continue to observe, unsolicited reactions and comments made by those I’ve spoken to about my son the Teke. I’ve talkedtoagrandfatherIwasacquaintedwithforseveralyearsfromhis involvement in local high school sports and discovered: he is aTekewhograduatedfromAlbionCollegein1953.Talkingwithastudent about her sorority life during a college visit for my daughter, I mentioned my son the Teke and was promptly told about the great work the local Tekes were doing in the community. The consistency of positive, heartfelt responses I’ve received from acquaintances, business colleagues, and friends who are not only aware of TKE but also of the good its members do never ceases to amaze me.

I have met some amazing Tekes at LSSU, young men still in the middle of their college experience but with a vision of what is next. In short, I am awed by the strength of the TKE community (mysoninforms me while he is traveling that he has no shortage of places tostay—fellowTekebrothers) and the desire of the TKE organiza-tion to instill leadership values and actions, and provide infra-structure and support to Teke brothers. I choose to support TKE because I value what TKE values: the creation of community and the building of servant leaders who act to better the greater good rather than create personal power. Supporting TKE not only sustains current programs but also provides resources for the development offutureprogramsandservices.BysupportingTKEtoday,wecreatethe incubator for the leaders of tomorrow.


NANCy MATHIASMotherofTekeJamesMathiasRho-Theta,LakeSuperiorStateUniversityFriendofTKE

q friends of tke

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Memorials & Tribute GiftsATKEEducationalFoundationMemorialGiftisameaningfulwaytocelebratethememoryofsomeoneimportanttoyou.AFoundationTributeGiftisameaningfulwaytorecognizeaTKEfriend,Fraterorfamilymemberwhohasmadeanimpactonyour life. Each tribute and memorial gift helps expand leadership training programs, strengthen scholarship support, connect alumni across the country, and sustain lifelong bonds—all vital components in building a better man for a better world. today.

MEMORIALSRoy Berry, Nu ChapterNu Chapter Alumni Association

Kelsey Buzzanco, Epsilon-Omicron ChapterAmyBlackwellLeigh HollinsJohnMilam

Joseph E. Carroll, Alpha-Psi Chapter GeorgeM.Lauderbaugh,USAF,Alpha-PsiChapter

John P. Dodok, Delta-Upsilon Chapter CherylDodok

George Dove, Nu Chapter Nu Chapter Alumni Association

Philip J. Duerr, Kappa-Psi Chapter MichaelandTamaraAmoreRichard S. CampbellCarlyDeCandiaKevinR.Dooley,Kappa-PsiChapterKarlandGailDuerrDavidKhinM.Han,Kappa-PsiChapterChristopherJ.Pia,Kappa-PsiChapterFrancisR.Proto,DDSPatriciaAnneProtoJeffSimonIlene Saporta and Jay Wodka

Irvine Gandee, Alpha-Lambda Chapter MaryJoGandee

Gwen Goodwin RonaldE.Goodwin,Gamma-MuChapter

Jerry Hall, Nu Chapter Nu Chapter Alumni Association

Mark Jansen, Beta-Sigma Chapter AllenAnderson,Beta-SigmaChapterJosephRamirez,Beta-SigmaChapter

Han Jiang, Alpha-Alpha Chapter GlennMiles,Alpha-DeltaChapter

Richard P. (Jenks) Johnson, Nu Chapter Nu Chapter Alumni Association

Herbert R. Kling, Scorpion Chapter MildredKling

L. T. Locke, Alpha-Omega Chapter BettyLocke

Joseph F. Maiocco, Jr., Rho Chapter MargaretL.Maiocco

Michael Mines, Alpha-Theta Chapter Dr.andMrs.HughSobottkaChi Chapter

John H. Moyer, Alpha-Tau Chapter MarjorieF.Moyer

Frank Sanders, Lambda-Upsilon Chapter AlphaEpsilonPhiSororityDougandSusanAbramsonMaryAtkinsMichaelK.Brink,LambdaChapterWilliamR.Bruns,III,Gamma-KappaChapterKyleJ.Hartman,Theta-RhoChapterJennifer HolcombStevenA.Jones,DeltaChapterPamLavenderChristopherR.Leemon,Theta-IotaChapterTommyMorganT. Rod O’Neal, Omicron-Kappa ChapterTimothy S. Reese, Epsilon-Sigma ChapterTodd ReavesT. J. Schmitz, Iota-Omicron ChapterRegina C. SmithRobertD.Taflinger,Zeta-ThetaChapterJamesS.Taggart,Theta-IotaChapterJamesR.Warren,III,Pi-DeltaChapterWashington-WilkesHistoricalFoundation

Billy Treslo, Sigma-Xi ChapterSandra Hodel-Runtz

TRIBUTESBob Barr, Beta-Sigma Chapter JonathanDonohue,Xi-GammaChapter

Richard C. Ernest, Beta-Mu Chapter DiegoLazcano,Epsilon-omicronChapter

Michael Kates, Epsilon-Pi Chapter PhilAlm,Nu-KappaChapter

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McAninch, Alpha-zeta Chapter GlennMiles,Alpha-DeltaChapter

Jeffery Peterson, Tau-Chi Chapter BrittanyFitzsimmons

James J. Scovell, Tau Chapter GlennMiles,Alpha-DeltaChapter

ROBERT GIBBS Pi-Epsilon,ChristianBrothersUniversity outgoingPrytanis,Attendeeat2011 Regional Leadership Conference

q memorials & tributes

DEAR FRATERS,IT’S NEARLy IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE that a total of 24 Pi-Epsilonmen—literallyhalfourchapter—traveledtotheAtlanta-basedElmerandDonnaSmithRegionalLeadershipConference(RLC)thisFebruary18–19.Infact,itwouldbeimpossible—if not for generous TKE alumni who understand thevalueofleadershiptrainingtoyoungFraterslikeus.

Itallbeganwithachallengegrantofferedthroughthe TKEEducationalFoundationbyFraterJamesUpton (Iota-omegaatGlenvilleStateCollege),whodonated $800 per Region toward RLC training for a chapter willing to match that investment.

Almostimmediately,ourBoardofAdvisorsChair,TimothyWardlow, encouraged us to match it by tapping our chapter’s special projects fund. We did, and we won the grant—meaningwecouldsendeightFraterstoRLC,allexpensespaid. However, we had our sights set on a much higher goal.

Eversinceattendinglastyear’sRLCasPrytanis(aswellasLeadershipAcademy),I’ve wanted my brothers to share my experience with TKE’s high-quality leadership programming because I know they’ll gain important skills to help them achieve even greater success in college, their future careers and personal lives. So I made it my missiontorecruitasmanyFratersaspossibleforthisyear’sRLC.Intheend,weconfirmed24attendees—eachpaying$69,averymanageablesumforcollegestudents.

We were truly excited to go. In addition to developing leadership skills, we learned new ways of approaching challenges to chapter success and met other Tekes (alwaysagreattime).Plus,becausewe’veearnedhonors asaTopTKEChapterforthepasttwoyears,Pi-Epsilonbrothers were eager to “give back” at RLCs by sharing our own best practices with others.

I want to express our entire chapter’s gratitude for this opportunity: notjusttoFraterUpton,andtoouradvisor,Tim, but to the Smiths who sponsor the Atlanta RLC and allTekealumniwhoarewillingtohelpcollegiateFratersachievetheirfullestpotential.Thankyouforyourgenerosity—and for being role models to us all.

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (41)


Memorials & Tribute Gifts Matching GiftsWouldyouliketoseeyourgifthavetwicetheimpactforTauKappaEpsilon?Yourcompanymaybereadytohelp.Belowisalistof2010donorsandthecompanywhichmatchedtheirgifttotheTKEEducationalFoundation.Evenifyourcompany’snameisn’there,youmightbeable to take advantage of the matching gift program. Ask your human resources department how you can double your giving.

American Society of Assn. Executives Robert L. Olcott

Amica Companies Foundation DavidG.Fairweather

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program WilliamJ.Myers

DST Systems, Inc. JamesM.Stacy

EQT Foundation James Crockard

ExxonMobil Foundation Walter T. Lacz JohnH.Barber

Gap Foundation RichardD.Rowlands

GE Foundation GeorgeA.Bidanset JohnE.Mahony Joseph S. Rabb

Lions Club Richard W. Halteman, Jr.

Lubrizol Foundation ThomasM.Sopko

Macy’s Foundation BrianL.Keck Steven H. Jasper

MassMutual MartinGuerra

Medtronic Foundation RonaldV.Bardel

Pfizer Foundation JamesE.Thomas

PNC Institutional Investments James E. Crockard, III

Progressive Insurance Foundation Robert W. Hein

Random House PeterM.Burkle

SunTrust DavidA.Schnepp

Verizon Foundation DanielS.Mead

Wells Fargo Foundation KennethR.Piana MichaelS.Handorf

q matching gifts

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When Giving, Think Endowment

IT’S A FACT TEKES WORLDWIDE SAy THEy FEEL MOST CONNECTED to their home chapters—and, given the opportunity, would most likely contribute time, talent or treasure to those chapters if they knew the best, easiest ways to do so.

To maximize investments toward your home chapter—whether in the form of scholarships or leadershipopportunitiesforyoungFraters—considerthebenefitsofcontributingtochapterendowmentfunds,professionallymanagedforyoubytheTKEEducationalFoundation.

MAXIMIzE IMPACT “Chapter endowments give TKE alumni donors the opportunity to work together to generate even morefundsbenefitingtheirundergraduatemembersinthelongterm,”explainsTimTaschwer, pastpresidentandCEooftheFoundationandacurrentadvisorymembertoitsBoardofDirectors.

Forexample,oncetheirscholarshipendowmentsreach$5,000,chapterscanbegindistributingindividualscholarshipsonanannualbasisandinperpetuity,headds.(Chaptersalsohave completeautonomyoncethisminimumfinancialthreshold—or “corpus”—is met, setting their ownguidelinestodeterminewhichFratersshouldbenefitfromtheirendowments.) Forfundbalances,

WHy ENDOWMENT Unlike direct donations to a chapter, endowment contributions via the TKE Educational Foundation are tax-deductible.Plus,theFoundationwilldoallthetaxreportingandrecordkeepingand even help identify possible donors from a chapter.

“It often takes a couple of ‘spark plugs’ among local alumni who are willing to put in the time and efforttobuildachapter’sendowmentfundsthroughpersonaloutreach.Buttimeandagain,theseeffortshandsomelypayoff,creatingendowmentsof$10,000andupthattrulymakeadifferenceinthelivesandleadershippotentialoftheyoungest,mostpromisingFraters.”

Interested in contributing to your home chapter’s endowment funds? Become a Life Loyal Teke or contact us for assistance at [emailprotected] or 317-872-6533.


JAMES C. UPTON FoundationAmbassadorand alumnus from Iota-Omega Chapter atGlenvilleStateCollege

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q making a lasting impact

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (43)

WHEN I FIRST HEARD ABOUT THE BETTER MEN FOR A BETTER WORLD COURTyARD PLANNED FOR OUR NEW INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, I immediately knew the importance of getting involved.WhatbetterwaytocelebrateourFraternity’svaluesandidealsthantocreateaninspirationalspacewherememberscanviewourmostcherishedsymbolsandreflectontheirtruemeaning.

IpurchasedabrickfortheCourtyardfloor,thenmadeanadditionalcommitmenttosponsortheEsteemColumn(oneofthreeinthecourtyard).Indeed,Ifeltsostronglyabouttheproject,Iactivelysought the support of other Tekes—notably from my own chapter, Epsilon-Omicron.

ThisCourtyardrankshighamongthelegacyprojectsI’veinvestedinduringmylifetime.Bestofall,andthoroughlyconsistent with TKE’s time-honored traditions, there are options thatfiteveryFrater’sbudget,startingaslowas$100.Thisway, Tekes worldwide—even those who may never have the opportunitytovisitheadquarters—can be a part of our history, part of our permanent home.

IthereforeurgeeveryFraterreadingthis,aswellasfamilyandfriends of members in our beloved organization, to consider contributing to the Courtyard today. Encourage other members

todothesame.Therearealimitednumberofopportunitiestoparticipate,soit’sonlyamatteroftime before this project’s potential for greatness is fully realized.

I look forward to that day: to visiting the Courtyard and reading the names of all those who, like us, sharethevisionthatTKEtrulydoescreateBetterMenforaBetterWorld.

In His Own Words


BETTER MEN FOR A BETTER WORLDA lasting way to honor or memorialize a giver, a friend, a mentor, or ones who have departed so there will be a lasting memory of the role they have played in making TKE great. Learn more by visiting

ROBERT “BOB” PLANCK Epsilon-Omicron, University of Houston PastGrandPrytanis,Presidentof IndependentMarketingAllianceandnotedphilanthropist



q making a lasting impact


The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (44)



q first time donors

Lance J. BoehmerDaniel BohrerBrian T. BolandSidney L. BolayJustin A. BolesLance BooneAnthony F. BorgiaJeremy J. BorkowskiCameron R. BosinskiNicholis BowserAlex BracksieckDarren BradyJoshua BrayRobert BrewerDavid BridgesJarrod W. BrierlyRobert G. Briggs Jr.Adam BroadyAndrew W. BrochinDerek BrockusJustin H. BrownLawson BrownJames W. BrownAndy BrowningTimmy BrowningMatthew N. BrustMitchell BryanBobby J. BrysonMatthew BuckThomas A. BudettiTodd BunceBenjamin BurchfielBrent L. BurdickScott R. BurgessTrevor BurkJordan R. BurkhartJohn W. BurnsAndrew T. BurnsSean T. BuschCameron ButkusGlen ButlerLuis R. CadizMatt CallananIsaac CalvoRichard S. CampbellRicardo CamposRyan CappsAnthony CarboneD’ArtagnanCarcanaJared A. CarmoDouglas M. CaronMichael CarrIan CarrWayne CarrascoMontgomery CarterMichael L. CarterRyan CaseyBrian CaseyChristopher L. CaudillStephen J. CesarePhillip E. ChampleyEric ChappelBeta-Epsilon ChapterKappa-Psi ChapterAlpha-Tau ChapterKappa-Psi ChapterJohn W. ChaversTimothy CheaJameson CherilusWilliam W. ChildressAliasger ChopraAlexander ChristieScott ClarkeAndy J. ColellaZeta-Omicron Collegiate Corp.Brian W. CollinsLeMoyneColstonJohn C. ConcannonHondo J. ConineSean M. ConnollyDaniel ConnorPatrick ConodCharles N. ConwayMichael Cooperstein

Daniel M. CordisDylan CorkernLogan Cornett, Jr.Luis A. CorreaParker CorrinNicholas CorsoAndrew Z. CoskeyCale CoteMichael CottinghamChristopher CowieJosh S. CoyThomas CoyleKevin CramerBrentonCroseJerettCrumbleyLuke CummiskeySharyn CunninghamKyle B. CusterChuck E. CwirkaCyprian CzarnockiConnor DaltonJustin DanhAaron DanielsTim DantinMatthew D. DarwinBrian G. DatesAndrew DauchMichael C. DavidsonJeffrey D. DavidsonNick DavidsonAndrew DaviesJason DavisRyan deCaussinChristopher V. Del DucaDave DelgadoEloy J. DelgadoBrian DeLosierColin P. DempseyJason DenigRobert DePriestDorian DeptuchTyler DeTarsioAndrew DetwilerRobert D. DevaronaIan DicksonDustin J. DiFabioCraig R. DiFulvioKurt DikemanEric DillaneShane DillingIan DiMitriChris DimoulasMichael D. DittmanDavid A. DivineDaniel DobbinsCheryl DodokMichael D. DonaldsonSkyler DonnellyJohn T. DonnellyJonathan DonohueGreg DonovanKevin R. DooleyMatthew R. DoreyNiharDoshiShawn DotyPatrick J. DoyleDeane J. DrabikKendall S. DrakeJoel C. Dreher, IIColin DucharmeDaniel DukartRyan DulacMichael J. DunaskissHanford DunnAlexander DupuisJames EasterBrian L. EckertEmmanuel EllieBrian EllisStephen EllisWilliam J. EllisonSamerElshafeiBobby EnayatiJeffrey Engh

Benjamin M. EnglemanMatthew C. EnriquezFrank EscalleSalvador EspinoDavid B. EspositoJoshua EvansSteven EvermanSkylar FairchildCharles FalorNeil E. FarberBradley C. FavorsDaniel E. FavreKyle FennewaldAndy FergusonAlexander FernandezTroy A. FerrioRuben J. FierrosSean FinnRaymond C. Fischer, IIIBrian P. FishbachBrittany FitzsimmonsKevin FlanaganWilliam FlemingJohn FlorenceMurry FordJosh FordFrank D. ForierGregory M. FornshellChristopher FranceJohnny M. FranksWilliam G. FrascaKeith R. FraserAdam M. FreemanPatrick FreiseDarren J. FremeTrevor FrerkingCosta FrickeltonDrew W. FrizzellBradley R. FryJason A. FuentesRandy FullmerAlexander FurleighJonathan D. GaineyMatt P. GalaskaGeorge W. Galloway, IVMary Jo GandeeChristopher GandyFarbodd GanjifardCharles R. Garcia, Jr.Matthew S. GardnerDaniel GarvyDaniel GasparoNicholas R. GatesMatthew GeierMichael A. GentryAndrew P. GeorgevitsGregory GershmanScott M. GibbsRobert GibbsSteven GilbertoPeter H. GilchristWill GillilandMatthew V. GiordanoVincent L. GiordanoJeremy M. GlaserMatthew J. GoddardMichael GoeldiJason GonzalesJustin J. GosselinZain GowerNick GoydishTimothy A. GradyZachary W. GrahamWilliam GrahamAlex GrapsteinBrandon GreenwoodAndrew S. GrengsKeith GresiakGarrett W. GriderJordan GrierShane GriffinJoshua GriffithJason J. GrilliotAlex Guerrero

Lee GustafsonMatthew A. GutierrezMichael S. GwinnKyle HackelRobert HackmanEvan P. HagertyStanley E. Haines, Jr.Patrick HainesCorey R. HallLaurence E. HallasJames B. HallenChristopher HalloranChris HamiltonRyan HammerDavid Khin M. HanScott Hanco*ckDavid K. HansonAaron HardiekAndrew HargisJohn HarmanLevi J. HarrelJasper L. HarrellAdam HarrisMatthew HarveyRichard C. HaskellErich J. HasselbacherGarrett HavensDerek H. HayesJordan L. HayesJared M. HaysJace HedrickSamuel HedrickPatrick HeffernanNeal A. HellnerJesse M. HendricksonKyle A. HenryRyan HerrmannJohn B. HeustisJames K. HillLucian Hill, IIIJason HillJared M. HinaEvan HinkelTaylor HinsonDavid K. HinsonWashington Wilkes Historical FoundationMatthew A. HoagWesley HobbsHugh R. Hocker, IIISandra Hodel-RuntzPaul ho*rnkePaul R. Hoffner, Jr.Jennifer HolcombSean HoldbrookPeter HollandLeigh HollinsKirt R. HolmbladDerrick HolmesMatthew HolthausGeorge Ryan HoltonJesse A. HosseiniJaceHovdaJeffrey D. HowardPhilip A. HowlandChristopher W. HudnallTroy C. HudsonKyle M. HufferKorey HummerTodd P. HumoraJohn D. HumphreysRichard L. Hunt, Jr.Chase HuntCharles M. IlesJustin D. IngramDaniel IrwinAndrew IrwinJohn C. JaburgDerek JacksonJeffrey V. JacobusRobert F. James, IIDaniel JamesEvan JarrettAlexander Jeffrey

Andre L. JenkinsMark JepsenKyle JobeBrad JohnsonStephen L. JohnsonDave P. JohnsonJosh JohnsonTodd JohnsonGregory B. JohnsonMichael R. JohnsonBrian S. JohnsonMike JohnsonDonald B. Jones, Jr.Merle E. JonesDaniel L. Jones, IICasey B. JonesJordan JonesJourdan A. JonesWesley JuanBradford JudgeJames M. JuliusErik K. JungeAdam T. JussaumeLeo R. KallingerAmitKapoorSamuel KarmiaAdam M. KearnsAlex KellnerAdam T. KellyAndrew M. KelsoWalter B. KendallPhil KerriganEzekial G. KeyesOleg KhainovskiVadim L. KhavinsonJohn P. KilziClayton P. KimJohn KincannonDaniel KinnunenScott KintgenTravis KipperTim KirkhamJeremy R. KisnerKerry W. KissingerDavid W. KnightJarred KnightJohn KoenigTyler KollodgeAndrew KomarJoey KoontzAlexander KotkinKyle KozlowskiJacob D. KraussPaul KrawczykMatthew KronlageWesley J. KruseBrett KubasekAllen KuehnThomas E. KuhnJared La PortaSean LahijaniNick C. LambRichard J. LamberskiAnthony W. LamkinJeffrey O. LamkinJoseph LaMonicaScott A. LampeMichael O. LandersChristopher LaneMatthew LaneRodney LangsethCharles W. LanktonBeth and Michael LappenRyan R. LaraJared LarkinPam LavenderLawrence LeZach C. LeeJoel LeistikoNicholas A. LekanJohn G. LemkeyJon L. LevineLawrence K. LevineRobert M. Levy

Brian LicataBesmirLikajCorey LimNathaniel LinskyRichard LinzScott LipchitzCortelligent LLCStephen LohmanJoseph T. LombardiRobert LombardoJoseph LonchorJacob D. LopezJames J. Lopus, Jr.Alec LosinskiMichael LoveAaron LucasJeffrey LuckringBarbara LuglanAndrew LutkewitteDillon LynchTimothy R. LynnConor J. LynnZechariah LyonsDaniel S. MackTimothy MackoJoseph J. Mager, IIIJoseph MagioncaldaVijay MaheshwariRoger Truong Sa MaiNicholas MainorOmidMalekJoseph MandlehrRandall T. MarksStephen MarksDallas MarpleJoseph A. MarraCraig L. MartinCory P. MartinJose I. MartinezEric A. MartoneAnthony J. MascaroMichael MasonDaniel MasonBrett J. MassarPeter S. Massaro, IIINathan K. MasserangChristopher MathenyTroy L. MathewsDaniel MathisDimitriosMatsikasMark MatteraTrenton MauckCasey L. McAlpineSteve J. McCormackDrew McCraryNathan McCulloughTravis McDanielRyan McDermottMichael McEachernMichael McEwanBrent McMahanScott McMillanMatthew McMullanJohn McNeelyJames Mcnu*ttRagan McQueenJordan Y. MebaneMatthew MedranoRichard MejiaCory E. MellonDennis J. MerriweatherMatt MesleyJason C. MessaCharles R. Messina IIIJames W. Metcalf, IIIDavid MeyerJohn MilamDevin MildenbergEric J. MillerEric S. MillerJarret A. MillerCollin MillsChristopher MillsonJohn B. Milton

The TKE Educational Foundation welcomes 966 donors who made their first gift in calendar year 2010. The Fraternity wishes to thank the following for their generous contributions:

First-Time Donors

Saad AbbasTimothy AbbottCarl & Sharon AberCorey AbramsSusan & Doug AbramsonJohn AddingtonDavid-Edward A. AdkinsJames AhearnAnthony C. AlbanoEmmanuel AldanaJeremy AliJames AlloPhil M. AlmSam AlmukdadRobert L. Alphin, Jr.Luis AlvaradoSeena Amid-HozourMatthew AmoreZach AnastasiK. Allen AndersonMichael AntoineAngel AponteAdam A. ArbogastJohn ArcherJoshua P. ArguienJonathan C. ArmesTimothy G. ArthunDavid R. ArtzNJ TKE Alumni AssociationApollo Alumni AssociationMary AtkinsBrent AuzatGeorge R. AverittPaul S. AvoleseDrew AyersJustin AymondBrian AzevedoGrant BaileySamuel BairMatthew BakerJeremy BakerJoe BalchanShane BalkaranAlexander J. A. BanzonBryan BarclayRichard BardenJames F. Bardgett, IIIAndrew BardgettJonas E. BarlowNicholas BarnettDerek S. BarrRobert H. BarryKevin BarryDavid W. BarwickStan BashmashnikovJames BatchelorPreston BatesAnthony J. BattagliaDaniel BeckWesley P. BeckhamJohn BeckwithBradley BedfordBrian BelakMatthew BelcherAndrew BelisThomas BellDennis BellGabe BelloweNick BenedictPaul J. BensonThomas P. BentEllen BentTed W. BereswillMike BerryJohn R. BibeauThomas P. Bittel, Jr.Amy BlackwellZach BlaettlerKimberly BlairR. Scott BleeksRobert E. BloomquistSteven R. BlottJamie BlundellIota-Omega Board of Advisors

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (45)


q first-time donors

Eric S. MindaThomas MindaAmin MirzaaghaeianCraig MitchellLuke MladuckyNathan MockShiv MohiniKevin K. MohrGregory E. MonigoldRichard A. MonsalvoNicholas MontecalvoCameron MonzonShane MorehouseTommy MorganPatrick L. MoriartyScott MoritaZach MorrisonWilliam Morrison, IICharles MorrowRussell D. MortensonAlbert L. Moseley, IIDonald MoteDonald A. MounceRodger A. MuhlbachMatthew J. MulkaKyle MulrooneyJohn C. MundayJulio G. MunozDavid L. MurrayShaun MyersJeffrey E. NaccaratoDavid NacyAndrew NadjTony NaiaMatthew NaliborskiEmil A. NazaryanGregory NemnomJohn NewmanRichard NewtonCong NguyenHoang Nam Thomas NguyenKyle C. NicolausPhilip NicoleCharles NiedzwiedzKristopher NielsenJoseph M. NobileBrett NoggleRomielNoumbissiFrederick D. ObligadoJose A. OchoaRobert D. Oden, Jr.Jason OlbrichKerry P. OldenburgJorge OleaVincent OlivaErik OlsonJohn D. OlssonRobert OlszewskiBrian P. O’NeilThan OoRyan M. O’RearDan O’ReillyCragin T. OrrEllis OtteKenneth OverstreetJames A. OwensLucas OwensJon R. PactorJaime R. PadillaSajeevaPallemulleJeffrey C. PansieraRyan ParisKenneth ParkerRanil PatelBenjamin J. PauleyJames M. PauliRonald E. PaulsenDaniel PaulsonJarett PayneBhatia & Bhatia PCPaul PeabodyKenneth H. Peaco*ckCharles E. PearsonWilliam D. PearsonCasey PepeEric PepperMaxwell PepperJohn PerrilloMichael PerryEdward PerryHarlan D. PetersenChristopher D. PetersonRocco PetrilloVincent PezzinoMatthew PhillipsAndrew R. Pia

Robert T. PickettStephen W. PiersonJohn PikoNolan PlousJonathan PollackBrendan PommillsMatthew PopolaWilliam G. PoseyRobert J. PowersWilliam J. PrewMichael PrinzivalliFrancis R. Proto, D.D.S.Peter ProvostByron K. PruittMichael F. PukalaBrandon PyleRaymond M. PyrczJustin D. RamseyMichael E. Ranshaw, IIDavid RaoChris D. RathKirshanRavindranBrian ReadRonald P. ReaganTodd ReavesSteve E. ReddenDavid G. Reed, IIMatthew B. ReeseTyler ReeseRicky ReinaLa Forest Conf. and Retreat CenterAndrew L. ReynoldsFranklin G. Rich IIIFrank R. RichardsonSteve RickertBenjamin RigbyAndrew P. RighterShaun D. RitchieTom RoachDerek RoathDaniel E. RobertsNick RobertsJason RobertsonJay RobesonMichael R. RobinsonAaron RobinsonFrederick O. RodgersMiguel A. RodriguezJacob R. RoedJames RohdeKyle RoofKai RoperAndrew RoseEric RosendaleTodd L. RossDominic RossiJosh RubelKenneth W. RuckhKenneth F. RudaDerek J. RuppSteven M. RussellWilliam RussoBrenden T. RutiglianoPeter F. RuymannZack RyanW. Erik SaconyChris SalpetroPeter SalygaMiguel SanchezEric SanchezAnthony SanchezAndrew W. SandrickMatthew B. SausmanBrian D. SawyerNed SchackGeorge Schaefer, IIINorman B. SchmeltzerZachary SchmidtStephen SchmidtJoshua M. SchmidtBrian K. SchneiderJoshua SchneiderBrian SchneseDavid E. Scholla, Jr.Arthur P. Schouten, Jr.Michael E. SchroederZachary A. SchwakeDaniel R. ScottDaniel R. ScottDavid ScottThomas M. ScottEarl E. SeeDavid SeifertBrockman C. SelfDaniel J. Sepulveda

Reid J. SessaDorian ShagerIshaan ShahAmit SharmaBronson S. ShavitzMichael R. SheeranJoshua A. ShipleyBrian R. ShoemakerChristopher J. ShoemakerDomenicoSicariScott S. SilvermanBen SilverwoodFranklin SimonGreg SimonJeff SimonJose L. SimonelliIshan SinghGarfield SingletonMatthew L. SiplesJoe SizemoreTom SjobergGregory P. SmithWilliam A. SmithKevin A. SmithPatrick SmithMatthew B. SmithAdam SmithMarcus SmithDaniel R. SmithRegina C. SmithDavid P. SmykowskiJ. Brady SobotaRonald M. SoldoRobert F. SollmanWesley SookAlpha Epsilon Phi SororityGavin SpaethGeorge SpamerDevon SpearsKevin Y. SpecterGeoffrey SpectorTyler J. SpenceMichael F. SpiesMatt SpindlerMichael R. Sposato, Jr.Alex St. RomainKirk StalkieNathan StankiewiczCoty StanleyMax SteinRichard L. SteinhardtAlec StenderDaniel StephensonTroy A. StevensTimothy A. StevensA. J. StevensVictor StevningJared C. StewartHenry StiehlChristopher M. StoreyHelen StoweJohn M. StreitenbergerAdam J. StriblingKevin StrunkBlaine StubbsLawrence J. SullivanDevin L. SullivanTim SullivanJohn R. SuttonArthur J SuttonCharles SweeneyTravis SweitzerLuc SwenkerAlex SwensonFahad SyedBen A. TaggartNicholas TanThe Haeyoung& Kevin Tang Foundation, Inc.James J. M. TavaresBrent C. TaylorLouis TeeterBrian N. TenerowiczRobert TesolinJohn R. TessandoriJonathon TestermanMax ThaoGregory A. ThiemannEric ThomasErick ThomasEric ThomasMatt ThomasBlake ThompsonThomas ThompsonAlexander TittigerBrendan Tlougan

Andrew ToddMichael ToremLewis TowneChristopher L. TownsendDarin T. TraffBrodie J. TrahanAlexander H. TrainorColby TrammellTim TraudtRandall S. Trebat, Jr.Andrew T. TromeyDouglas R. TroyerJosh TurgeonJohn D. TurnerAlan E. TurnsJohn TuthillTyler UlreichSean UlyateDavid UptonBoris VagunKlaytonValegaGarrett Van RuitenJake VanSlykeChristopher VascellaroScott T. VentersNicholas VetroneLouis VetterDaniel VicenteDylan VidoliMicah B. VinsonSam C. VitaleAndrew VitulloChristopher J. VogelMatthew VolchkoMatt Von BargenJohn M. VujovichMark VukovichLuke WagnerThomas WagonerAndrew WahnschaffKevin T. WaldersCole WalkerJon WalkwitzAshley WalshGreg WaltmanBenjamin M. WardPatrick WardChristopher WarlickAdrien WashingtonJohnathan WatsonJack H. WeemhoffJohn WeilerJonathan P. WeirJennifer WeirMadison WellingtonDennis M. WhaleyMatthew G. WheelerAnthony WhitemanJohn W. WhitesellNicholas J. WhitmanDouglas L. WhitmoreJohn R. WiegelThor WiljanenBrian WilkeyWesley F. WilkinsSamuel F. WilliamsBenjamin WilliamsJeffrey WilseyJohn H. Wilson, Jr.Neal G. WilsonDJ WingJoseph WintersKevin D. WolfMax C. WolfWilliam WolynicBrandon M. WongDavid WoodsRobert C. WrightCory YaceczkoFidel J. Yaeger, IIIDavid YavorskyRoss YellonJeffrey R. YoeGabriel T. YoungEdward ZaneskiBrad ZanoniMichael R. ZarnetskeJoseph ZehnderAdam ZeihEvan K. ZenkerBen ZimmermanAndreas ZoisAaron Zuknick

DEAR FRATERS,IT IS WITH GREAT HONOR THAT I DONATE to support the programsoftheFraternitysuchastheLeadershipAcademyand Regional Leadership Conferences. I was given the opportunity to attend the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr., TKE Leadership Academy because a group of donors raised an additional $17,000 to send 12 more participants, and I was one of those additional 12.

Becauseofthisopportunity, I feel it’s only right to start giving back even while I am a collegiate member. While at the Academy, I accepted a challenge, along with many of the other participants, to raise $2,000 toward the Walgreen Challenge.Themorningbeforeweleft,Ihad$1,817inmyhand from 45 of the participants.

FraterWalgreennotonlydonatedenoughforthefirstfewAcademies, but he also created the Walgreen Challenge. Thechallengewastomatch100percentofwhatthefutureLA classes donated to support the future Academies.

I want the TKE experience to continue and get bigger and better.


MattHenteIota-GammaChapterTruman State UniversityPastPrytanis

MATT HENTE Iota-Gamma,TrumanStateUniversity CollegiateDonor-LeadershipAcademyandRLCParticipant


The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (46)



q 2010 donors

EpsilonIowa State UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Don Kaser (1959-63)

Fraternity for Life Club Roger C. Underwood - 4Grand Prytanis Club Edward C. Droste - 27Apollo Club Richard A. Carlson - 15 Mark J. Jensen - 34 Keith J. Smith, Ph.D. - 24Triangle Club Michael Beals - 2 Richard H. Brom - 8 Gene C. Lange - 34 Steven F. Mores - 38 Richard L. Olson - 26 Andrew L. Reynolds - 1 Mitchell E. Stock - 35 Alison L. Tanner - 15Fraters Club Paul L. Allphin - 2 George Burnet, Jr. - 29 Dean M. Coons - 20 Jack D. Cosgrove - 29 Robert H. Kaiser - 12 Joseph M. Nobile - 1 James S. Taylor - 38 John W. Thomas - 3Sustaining Contributor R. Michael Andersen - 35 C. Roger Buckmaster - 27 Jeffrey Engh - 1 Alexander Furleigh - 1 Philip A. Howland - 1 Matthew Kronlage - 1 Allen Kuehn - 1 Joseph W. Lucas - 7 Jack Sawyer - 19 Jonathan M. Turk - 2

ZetaCoe CollegeTriangle Club Charles W. Stevens, Jr. - 14 Glenn E. Woodmansee - 30Fraters Club Larry L. Larson - 18

EtaUniversity of ChicagoFraters Club Charles A. Sine, Jr. - 39

ThetaUniversity of MinnesotaHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani W. D. Reeve (1921-23) Leland F. Leland (1949-51)

Triangle Club Gene P. Wicklund - 22

John H. Wicks, Ph.D. - 32Fraters Club Lawrence J. Michel - 13 William R. Youngren - 4Sustaining Contributor Robert T. Gustafson - 29

IotaEureka CollegeHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani Miles Gray (1926-28) Eugene C. Beach (1930-35)

Fraternity for Life Club Daniel Lee Cummings - 10Triangle Club James M. Behling - 22 Earl E. Cunion - 36 Gregory D. Schroeder - 4 Timothy W. Stewart - 11Sustaining Contributor Ronald L. Aeschleman - 10 Harold L. Erwin - 31

KappaBeloit CollegeHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani Herbert H. Helble (1939-41) Charles E. Nieman (1942-44)

Founders Club Perry B. Sells - 3Triangle Club Robert E. Foster - 27 Richard E. Wittnebel - 11Fraters Club James E. Drasal - 22 James D. Schreyer - 14 Clay H. Skinner - 14 Kenneth B. Winiecki - 17Sustaining Contributor Richard J. Blum - 33 O. G. Grimm, D.D.S. - 19

LambdaUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonHome ChapterGrand Epiprytanis Edmund C. Moy

Grand Prytanis Club Paul C. Aspinwall - 35Founders Club John C. Concannon - 1Triangle Club Stanley W. Blum - 23 Martin L. Fenik - 6 Matthew F. Greinert - 3 Ronald R. Schild - 8 Andrew H. Simon - 11 Robert D. Walls - 17Fraters Club Mark S. Balinski - 2 Michael K. Brink - 2

Joseph J. Cech, Jr. - 10 Tom L. Engh - 7 Eugene Frederickson - 19 Randall T. Marks - 1Sustaining Contributor Benjamin Burchfiel - 1 Brian Casey - 1 Luke Cummiskey - 1 James Easter - 1 Brian P. Fishbach - 1 Michael Goeldi - 1 Paul ho*rnke - 1 Steven A. John - 2 Casey B. Jones - 1 John E. Kennaugh - 2 Daniel Kinnunen - 1 Tyler Kollodge - 1 Jared La Porta - 1 Rodney Langseth - 1 Alec Losinski - 1 G. Stewart Mathison, CFC - 31 David Meyer - 1 Craig Mitchell - 1 Robert D. Moen - 35 Chris D. Rath - 1 Leonard R. Risse - 19 Max Thao - 1 Boris Vagun - 1 Kevin D. Wolf - 1 Donald E. Wuerch - 22

MuCarroll CollegeHome ChapterPast TKE Executive Secretary Dr. Edwin L. Thiess (1943-45)

Triangle Club William B. Yersin - 36Fraters Club Arnold B. Merrell - 18

NuUniversity of California, BerkeleyHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Sophus C. Goth (1951-53)TEF Director John B. PhillipsTEF Advisor W. Allan Herzog

Fraternity for Life Club John B. Phillips - 5 Grand Prytanis Club W. Allan Herzog - 38Founders Club Carl W. Anderson - 5 Anthony J. Wright - 2Apollo Club Clifford A. Ceridono - 3 John A. Tomlinson - 15 Kinman Tong - 2 Earl A. Wayne - 8Triangle Club Richard C. Anderson - 11

Thanks to our 2010 ContributorsFraternity for Life Club $2,500 or moreGrand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499

Founders Club $500 - $999Apollo Club $250 - $499

Triangle Club $100 - $249Fraters Club $50 - $99


Grand ChapterHome Chapter TEF Director Don Johnson

Triangle Club Robert M. Levy - 1Fraters Club Luis A. Correa - 1 Kevin W. Johnson - 20 Michael Yochim - 3Sustaining Contributor John W. Deckard - 3

AlphaIllinois Wesleyan UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani Lester H. Martin (1906-11) William Wilson (1911-13) L. W. Tuesburg (1913-15, 1941-42) Lyle F. Straight (1915-17) Oscar G. Hoose (1917-18) Harrold P. “Tex” Flint (1918-21)Past TKE Executive Secretaries Harrold P. “Tex” Flint (1921-41) Lyle F. Straight (1941-43)

Apollo Club Richard K. Brush - 19Fraters Club David R. Artz - 1 Forrest L. De Vore - 3 Richard L. Meyers - 15Sustaining Contributor Robert N. Fischer, Jr. - 7 Arthur R. Leach - 13 Frederick W. Sherman - 10 John A. Tarter - 7

BetaMillikin UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Philip H. McGrath (1923-26) Clarence E. Smith (1937-39) Frank B. Scott (1957-1959)

Founders Club Mark Kuhnke, M.D. - 24Apollo Club William G. Klein - 35Triangle Club Fred J. Conville - 16 Michael W. Lengacher, CPA - 2 Dana A. Noble - 8 Russell P. Veldenz - 13 C. Joseph Weaver, Jr. - 11Fraters Club Steven A. Bates - 26 Robert D. Carnahan - 16 *Dan O. Henry - 8 Charles G. Nahatis - 3 Harry R. Sparks, Jr. - 3

... on the following pages, donors are recognized by chapter within giving clubs. The number after the names indicates the total years of giving. The Board of Directors of the TKE Educational Foundation and the Grand Council extend a special “thank-you” to those dedicated Fraters who have committed to the future of the Fraternity.

Sustaining Contributor Robert E. Bloomquist - 1 Nicholas W. Carperos - 18 Gregg W. Guichard - 5 Irvin L. Johnson - 9 P. Michael Metcalf - 22 Michael A. Naylor - 7 Corwin D. Querrey, Jr. - 23 Scott T. Venters - 1

GammaUniversity of IllinoisHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Milton M. Olander (1828-30)Past TKE Executive Secretary Vernon J. Hampton (1945-58)

Founders Club Robert H. Bean - 19 Luis A. Correa, CAE - 5Apollo Club Robert W. Canty - 9Triangle Club Dale E. Biehler - 22 Samuel M. Gillespie - 14 Bernard S. Miller, Jr. - 4 Christopher J. Shoemaker - 1 William E. Shoulders - 25 Anthony J. Tangora, CFC - 10Fraters Club Russell R. Attis - 25 Robert W. Balch - 4 Gerald M. Carbonari - 3 Daniel M. Cordis - 1 Richard J. Erickson - 7 James M. Goodwine - 4 Neal A. Hellner - 1 Vadim L. Khavinson - 1 George E. Richards, Jr., DVM - 38 Ashkan Shirazi - 2 Brian R. Shoemaker - 1 Vince Stigler - 4 David F. Whedon - 17Sustaining Contributor Brian P. Delfin - 2 Patrick J. Doyle - 1 Nicholas A. Lekan - 1 Robert E. Moore - 15 Jaime R. Padilla - 1 Bronson S. Shavitz - 1 Miles A. Snyder - 19 John R. Sutton - 1

DeltaKnox CollegeTriangle Club Steven A. Jones, CFC - 34Fraters Club Robert C. Anderson - 4 Kenneth T. Johnson - 37 Milton R. Smith - 19 Darin T. Traff - 1 Frederick E. Wicks - 25

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (47)


q 2010 donors

Fraternity for Life Club Daniel W. Bower - 30Grand Prytanis Club Gary A. LaBranche, CFC - 24Founders Club Robert C. Rankin - 16 Steven G. Wedge - 22Apollo Club Joe A. Dumbauld - 34 Nathaniel E. Sheppard - 2Triangle Club Luke Jepsen - 2 Donn R. Lidington - 21 David M. Parker - 31 Michael R. Robinson - 1 Michael Torem - 1Fraters Club David A. Edling - 2 David W. Knight - 1 Kyle C. Nicolaus - 1 Douglas A. Williams - 3Sustaining Contributor Zach Anastasi - 1 Thomas E. Artman - 7 Drew Ayers - 1 Matthew Baker - 1 Joe Balchan - 1 Daniel Beck - 1 Nick Benedict - 1 Thomas P. Bittel, Jr. - 1 Robert Brewer - 1 Todd Bunce - 1 Ryan Capps - 1 Michael Cooperstein - 1 John L. Crisp - 26 Tim Dantin - 1 Nick Davidson - 1 Ted J. Day - 18 Ian Dickson - 1 Don C. Dill - 27 Shane Dilling - 1 Daniel Dukart - 1 Samer Elshafei - 1 Joshua Evans - 1 Charles Falor - 1 Daniel Garvy - 1 Jose A. Gomez - 14 Jordan Grier - 1 Ryan Hammer - 1 John Harman - 1 Stephen F. Hubbard - 24 Daniel James - 1 Mark Jepsen - 1 Andrew Komar - 1 Kyle Kozlowski - 1 Christopher Lane - 1 Matthew Lane - 1 Jared Larkin - 1 Joseph T. Lombardi - 1 Joseph Lonchor - 1 Stephen Marks - 1 Nathan McCullough - 1 Matthew McMullan - 1 William J. Metzger - 35 Matthew Naliborski - 1 Brett Noggle - 1 Kenneth Overstreet - 1 Daniel Paulson - 1 Tyler Reese - 1 Robert C. Rinehart - 37 Derek Roath - 1 Eric Sanchez - 1 David Scott - 1 Ishaan Shah - 1 Franklin Simon - 1 Joe Sizemore - 1 J. Brady Sobota - 1 Gavin Spaeth - 1 Devon Spears - 1 Victor Stevning - 1 John M. Streitenberger - 1 Fahad Syed - 1 Erick Thomas - 1 Andrew Vitullo - 1 Matthew Volchko - 1 Matt Von Bargen - 1 John Weiler - 1 DJ Wing - 1

Triangle Club Floyd S. Reid - 14Fraters Club Samuel L. Chappell - 14Sustaining Contributor Jeffrey W. Berno - 27 Brian N. Tenerowicz - 1

PhiUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis J. Russel Salsbury (1963-66)

Grand Prytanis Club Dean-Ross Schessler, CFC - 14Triangle Club Bryan D. Bredthauer - 19 Duane F. Miller - 28 Rusty Vanneman - 14 Richard N. Walker - 33Fraters Club Kenneth D. Henkens - 20 Charles M. Iles - 1Sustaining Contributor John Johnson - 2 Dick Tews - 13 Tim Traudt - 1

ChiUniversity of WashingtonFounders Club Richard A. Vorce - 14Apollo Club Sherman K. Burd - 38 Stanley W. Hungerford - 29Triangle Club Dennis R. Brooke - 17 Lee M. Lippert - 9 Matthew F. Maury, IV - 31 Hugh C. Sobottka, D.D.S. - 33 Taylor Webb - 2Sustaining Contributor R. K. Lee, CFC - 31 David G. Novak - 35

PsiGettysburg CollegeHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani Donald H. Becker (1966-71) James S. Margolin (1989-91)

Fraternity for Life Club *J. George Schmid, Jr. - 12Apollo Club David G. Fairweather - 39Triangle Club Magnus Flaws, Jr. - 25 James S. Margolin, PGP - 30 Gordon W. Thayer - 19Fraters Club Henry W. Lush - 3 D. Haley Manchester, III - 10Sustaining Contributor Brian Belak - 1 Andrew Z. Coskey - 1 Christopher V. Del Duca - 1 Benjamin M. Engleman - 1 Christopher Halloran - 1 Brett Kubasek - 1 Nathaniel Linsky - 1 Conor J. Lynn - 1 Craig L. Martin - 1 Peter F. Ruymann - 1 Reid J. Sessa - 1 Brad Zanoni - 1

OmegaAlbion CollegeGrand Prytanis Club T. Steve Ivan - 13Apollo Club Jonathon B. Husby - 16Triangle Club Matt P. Galaska - 1 James D. Gaus - 6 William H. Hendry - 10

Cory Yaceczko - 1

PiPennsylvania State UniversityFraternity for Life Club Thomas M. Becker - 3 John A. Jack Borgerding - 3 Bryon G. Deysher - 2 Richard W. Horrigan, Jr. - 2 Paul R. Johnston - 7 David R. Jones - 2 Donald B. Jones, Jr. - 1 Daniel S. Mead - 2 James R. Rummel - 3Grand Prytanis Club Charles F. Harner, Jr. - 2 Kerry W. Kissinger - 1 Eric J. Miller - 1 John D. Neel - 16 Michael R. Palombo - 2 Allan L. Rayfield - 2 John C. Smit, Jr. - 3Triangle Club Jose E. Rivera - 2Sustaining Contributor William C. Lauch, Jr. - 12

RhoWest Virginia UniversityTriangle Club Dennis B. Feldman - 2 Michael Klipstein - 7 Karl G. Morey - 11 Michael J. Prezgay, Jr. - 2 Robert J. Wolfe, II - 5Fraters Club Charles G. De Vries - 10 Robert Nakon - 24 William G. Wilkinson - 5Sustaining Contributor William C. Dellinger, Jr. - 17 Matthew Plantier - 2 Jose L. Simonelli - 1

ScorpionCornell UniversityTriangle Club *John H. Barber - 1 Michael V. Corrigan - 23 Richard E. Coykendall - 7 Harry F. Cramer - 34 Gaston R. Desnoyers - 8 Robert A. Meier - 6 William T. Thompson - 25Fraters Club Thomas B. Reth - 6 Edward Tornay - 2Sustaining Contributor Richard B. Bell - 30 Kendall S. Drake - 1 John W. Forman - 2 Todd P. Humora - 1 Marc I. Perlman - 8 John C. Rasmus - 38 Zachary A. Schwake - 1 Christian B. Silge - 26 Ben A. Taggart - 1 John F. Wilson - 23

TauOregon State UniversityApollo Club Malcolm T. Trupp - 14Triangle Club Ray E. Goebel - 28 Reuben Schug - 7Fraters Club Joshua P. Arguien - 1 Jeffrey E. Naccarato - 1Sustaining Contributor Farbodd Ganjifard - 1 Stephen W. Pierson - 1

UpsilonUniversity of MichiganFounders Club William A. Thompson - 29


Willett C. Deady - 34 William C. Ells - 12 David P. Flippin - 9 Joseph Martorana - 2 Robert A. Muhlbach - 32 Rodger A. Muhlbach - 1 Leonard Schlussel - 29 Howard A. Shugart - 22Fraters Club Gerald D. Blalock - 3 Michael Duffey - 2 Shane Griffin - 1 Oleg Khainovski - 1 Don A. Lawrie - 35 John J. Quigley - 8 James P. Sherk - 30 Charles H. Wray - 18Sustaining Contributor Thomas Bell - 1 Michael J. Cerussi - 2 Michael D. Dittman - 1 Scott Morita - 1 Samuel S. Peden - 12

XiWashington UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis James C. Logan (1953-57)

Grand Prytanis Club Christopher Warlick - 1Founders Club Brent L. Burdick - 1Apollo Club Edward C. Moehle - 17 Melvin O. Moehle - 33 Michael D. Schultz - 3Triangle Club David R. Arday, M.D., M.P.H. - 31 Daniel J. Backman - 3 Alan Binder - 2 Kenneth H. Brockschmidt - 24 Daniel E. Favre - 1 Murry Ford - 1 Ralph G. Frick, D.D.S. - 37 Navindra H. Gunawardena - 4 Richard W. Halteman, Jr. - 27 Alexander Jeffrey - 1 Michael Joerling - 4 William C. Moor - 4 Sajeeva Pallemulle - 1 Mark B. Perla - 3 Douglas J. Pew - 14 Michael A. Thomas - 30Fraters Club James A. Cutter - 3 Jack W. DeBolt - 22 Alexander Kotkin - 1 Mark D. Levine, M.D. - 3Sustaining Contributor Matthew S. M. Cole - 4 Donald R. DeZutter - 29 Marvin L. Doerr - 5 C. Leroy Ellenberger - 3 Dennis L. Fish - 6 Jordan B. Forman - 2 Peter H. Gilchrist - 1 Charles H. Hicks - 2 Pehr L. Hovey - 2 Grant A. Korkoyan, Jr. - 36 Albert Meng - 11 Mark O’Hara - 4 Eric S. Ratinoff, CFC - 13 Carl G. Riepl - 12 Henry Stiehl - 1 James A. Wells - 6 Edward H. Zdvorak - 12

OmicronThe Ohio State UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani Donald A. Fisher (1935-37) Robert J. Borel (1991-93) Gary A. LaBranche (1997-99)Past TKE Executive Vice President Timothy J. Murphy (1996-2000)

Nathan K. Masserang - 1 Brian D. Sawyer - 1 William L. Vandenburg - 8Fraters Club Christian T. Flaherty - 2 Jerry Johnson - 3 James M. Pauli - 1 Jeffery M. Schroder - 2 John C. Telander - 32 David W. Towne, Esq. - 6 Allen D. Tucker, Jr. - 24Sustaining Contributor Dennis Bell - 1 Richard E. Busch - 14 Troy A. Ferrio - 1 Kyle A. Henry - 1 Peter Holland - 1 Leo R. Kallinger - 1 Charles W. Lankton - 1 James L. Merrifield - 7 Howard T. slu*tz - 37 Timothy A. Stevens - 1

Alpha-AlphaWabash CollegeGrand Prytanis Club Kenneth R. Schild - 17Triangle Club Salvador Espino - 1 Brad Johnson - 1 Richard J. Moak - 34 Jon R. Pactor - 1 LeeCoye Parker - 3 Atwood E. Smith - 36 Lewis Towne - 1Sustaining Contributor Scott R. Shearon - 29

Alpha-BetaOhio UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Robert O. Kincart, CHMM - 5Apollo Club Donald L. Falk - 36Triangle Club T. Brian Bakeman - 25 William M. Garrett, II - 38 Thomas F. Hayne - 31 Donald E. Kramer - 10 Robert P. Zilai - 9Fraters Club K. William Dreier - 18 Gary B. Hermann - 27 Alvin D. Reece - 35 Sustaining Contributor Ronald M. Nakatsuji - 15 Arthur W. Stellar, Ph.D. - 34 William R. Wening - 13 James L. Woods - 18

Alpha-GammaWashington State UniversityTriangle Club Gregory G. Botch - 30 Kyle B. Custer - 1 John F. De Turk - 22 Kyle A. Erdman - 2 Dick E. Grace - 17 Michael R. Johnson - 1Fraters Club Jace Hovda - 1Sustaining Contributor Emmanuel Aldana - 1 Darren Brady - 1 Adam R. Pilskog - 4

Alpha-DeltaUniversity of IdahoTriangle Club Brendan D. Fitzgerald - 6 Don E. Giles - 31 Steven D. Huffman - 9 Gerald F. Riggers - 14 William M. Tilton - 12 Lee B. Woodbury - 29Fraters Club Robert L. Ames - 4 Larry R. Grove - 25

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (48)



Alpha-OmicronNew Mexico State UniversityHome ChapterPast TKE Executive Secretary Russell R. Hall (1958-60)TEF Director Daniel D. Villanueva

Grand Prytanis Club Gabriel Anaya - 17Triangle Club William W. Childress - 1 Jason R. Crawford - 2 Martin L. Goldsmith - 33 Omega S. Gonzales - 24 Joseph E. Gurule - 2 Mark A. Lawrence - 7Fraters Club H. Stanley Dennis, Jr. - 28 John B. Milton - 1 Charles D. Shuttles - 8Sustaining Contributor Robert W. Joe - 37 Frank R. Richardson - 1 Charles Sandford - 2

Alpha-PiGeorge Washington UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Dr. R. C. Williams (1944-49)Grand Hypophetes Christopher T. Hanson

Grand Prytanis Club Christopher T. Hanson - 12Founders Club Allyn C. Donaldson, Jr. - 37 William R. Rothe - 22Apollo Club John A. Mancus - 8Triangle Club George A. Dixon - 18 Daniel W. Ericson - 5 Amit Kapoor - 1 Charles Morrow - 1 Gary A. Terrill - 40Fraters Club Nicholas Barnett - 1 Gabe Bellowe - 1 William W. Dorsey, Sr. - 24 Julian G. Gibbs, Jr. - 15Sustaining Contributor Benton M. Brown - 2 Michael D. Donaldson - 1 David C. Herman - 5 Alex Kellner - 1 Scott A. Lampe - 1 Carlos Moersen - 2 Shiv Mohini - 1 Wallace B. Oliver - 30

Alpha-RhoUniversity of Rhode IslandGrand Prytanis Club John T. Taylor, CFC - 16Founders Club Gilbert E. Haakh - 23Triangle Club Peter R. L. Faber - 18 Eric S. Roth - 6 Kenneth G. Taylor - 38 Stephen A. Tucker - 19 Fredric R. Wasserspring - 32Fraters Club Paul Amaral - 10Sustaining Contributor John H. Wilson, Jr. - 1

Alpha-SigmaUniversity of North DakotaApollo Club Douglas C. Ikelman - 20Triangle Club Bryan A. Oscarson - 14Fraters Club Donald C. Gackle - 38 Robert H. Ikelman, Lt. Col. (Ret.) - 27

Sustaining Contributor Larry J. Loritz - 27

Alpha-TauDrexel UniversityApollo Club Anthony DiSanto - 19 David A. Goodman, M.D. - 25Triangle Club Ervin F. Bickley, Jr. - 11 Edward G. Briner, III - 21 Michael K. Burnley - 24 Chris A. Grasso, CFC - 25 Jourdan A. Jones - 1 Bryan P. Keller - 4 John W. McHugh - 16 Thomas Pecsvaradi - 21 Robert H. Stitzinger - 12Fraters Club Leonard M. Compton - 34 Michael Lanza - 2 Joseph L. Rose, Jr. - 7 Woodrow W. Westley - 35Sustaining Contributor James Driscoll - 2 Ira S. Letofsky - 16 Greg Simon - 1 William S. Thayer - 26

Alpha-UpsilonFort Hays State UniversityHome ChapterGrand Prytanis Dr. Herbert L. Songer

Apollo Club Kenneth F. Ruda - 1Triangle Club Keith A. Dirks - 30 John D. Turner - 1Fraters Club Robert C. Moody - 35Sustaining Contributor Robert W. Pavlicek - 34

Alpha-PhiUniversity of KansasGrand Prytanis Club Stewart B. Cerier - 15Triangle Club D. Burnell Cavender, USAF (Ret.) - 5 James H. Martin - 5 David B. Raddatz - 9Fraters Club Ralph R. Brock - 16 Christopher D. Livingston - 3Sustaining Contributor Parker Corrin - 1 John T. Donnelly - 1 Skyler Donnelly - 1 Hanford Dunn - 1 Matthew C. Enriquez - 1 Andy Ferguson - 1 Matthew Geier - 1 Adam Harris - 1 Jace Hedrick - 1 Samuel Hedrick - 1 John McNeely - 1 Daniel D. Mulford - 15 Kristopher Nielsen - 1 Jarett Payne - 1 Nolan Plous - 1 Eric Thomas - 1 Colby Trammell - 1 Jake VanSlyke - 1 Cole Walker - 1 Joseph Winters - 1

Alpha-ChiUniversity of LouisvilleHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Rodney Williams, Jr., CFC (1979-81)

Apollo Club Henry H. Triplett, Jr., Ph.D. - 36Triangle Club Donald C. Barton, M.D. - 21

John A. Buxton, Ph.D. - 2 Christopher L. Caudill - 1 MacDonald R. Drane, Jr. - 19 Glenn B. Scherzer, II - 14 Monterio S. Woodson - 2Fraters Club Robert A. Alonso, USN, M.D. - 25 Kenneth E. Brockman - 24 Scott C. Marks - 27 David C. Scharre - 29 Thomas B. Skoner - 35 Charles M. Steinhofer, Jr. - 31 Henry H. Triplett, III - 10Sustaining Contributor Corey Abrams - 1 S. Robert Bakall - 21 Andrew Bardgett - 1 James F. Bardgett, III - 1 Kevin Barry - 1 Preston Bates - 1 Justin A. Boles - 1 Lance Boone - 1 Alex Bracksieck - 1 Jarrod W. Brierly - 1 Andy Browning - 1 Timmy Browning - 1 Timothy Chea - 1 Andrew Davies - 1 Ryan deCaussin - 1 Taylor Distler - 2 Colin Ducharme - 1 David W. Eppihimer - 38 John Florence - 1 Bradley R. Fry - 1 Will Gilliland - 1 Zachary W. Graham - 1 Jason J. Grilliot - 1 Lee Gustafson - 1 Evan P. Hagerty - 1 Chris Hamilton - 1 Gregory E. Hammond, USAF (Ret.) - 34 Scott Hanco*ck - 1 Derek H. Hayes - 1 John B. Heustis - 1 Jason Hill - 1 Jared M. Hina - 1 Wesley Hobbs - 1 Hugh R. Hocker, III - 1 Matthew Holthaus - 1 John D. Humphreys - 1 Andrew Irwin - 1 John C. Jaburg - 1 Clayton P. Kim - 1 Wesley J. Kruse - 1 Aaron Lucas - 1 Timothy Macko - 1 Vijay Maheshwari - 1 Joseph Mandlehr - 1 Ryan McDermott - 1 Brent McMahan - 1 Collin Mills - 1 Luke Mladucky - 1 Kevin K. Mohr - 1 Cameron Monzon - 1 Richard Newton - 1 Brian P. O’Neil - 1 Ellis Otte - 1 Lucas Owens - 1 Ryan Paris - 1 Michael Perry - 1 Matthew Phillips - 1 Frederick O. Rodgers - 1 Dominic Rossi - 1 Miguel Sanchez - 1 Matthew B. Sausman - 1 Ned Schack - 1 David E. Scholla, Jr. - 1 John B. Schwartz - 2 Wesley Sook - 1 Nathan Stankiewicz - 1 Coty Stanley - 1 Jared C. Stewart - 1 Blaine Stubbs - 1 John R. Tessandori - 1 Gregory A. Thiemann - 1 Thomas Thompson - 1 Alexander H. Trainor - 1 Christopher J. Vogel - 1


Donald L. Johnson - 28 Robert W. Worthington - 4Sustaining Contributor Steven N. Cory - 22 Glenn Miles - 32 Michael R. Sheeran - 1

Alpha-EpsilonMonmouth CollegeHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis John A. Courson, CFC (1981-83)

Fraternity for Life Club John A. Courson, CFC - 34Triangle Club Henry H. Gildemeister - 38 Lyle L. Hoover - 17 Walter B. Kendall - 1 *William J. Myers - 17Fraters Club Robert L. Best - 29 Donn H. Denniston - 36 George F. Hartung - 26 Eldon G. Keefer - 4 Jeffrey Mar - 19Sustaining Contributor Spencer E. Avey - 15 Rodney E. Bollman - 11

Alpha-ZetaPurdue UniversityFounders Club Thomas Gretzinger, M.D. - 6Apollo Club Robert C. Williams - 18Triangle Club Daniel J. Bafia - 4 Adam C. Becker - 2 Rodney W. Dunham - 26 Richard L. Joossens - 26 Steven D. Mavity - 2 Thomas M. McAninch - 5 Robert L. Swaim - 12Fraters Club Donald G. Clodfelter - 37 Theodore W. Cutshall - 15 Richard E. Dryer - 21 Douglas A. Graham - 30 Todd E. Hine - 2 Julius F. Koch, Jr. - 4 Robert N. Saunders, Ph.D. - 12Sustaining Contributor John M. Everett - 14 Bruce H. Fetz - 15 Harry Papadakis - 19

Alpha-EtaRutgers UniversityTriangle Club William W. Buddenhagen - 27 Harmon S. Meeker, Jr. - 19Fraters Club Edward J. Banas, Jr. - 25 Alan M. Crosta, Jr., M.D., CFC - 25 Timothy D. Oswald - 4 Fred H. Quantmeyer, Jr. - 29 William L. Rowe, III - 4Sustaining Contributor Richard C. Degeiso - 20 Neil Ehrenkrantz - 16 Edward E. Gahres, M.D. - 27 Oliver D. Kee - 24 G. Kenneth Link - 30

Alpha-ThetaWhitman CollegeFounders Club Rickard W. McLean - 19Apollo Club Norman H. Swick - 4Triangle Club James L. Chapman - 36 Roy L. Griffin, CPA - 18 Chester G. Henderson - 39 William W. Montgomery, III - 35

Fraters Club Robert H. Cline - 12 Richard S. Kunter - 9Sustaining Contributor Dan S. Crimmins - 18 John M. Graham - 12 William J. Swiney - 3 Charles P. Valentine - 22

Alpha-IotaHamilton CollegeFraters Club Gilbert F. Adams - 25Sustaining Contributor Michael E. Colella, M.D. - 2 Lee F. Rancier - 11 Lionel D. Wyld - 10

Alpha-LambdaKansas State UniversityTriangle Club C. Dale Allen - 35 Benjamin P. Bowman - 2 Samuel W. Sinderson, Jr. - 33 John J. Smiley - 18 Michael E. Traeger - 26Fraters Club William D. Aronson - 7 Donald E. Balaban - 7 George L. Eib - 12 Robert O. Wilbur - 23Sustaining Contributor Robert A. Cochran - 25 Gerald R. Whitcomb - 13

Alpha-MuOhio Wesleyan UniversityFraters Club Merrill D. Darlington, Ph.D. - 24 Donald R. McCarty - 11Sustaining Contributor Robert A. Holm - 23

Alpha-NuUniversity of New HampshireTriangle Club Wayne J. Johnson - 7 David M. Lefcourt - 5 John M. Pannell - 2Fraters Club John P. Beyersdorf - 8Sustaining Contributor Lynn F. Robinson, USAF (Ret.) - 17

Alpha-XiDrake UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis William H. Wisdom (1975-77)TEF Director Robert L. Olcott

Fraternity for Life Club Robert L. Olcott, CAE - 16Grand Prytanis Club Brian F. Harms - 17 Frank P. Troost - 2 E. Wayne Williamson - 17Founders Club Kenny Joe J. Schenatzki - 20Triangle Club Frank Chmelik, Jr. - 6 Thomas D. Dalby - 5 Michael K. Freeman - 14 Matthew A. Hoag - 1 Milton R. McFarland - 16 Thomas J. Pfenning - 11Fraters Club Allen W. Bethell - 25 Kelvin C. Boyle - 10 Donn K. Haglund - 37 Frank J. Ward - 28Sustaining Contributor Ronald E. Orth - 9 John M. Witt - 10

q 2010 donors

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (49)

q 2010 donors

Beta-DeltaUniversity of MarylandFounders Club Joseph V. Bowen, Jr. - 6Triangle Club C. Gordon Gill - 4Fraters Club David P. Carlisle - 6Sustaining Contributor Jason A. Harris - 2 Stanley M. Kriel, Jr. - 35 Jon L. Levine - 1 Charles R. Long - 29 Andrew Rose - 1 Richard H. Serra - 14

Beta-EpsilonTrine UniversityApollo Club Gary A. Day - 17Triangle Club David W. Miller - 18 Robert S. Such - 9Fraters Club Charles P. Andrews - 17 Robert W. Conklin - 38Sustaining Contributor H. Anthony Hums - 21 James E. Thomas - 14 William E. Wobio - 10

Beta-ZetaLouisiana Tech UniversityGrand Prytanis Club James B. Hall, II - 18Apollo Club James W. Duke - 30Sustaining Contributor George Tereshkovich - 32

Beta-EtaMissouri University of Science and TechnologyHome ChapterTEF Advisor Steven J. Muir

Fraternity for Life Club Steve J. Muir - 35Founders Club John S. Daniel - 26 Eric D. Dunning - 9Triangle Club Charles N. Conway - 1 Michael D. Kirn - 7 Alan R. Loeffelman - 11 Carm R. Moehle - 23 David R. Puettmann - 25Fraters Club Louis E. Astroth - 10 Stephen A. De Lurgio - 20 Daniel E. Groteke - 26 Charles F. Marlow - 9 Ronald S. Robertson - 11 Dennis M. Simon - 26 Oliver L. Von Behren - 31 James C. Williams - 11Sustaining Contributor James R. Bollam, Jr. - 29 Thomas G. Borowiak - 34 Michael A. Di Napoli - 8 Gary E. Dial - 13 Robert D. Jenkins - 17 James B. Marble - 28 Michael Suda - 27

Beta-ThetaUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis (1987-89)Past TKE Executive Director (1960-73) Bruce B. Melchert, CFC

Grand Prytanis Club Bruce B. Melchert, CFC - 35Apollo Club Derek W. Hunter - 3

Beta-XiArizona State UniversityApollo Club Edward W. Barry - 9 Ross L. Franks - 22 Ed Sandidge - 14Triangle Club Thomas F. Hussey - 12 Kenneth R. Piana - 2Fraters Club Neil E. Farber - 1 Donald G. Sapp - 19Sustaining Contributor Andrew P. Georgevits - 1

Beta-OmicronWayne State UniversityTriangle Club Gary M. Armstrong - 11 Russell M. Holtz - 38 John G. Marshall, CLU, ChFC - 20 Dave H. Mattingly - 26Fraters Club Arthur P. Adams, Jr. - 3 Robert A. Kluczynski - 14 Gerald J. Van Norden, USN (Ret.) - 4Sustaining Contributor Brian G. Dates - 1 Charles E. Du Chene - 20 William J. Ellison - 1 Frank D. Forier - 1 Richard S. Mazzella - 32 Enrico Odorico - 4

Beta-PiGeorgia Institute of TechnologyHome ChapterTEF Advisor Russell H. Heil

Grand Prytanis Club James Ron Davis - 3 Russell H. Heil - 25Founders Club Max L. Dufeny, Jr. - 20Triangle Club Donato J. Altobelli, Jr. - 28 Donald P. Bach - 23 Ronald J. Bell - 2 Thomas D. Covington - 10 Marion B. Glover, Jr. - 15 Jasper L. Harrell - 1 Edwin P. LeCroy, Jr. - 25 Steve M. Mitchell - 31 Gregory L. Willis - 8Fraters Club Frank B. Chapman - 9 Ray Day - 14 William P. McKibben - 14 Scott A. McNinch - 5 Charlie H. Rogers - 6 Stephen Schmidt - 1 Eric P. Slipp - 20 Michael A. Smith - 13Sustaining Contributor Edward J. Cerbone - 11 Byron Y. Hill - 10 Dan F. Laird, CFC - 9 Terry S. Moore - 4 Richard E. Park - 29

David Yavorsky - 1

Beta-RhoUniversity of AkronHome ChapterTEF Director Kevin J. Brock

Fraternity for Life Club Kevin J. Brock - 14Apollo Club Mark W. Dively - 19Triangle Club Samuel T. Coleridge - 22 Robert D. Eberwine - 17 Keith D. Goble - 20 Charles H. Huettner - 32 James R. McElroy - 4 Douglas R. Smith - 29 Thomas M. Sopko - 29 Bob Troyer - 25Fraters Club Donald L. Baird - 11 Jeffrey G. Bowersox - 14 Frank Car - 3 Larry A. Crisp - 34 John E. Scheatzle - 16Sustaining Contributor Joseph E. Boles - 10 Derrill L. Carter - 33 Brian D. Hoffman - 37

Beta-SigmaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaHome ChapterGrand Grammateus Bob BarrTEF Immediate Past Chairman Gregory P. Woodson

Fraternity for Life Club K. Allen Anderson - 1 John G. Lemkey - 1 John W. Plumb - 36 Gregory P. Woodson - 35Grand Prytanis Club Robert L. Barr, Jr. - 3 David L. Bohline - 9 Timothy R. Lynn - 1 Henry H. Marvin - 3 John D. Meisenhelder - 17 Justin B. Nast - 13Founders Club Trevor Burk - 1 Carl W. Cooper - 30 David B. Esposito - 1 Kenneth R. Froelich - 4 Gary L. Hafen - 5 Bryce S. Hill - 2 Stephen L. Johnson - 1 Robert L. Meyer - 38 Eric S. Miller - 1 Cragin T. Orr - 1 Michael E. Ranshaw, II - 1 Edmund J. Sutro - 37 John M. Thompson - 5Apollo Club John R. Bibeau - 1 James B. Black - 2 Erik L. Brannon - 4



Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or moreGrand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499

Founders Club $500 - $999Apollo Club $250 - $499

Triangle Club $100 - $249Fraters Club $50 - $99


John R. Wiegel - 1Thor Wiljanen - 1Brian Wilkey - 1

Alpha-PsiDavis & Elkins CollegeFounders Club Benjamin K. Gibbs - 31Triangle Club M. Cramer - 36 George M. Lauderbaugh, USAF - 10Fraters Club Robert W. Hotaling - 20 Charles H. Potter, II - 13 Edward G. Sawtell - 37Sustaining Contributor Thomas A. Andersen - 17 Robert M. McIlvaine - 12 George A. Reid, Jr. - 5 Howard Rubenstein - 27

Alpha-OmegaUniversity of California, Los AngelesApollo Club Eric Asa-Dorian - 5 John R. Chapman - 13 Eugene V. Grace - 4Triangle Club Craig Amshel - 11 Michael J. Leonard - 11 Edmond J. Russ - 17Sustaining Contributor Wayne L. Quon - 13

Beta-AlphaBradley UniversityFraters Club Thomas G. Krause - 22Sustaining Contributor Francis J. Kluge - 37

Beta-BetaNorth Carolina State UniversityHome ChapterTEF Advisor Michael A. Moxley, CFC

Grand Prytanis Club James W. Harrill - 30 Michael A. Moxley, CFC - 35Apollo Club David E. Grimm - 9 John R. J. Miller - 41Triangle Club Raymond D. Barrows - 4 Gilbert N. Burnet - 17 J. Randall Cook - 8 David S. Haworth, III - 16 Wylie H. Mitchell - 38 Robert P. Moore, Col, USAF (Ret) - 22 Harold S. Muse, Jr. - 9Fraters Club Joseph W. Bennett - 13 Michael A. Gentry - 1 David L. Hartsough - 10 Paul R. Hoffner, Jr. - 1 T. Alvin Kepley - 20Sustaining Contributor L. Patrick Faulkner, II - 17 Roger A. Fleming - 11 Gregory M. Fornshell - 1 Jonathan D. Gainey - 1 Richard E. Huffman - 3 Charles T. Lambert - 5 Joseph R. Reaves - 5

Beta-GammaOklahoma State UniversityApollo Club Thomas S. Wade, Jr. - 36Triangle Club Lloyd A. Alaback - 16 Gerry E. Hinrichs - 3 Herb C. Huser - 37 Bob G. Salyer - 9Sustaining Contributor Cecil F. Hewitt - 9 Edward Perry - 1

Triangle Club Frederick M. Burke - 32 Mark Eidelman, D.D.S. - 28 William K. Haas - 31 John E. Marquardt - 33 Robert M. Reed - 19 Donald L. Wehmeyer - 21

Beta-IotaIowa Wesleyan CollegeTriangle Club Ron E. Leganger - 16Sustaining Contributor Robert J. Eppel - 14

Beta-KappaUniversity of OregonApollo Club William B. Clegg, Jr. - 9Triangle Club Walter E. Bohnstedt - 12Fraters Club Albert G. Eriksen - 4 Jack L. Estepp - 34

Beta-LambdaAuburn UniversityFounders Club John R. McCarthy - 32Triangle Club Robert B. Bliss, Jr. - 28 William M. Brackney - 14 Daniel J. Codespoti - 32 James R. Dugan, Jr. - 26 Curtis O. Liles, III - 20Fraters Club John P. Anderson - 7 John B. Betbeze - 2 Frank E. Zipperer - 21Sustaining Contributor William A. Weed, Jr. - 33

Beta-MuBucknell UniversityHome ChapterTEF Chairman Richard C. Ernest

Fraternity for Life Club Richard C. Ernest - 39 J. Andrew Weidman - 2Founders Club Kenneth M. Sheppard - 30Apollo Club John A. Saxton - 35Triangle Club Steven Emas - 7 Timothy J. Hoying - 20 Peter S. Massaro, III - 1 Frederick D. Obligado - 1Fraters Club Robert I. Cohen - 8 Harry W. Elliott - 20 Hood C. Johnston - 2 Richard S. Knight - 34 Donald A. Wescott, Jr. - 8Sustaining Contributor Richard A. Benton - 23 Peter M. Friedman - 10 William F. Hobson - 13 Richard E. Koch - 5

Beta-NuMarshall UniversityTriangle Club Johnston B. Bell - 25 Michael S. Gwinn - 1 Jeffrey D. Howard - 1 Lawrence K. Levine - 1 David G. Reed, II - 1 Harry R. Wiener - 28Fraters Club Ernest E. Ferrell, Jr. - 30

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (50)



q 2010 donors

Gamma-ZetaHartwick CollegeApollo Club John E. Maczko - 25Triangle Club Tom Roach - 1 Kenneth W. Ruckh - 1Fraters Club Kenneth B. Guiseley - 19Sustaining Contributor Karl D. Keller - 2 Arthur P. Schouten, Jr. - 1

Gamma-EtaIdaho State UniversityFraters Club Clifford M. Peake - 32 Larry S. Phelps - 28

Gamma-ThetaUniversity of FloridaAt-Large Grand Council Member Corey G. Mathews, CAEPast TKE Chief Executive Officer Kevin M. Mayeux, CAE (2000-2010)

Grand Prytanis Club Louis L. LeBlanc, CAE - 7Founders Club Steven G. Christovich - 4 Brian T. Ferber - 10 Corey G. Mathews, CAE - 7 Miles C. Wilkin - 5Triangle Club Leon B. Cheek, III - 10 Merritt R. Dimbath - 38 David L. Hayward - 36 Kevin M. Mayeux, CAE - 12 Samuel P. Mitchell, Brigadier General, USAF (Ret.) - 5 William D. Orr - 14 Christopher M. Schaeffer - 4Fraters Club Richard J. Brown - 16 Donald A. Buzzell - 29 James G. Carver - 11 Thomas J. Filipkowski - 37Sustaining Contributor Daniel W. Koivu - 7

Gamma-IotaUniversity of Colorado at BoulderTriangle Club Jerry F. Baker - 38 Richard L. Salberg - 3

Gamma-KappaIndiana UniversityFounders Club David W. Stock - 15Apollo Club William R. Bruns, III - 13Triangle Club J. Richard Rockstroh - 23Fraters Club Larry K. Barrett - 38 James W. Bentley - 8 Bart L. Gish - 9Sustaining Contributor David J. Adeli - 9 George R. Averitt - 1 Jason K. Belfer - 14 Lucian A. Siekman - 36 G. Michael Witte - 26

Gamma-LambdaSan Diego State UniversityTriangle Club Richard D. Greenleaf, Sr. - 16 Stephen M. Stone - 5Sustaining Contributor Ernie D. Conrad, Jr. - 16 Stephen K. Vogelsang - 5


Gamma-MuFurman UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Lenwood S. Cochran (1971-73)

Grand Prytanis Club Lenwood S. Cochran - 34Apollo Club Ronald E. Goodwin - 28 Paul N. Shockley, Jr. - 16Triangle Club James F. Dunlop, III - 2 Andrew J. Hill - 2Fraters Club Eric C. Semmelmeier - 20Sustaining Contributor Frank H. Capehart, III - 27

Gamma-NuUniversity of ToledoApollo Club Paul A. Hotmer - 19Triangle Club Patrick K. East - 26 Thomas J. Gordon, CFC - 7 R. Loren McGuire - 17Fraters Club Calvin G. Smith - 20 Richard F. Watkins - 10Sustaining Contributor Milton D. Calcamuggio - 12 Michael J. Sarra - 13 Gordon P. Voelker - 24

Gamma-XiUniversity of New MexicoTriangle Club Glenn C. Wonn - 26Fraters Club Alexander E. Yuen, Jr. - 6Gamma-Omicron University of VirginiaTriangle Club William B. MacLeod - 28Fraters Club James F. Brooke, III, USN (Ret.) - 20Sustaining Contributor Randy S. Layman - 7 Bob B. Sieck - 16

Gamma-PiParsons CollegeApollo Club Robert L. Tree, Ph.D. - 23Fraters Club Frederick B. Clearwater - 37Sustaining Contributor Frederick C. Jenks - 30

Gamma-RhoIndiana State UniversityApollo Club Richard E. Schultz - 29Triangle Club Gerald S. Reynolds - 3 Ronald R. Rufatto - 16 Willard C. Tice, II - 17Fraters Club Eugene D. Aimone - 29 Charles N. Johnston, Jr. - 8 Kenneth J. Kroft - 34 Takeshi Moriwaki - 39Sustaining Contributor Ryan W. Harrold - 2 Joseph A. Kwasny - 34 Louis C. Saalbach - 11

Gamma-SigmaUniversity of KentuckyTriangle Club Robert B. Trefilek - 2

Gamma-TauUniversity of DenverTriangle Club Eugene F. Laurendeau - 28

Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or moreGrand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499

Founders Club $500 - $999Apollo Club $250 - $499

Triangle Club $100 - $249Fraters Club $50 - $99


Sustaining Contributor Ryan Dulac - 1 Christopher Goodwin - 2 Casey L. McAlpine - 1

Beta-PhiLouisiana State UniversityTriangle Club Carl N. Bourgeois - 6 William D. Dilks - 18 James E. Fargo - 32 James D. Hughes - 37Sustaining Contributor Eugene J. Le Blanc - 14 Robert C. Mayer, Jr. - 23 Donald E. Welge - 36

Beta-ChiSouthern Illinois University CarbondaleHome ChapterGrand Crysophylos Rodney G. Talbot

Fraternity for Life Club Michael G. McLaughlin - 27 Rodney G. Talbot - 32Grand Prytanis Club Arthur S. Duffy - 6Triangle Club Daniel Bellich - 3 Kenneth L. Black - 9 Theodore A. Bookhout - 3 Cody L. Chullen - 2 Andrew J. Haverkate - 18 Stephen G. Heilemann - 13 Harold S. Hum - 10 John J. Johnson - 21 Donald A. Mounce - 1 Daniel J. Sepulveda - 1 Mark S. Styninger - 5 Robert G. Treece, Jr. - 14Fraters Club James K. Hill - 1 Paul S. Storozynski - 3 Christopher B.Tidwell - 19Sustaining Contributor Todd Johnson - 1 James D. Olson - 12 Robert L. Ruff - 5

Beta-PsiArkansas State UniversityFounders Club Ansel E. Young - 4Apollo Club B. Lavon Wells - 39Triangle Club Bill T. Couch, Jr. - 7 Robert E. Howe - 25 Adam W. Nicely - 4Fraters Club Mack A. Hamblen - 23 George T. Lalman - 12Sustaining Contributor David H. Day - 11 John K. Frets - 15 Jerry B. Gladden - 7 Richard C. Puryear - 16 Aaron R. Steenbergen - 6

Beta-OmegaMissouri State UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Joseph H. Straughan, III - 15Triangle Club Thomas D. Schlosser - 21 Samuel C. Weaver - 16Sustaining Contributor Everett E. Dahl - 14 Bret Higgins - 2

Gamma-AlphaUniversity of WyomingTriangle Club J. Kennedy Costello, III - 22Fraters Club Terrance J. Croco, CFC - 34 Charles K. McClain - 34 Maynard B. Morris - 23 John D. Stiles - 31 Raymond S. Worth - 25

Gamma-BetaColorado State UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Erik L. Glenn - 4Triangle Club Daniel J. Croll - 2 Terry E. Knight - 14 Christopher Millson - 1 Derek J. Rupp - 1 Matthew A. Williams - 6Fraters Club Leonard J. Fleischer - 14 Carl W. Little - 6

Gamma-GammaUniversity of Texas at El PasoApollo Club Fr. W. Patrick Resen - 43Triangle Club Ledford F. Beard - 8 James M. Mitchell - 5 Victor M. Renteria - 35 Jerry W. Sayre, M.D. - 4Fraters Club Shane Utter - 14Sustaining Contributor Thomas S. Martin, Jr. - 20

Gamma-DeltaUniversity of MiamiTriangle Club Gerry Hoy - 3 Daniel Y. Leong - 21 Jeffrey H. Orloff - 27 David A. Swanson - 12Sustaining Contributor James F. Kiley - 38

Gamma-EpsilonRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis John R. Fisher (1993-95)

Founders Club Richard J. DiMarzio - 30Apollo Club Norman P. Borkowski - 14 Timothy P. Johnson - 3 William J. Prew - 1Triangle Club Roger P. Kalinowsky - 33 Brian C. Kensing - 10 Richard Mohrmann - 34Fraters Club Jeffrey P. Arcouet - 3 Robert G. Beck - 11 Ronald A. Rosien - 26Sustaining Contributor Robert C. Krishfield - 2 William C. Purdon - 18

Galen C. Clifford - 4 James H. Cox - 5 William J. Cullinane - 32 Jeff A. Fiedorowicz - 5 Steven M. Kuznetz - 5 Daniel R. Levinson - 5 Gregory A. McAndrews - 3 David S. Oakley - 10 Michael A. Yagjian - 24Triangle Club George J. Angelos - 10 Edward A. Apffel, Jr. - 9 Luke Beshar - 2 Ian Carr - 1 John W. Chavers - 1 Christopher Eber - 3 David W. Ferris - 3 Jon D. Friedland - 15 Richard C. Haskell - 1 Chuck Milam - 35 Gerald J. Murphy - 5 A. Gordon Orsborn - 30 Harvey M. Palash - 2 Robert P. Pearl - 3 Joseph M. Ramirez - 4 J. Patrick Rowland - 25 Rick B. Smith - 32 Robert A. Stambaugh - 15Fraters Club Gerald P. Carr, D.Sci. - 29 Theodore Constantouros - 2 Larry D. Finkel - 30 Ronald B. Frame - 4 John Gorski - 2 Andrew W. Grace - 2 Timothy A. Grady - 1 Lloyd F. Grinslade, Jr. - 18 R. Scott MacDougall - 2 Richard A. Martin - 6 Leo Natanian - 2 Richard D. Reddick - 4 Jon Walkwitz - 1Sustaining Contributor Steven Gagliano - 2 George N. Loomis - 34

Beta-TauFlorida Southern CollegeTriangle Club Stephen Troxel - 30Fraters Club Peter E. Herguth - 12 Paul J. Sherman - 5Sustaining Contributor William H. Brimberry - 21 Charles M. Klein - 15

Beta-UpsilonUniversity of Maine Founders Club Richard A. Eustis - 16Apollo Club Joshua L. Atkinson - 9Fraters Club Lloyd R. Chase, Ph.D. - 22 Wayne R. Cole - 5 Brian E. Gill - 23 Kevin B. Kraus - 23 Gary H. Preble - 16 Howard L. Surrett, Jr. - 9

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (51)


q 2010 donors

Fraters Club George R. Gaubatz - 6 Ray O. Humphrey - 37 Ken A. Quincy - 15Sustaining Contributor Barry B. Wales - 33

Gamma-UpsilonUniversity of Texas at AustinFounders Club Brian D. Montgomery - 6Triangle Club Ted W. Bereswill - 1 Donald H. Biehl - 13 John N. Bobbitt - 2 Evan Hinkel - 1Fraters Club Jeffrey A. Peterson - 22Sustaining Contributor Matthew G. Wheeler - 1

Gamma-PhiEmporia State UniversityTriangle Club John H. Anderson - 6Fraters Club Anthony A. Dovidio - 12

Gamma-ChiValparaiso UniversityFraters Club James A. Amling - 35 Elmer S. Biles - 21 Walter A. Hilgendorf, Jr. - 18Sustaining Contributor Dennis H. Barthel - 24 Russell G. Halleen - 32

Gamma-PsiButler UniversityTriangle Club Edward M. Bennett, Ph.D. - 31 M. James Johnston - 10 Samuel Karmia - 1 Michael A. Miller - 19 Patrik L. Pierson - 18 Jack H. Weemhoff - 1Fraters Club Richard B. Livingston - 17Sustaining Contributor Daniel Bohrer - 1 Derek Brockus - 1 Michael L. Carter - 1 Cale Cote - 1 Andrew Dauch - 1 Robert DePriest - 1 Kurt Dikeman - 1 Brian Ellis - 1 Justin J. Gosselin - 1 Kyle Jobe - 1 Lee P. Johnson - 2 Andrew Lutkewitte - 1 Zechariah Lyons - 1 Devin Mildenberg - 1 Jarret A. Miller - 1 Robert Olszewski - 1 Dan O’Reilly - 1 John Piko - 1 Steve Rickert - 1 Andrew W. Sandrick - 1 Robert F. Sollman - 1 Matt Spindler - 1 Ben Zimmerman - 1

Gamma-OmegaEastern Illinois UniversityFounders Club Charles W. Witters - 33Apollo Club Kevin J. Fox - 27 Charles W. Stoldt - 31Triangle Club Duane Flowers - 4 Robert G. Rogers - 3 Jeffrey G. Scott - 13 Joe B. Vangilder - 9Fraters Club Anthony J. Crebs - 16

John R. Dowling - 13 Joseph K. Knollenberg - 10 John T. Matarelli - 19Sustaining Contributor Philip D. Carlock - 18 Gerald L. Denoyer - 5 Daniel M. Knollenberg - 10 Walter T. Knollenberg - 21 Charles M. Meece - 8 Donald R. Stelzer - 23 Dean A. Wessels - 4

Delta-AlphaWestern Michigan UniversityApollo Club Joseph L. Maggini, Sr. - 30Triangle Club Fred P. Glennie - 13 Robert E. Holt - 7Fraters Club Marlon H. Cohn - 9 David H. Flucke - 37 William G. Rock - 9Sustaining Contributor Fred A. Geiger - 19

Delta-BetaLake Forest CollegeGrand Prytanis Club James F. Place - 25Triangle Club James C. Jacobsen - 25Fraters Club Robert J. Holden - 8

Delta-GammaUniversity of Connecticut-StorrsTriangle Club Jerry V. DeLeonardo, Jr. - 10 Theodore S. Haddad - 36 Geoffrey Spector - 1Fraters Club George A. Breault - 17 Matthew Buck - 1 Paul K. Edman - 27 Andrew C. McKirdy - 22Sustaining Contributor Stan Bashmashnikov - 1 Raymond P. Booker, Jr. - 32 John Cerulli, Jr. - 6 Kevin McNally - 2 Frederick J. Schilke - 5

Delta-DeltaUniversity of Northern ColoradoFraters Club John J. Avila - 12 Clyde T. Davies, Jr. - 18 Ronald J. Newton - 11 Scott W. Omiecinski - 19Sustaining Contributor Rick H. Harms - 8 Michael Ilyichenko - 20 Richard J. Koehler - 8 Larry E. Schultz - 8

Delta-EpsilonCleveland State UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis William A. Quallich (1973-75)TEF Advisor Donald A. Campbell, Jr.

Grand Prytanis Club Donald A. Campbell, Jr. - 29Apollo Club Edward R. Addicott - 7 Ted T. Kubala - 34 Stephen P. Zachmann - 18Triangle Club Frank T. Boron - 7 Chris Dolton - 2 Deane J. Drabik - 1 William R. Hilgendorff, Jr. - 14 Glenn M. Johnson - 3 Richard K. Laidlaw - 39 Matthew P. Spears - 2

Sustaining Contributor Brent Auzat - 1 Derek S. Barr - 1 Matt Callanan - 1 Josh S. Coy - 1 Emmanuel Ellie - 1 Bradley C. Favors - 1 Kyle Fennewald - 1 Christopher France - 1 Adam M. Freeman - 1 Drew W. Frizzell - 1 Jeremy M. Glaser - 1 Zain Gower - 1 Garrett W. Grider - 1 Robert Hackman - 1 Andrew Hargis - 1 Taylor Hinson - 1 Chase Hunt - 1 Stephen Lohman - 1 Eric S. Minda - 1 Thomas Minda - 1 Shane Morehouse - 1 John H. Novak - 17 Kenneth Parker - 1 Armand F. Patnaude - 29 Benjamin Rigby - 1 Kai Roper - 1 Michael E. Schroeder - 1 Matthew B. Smith - 1 A. J. Stevens - 1 Travis Sweitzer - 1 Thomas Wagoner - 1 Adam Zeih - 1

Delta-MuPittsburg State UniversityTriangle Club Daniel Alcala - 18 Gordon L. McKinnie - 36

Delta-NuNorthwest Missouri State UniversityFraternity for Life Club Benny L. Johnson - 34Grand Prytanis Club Bradley W. Shelton - 31Triangle Club Bruce S. Barlow - 31 Stephen E. Moss, CFC - 18 George Schaefer, III - 1Fraters Club Floyd E. Propst - 22 David Teeter - 13Sustaining Contributor Merle E. Jones - 1

Delta-XiMiami UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis (2005-07),TEF Vice Chairman Mark A. Fite, CFC

Fraternity for Life Club Mark A. Fite, CFC - 24Grand Prytanis Club Edward M. O’Shaughnessy, Jr. - 27Founders Club Laurence E. Hallas - 1 Jeffrey A. Smith - 21Triangle Club David D. Bosely - 17 Robert W. Hein - 14 E. Gregg Jackson - 34 Steven H. Jasper - 15 Gary K. Liebschner P.E. - 30 David C. Miller - 38 Robert A. Taylor, D.D.S. - 34Fraters Club Ronald W. Barrett - 26 Richard H. Evans, Jr. - 27 Gary B. Holt - 30 Kenton W. Hughes - 32 Stuart M. Mertz, Jr. - 17 David M. Metz - 33 James S. Spahr - 8

Sustaining Contributor Louis B. Geneva - 25 Steven K. Lauer - 34 Frederick N. Mcomber - 11 Stanley C. Wyllie - 11

Delta-OmicronCentral Michigan UniversityApollo Club Alfred E. Cambridge, Jr. - 35Triangle Club Ronald F. Neukam - 24 Kent J. Rosenau - 22Fraters Club Robert J. Graham, Ed.D. - 18 Stephen D. Tack - 8 John R. Trudell - 18 Richard M. Trudell - 29 Jack J. Weymouth - 11Sustaining Contributor Terry A. Guttrich - 33

Delta-PiEastern Michigan UniversityFounders Club Michael G. Robinson - 7Triangle Club Frank J. Emerick - 19 Mark P. Koneda - 2 Louis E. Winkelhaus, II - 20 William R. Ziegler - 10Fraters Club Edward R. Bajer - 2 *Bill G. Hulsopple - 7 Donald A. Massey - 14 Daniel Mathis - 1Sustaining Contributor F. Robert Dando - 10 Brian DeLosier - 1 D. James Hadley - 10 Jamie Linn - 2 Cory E. Mellon - 1 Leonard E. Natkowski - 24 Kevin R. Reynolds - 10 Miguel L. Rodriguez, Jr. - 8 David W. Schneider - 10

Delta-RhoIndiana University of PennsylvaniaTriangle Club Richard J. Lamberski - 1Sustaining Contributor Benjamin F. Kensinger - 15 James M. Martini - 9 Donald J. Mash, Ph.D. - 16

Delta-SigmaMorningside CollegeTriangle Club Paul Archer - 4Fraters Club William L. Hoversten - 27 Thomas A. Oye - 4Sustaining Contributor Donald W. Palmer - 28 Larry L. Sorensen - 12

Delta-TauUniversity of Northern IowaApollo Club Alan E. Wright - 28Sustaining Contributor John W. Greenlee - 18

Delta-UpsilonMissouri Valley CollegeApollo Club David S. Wood - 11Triangle Club Reid W. Anderson - 2 Thomas A. Fritz - 24 Fred M. Rosenberger - 25 David J. Ross, II - 8 Troy A. Scott - 8 Al P. VanDuyne - 2 David A. Wharff - 16 David H. Williams - 26


Joseph J. Vauter - 16Fraters Club Robert E. Baier - 24 Victor W. Dolbin - 17 Douglas M. Fortner - 32 John C. Fravel - 34 David H. Leavitt - 33 Salvatore Quattrocchi - 38 William A. Wortzman - 15Sustaining Contributor Edwin Buehner - 5 Dale H. Lyons - 18 George W. Nowatka - 17 Justin D. Ramsey - 1 Timothy P. Ratajczak - 32 Michael G. Wukovich - 9

Delta-ZetaSoutheast Missouri State UniversityTriangle Club Forest S. Hoot - 12Sustaining Contributor Larry J. Hoog - 29 Edward A. Tauser - 15

Delta-EtaNorthern Illinois UniversityFraters Club Richard K. Roberts - 9 Thomas C. Skubich - 9Sustaining Contributor Robert D. Fry - 17 Charles F. Morgan - 26 Burdette L. Short - 20

Delta-ThetaCalifornia State University, Long BeachFounders Club Richard L. Hollis - 25Triangle Club Laird D. Matthews - 13 Matthew Medrano - 1 Darrel E. Reifschneider - 25 Gary E. Wiedle - 30Fraters Club Marshall Hammond - 4 Richard A. Martinez - 12 Ronald K. Wallace - 15Sustaining Contributor Richard W. Hsiung - 3 Claude J. Klug - 18

Delta-IotaLenoir-Rhyne UniversityTriangle Club David R. Moore - 34Fraters Club Thomas D. Bolick - 9Sustaining Contributor David R. Dexter - 17

Delta-KappaHigh Point UniversitySustaining Contributor Robert G. Fowler - 15

Delta-LambdaUniversity of Central MissouriGrand Prytanis Club Michael C. Davidson - 1 Stephen R. Jenne - 38Apollo Club Earl E. See - 1Triangle Club Paul E. Backs, Lt. Col, USMC (Ret.) - 2 Russell K. Gordon - 19 Michael O. Landers - 1 Thomas F. Maidment - 13 William A. Stark - 20 Joseph L. Wikoff - 3Fraters Club Jeffrey R. Case - 9 David A. Divine - 1 Robert G. Hurley, III - 17 Dennis J. Lanser - 6 Gary G. Mendenhall - 34 L. Stan Novak - 13

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (52)



q 2010 donors

Epsilon-BetaUniversity of TampaFraters Club Joseph R. Adams - 19Sustaining Contributor George A. Nousiainen - 25 Nicio Vega, Jr. - 38

Epsilon-DeltaUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstSustaining Contributor David J. Garber - 34 Ralph J. Simmons - 13

Epsilon-EpsilonUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaTriangle Club Glenn B. Cochrane - 9 James L. Gammon - 11 Charles L. Greene - 12 Ralph M. Tait - 29Fraters Club Joshua R. Monaco - 5Sustaining Contributor Richard B. Bailey - 10 Bob L. Elsasser, LTC (Ret.) - 15 Richard Kutilek - 7 Justin P. Melkus - 4

Epsilon-ZetaRider UniversityApollo Club William W. Davis, Jr. - 3Triangle Club Jeffrey Wilsey - 1Sustaining Contributor William W. Poch - 8

Epsilon-EtaSouthwestern Oklahoma State UniversityTriangle Club Evan Jarrett - 1 Mark K. McAlister, D.D.S., M.S. - 32Fraters Club Arthur W. Salisbury - 9 John E. Talley - 24

Epsilon-ThetaSoutheastern Oklahoma State UniversityApollo Club Jack Kinkade - 4Triangle Club Brian W. Collins - 1 Daniel M. Garvey - 31 Kevin M. Gerber - 3 James W. Lindsey, Jr. - 10 Ernest R. Stracener - 2 Wesley F. Wilkins - 1 Rowdy R. Wilson - 2Fraters Club John V. Kelly, Jr. - 37Sustaining Contributor *Kenneth E. Goach - 34 Bill R. Phillips - 3

Epsilon-IotaYoungstown State UniversityFounders Club Gary M. Lazor - 20Triangle Club Frederick W. Michael - 14Fraters Club Pat F. Agresta - 13 Thomas R. Stephenson, Sr. - 40Sustaining Contributor Thomas J. Ameen - 23 Edward F. Milnar - 9 Thomas R. Rogers - 19

Epsilon-KappaLoyola University ChicagoTriangle Club Stewart C. Darling - 4 Ronald E. Paulsen - 1Fraters Club John H. Gerding - 38

Epsilon-LambdaUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityGrand Prytanis Club John B. Hodgdon - 20Fraters Club Herbert M. Oeknigk - 5 Michael T. Shields - 14Sustaining Contributor Brockman C. Self - 1 Darvin L. Weston - 7

Epsilon-NuUniversity of Wisconsin-Stevens PointHome ChapterPast TKE Executive Vice President/CEO William J. Metzger, Jr. (1993-96)Immediate Past TEF President/CEO Timothy L. Taschwer (1995-2005)TEF Advisor Timothy L. Taschwer

Fraternity for Life Club Timothy L. Taschwer - 37Apollo Club Phillip G. Kallas - 32Triangle Club Timothy M. Beck - 14 Thomas A. Corrigan - 10 Albert J. Greasby - 12 William R. Hummel - 12 William T. Ososki - 19 Donald L. Wanie - 12 Leslie W. Winegarden - 8Fraters Club David L. Athey, Jr. - 13 Gaylon W. Barz - 14 Terrance J. Beining - 18 Gregory Bisbee - 3 Bruce C. Blom - 18 Martin J. Boerst - 13 Edwin S. Flatoff - 21 Larry L. Hoeft - 13 Daniel M. Lavold - 22 Christopher J. Roth - 14 Ronald A. Schneider - 14 Edward C. Schrader - 24 Gregory J. Tenpas - 5 Leif C. Tolokken - 13Sustaining Contributor Lawrence J. Benish - 12 Michael A. Benish - 8 William J. Brandl - 16 James F. Bukolt - 17 John B. Clifford - 3 Jeffrey K. Fox - 18 Bruce G. Hassler - 4 John A. Lampereur - 12 John T. McGregor - 11 Harlan D. Petersen - 1 Stephen J. Sievwright - 11

Epsilon-XiShepherd UniversityTriangle Club William W. Grantham, Jr. - 34Fraters Club Scott D. Boyer - 37 Richard L. Knode - 22Sustaining Contributor Frank R. Cosner - 19 Brian Licata - 1

Epsilon-OmicronUniversity of HoustonHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Robert D. Planck (2001-03)

Fraternity for Life Club Tommy W. Lott - 29 Robert D. Planck - 33Founders Club Steven A. Glover - 12Apollo Club Michael S. Handorf - 11Triangle Club John W. Burns - 1 Dave Delgado - 1

Scott W. D. Early - 3 Keith D. Perry - 3 Elliott R. Scheirman - 2 Ben B. Sutton, Jr. - 3 John P. Wilkinson, III - 3 Chad Wolf - 13Fraters Club Charles R. Garcia, Jr. - 1 Jeffrey G. Planck - 2 Bartt G. Thompson - 3Sustaining Contributor Jason C. Messa - 1 Micah B. Vinson - 1

Epsilon-PiColgate UniversityTriangle Club William E. Bray - 35Fraters Club D. David Maxfield - 6

Epsilon-RhoNorthern Arizona UniversityApollo Club Don W. Hulsey - 38Triangle Club Donald Butler, Jr. - 8 Joshua Griffith - 1 Troy C. Hudson - 1 Jordan Jones - 1 Benjamin S. Sattler - 2Fraters Club Daniel R. Smith - 1Sustaining Contributor Joseph C. Kaluha - 25

Epsilon-SigmaUniversity of Central OklahomaGrand Prytanis Club John E. M. Oglesby, CFC - 11Apollo Club James C. Canon - 15Triangle Club Steven W. Anderson - 9 Levi J. Harrel - 1 Robert J. Powers - 1 Timothy S. Reese, CFC - 4Fraters Club Clarence C. Drumeller - 24 Jimmy G. Koeninger - 2 Michael A. Sutton - 10 Jon G. Tankersley - 22 Jeffrey R. Yoe - 1Sustaining Contributor Steven Everman - 1 Erik K. Junge - 1

Epsilon-TauUniversity of RochesterTriangle Club Michael J. Mullen - 16 Jay A. Spoto - 10Fraters Club James R. Wardell - 38

Epsilon-UpsilonNorthwestern State UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis (1977-79),TEF Director William V. Muse, CFC

Fraternity for Life Club William V. Muse, CFC - 38Sustaining Contributor Justin Aymond - 1 John Beckwith - 1 David Bridges - 1 Dylan Corkern - 1 Kevin Cramer - 1 Jerett Crumbley - 1 Christopher Gandy - 1 Joseph M. Jordan - 2 Jarred Knight - 1 Michael McEwan - 1 Ragan McQueen - 1 Donald Mote - 1 Alex St. Romain - 1


Fraters Club Don S. Balka - 32 Michael H. Barlow - 13Sustaining Contributor James L. Mallory - 35 Donald G. Snider - 6 Ed. Wirthwein, III - 3

Delta-PhiSaint Francis UniversityApollo Club James J. Lopus, Jr. - 1Sustaining Contributor Paul N. Friga - 5 Sabino J. Ranaudo - 32 Edward J. Ribstein - 27

Delta-ChiGannon UniversityTriangle Club Paul A. Jones - 2 Michael A. Tryon - 23 Alexander J. Yucas - 2Fraters Club James E. Jones - 10 Peter A. Kostek - 28 Thomas V. Noon - 37Sustaining Contributor M. Robert Cross - 19 Francis P. Hayden - 16 Robert W. Kossler, Jr. - 24

Delta-PsiNorth Dakota State UniversityFounders Club Aaron C. Dunn, CFC - 13Triangle Club Ronald V. Bardal - 13 Robert A. Bird - 33 Todd L. Knain - 2 Timothy J. Pribil - 6Fraters Club Charles A. Moe - 11 Duane A. Reger - 38 William E. Riebe - 19 Douglas R. Troyer - 1 Robert Wedberg, Jr. - 15Sustaining Contributor Donn R. Besselievre - 26 James R. Schonberger - 13

Delta-OmegaWestern State College of ColoradoTriangle Club Gerald A. Shear - 6Fraters Club Donald M. Gerardi - 33Sustaining Contributor Clyde E. Rader - 11

Epsilon-AlphaSaint Louis UniversityTriangle Club Dennis A. Kearns - 5 Joseph LaMonica - 1 Joseph S. Rovansek, Jr. - 27 Robert H. Wimsatt - 32Fraters Club Joseph W. Di Giovanna - 9 William M. Fogarty, Jr. - 10 Leo V. Ryan - 4 Thomas E. Staab - 27Sustaining Contributor Timothy Abbott - 1 James Ahearn - 1 Daniel Counts - 16 Stephen Ellis - 1 Ryan Herrmann - 1 John Koenig - 1 Kyle Kranawetter - 2 Richard J. Kurtyka - 18 Kenneth H. Peaco*ck - 1 Maxwell Pepper - 1 Patrick Ward - 1 Steven Werner - 2 Gabriel T. Young - 1

David Upton - 1 Klayton Valega - 1 Johnathan Watson - 1

Epsilon-PhiUniversity of Detroit MercySustaining Contributor Dennis J. McNeil - 35 Gerald R. Schmotzer - 14

Epsilon-ChiUniversity at BuffaloApollo Club John Kyriazis - 5Triangle Club Richard J. Cellino, Sr. - 17 Edwin L. Crocker - 34 Matthew T. Genova - 6Sustaining Contributor Nicholas P. Kafasis - 33 Paul F. Mullenhoff - 2 Gregory A. Swank - 2

Epsilon-PsiMcNeese State UniversityFounders Club Lambert D. Austin, Jr. - 7Fraters Club Robert E. O’Bryan - 38

Epsilon-OmegaMinot State UniversityTriangle Club Dale G. Niewoehner - 2 Clyde E. Rostad - 20Fraters Club Bruce I. Christianson - 9 Duane D. Dockter - 39 Alve L. Jemtrud - 37 Ron I. Loen - 2Sustaining Contributor Jimmie C. Riebe - 2

Zeta-AlphaWagner CollegeHome ChapterGrand Pylortes James J. Hickey

Fraternity for Life Club James J. Hickey - 16Founders Club Frank A. Morelli, D.P.S. - 30Triangle Club Alexander J. A. Banzon - 1 John J. Cannavo - 8 David Rao - 1Fraters Club Daniel Higgins, Jr. - 3 James D. McKenzie, III - 11 Roy Roderick - 10Sustaining Contributor Brian K. Schneider - 1 Anthony P. Sisko - 6

Zeta-BetaUniversity of EvansvilleApollo Club Jerry A. Linzy - 18Triangle Club David E. Collier - 20 Mark A. Pillar - 35 Eric G. Thompson - 2Fraters Club Robert E. Connor - 10 Luther B. Hale - 11 Richard B. Steedman - 21Sustaining Contributor Robert J. Vanek - 23

Zeta-GammaNebraska Wesleyan UniversityTriangle Club Larry E. Dawes, USN (Ret.) - 5 Jeffrey B. Goldman - 15 Richard A. Koepplin - 12

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (53)


q 2010 donors

Hugh H. McIntyre, Jr. - 16 David T. Pendley - 8 William A. Smith - 1

Zeta-XiBoston UniversityTriangle Club Daniel B. McDuffie - 30

Zeta-OmicronWestern Carolina UniversityApollo Club Rick E. Feuer - 10Triangle Club Wesley P. Beckham - 1 J. Wesley Pierce - 17 Richard D. Waller - 21Fraters Club Thomas W. Brandon - 10 Craig A. Wagner - 22Sustaining Contributor Boyce G. Parks - 29

Zeta-PiCulver-Stockton CollegeFraters Club Daniel B. Kipley - 4 G. Thomas Moore - 22

Zeta-RhoAmerican International CollegeFraters Club Gerald R. Lavoie - 16

Zeta-SigmaMarietta CollegeTriangle Club William E. Walker - 22Fraters Club William H. Slaninko - 20Sustaining Contributor Albert O. Orth - 38

Zeta-TauShippensburg UniversityFounders Club Rodman B. Smith - 2Triangle Club Jeffrey M. Baker - 19 Edward L. Dillon, III - 27Fraters Club Bernard A. Lomman - 13Sustaining Contributor Scott D. Buffington - 14 Robert L. Jamelli - 13

Zeta-UpsilonAlliance CollegeTriangle Club Daniel A. Redyk - 32Fraters Club F. Christopher Stanecki - 23Sustaining Contributor Peter E. Bec - 17

Zeta-PhiRollins CollegeApollo Club Brian K. McCarthy - 7Fraters Club Ronald M. Soldo - 1Sustaining Contributor Donald W. Allen - 17 Kyle Hackel - 1 Zach C. Lee - 1 Jeffrey C. Pansiera - 1 David R. Schechter - 22

Zeta-ChiMurray State UniversityTriangle Club Anthony Carbone - 1 William J. McElroy, III - 17 William B. Metzger - 35 Joseph P. Nappi - 13 Jeffrey W. Wren - 20Fraters Club Ronald L. Hopkins - 14

Theta-EtaUniversity of South DakotaGrand Prytanis Club James M. Wente - 2Apollo Club Robert R. Rietz - 34Triangle Club Alan P. Budahl - 33 Ron D. Vilas - 16Fraters Club Tony M. James - 32

Theta-ThetaCalifornia State UniversityApollo Club Peter A. Liehr - 6Fraters Club Phillip R. Marrone - 29 Craig A. Wallace - 25

Theta-IotaNorthern Michigan UniversityFounders Club Chris R. Leemon - 9Triangle Club Uriah W. Dailey - 3 Michael J. Law - 19 Richard W. Leach - 9 Einar D. Manki - 4 Ashby A. Richardson, III - 5 Nils E. Rosaen - 3 Devan R. Shah - 3 Dane C. St. Pierre - 3 James S. Taggart - 2 Allan R. Veler - 4Fraters Club Lin T. Nash - 32 Jonathan C. Wittak - 2Sustaining Contributor Matthew Allen - 3 Neil F. Anderson - 5 Christopher E. Holmes - 2 Nathan E. Lehman - 5 William R. Warmbein - 29

Theta-KappaLong Island University, C. W. PostApollo Club Richard L. Ermler - 31Triangle Club Armen L. Enkababian - 35Sustaining Contributor Richard Linz - 1

Theta-LambdaWidener UniversityApollo Club Byron W. Daniels, Col. (Ret.) - 32Triangle Club Louis E. Hoffman - 13Fraters Club Albert J. Trimpert, III - 24Sustaining Contributor Melvin H. Colvin, Jr. - 13 Charles A. Grassano - 11 Daniel T. Madish, Col. (Ret.) - 18


Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or moreGrand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499

Founders Club $500 - $999Apollo Club $250 - $499

Triangle Club $100 - $249Fraters Club $50 - $99


Paul J. Janus - 11 Kory E. Kopf - 2 James B. Miner - 35Fraters Club James E. Dunning - 9 Robert D. Taflinger, CAE - 8 Randall F. Witter, CAE - 20Sustaining Contributor Phillip E. Champley - 1 Lee L. Lasseigne - 29 Robert C. Toniny - 26

Zeta-IotaUniversity of ManitobaFounders Club James A. Tennant - 27Fraters Club R. Bruce Piercy - 18Sustaining Contributor Neill Tolboom - 28

Zeta-KappaPortland State UniversityApollo Club Ronald A. Carson - 18Triangle Club William C. Scharbach - 10Fraters Club Brian M. Stump - 21Sustaining Contributor Michael L. Brooks - 3 Jesse M. Hendrickson - 1 Madison Wellington - 1

Zeta-LambdaBowling Green State UniversityTriangle Club Richard W. Gill - 18 James M. Hooker - 13Fraters Club Edward W. Brass - 37 Richard N. Goeke - 24 John M. Rigby - 37 Harry L. Roesch - 32Sustaining Contributor Richard J. Pekare - 6 Terry G. Woodings - 8 Kenneth G. Yehlik - 6

Zeta-MuWorcester Polytechnic InstituteGrand Prytanis Club John F. Wyatt, Jr. - 2Founders Club Jay P. Hochstaine - 35 Joseph S. Raab - 12Apollo Club Robert J. Petrone - 28Triangle Club Stephen E. Anstey - 11 P. Stephan Bedrosian - 21 Robert G. Kohm - 32 Ian M. McCain - 7 Jeffry R. Paddock - 16 Joseph B. Vivona - 9 John B. Weigele, M.D. - 13Fraters Club Harold A. Brenneman, III - 3 Michael J. Corby - 31 Michael T. Francis - 24 Jeffrey P. Kimball - 4 Peter H. Lukesh - 22 Richard J. Mariano - 8Sustaining Contributor George G. Davenport, III - 29 Philip J. Hopkinson - 11 Larry G. Hull - 37 Robert Meader - 21 Paul M. Stein, Ph.D. - 10

Zeta-NuValdosta State UniversityTriangle Club Donald E. Bloom - 26 William E. Bodnar - 12 Lucian Hill, III - 1Sustaining Contributor Donald N. Johns - 36

Jesus S. Menendez - 31Sustaining Contributor Richard A. Hopkins - 23

Zeta-PsiHamline UniversityFraters Club Steven R. Kufus - 22

Zeta-OmegaCalifornia University of PennsylvaniaTriangle Club James A. Braden - 23Fraters Club Brent E. Flechsig - 23

Theta-BetaBelmont Abbey CollegeTriangle Club Kevin J. Kirk - 6 Felipe M. Villalon - 37

Theta-GammaLock Haven UniversityTriangle Club J. Scott Thompson - 21

Theta-DeltaFairmont State UniversityApollo Club Clyde R. Dodd - 25Triangle Club Jeremy R. Kisner - 1Sustaining Contributor Adam A. Arbogast - 1 Michael Cottingham - 1 Darren J. Freme - 1 Jordan L. Hayes - 1 Daniel L. Jones, II - 1 Trenton Mauck - 1 Robert T. Pickett - 1 Garfield Singleton - 1 Michael R. Sposato, Jr. - 1 Aaron Zuknick - 1

Theta-EpsilonHumboldt State UniversityTriangle Club Walter K. Schindhelm - 25Fraters Club Peter M. Cowper, B.A., J.D. - 9Sustaining Contributor Donald H. Rubin - 19 *Ralph D. Satterberg - 13

Theta-ZetaRutgers University, NewarkTriangle Club Bobby Enayati - 1 Shimul N. Mehta - 8Fraters Club Steven M. Porada - 2Sustaining Contributor Roger R. Brauchli - 9 Nicholas A. Rizzitello, Jr., D.C. - 26

Zeta-DeltaAlma CollegeTriangle Club R. Scott Bleeks - 1 George B. Huysken - 32 Corey M. Messner - 2Fraters Club James H. Amell - 13 Jose Jimenez-Fuentes - 2 Robert J. Long - 10 John R. McIntyre - 17Sustaining Contributor William G. Klenk - 4 Steven E. Oole - 15 Charles Zampich, Jr. - 15

Zeta-EpsilonWaynesburg UniversityHome ChapterTEF Director James E. Crockard, III

Fraternity for Life Club James E. Crockard, III - 16Triangle Club Howard N. Fox - 16Fraters Club Nicholas Bradlee - 12 Thomas F. Flood - 20Sustaining Contributor Wesley S. O’Brien - 21

Zeta-ZetaUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeFounders Club Mark A. Blazer - 9 Robert J. Puls - 33Apollo Club David J. Hamernik - 27Triangle Club Matthew Amore - 1 Michael P. Gonia - 37 Gregory A. Roskopf - 2 Richard W. Spencer - 22 James J. Vopal, M.D. - 26 Gene W. Witt - 30Fraters Club Arthur Budzak - 33 Gerald Fredrich - 2 William R. Timmler, III - 7Sustaining Contributor David J. Kerznar - 35 James D. Lovering - 37

Zeta-EtaMuhlenberg CollegeFounders Club Brian L. Keck - 24Triangle Club Bruce S. Albright - 6 Richard C. Crist, Jr. - 4 Martin E. Ellner - 33 Ellis Jacobs - 25 William C. Parfitt, Jr. - 27 Glenn B. Raiczyk - 11 Kenneth B. Wonderland - 20Fraters Club Walter R. Schirber - 23Sustaining Contributor Mitchell R. Goldblatt - 30 William D. Schwenke - 14 Andrew D. Spatt - 6

Zeta-ThetaWestern Illinois UniversityHome ChapterTKE Chief Executive Officer Steven A. Ramos (2011 - )

Fraternity for Life Club David R. Wallace - 7Founders Club Charles W. Little - 17 Kevin E. McCormick - 3Apollo Club Michael F. McAvoy - 14Triangle Club Paul L. Gilles, Jr. - 9

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (54)



q 2010 donors

Frank J. Rose - 6Fraters Club Kerry L. Highsmith - 7Sustaining Contributor Charles H. Orme - 9

Theta-PsiFerris State UniversitySustaining Contributor Gary K. Woodhull - 17

Theta-OmegaUniversity of CharlestonTriangle Club Mark A. Hunt - 28Fraters Club John A. Schmidt - 29Sustaining Contributor Keith E. Hutner - 19 John C. Munday - 1

Iota-AlphaUniversity of Wisconsin-SuperiorHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Dwayne R. Woerpel, CFC (1983-85)

Apollo Club Jean R. Buchen - 37 Joseph P. DeJohn - 19Fraters Club Joseph A. Sekelsky - 34 Kenneth A. Wilkens - 11Sustaining Contributor Timothy R. O’Connor - 17

Iota-BetaSusquehanna UniversityApollo Club Richard D. Rowlands - 22Triangle Club Peter C. Cary - 7 Scott Clarke - 1 Evan K. Zenker - 1Fraters Club Joseph R. Arthur - 23 Jeffrey V. Jacobus - 1Sustaining Contributor Matthew D. Darwin - 1 Alan E. Turns - 1

Iota-GammaTruman State UniversityApollo Club Paul A. Specht - 39Triangle Club John M. O’Day - 24 Todd L. Ross - 1 Conrad F. Stempel - 38 David H. Toops - 10Fraters Club Stacey W. Braswell - 16 Jared M. Hays - 1 Richard E. Schmid - 2Sustaining Contributor R. Steven Hines - 36 Joseph A. Stevenson - 29

Iota-DeltaSouthern Oregon UniversityFraters Club James V. Ackerman - 32

Iota-EpsilonMinnesota State University MoorheadTriangle Club Gene P. Schulstad, Jr. - 31Fraters Club Walter Bergseth - 17 Bradley D. Eldevick - 19 Marvin D. Vee - 13Sustaining Contributor Alvin H. Oyama - 15 Phillip J. Vanyo - 19

Apollo Club Kyle J. Hartman - 2Triangle Club Fred D. Bills - 13 Kevin J. Holubar - 4 Todd M. Neal - 3 Benjamin J. Pauley - 1Fraters Club David A. Carlson - 4 David B. Minier - 13Sustaining Contributor Nick C. Allen - 2 Kyle F. Gillis - 2 Tyler Harrison - 2 Joshua Lee - 2 Derek G. Mihm - 2 Joshua Schneider - 1 Adam Smith - 1 Lance Stang - 1 Craig R. Surdy - 3 Alan J. Voegele - 1

Theta-SigmaSt. John’s UniversityTriangle Club Lawrence E. Newman - 27 William J. Sheehan - 5Sustaining Contributor Thomas P. Curry, O.S.B. - 3 Richard L. Panarella - 19

Theta-TauMinnesota State University, MankatoGrand Prytanis Club Richard M. Foley - 19Triangle Club Wallace F. Droegemueller - 23 Stephen H. Fischer - 23 Howie N. Gangestad - 4 Curtis G. Stangler - 18Fraters Club Christopher D. Hiller - 11 John M. Vujovich - 1 Robert C. Weinholzer - 34

Theta-UpsilonCalifornia State University, SacramentoApollo Club John E. Mahony - 26Triangle Club Charles W. Trainor - 13 Frank J. Visintin - 17Sustaining Contributor Reid M. Harris - 4

Theta-PhiUniversity of Wisconsin-La CrosseSustaining Contributor Ronald E. Held - 35

Theta-ChiFrostburg State UniversityFraternity for Life Club James D. Williams - 21Apollo Club Richard S. McFee - 9Triangle Club Joseph Keys - 3

Iota-ZetaSyracuse UniversityApollo Club John N. Prevas - 28Triangle Club Brian S. Johnson - 1Fraters Club George M. Green - 8Sustaining Contributor Ryan Casey - 1 David J. Persson - 25 Andrew R. Pia - 1 Tom Sjoberg - 1

Iota-EtaSlippery Rock UniversityTriangle Club Richard L. Schramko, CFC - 27Sustaining Contributor Robert M. Italia - 32

Iota-ThetaCentenary College of LouisianaTriangle Club Charles D. Holmes - 26 James R. Tinsley - 6

Iota-IotaLaSalle UniversityApollo Club Raymond P. Loftus - 8Triangle Club Gerald J. Coghlan - 17

Iota-KappaClarkson UniversityApollo Club Michael W. Smiarowski - 20Triangle Club Paul L. Cooper - 35 Edward R. Dominy, CFC - 24 Thomas C. Mitchell - 4Fraters Club Timothy P. Callahan - 6 Kenneth L. Conover - 38 Eric R. Peterson - 24Sustaining Contributor Lawrence R. Maier - 28 David Pizzino - 9

Iota-XiConcord UniversityFraternity for Life Club Benjamin R. Lafferty - 3Grand Prytanis Club Ezekial G. Keyes - 1Apollo Club DJ Boland, Jr. - 4Triangle Club Brian T. Boland - 1 Roy A. Morgan - 5Fraters Club Robert M. Ashcraft - 18 Vess Furey - 2Sustaining Contributor Jeremy Baker - 1 Matthew Belcher - 1 Jeffrey D. Davidson - 1 William Graham - 1 Corey R. Hall - 1 Derrick Holmes - 1 Jesse A. Hosseini - 1 Christopher W. Hudnall - 1 Korey Hummer - 1 Curtis A. Kearns - 2 Joey Koontz - 1 Christopher Matheny - 1 Scott McMillan - 1 Michael S. Ohlinger - 1 Byron K. Pruitt - 1 Steve E. Redden - 1 Richard D. Silverthorn - 18 Marcus Smith - 1 Jonathon Testerman - 1


Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or moreGrand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499

Founders Club $500 - $999Apollo Club $250 - $499

Triangle Club $100 - $249Fraters Club $50 - $99

ANNUAL GIVING CLUBSIota-OmicronUniversity of Wisconsin-WhitewaterHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Joel E. Johnson, CFC (1985-87)Executive Vice President Emeritus T. J. Schmitz, CFC (1973-93)

Grand Prytanis Club Joel E. Johnson, CFC - 39Triangle Club Richard B. Hammerstrom - 13 Curtis M. Howard - 9 Robert T. Noonan - 10 Christopher J. Phelps - 5 T. J. Schmitz, CFC - 36Fraters Club Joseph T. Pyzyk - 28Sustaining Contributor James H. Wilson, III - 22

Iota-PiKent State UniversityFounders Club Bruce R. Pearson - 22 Jeffrey P. Wokoun - 10Apollo Club Karl H. Mettke - 38Triangle Club Andrew Detwiler - 1 John M. Perme, Jr. - 25 David Woods - 1 John J. Zakowski - 16 Michael L. Zoruba - 12Sustaining Contributor Marvin E. Wideman - 8

Iota-RhoSeton Hall UniversityTriangle Club William P. Cunningham - 12

Iota-SigmaUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireTriangle Club Kenneth L. Anderson - 40Fraters Club Daniel J. Boehmke - 36

Iota-TauEast Stroudsburg UniversitySustaining Contributor Robert F. Aita - 32 Jerry Beaver - 10 George C. Gibbs - 29 Donald E. Jones, Jr. - 3 Michael J. Richardson - 37 Michael J. Symons - 14

Iota-UpsilonUniversity of West AlabamaTriangle Club Ronald C. Epperson - 28

Iota-PhiDefiance CollegeHome ChapterTEF President/CEO Gary A. Reed 2005 - )

Fraternity for Life Club Gary A. Reed - 6Triangle Club Mark A. Klein - 6 Stephen M. Petty - 34Fraters Club David M. Ike - 9Sustaining Contributor Richard L. Winbigler, Jr. - 21

Iota-ChiNew Mexico Highlands UniversityFounders Club James F. Mandarino - 19Apollo Club Robert L. Williams - 10Fraters Club Joseph T. Steible - 22

Theta-MuUniversity of New OrleansHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Mark C. Romig, CFC (2003-05)

Grand Prytanis Club Mark C. Romig, CFC - 27Apollo Club Stanley F. Bizot - 37Triangle Club Christopher M. Blais, M.D. - 6 Jim M. Strachan - 12Fraters Club Daniel D. Moriarty, Jr. - 8 Kendall P. Wagar - 21 Anton P. Yrle - 14Sustaining Contributor Gregory C. Brown, CFC - 9 Troy A. Urquhart - 5

Theta-NuSoutheastern Louisiana UniversityTriangle Club Brian M. Bosarge - 14 Larry A. Hecker, Jr. - 7 Travis S. Ridgel - 10Fraters Club Rodrick S. Bienvenu - 3 Vincent Genovese - 2Sustaining Contributor Thomas G. Jones - 15 John W. McTopy, II - 25 Jeffrey P. Morlier - 8

Theta-XiUniversity of ArkansasApollo Club Milton G. Goode - 2Triangle Club Robert S. Lowe - 38

Theta-OmicronAdrian CollegeFraters Club David G. Comerzan - 7 Daniel Irwin - 1 Dennis B. Munger - 4 Tyler Ulreich - 1Sustaining Contributor George Ryan Holton - 1 George Maniez, Jr. - 15 William R. McCaulley - 31

Theta-PiCalifornia State University, ChicoTriangle Club Lowell Ahart - 29 Michael F. Burror - 12 Timothy R. Holbrook - 34Sustaining Contributor Jeffrey S. Anderson - 7 Adam D. Bylund - 13 Anthony J. Mattera - 4

Theta-RhoSt. Cloud State UniversityFounders Club Robert O. Copeland - 6

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (55)


q 2010 donors

Sustaining Contributor D. Woodson Taylor - 2

Iota-PsiDickinson State UniversityTriangle Club Carter R. Christiansen - 14Fraters Club James B. Hallen - 1 Daryl A. Splichal - 19

Iota-OmegaGlenville State CollegeGrand Prytanis Club James C. Upton - 2

Kappa-AlphaFranciscan University of SteubenvilleSustaining Contributor Thomas B. Smith - 33

Kappa-BetaUniversity of Texas-Pan AmericanSustaining Contributor Steven R. Blott - 1 Albert L. Moseley, II - 1

Kappa-GammaThe Catholic University of AmericaFraters Club Lawrence J. Sullivan - 1

Kappa-DeltaOld Dominion UniversityFounders Club James A. Hudlow - 10Triangle Club Edward W. Newby - 9Fraters Club M. Declan Bransfield, III - 18 Millard G. Elliott - 14 John B. Grant - 32 Thomas E. Pinelli - 23 James S. Witcher - 6Sustaining Contributor Robert H. Heflin, Jr. - 17 Larry P. Thomas - 18

Kappa-EpsilonNorthland CollegeFraters Club Robert DeCubellis - 31 John J. Kurka - 30

Kappa-EtaNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyTriangle Club Scott Kintgen - 1 Peter J. Sibilski - 14Fraters Club Jeremy J. Bahun - 2 Steven Drizing - 2 Robert J. Grosso - 25Sustaining Contributor Francis A. Calabrese - 30 Matthew R. Dorey - 1 Dennis R. Morgan - 23 Michael F. Spies - 1

Kappa-ThetaAdelphi UniversityTriangle Club Brian J. Keeney - 26 Theodore J. Kohnen - 24Sustaining Contributor Russell A. Delldonna - 12 Vincent Evangelista - 3

Kappa-IotaUniversity of HartfordFounders Club Peter M. Burkle - 5Fraters Club Thomas S. Mulinski - 19Sustaining Contributor Ted F. Wethje - 28

Kappa-KappaMonmouth UniversityHome ChapterTEF Advisor Charles J. Trabold

Fraternity for Life Club Charles J. Trabold - 21Grand Prytanis Club Patrick C. Ciniello - 4 Thomas P. Libonate - 3 Fidel J. Yaeger, III - 1Apollo Club Mark B. Montgomery - 17Sustaining Contributor Vincent Oliva - 1

Kappa-LambdaUniversity of Minnesota MorrisTriangle Club Robert V. Toutges, D.D.S. - 24Fraters Club Robbie E. Pederson - 27

Kappa-MuEdinboro UniversityTriangle Club Lyon A. Zeibak - 4

Kappa-NuRockhurst UniversityFraternity for Life Club Jonn M. Wullschleger - 5Triangle Club William S. DeLeonardis, Jr. - 33 Francis J. Sheeran, CFC - 13 James M. Stacy - 32Fraters Club Jerry C. Haake - 23 Dennis C. Hercules - 27Sustaining Contributor Russell S. Ascheman - 16 Stephen J. Moore - 23 Thomas J. Simon - 30

Kappa-OmicronPhiladelphia UniversitySustaining Contributor David Bodenheimer - 35 James J. McDermott, Jr. - 24

Kappa-TauUniversity of ArizonaFounders Club Hervey A. Hotchkiss - 36Triangle Club Brandon Greenwood - 1Sustaining Contributor Ruben J. Fierros - 1 Alan J. Webb, M.D. - 6

Kappa-UpsilonVillanova UniversityFraters Club Walter T. Lacz - 18 Raymond J. Palmer, Jr. - 21

Kappa-PhiUniversity of Wisconsin-OshkoshFraters Club Frank G. Kuzmickus - 33 Thomas M. McGinty - 21Sustaining Contributor Jerold R. Wertheimer - 3

Kappa-ChiConcordia UniversitySustaining Contributor Besmir Likaj - 1 Omid Malek - 1 Nicholas Montecalvo - 1 Robert Tesolin - 1

Kappa-PsiQuinnipiac UniversityHome ChapterTEF Director James L. Totten

Fraternity for Life Club James L. Totten - 21Founders Club Kevin R. Dooley - 1Triangle Club Alex Grapstein - 1 Joseph Magioncalda - 1 Christopher J. Pia - 2 Vincent P. Santorella, III - 2Fraters Club Sean T. Busch - 1 Marc G. Feinstein - 9 Patrick L. Pizzichetta - 2Sustaining Contributor Jameson Cherilus - 1 Steven L. Coppolecchia - 3 Matthew J. Goddard - 1 Paul J. Varkal - 19 Jay Wodka - 2

Kappa-OmegaWashburn UniversityFraters Club Gary D. Junghans - 35

Lambda-AlphaUniversity of South FloridaHome ChapterAt-Large Grand Council Member Fredrick T. Jacobi

Grand Prytanis Club Raymond W. Franklin - 20 Fredrick T. Jacobi - 15Triangle Club A. J. Musial, Jr. - 4 Michael E. Sutton - 6Fraters Club Scott R. Christiansen - 26 David L. West - 5

Lambda-BetaLewis UniversityApollo Club Stanley F. Patek - 24Fraters Club Jack A. Wenger - 23Sustaining Contributor Keith R. Heldt - 29 Daniel J. Riordan - 16

Lambda-GammaUniversity of CincinnatiFounders Club Thomas E. Oole - 35Apollo Club Gary M. Onady, M.D., Ph.D. - 10Triangle Club Thomas C. George - 21 Benjamin F. Gerke - 2 David B. Ginsburg - 17Fraters Club Adam Broady - 1 Stephen R. Schulte - 32Sustaining Contributor Frank R. Ettensohn - 34 Steven E. Yeazel - 8

Lambda-DeltaUniversity of Southern MaineHome ChapterGrand Hegemon Shawn A. Babine

Fraternity for Life Club Shawn A. Babine - 5Sustaining Contributor Daniel J. Mancine - 34

Lambda-EpsilonClarion UniversityTriangle Club Jeremy J. Borkowski - 1 Robert H. Hoffer - 35 John A. Shuman - 17Fraters Club Frederick R. Burger, Jr. - 15Sustaining Contributor Vincent L. Giordano - 1 Casey Pepe - 1 James T. Wood - 3

Lambda-ZetaTroy UniversityApollo Club James M. Cross - 16 Gregory P. Smith - 1Triangle Club Robert J. Holzschuh - 2 Joe W. Stanton, Jr. - 14 Stephen G. Timberlake - 20Fraters Club Robert M. Busby - 20 Peter Woodham - 37

Lambda-EtaUniversity of IowaApollo Club Graham P. Filean - 25 Kent W. Kirkham - 15Triangle Club Mark M. Baumback - 17 M. Douglas Carlson - 27 Jack Schley - 2Fraters Club Norman B. Schmeltzer - 1Sustaining Contributor Paul E. Johnson, M.D. - 13

Lambda-ThetaCollege of Santa FeFraters Club Michael J. Ohrt - 31 Nelson R. Pleau - 25

Lambda-IotaFlorida State UniversityApollo Club Robert L. Alphin, Jr. - 1Triangle Club Thomas A. Budetti - 1 Richard C. Davis - 8 Johnny M. Franks - 1 Gilman C. Gunn, III - 2 Hugh Pennell - 7 Robert L. Pierce - 10 William G. Posey - 1 Philip B. Rodman - 11 Mark A. Spetseris - 4 John W. Whitesell - 1Fraters Club Ronald R. Rotzko - 8Sustaining Contributor Richard F. Duncan, Jr. - 2 Jim Humphrey - 6 Clifford J. Iacino - 11 Eric Pepper - 1 James L. Perdomo - 10 George D. Phillippy, Ph.D. - 18

Lambda-KappaDePaul UniversityTriangle Club Gerhard A. Perschke - 25Sustaining Contributor Wayne E. Stabrawa - 37

Lambda-LambdaUtica CollegeHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Thomas M. Castner, CFC (1995-97)

Apollo Club Thomas M. Castner, CFC - 37Triangle Club Sheldon W. Boyce, Jr., Esq. - 31

Carl J. Garkowski - 35 Kevin K. Kasky - 8 Michael L. Turner - 20Sustaining Contributor William C. Dennison - 13 Bennie S. Diliberto - 26 J. John Prestopnik - 36

Lambda-MuElon UniversityTriangle Club York D. Poole, III - 34Fraters Club Paul J. Haviland - 19

Lambda-OmicronUniversity of North TexasGrand Prytanis Club Scott W. Hatfield - 19

Lambda-PiNortheastern Illinois UniversityApollo Club Timothy O. Schaefer - 6Triangle Club Easmon J. Ford - 20Sustaining Contributor Daniel A. Jimenez - 26

Lambda-SigmaKeene State CollegeTriangle Club Alexander L. Mackay - 13Sustaining Contributor John E. Hasay - 8 Kevin G. Maes - 18

Lambda-TauNorthrop UniversityFraters Club Michael A. Bogden - 2Sustaining Contributor Ward S. DeWitt - 6

Lambda-UpsilonGeorgia Southern UniversityFraternity for Life Club *Frank Sanders, CFC - 21Apollo Club Donald J. McQuaig - 20Triangle Club Wilbur C. Bragg, II - 22 Benjamin Ellenburg - 6 Thomas P. Fox, Jr. - 6 Bradley M. Hoyt - 6Sustaining Contributor Michael B. Kane - 8

Lambda-PhiBryant UniversityTriangle Club Paul F. D’Adamo - 22 Frank J. Sonderer - 21Fraters Club John J. Hastings - 19

Lambda-ChiWayne State College Triangle Club William E. Koudele - 21Fraters Club Frederick C. Johnson - 12Sustaining Contributor Thomas C. Newman - 21

Lambda-PsiEast Carolina UniversityTriangle Club William A. Bagwell - 4 Roger A. Russell - 20

Lambda-OmegaGeorgia State UniversityTriangle Club Anthony P. Burger - 16 Michael P. Cannon - 5


The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (56)



q 2010 donors

Mu-AlphaWest Chester UniversityFounders Club Robert S. Uhl - 3Fraters Club W. Erik Sacony - 1Sustaining Contributor Herbert M. Gluckman - 4

Mu-BetaEastern Kentucky UniversityTriangle Club Anthony F. Borgia - 1 Robert A. Colacello - 33 D. Thomas Ramey - 20 Daniel P. Stratton - 32Fraters Club Ishmael Purcell - 25Sustaining Contributor William O. Adams - 11

Mu-GammaMidwestern State UniversityTriangle Club John E. Abbott - 3 Chris D. Craft - 21Fraters Club John C. Grimshaw - 27

Mu-DeltaAthens State UniversityFraters Club Timothy H. Hodge - 11 Cecil P. Horn, Jr. - 27

Mu-EpsilonUniversity of Massachusetts LowellTriangle Club Nicholas F. Siviglia, Jr. - 33Sustaining Contributor Kenneth L. Georgevits - 30

Mu-ZetaNicholls State UniversityTriangle Club Timothy P. Clements - 4Fraters Club Gary E. Clement - 12Sustaining Contributor Danny W. McCarthy - 12 Brodie J. Trahan - 1

Mu-EtaNortheastern UniversityApollo Club Edgar C. Seely, III - 33

Mu-ThetaLycoming CollegeFounders Club Bobby F. Allen, III - 7Apollo Club Eric M. Chamberlain - 9Triangle Club Scott M. Manchester - 6 Robert P. Turner - 14Sustaining Contributor George M. Briar - 11 Frederick M. Jones - 12 Stephen F. Sant - 14

Mu-IotaWestern New England CollegeTriangle Club Gary R. La Perle - 12 Michael K. Littleford - 28

Mu-KappaUniversity of New HavenSustaining Contributor Louis J. Scarfo - 32

Mu-LambdaMichigan Technological UniversityFounders Club Alan F. Mulvey - 16Triangle Club William T. Hicks, II - 30

Eric P. Jung - 2 Leon D. Walters - 7Sustaining Contributor James C. Schluckbier - 24

Mu-MuHofstra UniversityTriangle Club George R. Rehn - 22Fraters Club Frank L. Carollo - 30 Kenneth L. Wallack - 33

Mu-NuUniversity of Wisconsin-PlattevilleTriangle Club Robert M. Dobbins, III - 6 James H. Fassbender - 18 Jerome E. Schewe, CFC - 30 Paul H. Vagnini - 28Fraters Club Joseph P. Farley - 23 Joel Leistiko - 1 Christopher A. Mettke - 9 Andrew R. Schultz - 2Sustaining Contributor Glen Butler - 1 Richard G. Josh - 24 David A. Wittig - 5

Mu-XiFullerton, CAGrand Prytanis Club Tracy S. Polley - 24Triangle Club Steven D. Forell - 8 David W. Lockwood - 2 Byron D. Whitten - 5Fraters Club Emil A. Nazaryan - 1

Mu-OmicronTennessee Technological UniversityApollo Club Robert E. Pugh - 9Fraters Club M. Elvis Hollins, Jr. - 2Sustaining Contributor Richard L. Hunt, Jr. - 1 James M. Petty - 2

Mu-RhoBethel UniversitySustaining Contributor Joseph T. Casarella - 15

Mu-SigmaMorehead State UniversityHome ChapterTEF Secretary/Treasurer Elmer R. Smith

Fraternity for Life Club Elmer R. Smith - 25Triangle Club Daniel M. Reeder - 3 Herman Jack Webb - 34Fraters Club Logan Cornett, Jr. - 1Sustaining Contributor Robert D. Goldsmith - 2

Mu-TauJames Madison UniversityTriangle Club William S. Corey, Jr. - 19Fraters Club R. Bruce Chisholm - 25 Stephen E. Grainer - 14 John D. Kipley, LTC (Ret.) - 30

Mu-UpsilonIllinois State UniversityApollo Club Joseph M. Barta - 13 Kenneth Pollock - 30Triangle Club Kirk E. Klein - 13

Gregory E. Monigold - 1Fraters Club Michael P. DiMaggio - 32Sustaining Contributor LeRoy P. Taylor - 9

Mu-ChiUniversity of North Carolina at WilmingtonApollo Club Adam M. Kearns - 1Triangle Club George R. Erkes, Jr. - 6 Keith R. Fraser - 1 Ryan M. Ivey - 2Sustaining Contributor James W. Brown - 1 Bobby J. Bryson - 1 Scott R. Burgess - 1 Jordan R. Burkhart - 1 Montgomery Carter - 1 William G. Frasca - 1 Justin D. Ingram - 1 Gregory B. Johnson - 1 James Mcnu*tt - 1 Jordan Y. Mebane - 1 Dennis J. Merriweather - 1 Nick Roberts - 1 Jacob R. Roed - 1 Peter Salyga - 1 Alec Stender - 1 Devin L. Sullivan - 1 Blake Thompson - 1 Randall S. Trebat, Jr. - 1

Mu-PsiUniversity of Massachusetts DartmouthTriangle Club John M. Martinous, Jr. - 6

Mu-OmegaGeorge Mason UniversityApollo Club Kenneth D. Reid, CAE - 29Triangle Club Mohammad N. Ahmad - 2 Edward F. Boland - 12 Travis S. Floyd - 6 Michael J. Kowalski - 11 Steven L. Payne - 33Fraters Club Mark D. Monson - 26 Harid J. Puentes - 2Sustaining Contributor Robert D. Frappier - 5 Glenn M. f*ckuda - 8 Christopher L. Townsend - 1

Nu-AlphaNiagara UniversitySustaining Contributor Skylar Fairchild - 1 Kevin T. Walders - 1

Nu-BetaAlbright CollegeFraters Club George Schaeffer, III, USN - 35

Nu-GammaUniversity of St. ThomasFraternity for Life Club Bruce E. Carlson, CFC - 12Sustaining Contributor Robert P. Stock - 8

Nu-EpsilonSuffolk UniversityFounders Club Michael J. Di Resta - 29Fraters Club Philip A. Hager - 4 Paul S. Sharp - 2

Nu-ZetaElmhurst CollegeFraternity for Life Club Dale G. DeKok - 35

Triangle Club Richard D. Kirkbride - 3

Nu-EtaBoise State UniversitySustaining Contributor Neal G. Wilson - 1

Nu-ThetaUniversity of UtahHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Mark K. Johnson (2007-09)

Fraternity for Life Club Mark K. Johnson - 26

Nu-IotaUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoSustaining Contributor Alexander Fernandez - 1

Nu-KappaWinona State UniversityTriangle Club Richard C. Ellefson - 8 Lee P. Newman - 36Fraters Club Eric E. Kirschner - 12Sustaining Contributor Phil M. Alm - 1 Brendan Tlougan - 1

Nu-LambdaUniversity of Southern IndianaTriangle Club Andrew W. Brochin - 1 Michael S. Eickhoff - 15Fraters Club Mack L. Cail - 14

Nu-MuUniversity of South AlabamaGrand Prytanis Club Matthew D. Barclift - 4 Tony Clemens - 6Apollo Club Michael B. Neely - 5Triangle Club Forrest K. duBruyne, Jr. - 4 David K. Hinson - 1Fraters Club Jonathan C. Armes - 1 James B. Jackson - 35 Robert E. Stewart, Jr. - 11 Max C. Wolf - 1Sustaining Contributor Michael L. Jones - 2 William D. Pearson - 1 Justin K. Simmons - 2 Douglas L. Whitmore - 1

Nu-XiStephen F. Austin State UniversityApollo Club Emzey J. Wisegerber - 2Triangle Club Larry H. Axelson - 29Fraters Club Jeffrey H. Davis - 6 Glenn C. Jacobs - 2 William J. Lawrence - 15

Nu-OmicronUniversity of BridgeportSustaining Contributor Frederick C. Burgerhoff - 13

Nu-PiUniversity of DelawareApollo Club Michael D. Yon - 9Triangle Club Frederick A. Berg - 21 Steven W. Brockel - 26 Robert H. Miller, CFC - 25 Ramzi M. Sabbagh - 13 Jeffrey A. Swenson - 4


Fraters Club Andrew J. Rominiecki - 24

Nu-SigmaUpper Iowa UniversityFraters Club Armon L. Haagen - 11

Nu-TauMansfield University of PennsylvaniaTriangle Club Robert A. Cook - 30 Robert D. Shorb, CFC - 31

Nu-UpsilonTexas A & M University-KingsvilleTriangle Club Roger O. Jarvis - 21 Leonard C. Wilkerson - 7

Nu-PhiDuquesne UniversitySustaining Contributor Everett D. Buchler - 18 Daniel Connor - 1 Brian Read - 1

Nu-ChiBentley UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Christopher H. Herr - 8

Nu-PsiWest Liberty State CollegeSustaining Contributor Thomas G. Campbell - 16

Nu-OmegaWilliam Paterson UniversityApollo Club Anthony Cavotto - 35Triangle Club Gary R. Marks, Jr. - 2

Xi-BetaSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleApollo Club Thomas J. Garfunkel - 6Fraters Club Bruce W. Zink - 9Sustaining Contributor Michael R. Shanahan - 25

Xi-GammaNew York Institute of TechnologyFounders Club Peter M. Dawson - 4Triangle Club Nicholas W. Formickella - 2 Kirt R. Holmblad - 1 Joseph Hwang - 2 George W. Koutsouras - 3 Brenden T. Rutigliano - 1Fraters Club Angel Aponte - 1 Sean M. Connolly - 1 Jonathan Donohue - 1Sustaining Contributor Robert P. Adler - 11 Ken R. Blaney - 2 Aliasger Chopra - 1 Dimitrios Matsikas - 1 Josh Rubel - 1 Domenico Sicari - 1 Eric Stiene - 2

Xi-ZetaBluefield State CollegeTriangle Club Lino Penas - 35

Xi-EtaMissouri Western State UniversityApollo Club John K. Fabsits - 4Triangle Club Russell D. Mortenson - 1

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (57)


q 2010 donors

Xi-PsiSouth Dakota State UniversitySustaining Contributor Loren M. Steenson - 27

Xi-OmegaVirginia Polytechnic InstituteTriangle Club Thomas E. Kuhn - 1 David A. Schnepp - 5 Ronald E. Vaillant - 6Fraters Club George A. Bidanset - 31 Michael J. Brocato - 24 Thomas J. James - 19Sustaining Contributor Garland E. Faist - 13

Omicron-AlphaAppalachian State UniversityTriangle Club Christopher L. Coble - 18 Caleb Smith - 9Fraters Club Steven D. Abernathy - 28 James F. Baker, III - 2 Raleigh W. Hartman, Jr. - 7 David A. Womble, Jr. - 32Sustaining Contributor Philip T. Elmore, USNR - 16 Randall S. Marin - 13 Robert D. Twitchell - 29

Omicron-GammaCentral Connecticut State UniversityFraters Club Neil D. Robinson - 20

Omicron-DeltaUniversity of North Carolina at PembrokeApollo Club John B. Bridgers - 9

Omicron-EpsilonBemidji State UniversityFraters Club Barry K. Schonberger - 31

Omicron-ZetaWeber State UniversityTriangle Club Dennis M. Whaley - 1Fraters Club Thomas R. McKenna - 26 Michael A. Stein - 9

Omicron-EtaWest Virginia Institute of TechnologyTriangle Club Phillip W. Jarrell - 32Fraters Club Dwight L. Stull - 31

Omicron-ThetaNewberry CollegeFounders Club Harry E. Hawkins - 35Triangle Club Robert F. James, II - 1Sustaining Contributor Steven M. Russell - 1

Omicron-IotaRowan UniversityTriangle Club John C. Krantz - 35 Scott P. Lopez, LTC. (Ret.) - 8 Craig E. Major - 26 Robert D. Oden, Jr. - 1

Omicron-KappaUniversity of Louisiana at LafayetteHome ChapterGrand Histor Bobby A. Jarred

Grand Prytanis Club Bobby A. Jarred - 6Triangle Club Michael W. Mallory - 7Fraters Club T. Rod O’Neal, CFC - 13

Omicron-NuFlorida Institute of TechnologyGrand Prytanis Club Daniel C. Pelletier - 14Founders Club Kevin A. Helms, CFC - 11 Elmer R. Pensack - 20Apollo Club Robert W. Jefferis - 5Triangle Club Brian L. Eckert - 1 Charles E. Pearson - 1 Nicholas J. Whitman - 1 Samuel F. Williams - 1Fraters Club Raymond C. Fischer, III - 1Sustaining Contributor Michael Mason - 1 Shaun Myers - 1 John Newman - 1 Ramsez A. Stamper - 2 Michael R. Zarnetske - 1

Omicron-XiUniversity of AlabamaTriangle Club Wallace E. Johnston, Jr. - 32Fraters Club Robert W. Veramay - 14 Michael R. Wahl - 28

Omicron-OmicronUniversity of Missouri-St. LouisTriangle Club Steven L. Engelhard - 34Fraters Club Louis W. Pfleckl, Jr. - 34

Omicron-PiBaylor UniversityApollo Club Jeffery J. Schnellhardt - 15Triangle Club Raymond T. Beurket, III - 13 John M. Head - 19

Omicron-RhoTexas Tech UniversityApollo Club G. Kurt Hogaboom - 19 Michael D. Wilson - 5Triangle Club Gregory L. Jessup, Sr. - 30Fraters Club James E. White - 14 Kevin R. Wright - 16Sustaining Contributor Troy A. Stevens - 1

Omicron-SigmaIndiana University SoutheastTriangle Club Denny M. Leffler - 4 James W. Metcalf, III - 1 Donald G. Powers - 7Fraters Club Larry W. Beeler - 8 Kenneth F. Seis - 19Sustaining Contributor Charles E. Marking - 28

Omicron-TauColumbus State UniversityTriangle Club Jonas E. Barlow - 1


Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or moreGrand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499

Founders Club $500 - $999Apollo Club $250 - $499

Triangle Club $100 - $249Fraters Club $50 - $99


Fraters Club John N. Burgess - 29Sustaining Contributor Zachary D. Ramsay - 9

Xi-ThetaUniversity of West GeorgiaFraternity for Life Club S. Todd Farmer, Jr., CFC - 19Founders Club Jeremy J. Spivey - 2

Xi-IotaUniversity of Central FloridaTriangle Club Anthony J. Battaglia - 1 Alexander C. Rudloff - 5 Bryan N. Saterbo - 26 Daniel R. Scott - 1 Spencer N. Zeman - 2

Xi-KappaBaker UniversityFraters Club Donald L. Varnau - 34

Xi-LambdaUniversity of GeorgiaApollo Club Wendell G. McMurrain, Jr. - 4 C. Nelson Tomblin, Jr. - 35Triangle Club Ronald P. Reagan - 1Fraters Club David A. Duncan - 7 James H. Hopkins, III - 23Sustaining Contributor Lawrence F. Edwards - 26 J. Ray Grant, M.D. - 22 Jeffrey Pearsall - 2

Xi-MuUniversity of DaytonFraters Club Steven H. Boyd, Jr. - 14Sustaining Contributor Joseph W. Boscia - 5 Scott W. Gruber - 5 Andrew P. LaRue - 14

Xi-XiTexas State UniversityTriangle Club Billy J. Chambers - 36

Xi-TauLyon CollegeTriangle Club Andrew Todd - 1Fraters Club Anthony W. Lamkin - 1Sustaining Contributor Josh Ford - 1

Xi-UpsilonRochester Institute of TechnologyApollo Club Herbert H. Grabb - 17Triangle Club Peter B. Tuttle - 15Fraters Club Thomas G. Miller - 25 Ryan Nelson - 2 Samuel J. Radziviliuk, II - 25Sustaining Contributor Brian F. Buckenmeyer - 30

Xi-ChiSouthern Polytechnic State UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Thomas C. Miles - 26Apollo Club Rodney G. Bowers - 11 Robert M. Buhl - 9Triangle Club George W. Galloway, IV - 1Sustaining Contributor Matthew Simon - 2

David Hay - 20 Mark R. Keaton, M.D. - 23 George Spamer - 1Fraters Club Kerry P. Oldenburg - 1Sustaining Contributor David-Edward A. Adkins - 1 Andre L. Jenkins - 1 Luke Wagner - 1

Omicron-UpsilonYork College of PennsylvaniaTriangle Club Robert M. Cembor - 8Fraters Club Robert Rafano - 2

Omicron-PhiUniversity of OklahomaFounders Club Walter W. Jenny, Jr. - 13Fraters Club Luke A. Ball - 24Sustaining Contributor Richard D. Shmel - 16

Omicron-ChiRobert Morris UniversityTriangle Club Stephen C. Brant - 24Sustaining Contributor Mark Wilson - 24

Omicron-OmegaRadford UniversityFounders Club Erik J. Platenberg - 20

Pi-AlphaAshland UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis (1999-2001),TEF Director Lonnie J. Justice, CFC

Fraternity for Life Club Lonnie G. Justice, CFC - 28Apollo Club Anthony S. Shifflett - 11Triangle Club Paul Krawczyk - 1Fraters Club Robin C. Myers - 18 Ernest T. Park, Jr. - 17 Russell T. Rizzotte - 4

Pi-BetaBloomsburg University of PennsylvaniaTriangle Club Vincent J. June - 14 Troy L. Mathews - 1 Randall B. Spence - 28 Walter T. Zabicki - 30Sustaining Contributor Stanley E. Haines, Jr. - 1

Pi-GammaEast Tennessee State UniversityTriangle Club Robert T. Rigler - 9

Sustaining Contributor Milton E. Carter - 18

Pi-DeltaUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamTriangle Club Kevin C. Barrington - 10 Tareq Fayyad - 2 Tripp R. Warren, III - 2Fraters Club Christopher Westbrook - 2Sustaining Contributor Andrew J. Stone - 2 Brent C. Taylor - 1

Pi-EpsilonChristian Brothers UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Timothy D. Wardlow - 4Founders Club William R. Nadicksbernd - 6Apollo Club Joseph C. Kueter - 5 Christopher P. Murphy - 18Triangle Club David K. Hanson - 1 Ross D. Harris, Jr. - 14 Lawrence T. LeBlond - 8 Joshua A. Shipley - 1 Kevin A. Smith - 1 Sam C. Vitale - 1 Terry E. Westbrook - 13Fraters Club John Archer - 1 Michael Berry - 2Sustaining Contributor R. Felix Bishop, CFC - 22 Robert Gibbs - 1

Pi-EtaTexas A & M UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Thomas M. Zais - 4Fraters Club Robert W. Ivey, III - 6

Pi-IotaUniversity of Nevada, RenoTriangle Club Scott H. Carey - 3 Richard A. Monsalvo - 1Fraters Club Niklas H. Putnam - 4Sustaining Contributor Mark Vukovich - 1

Pi-KappaMesa State CollegeTriangle Club Dwight L. Johnson, Jr. - 18

Pi-LambdaUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasSustaining Contributor David L. Murray - 1

Pi-MuState University College-BuffaloFounders Club Michael J. Johnson - 6

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (58)



q 2010 donors

Sustaining Contributor Thomas M. Kenna - 15

Rho-EpsilonNorthwood UniversityTriangle Club Timothy P. Bouchard - 8 Thomas S. Luptowski - 9Sustaining Contributor Shaun D. Ritchie - 1

Rho-ZetaMontclair State UniversityFraters Club Bruno Pavlicek - 2Sustaining Contributor Edward V. McDowell - 5

Rho-EtaSUNY-Stony Brook University Sustaining Contributor Cameron R. Bosinski - 1 Joel C. Dreher, II - 1 Charles Niedzwiedz - 1 Vasili Sushko - 2

Rho-ThetaLake Superior State UniversitySustaining Contributor Lance J. Boehmer - 1 James Mathias - 2

Rho-IotaTarkio CollegeSustaining Contributor Raymond J. Mueller - 19

Rho-KappaLongwood UniversityTriangle Club Kevin Y. Specter - 1Fraters Club Ricky W. Stanfield - 10Sustaining Contributor Samuel Bair - 1 Richard Barden - 1 Matthew N. Brust - 1 Kyle M. Huffer - 1 Derek Jackson - 1 Bradford Judge - 1 Jeffrey Luckring - 1 Brett J. Massar - 1 Jay Robeson - 1 Zachary Schmidt - 1 Christopher M. Storey - 1 Adam J. Stribling - 1 Andrew T. Tromey - 1 Robert C. Wright - 1

Rho-MuBinghamton University-SUNYTriangle Club Patrick Freise - 1Fraters Club Frank Riess - 2

Rho-NuSan Francisco State UniversityFraters Club R. Martin Newton - 6

Aaron Daniels - 1 Gregory E. Long - 3 Alex Swenson - 1 Christopher D. Walsh - 7

Rho-ChiLebanon Valley CollegeTriangle Club Timothy G. Arthun - 1 Dr. Barney T. Raffield, III - 2Fraters Club Eric R. Kratz - 2Sustaining Contributor Kevin Strunk - 1 Jeremy D. Wilson - 13

Rho-PsiMillersville UniversityFraters Club Daniel J. Crocker - 18Sustaining Contributor Taza M. Nelson - 19

Sigma-AlphaFlorida International UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Martin Guerra - 2Apollo Club Gerardo Campos, Jr. - 3Triangle Club Daniel De Los Santos - 6Sustaining Contributor John P. Kilzi - 1

Sigma-GammaState University of New York at PlattsburghTriangle Club Robert C. Antonelli, Jr. - 14

Sigma-ThetaSaint Leo UniversityHome ChapterTEF Director Donald R. Tapia

Fraternity for Life Club Donald R. Tapia - 3Triangle Club Mike Berry - 1 Ian DiMitri - 1

Sigma-IotaPace University-PleasantvilleApollo Club Martin A. Smith - 2Triangle Club Eric A. Martone - 1

Sigma-KappaMerrimack CollegeFraternity for Life Club Jonathan P. Weir - 1Triangle Club Paul S. Avolese - 1 Thomas P. Bent - 1 Scott M. Gibbs - 1 Jason A. Simpson - 2Fraters Club James J. Fleuriel, Jr. - 5Sustaining Contributor Anthony C. Albano - 1 Robert H. Barry - 1 Robert G. Briggs Jr. - 1 Mike T. Caruso - 2 Andy J. Colella - 1 Mike P. Creamer - 7 Colin P. Dempsey - 1 Jason Denig - 1 Matthew V. Giordano - 1 Erich J. Hasselbacher - 1 Patrick Heffernan - 1 Josh Johnson - 1 Adam T. Jussaume - 1 Nick C. Lamb - 1 Braydon G. Marot - 3 Steve J. McCormack - 1 Scott M. Murphy - 2

Christopher D. Peterson - 1 Timothy Power - 2 Michael F. Pukala - 1

Sigma-LambdaNortheastern State UniversityFraters Club Dillon Buss - 2Sustaining Contributor Sidney L. Bolay - 1

Sigma-XiSt. Norbert CollegeTriangle Club James Rohde - 1

Sigma-OmicronMiddle Tennessee State UniversityTriangle Club Douglas M. Caron - 1 Kevin Flanagan - 1Sustaining Contributor Michael Chambers - 6 Michael L. Guidotti - 4

Sigma-RhoMarist CollegeTriangle Club Connor Dalton - 1 James O. Lord - 4Sustaining Contributor James Allo - 1 Stephen J. Cesare - 1 Nicholas Corso - 1 Craig R. DiFulvio - 1 Joseph J. Mager, III - 1 Anthony J. Mascaro - 1 Richard Mejia - 1 Andrew Nadj - 1 Kyle Roof - 1 Tyler J. Spence - 1 James J. M. Tavares - 1 Greg Waltman - 1

Sigma-SigmaSalisbury UniversitySustaining Contributor Benjamin Williams - 1

Sigma-ChiUniversity of California, DavisTriangle Club Benjamin M. Bloom - 2 Ishan Singh - 1

Sigma-PsiClemson UniversityFounders Club Abraham M. Webber - 4Triangle Club David W. Barwick - 1 Robert R. Cardell, IV - 2Fraters Club Cameron Butkus - 1 David P. Cosslett - 4Sustaining Contributor Zach Blaettler - 1 Justin P. Bush - 2 Chuck E. Cwirka - 1 Nicholas R. Gates - 1 Garrett Havens - 1 Dave P. Johnson - 1 Daniel S. Mack - 1 Jose I. Martinez - 1 Patrick L. Moriarty - 1 Jason Olbrich - 1 James A. Owens - 1 Peter Provost - 1 Matthew B. Reese - 1 Jason Robertson - 1 Benjamin M. Ward - 1

Sigma-OmegaUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaFounders Club Justin H. Brown - 1Triangle Club Scott R. Springer - 3


Triangle Club Thomas A. Muscarella, CFC - 10Fraters Club James K. Webster - 16

Pi-XiUniversity of California, San DiegoTriangle Club Ryan M. O’Rear - 1Fraters Club Jeffrey W. Lane - 2

Pi-OmicronNorthern Kentucky UniversityTriangle Club Eric P. Hillner - 8

Pi-UpsilonTowson UniversitySustaining Contributor Steven M. Reamy - 3 Alexander Roth - 2

Pi-PsiUniversity of Southern MississippiSustaining Contributor Charles W. Whittington, Jr. - 14

Pi-OmegaUniversity of Albany-SUNYApollo Club Alan Milstein - 14Fraters Club Jamie Blundell - 1

Rho-AlphaWinthrop UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Scott D. Melton - 3Apollo Club Michael D. Steele - 7Triangle Club Franklin G. Rich III - 1Sustaining Contributor David D. McDonald - 3

Rho-BetaMichigan State UniversityGrand Prytanis Club Jeffrey P. Wincel - 7

Rho-GammaUniversity of North Carolina at GreensboroFraters Club Joseph H. Shelton, Jr. - 2

Rho-DeltaCal Poly PomonaApollo Club Eric Krieger - 9Triangle Club Saad Abbas - 1 Julio G. Munoz - 1 Jose A. Ochoa - 1 Anthony Sanchez - 1 Mark M. Yeung - 2Fraters Club Patrick Conod - 1

Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or moreGrand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499

Founders Club $500 - $999Apollo Club $250 - $499

Triangle Club $100 - $249Fraters Club $50 - $99

ANNUAL GIVING CLUBSRho-XiSan Jose State UniversityApollo Club Ruben J. Lee - 2Triangle Club Jeffrey M. Barto - 13

Rho-OmicronCal Poly, San Luis ObispoSustaining Contributor Sam Almukdad - 1 Seena Amid-Hozour - 1 Michael Antoine - 1 Brian Azevedo - 1 Grant Bailey - 1 Andrew Belis - 1 Luis R. Cadiz - 1 Jared A. Carmo - 1 Justin Danh - 1 Nihar Doshi - 1 Jason A. Fuentes - 1 Keith Gresiak - 1 Aaron Hardiek - 1 Sean Lahijani - 1 Lawrence Le - 1 Jacob D. Lopez - 1 Dillon Lynch - 1 Roger Truong Sa Mai - 1 Travis McDaniel - 1 Michael McEachern - 1 Amin Mirzaaghaeian - 1 Nathan Mock - 1 Paul Peabody - 1 Andrew P. Righter - 1 William Russo - 1 David Seifert - 1 Scott S. Silverman - 1 Ben Silverwood - 1 Matthew L. Siples - 1 David P. Smykowski - 1 Tim Sullivan - 1 Alexander Tittiger - 1 Josh Turgeon - 1 John Tuthill - 1 Sean Ulyate - 1 Garrett Van Ruiten - 1

Rho-PiUniversity of Rio GrandeFraters Club David B. Patrick - 7

Rho-RhoSam Houston State UniversityTriangle Club John D. Davis - 3Sustaining Contributor Hoang Nam Thomas Nguyen - 1

Rho-SigmaGrand Valley State UniversityHome ChapterTEF Director Lee M. Stacey

Triangle Club Drew P. Cataldo - 4Fraters Club Aron G. Carlson - 2 Heath O. Warmbein - 4Sustaining Contributor Andrew K. Trautman - 2

Rho-TauUniversity of Michigan-DearbornTriangle Club Jason A. Halprin - 19 Christopher L. Simons - 7

Rho-UpsilonFranklin CollegeTriangle Club James K. Whitehouse, II - 3Fraters Club Michael Harwood - 2Sustaining Contributor Donnie E. Aldrich - 4 Bryston W. Cutter - 5

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (59)

Grand ChapterHome ChapterTKE Chief Executive Officer Steven A. Ramos (2011 - )TEF Director Don Johnson

Triangle Club Robert M. Levy - 1Fraters Club Luis A. Correa - 1 Kevin W. Johnson - 20 Michael Yochim - 3Sustaining Contributor John W. Deckard - 3

AlphaIllinois Wesleyan UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani Lester H. Martin (1906-11) William Wilson (1911-13) L. W. Tuesburg (1913-15, 1941-42) Lyle F. Straight (1915-17) Oscar G. Hoose (1917-18) Harrold P. “Tex” Flint (1918-21)Past TKE Executive Secretaries Harrold P. “Tex” Flint (1921-41) Lyle F. Straight (1941-43)

Apollo Club Richard K. Brush - 19Fraters Club David R. Artz - 1 Forrest L. De Vore - 3 Richard L. Meyers - 15Sustaining Contributor Robert N. Fischer, Jr. - 7 Arthur R. Leach - 13 Frederick W. Sherman - 10 John A. Tarter - 7

BetaMillikin UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Philip H. McGrath (1923-26) Clarence E. Smith (1937-39) Frank B. Scott (1957-1959)

Founders Club Mark Kuhnke, M.D. - 24Apollo Club William G. Klein - 35Triangle Club Fred J. Conville - 16 Michael W. Lengacher, CPA - 2 Dana A. Noble - 8 Russell P. Veldenz - 13 C. Joseph Weaver, Jr. - 11Fraters Club Steven A. Bates - 26 Robert D. Carnahan - 16 *Dan O. Henry - 8 Charles G. Nahatis - 3 Harry R. Sparks, Jr. - 3

Sustaining Contributor Robert E. Bloomquist - 1 Nicholas W. Carperos - 18 Gregg W. Guichard - 5 Irvin L. Johnson - 9 P. Michael Metcalf - 22 Michael A. Naylor - 7 Corwin D. Querrey, Jr. - 23 Scott T. Venters - 1

GammaUniversity of IllinoisHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Milton M. Olander (1828-30)Past TKE Executive Secretary Vernon J. Hampton (1945-58)

Founders Club Robert H. Bean - 19 Luis A. Correa, CAE - 5Apollo Club Robert W. Canty - 9Triangle Club Dale E. Biehler - 22 Samuel M. Gillespie - 14 Bernard S. Miller, Jr. - 4 Christopher J. Shoemaker - 1 William E. Shoulders - 25 Anthony J. Tangora, CFC - 10Fraters Club Russell R. Attis - 25 Robert W. Balch - 4 Gerald M. Carbonari - 3 Daniel M. Cordis - 1 Richard J. Erickson - 7 James M. Goodwine - 4 Neal A. Hellner - 1 Vadim L. Khavinson - 1 George E. Richards, Jr., DVM - 38 Ashkan Shirazi - 2 Brian R. Shoemaker - 1 Vince Stigler - 4 David F. Whedon - 17Sustaining Contributor Brian P. Delfin - 2 Patrick J. Doyle - 1 Nicholas A. Lekan - 1 Robert E. Moore - 15 Jaime R. Padilla - 1 Bronson S. Shavitz - 1 Miles A. Snyder - 19 John R. Sutton - 1

DeltaKnox CollegeTriangle Club Steven A. Jones, CFC - 34Fraters Club Robert C. Anderson - 4 Kenneth T. Johnson - 37 Milton R. Smith - 19 Darin T. Traff - 1 Frederick E. Wicks - 25

EpsilonIowa State UniversityHome ChapterPast Grand Prytanis Don Kaser (1959-63)

Fraternity for Life Club Roger C. Underwood - 4Grand Prytanis Club Edward C. Droste - 27Apollo Club Richard A. Carlson - 15 Mark J. Jensen - 34 Keith J. Smith, Ph.D. - 24Triangle Club Michael Beals - 2 Richard H. Brom - 8 Gene C. Lange - 34 Steven F. Mores - 38 Richard L. Olson - 26 Andrew L. Reynolds - 1 Mitchell E. Stock - 35 Alison L. Tanner - 15Fraters Club Paul L. Allphin - 2 George Burnet, Jr. - 29 Dean M. Coons - 20 Jack D. Cosgrove - 29 Robert H. Kaiser - 12 Joseph M. Nobile - 1 James S. Taylor - 38 John W. Thomas - 3Sustaining Contributor R. Michael Andersen - 35 C. Roger Buckmaster - 27 Jeffrey Engh - 1 Alexander Furleigh - 1 Philip A. Howland - 1 Matthew Kronlage - 1 Allen Kuehn - 1 Joseph W. Lucas - 7

Jack Sawyer - 19 Jonathan M. Turk - 2

ZetaCoe CollegeTriangle Club Charles W. Stevens, Jr. - 14 Glenn E. Woodmansee - 30Fraters Club Larry L. Larson - 18

EtaUniversity of ChicagoFraters Club Charles A. Sine, Jr. - 39

ThetaUniversity of MinnesotaHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani W. D. Reeve (1921-23) Leland F. Leland (1949-51)

Triangle Club Gene P. Wicklund - 22 John H. Wicks, Ph.D. - 32Fraters Club Lawrence J. Michel - 13 William R. Youngren - 4Sustaining Contributor Robert T. Gustafson - 29

IotaEureka CollegeHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani Miles Gray (1926-28) Eugene C. Beach (1930-35)

Fraternity for Life Club Daniel Lee Cummings - 10Triangle Club James M. Behling - 22 Earl E. Cunion - 36 Gregory D. Schroeder - 4 Timothy W. Stewart - 11Sustaining Contributor Ronald L. Aeschleman - 10 Harold L. Erwin - 31

KappaBeloit CollegeHome ChapterPast Grand Prytani Herbert H. Helble (1939-41) Charles E. Nieman (1942-44)


q 2010 donors

Sustaining Contributor Kevin M. Barrett - 5 Andrew M. Kelso - 1

Tau-BetaSonoma State UniversityTriangle Club Thomas M. Scott - 1Fraters Club Cameron Wright - 2

Tau-DeltaNew Jersey City UniversityTriangle Club Michael J. Drozd - 3Fraters Club Frank Schiavone, Jr. - 2

Tau-EpsilonUniversity of Hawaii at ManoaTriangle Club William J. Tobin - 2Fraters Club Cory Williams - 13Sustaining Contributor Paul J. Benson - 1 Douglas High - 2

Tau-ZetaWestern Connecticut State UniversityFraters Club David J. Kozlowski, CFC - 12

Tau-ThetaFairleigh Dickinson University, MadisonTriangle Club Mark Mattera - 1 Eric Thomas - 1Sustaining Contributor Shane Balkaran - 1 David A. Bourdette - 2 Isaac Calvo - 1 Michael Carr - 1 Corbin M. Dean - 2 Eloy J. Delgado - 1 Robert D. Devarona - 1 Chris Dimoulas - 1 Alexander Dupuis - 1 William Fleming - 1 Nick Goydish - 1 Jacob D. Krauss - 1 Nicholas Mainor - 1 Joseph A. Marra - 1 Charles R. Messina, III - 1 Alexander L. Morse - 2 Tony Naia - 1 Romiel Noumbissi - 1 Matthew Popola - 1 Miguel A. Rodriguez - 1 Zack Ryan - 1 Chris Salpetro - 1 Max Stein - 1 Louis Vetter - 1 William Wolynic - 1 Edward Zaneski - 1

Tau-LambdaKean UniversityApollo Club Joseph DeAngelo, III - 8Triangle Club Vincent Pezzino - 1 Kyle K. Slaski - 11Fraters Club Cruz Gracia - 3

Tau-NuShawnee State UniversitySustaining Contributor Brian D. Saul - 3

Tau-PiPace University-ManhattanTriangle Club Steven Gilberto - 1 Brian M. Tietje - 13

Tau-RhoCalifornia State University, San MarcosSustaining Contributor Nicholis Bowser - 1 Lawson Brown - 1 Ricardo Campos - 1 Thomas Coyle - 1 Brenton Crose - 1 Cyprian Czarnocki - 1 Dorian Deptuch - 1 Tyler DeTarsio - 1 Dustin J. DiFabio - 1 Frank Escalle - 1 Trevor Frerking - 1 Gregory Gershman - 1 Jason Gonzales - 1 Alex Guerrero - 1 Mike Johnson - 1 John Kincannon - 1 Travis Kipper - 1 Tim Kirkham - 1 Michael Love - 1 Daniel Mason - 1 David W. Moran - 2 Zach Morrison - 1 Cong Nguyen - 1 Jorge Olea - 1 John Perrillo - 1 Rocco Petrillo - 1 Brandon Pyle - 1 Ricky Reina - 1 Aaron Robinson - 1 Brian Schnese - 1 Daniel Stephenson - 1 Christopher Vascellaro - 1 Brandon M. Wong - 1

Tau-TauCoastal Carolina UniversityFounders Club Dustin Capps - 2Triangle Club Matthew S. Gardner - 1 Drew McCrary - 1Fraters Club Mike T. Vendituoli - 8

Tau-UpsilonLouisiana State University in ShreveportFraters Club Michael Modica - 6

Tau-PhiUniversity of PittsburghTriangle Club James M. Julius - 1

Tau-ChiCarthage CollegeTriangle Club Adam T. Kelly - 1

Tau-PsiUniversity of West FloridaApollo Club Ethan M. Stubbs, II - 3

Tau-OmegaCarleton UniversityTriangle Club Richard L. Steinhardt - 1 Christopher H. Sullivan - 3Sustaining Contributor Sean Finn - 1

Upsilon-AlphaSpring Hill CollegeTriangle Club Colten Biro - 2 LeMoyne Colston - 1 Clinton C. Crow - 6 Matthew J. Previts - 11Sustaining Contributor Luis Alvarado - 1

Upsilon-BetaCalifornia State University, NorthridgeTriangle Club Angel R. Quiroz - 2Sustaining Contributor Ross Yellon - 1

Upsilon-GammaUniversity of Minnesota DuluthFraters Club Andrew D. Kadlec - 2Sustaining Contributor Bradley Bedford - 1 Andrew S. Grengs - 1 David Wadsworth - 2

Upsilon-DeltaSaginaw Valley State UniversityTriangle Club Daniel R. Porta - 2Fraters Club Jason P. Galea - 2 Joseph Zehnder - 1Sustaining Contributor Evan Ranshaw - 5 Daniel R. Scott - 1

Upsilon-ZetaAngelo State UniversitySustaining Contributor Hondo J. Conine - 1

Upsilon-EtaUniversity of Ontario Institute of TechnologySustaining Contributor Jeremy Ali - 1 Bryan Barclay - 1 James Batchelor - 1 Wayne Carrasco - 1 Eric Chappel - 1 Alexander Christie - 1 Christopher Cowie - 1 Eric Dillane - 1 Costa Frickelton - 1 Patrick Haines - 1 Sean Holdbrook - 1 Wesley Juan - 1 Scott Lipchitz - 1 Dallas Marple - 1 Matt Mesley - 1 Kyle Mulrooney - 1 Philip Nicole - 1 Ranil Patel - 1 Kirshan Ravindran - 1


Eric Rosendale - 1 Amit Sharma - 1 Kirk Stalkie - 1 Luc Swenker - 1 Nicholas Vetrone - 1 Daniel Vicente - 1 Anthony Whiteman - 1 Andreas Zois - 1

Upsilon-ThetaUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore CountyTriangle Club Patrick Smith - 1

Upsilon-IotaIndiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisGrand Prytanis Club Alex D. Baker - 2Triangle Club Jack Price - 3 Daniel L. Shields - 2Sustaining Contributor Matthew A. Gutierrez - 1 Cory P. Martin - 1 Daniel E. Roberts - 1

Upsilon-MuNew York Institute of Technology-ManhattanTriangle Club Raymond M. Pyrcz - 1 Dylan Vidoli - 1

Upsilon-NuUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillTriangle Club Aaron M. Roberts - 2

Upsilon-XiOakland UniversityTriangle Club Eric M. Bonneville - 2Sustaining Contributor Joshua Bray - 1 Daniel Dobbins - 1 Michael J. Dunaskiss - 1 Randy Fullmer - 1 Jeffrey O. Lamkin - 1 Ryan R. Lara - 1 Nicholas S. McCormick - 2 Matthew J. Mulka - 1 David Nacy - 1 Louis Teeter - 1 Matt Thomas - 1

Andrew Wahnschaff - 1

Upsilon-Omicron American UniversitySustaining Contributor Corey Lim - 1 Nicholas Tan - 1

TKE ColonyBarry UniversitySustaining Contributor Raymond P. Simeon - 2

TKE ColonyCalifornia State University-East BayTriangle Club Matthew Harvey - 1Sustaining Contributor Robert Lombardo - 1

TKE ColonyCalifornia State University, StanislausSustaining Contributor Daniel Gasparo - 1

TKE ColonySUNY DelhiSustaining Contributor John Addington - 1 Andrew T. Burns - 1 D’Artagnan Carcana - 1 Greg Donovan - 1 William Morrison, II - 1 John D. Olsson - 1 Than Oo - 1 Mike Specioso - 2 Arthur J Sutton - 1 Charles Sweeney - 1

TKE ColonySUNY-FredoniaTriangle Club Joshua M. Schmidt - 1

TKE ColonyUniversity of Arkansas-MonticelloTriangle Club Christopher L. Johnson - 3Fraters Club Brett Eckert - 2

TKE ColonyUniversity of TennesseeSustaining Contributor William B. Fitch - 9

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (60)

David S. BaxterThomas H. BeadlesThomas M. BeckerGary E. BenjaminBeta HoldingDavid L. BohlineJohn A. Jack BorgerdingBruce E. Carlson, CFCThomas M. Castner, CFCRaymond G. ChambersLenwood S. CochranJohn S. DanielDale G. DeKokMarilyn DemeterBryon G. DeysherBeatrice DunningS. Todd Farmer, Jr., CFCRaymond W. FranklinDavid K. GossEdward G. GregoryMrs. Josephine G. HallJames B. Hall, IISusan HansonRobert W. HolderIndiana Ntl BankPaul R. JohnstonDavid R. JonesKappa-Psi ChapterMichael D. KeebaughMark Kuhnke, M.D.Gary A. LaBranche, CFCJohn G. LemkeyJames S. Margolin, PGPMichael G. McLaughlinDaniel S. MeadJohn D. MeisenhelderBruce B. Melchert, CFCThomas C. MilesAlfredo J. MolinaJohn H. NelsonEdward M. O’Shaughnessy, Jr.Pi Chapter House CorpJames F. PlaceTracy S. PolleyGary A. ReedFrederick G. Ruffner, Jr.James R. RummelJerome E. Schewe, CFCKenneth M. SheppardChristian B. SilgeDavid C. Smail, Jr.Michael A. Smith

Tony ClemensRobert W. ConklinDan L. ConnollyArthur Y. CooperClyde R. DoddEdward R. Dominy, CFCAllyn C. Donaldson, Jr.James W. DukeJoseph H. EberlyFrank S. FerrisJames D. FialaMagnus Flaws, Jr.Daniel D. FreebergDavid A. Goodman, M.D.Chris A. Grasso, CFCGilbert E. HaakhJason A. HalprinDavid J. HamernikChristopher T. HansonEarle H. Harbison, Jr.Brian F. HarmsJames W. HarrillBrad L. HarrisHarry E. HawkinsJames J. HickeyJay P. HochstaineJohn B. HodgdonKurt L. HofferRichard L. HollisJames M. HookerRichard W. Horrigan, Jr.Hervey A. HotchkissDon W. HulseyStanley W. HungerfordJohn B. HuttoIota-Omega Board of AdvisorsMichael J. JohnsonSteven A. Jones, CFCJerome A. KaufmanJames M. KiltsTed T. KubalaBenjamin R. LaffertyMichael R. LangJ. Andrew LanganLeagre Chandler & Millard, LLPLouis L. LeBlanc, CAEFred C. LelandHenry C. H. LeungTommy W. LottJohn T. LudesBenjamin C. MadeyJohn R. McCarthyRobert N. McIntire, Ph.D.Robert L. MeyerDavid W. MillerScott A. MilnerMinnesota Mutual LifeDavid R. MooreRobert L. NardelliJustin B. NastJoseph P. NgDr. Jerry C. NimsJohn E. M. Oglesby, CFCThomas E. OolePaul F. OrefficeStanley F. PatekEugene H. PattisonDaniel C. PelletierErik J. PlatenbergJohn W. PlumbJohn N. PrevasRobert J. PulsKenneth D. Reid CAEPatrick J. Reilly, CFCFr. W. Patrick ResenRho-Beta Chapter

John A. SaxtonKenneth R. SchildThomas W SchoutenRichard E. SchultzRonald E. SillsRussell L. SliderJeffrey A. SmithLinda M. SmithBob L. SokolowskiConnie R. Solum, Jr.Herbert L. SongerPaul A. SpechtCharles W. StoldtJoseph H. Straughan, IIIBob N. TenneyWilliam A. ThompsonC. Nelson Tomblin, Jr.Edward F. Tucker

Luis A. Correa, CAESteven N. CoryWendell M. CramerAlan M. Crosta, Jr., M.D., CFCRobert G. CundithEarl E. CunionJames Ron DavisWillett C. DeadyMary L. DelaneyFrederick J. Denckhoff, Jr.Michael J. Di RestaRichard J. DiMarzioMerritt R. DimbathJohn C. DimmerJoe A. DumbauldRodney W. DunhamAaron C. Dunn, CFCMark Eidelman, D.D.S.Anne M. Eklund-WhitticarWilliam E. ElliottMartin E. EllnerSteven L. EngelhardArmen L. EnkababianGary L. Epperson, CFCRichard L. ErmlerRichard A. EustisTheodore E. EvansDonald L. FalkJames E. FargoBrian T. FerberClark W. FetridgeJames E. Fitzmorris, Jr.Lawrence G. Foster, Jr.Kevin J. FoxRoss L. FranksJohn C. FravelJohn R. GarmanDaniel M. GarveyAnne GeroDon E. GilesJohn T. GillSamuel M. GillespieCharles A. Gillis, P.E.Erik L. GlennKeith D. GobleRay E. GoebelRonald E. GoodwinRobert J. Graham, Ed.D.Richard F. GrayDonald H. GreeleyF. Harger GreenHoward V. GregoryDennis R. GuentherMartin GuerraRobert J. GuerrierieGary L. HafenRand P. Hall, CFCCharles F. Harner, Jr.James H. HarrisScott W. HatfieldKevin A. Helms, CFCS. David HemphillChristopher H. HerrEdward D. HerringshawWilliam T. Hicks, IIThomas J. HoganThayer S. HolbrookCharles D. HolmesRussell M. HoltzRobert E. HoweLes A. Hudson, Jr.James D. HughesHerb C. HuserJames R. IngrassiaT. Steve IvanKevin G. Iverson

Daniel B. StephensRodney G. TalbotThe Haeyoung & Kevin Tang Founda-tion, Inc.Thatcher FoundationTheta-Chi EscrowDavid R. WallaceNorman R. WeldonJames D. WilliamsE. Wayne Williamson

TRIANGLE SOCIETYGifts of $5,000 - $9,999

David L. Adco*ck, CFCLloyd A. AlabackErnest A. Autin, Jr.Richard M. BalueWilliam R. Bruns, IIIJean R. BuchenSherman K. BurdRobert L. ByersAnthony Cavotto

Roger C. UnderwoodNeal R. VandewalleSteven G. WedgeSoren R. WehnerJ. Andrew WeidmanMiles C. WilkinCharles W. WittersJustin B. WooAlan E. WrightZeta-Kappa Alumni Association

FOUNDERS SOCIETYGifts of $2,500 - $4,999

Michael J. AlbanoAdrian L. AldredgeBobby F. Allen, IIIEdward M. AndersonKenneth L. AndersonK. Allen AndersonGeorge J. AngelosRobert M. AshbrookLambert D. Austin, Jr.Jerry F. BakerRobert R. BarrettChristopher J. BarronEdward W. BarryRobert H. BeanJohnston B. BellJohn M. BergeyAlvin R. BergrenRobert A. BirdR. Felix Bishop, CFCStanley F. BizotMark A. BlazerStanley W. BlumRobert W. BoeselScott D. BoyerWilliam M. BrackneyWilbur C. Bragg, IIErik L. BrannonStephen C. BrantWilliam E. BrayJ. Edward BrewerRichard K. BrushAlan P. BudahlFrederick M. BurkeDick H. BurwashAlfred E. Cambridge, Jr.Ronald A. CarsonSteve E. CassadyStewart B. CerierJames L. ChapmanDan R. CheathamRoss A. CherrySteven G. ChristovichCarl W. Cooper



q lifetime giving clubs


SinceTauKappaEpsilonistheFraternityforLife,theFoundationthoughtitwouldbefittingtoacknowledgethelifetimegivinglevelsofourmembers. As the years progress, it is exciting to see our members progress higher and higher in these giving club levels. As we continue to grow,welookforwardtomorememberstakingtheirrightfulspotonthisesteemedlist.ThenamesbelowareonlythosewhoarestillintheGrandChapteranddonotincludefaithfulTekeswhohavejoinedtheChapterEternal.ForthosewhoaremembersoftheChapterEternal,pleaserefer to the Chapter Eternal Honor Roll.

SCHOLARS SOCIETYGifts of $10,000 - $24,999

Gabriel AnayaJohn W. Anderson FdnPaul C. Aspinwall

SOCIETY of 1899Gifts of $250,000 or more

Richard C. ErnestSteve J. MuirElmer R. SmithGregory P. Woodson

GRAND PRYTANIS’ CIRCLEGifts of $100,000 - $249,999

Anonymous DonorMark A. Fite, CFCDon JohnsonLonnie G. Justice, CFCWilliam V. Muse, CFCDonald R. Tapia

PRESIDENTS CIRCLEGifts of $50,000 - $99,999

Daniel W. BowerDonald A. Campbell, Jr.John A. Courson, CFCChristopher EberJohn C. Fitzgerald, Jr.W. Allan HerzogMark K. JohnsonCharles J. Trabold

LEADERS SOCIETYGifts of $25,000 - $49,999

Shawn A. BabineRobert J. BorelKevin J. BrockJames E. Crockard, IIIDaniel Lee CummingsEdward C. DrosteRussell H. HeilFredrick T. JacobiJoel E. Johnson, CFCBenny L. JohnsonBrent B. JohnsonWallace E. Johnston, Jr.Kevin M. Mayeux, CAEMichael A. Moxley, CFCGerald J. MurphyRobert L. Olcott, CAEJohn B. PhillipsRobert D. PlanckKevin H. PollardMark C. Romig, CFCT. J. Schmitz, CFCLee M. StaceyTimothy L. TaschwerJames L. TottenVanguard Charitable Endowment ProgramJonn M. WullschlegerJames V. Wyllie

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (61)

Larrison C. Jackson, CFCJacob Marlie Financial, Inc.Mark A. JacobsonWalter K. Janssen, M.D.Bobby A. JarredStephen R. JenneC. Richard JeppesenMichael K. JhinDwight L. Johnson, Jr.Donald B. Jones, Jr.Richard L. JoossensGotz Junkers-LommatzschRoger N. KahlePhillip G. KallasBrian L. KeckGeorge KeglBruce P. KerzicRobert O. Kincart, CHMMClaude J. KlugSteve M. KoperNoel J. KottJohn C. KrantzRichard J. KurtykaWilliam H. Lambert, Jr.Rex A. LammHoward T. LananEdward F. LaneGary M. LazorR. K. Lee, CFCChris R. LeemonDr. Ron LennonRichard A LenonMaurice J. LindquistJerry A. LinzyMichael K. LittlefordDouglas M. LoeweBruce A. LorenzRichard B. LynchWilliam B. MacLeodJohn E. MaczkoDonald A. MaderJohn E. MahonyCraig E. MajorJames F. MandarinoLaird D. MatthewsMark K. McAlister, D.D.S., M.S.A. James McCollumHoward F. McCormack, Jr.Gordon L. McKinnieRobert I. McMurryDonald J. McQuaigAlbert D. MengKarl H. MettkeWilliam J. Metzger, Jr.Chuck MilamAllen W. MilburnMark G. MillerJohn R. J. MillerJames B. MinerWylie H. MitchellRobert C. MoehleMelvin O. MoehleWilliam W. Montgomery, IIIMark B. MontgomeryFrank A. Morelli, D.P.S.Joseph A. MoretzKarl G. MoreyRonald J. Moser, Jr.Alan F. MulveyTimothy J. Murphy, CFCChristopher P. MurphyWilliam R. NadicksberndBryan D. NewmanLee P. NewmanPaul S. Nix, IIIRonald R. NodenMichael J. OhrtRichard L. OlsonOmega Chapter Alumni AssociationA. Gordon OrsbornEnlow A. OseWebster W. PalmquistMichael R. PalomboDavid M. ParkerSteven L. PayneLino PenasElmer R. PensackJohn M. Perme, Jr.Ron R. PetriniRobert J. Petrone

Stephen M. PettyMark A. PillarBryce S. PlesnerA. Thomas PokelaKenneth PollockYork D. Poole, IIIDavid A. PutnamJoseph S. RaabD. Thomas RameyCarl W. RasmusenEric S. Ratinoff, CFCRobert H. RayJohn A. ReaganRegions BankDarrel E. ReifschneiderRichard J. RenaudVictor M. RenteriaTimothy G. RichtsmeierGordon K. RieskeRobert R. RietzMartin R. RiskinEugene A. RondashRonald A. RosienSteven T. RossWilliam R. RotheJ. Patrick RowlandJack R. SandersGeorge Schaeffer, III, USNDean-Ross Schessler, CFCJeffery J. SchnellhardtGene P. Schulstad, Jr.Dwight R. SedgwickNed R. SerrioBradley W. Shelton

OPPORTUNITY OUT OF DEFEAT CLUBGifts of $1,000 - $2,499

Richard M. AaronsonSteven D. AbernathyGilbert F. AdamsMichael A. AdamsRobert P. AdlerLowell AhartEugene D. AimoneJohn M. AlbrightDaniel AlcalaC. Dale AllenWilliam W. AllsoppAlpha ThetaDonato J. Altobelli, Jr.William F. AmiraultThomas R. AmorusoDale L. AndersenR. Michael AndersenTodd C. AndersonPeter A. AndersonCarl W. AndersonDavid J. AndersonArthur E. AndersonJohn C. AngusThomas T. AntonecchiaRobert C. Antonelli, Jr.Edward A. Apffel, Jr.Steven W. ArdDavid R. Arday, M.D., M.P.H.W. Wayne Arend, Jr.Tom ArnoldMerit R. ArnoldSheldon ArpadJoseph R. ArthurRobert M. AshcraftJoshua L. AtkinsonLarry H. AxelsonT. Brian BakemanAlex D. BakerJames M. BakerGeorge W. Baldwin, Jr.Don S. BalkaLuke A. BallRichard E. BankesMatthew D. BarcliftRonald V. BardalBruce S. BarlowSmith BarneyRobert P. BaroneRobert L. Barr, Jr.Larry K. BarrettJoseph M. BartaDennis H. BarthelRobert N. BassBrian L. BatesDavid E. BatesCoy L. BatsonRobert S. BattlesMark M. BaumbackThomas A. BaxterJoe N. BeamC. Larry BeaverP. Stephan BedrosianJames M. BehlingRalf C. BeilhardtRichard B. BellEdward M. Bennett, Ph.D.James M. BenwareFrederick A. BergRoger A. BergerRobert E. Berktold, M.D.Alexander Berman, IIJeffrey W. BernoJohn W. Berry, Jr.Matthew J. BeshearRobert L. BestBeta-Epsilon ChapterAllen W. BethellRaymond T. Beurket, IIIOrvil G. BicknellGeorge A. BidansetDale E. BiehlerJohn L. BilisolyFrank G. BilottaBrian D. BixlerKenneth L. Black

Christopher M. Blais, M.D.Norman S. BledsoeRobert B. Bliss, Jr.Thomas C. BlockDonald E. BloomRichard J. BlumWilliam D. BodenWilliam E. BodnarDaniel J. BoehmkeBrad BohannanWalter E. BohnstedtEdward F. BolandDJ Boland, Jr.Joseph E. BolesLionel G. BollingerBiff W. Bonnivier, Jr.Norman P. BorkowskiMichael F. BornDavid J. BorowskyBrian M. BosargeDavid D. BoselyGregory G. BotchJavis J. BoudreauxEdward J. BoulbolJoseph V. Bowen, Jr.Rodney G. BowersSheldon W. Boyce, Jr., Esq.Steven H. Boyd, Jr.T. Harry Boyd, Jr.Brian P. BoyerHenry A. BrackmanDavid F. BradyM. Declan Bransfield, IIIEdward W. BrassErnest P. BraucherJohn H. BredenfoerderBryan D. BredthauerDonald W. BrinckmanEdward G. Briner, IIIIrvin Brobeck, Jr.Michael J. BrocatoSteven W. BrockelKenneth H. BrockschmidtJohn T. BrowderEdward T. Brown, Ph.D.Robert W. BrownBen F. Brown, IIIBryan W. BrownDaryl E. BrumleyBruce D. BucherDennis A. BuchheitWilliam W. BuddenhagenArthur BudzakRobert M. BuhlDavid V. Buhl, Jr.Ronald W. BullockArthur L. Buraglio, Jr.Anthony P. BurgerCharles BurginPeter M. BurkleJames R. BurmeisterGeorge Burnet, Jr.Gilbert N. BurnetMichael K. BurnleyTerry D. BurnsRobert M. BusbyTony F. ButalaRobert E. Butler, CFCDonald A. BuzzellJustin E. ByersAron H. BylanderElwyn L. Cady, Jr.Anthony J. Camerio, ChFCDouglas B. CampbellFrank A. CangemiJames C. CanonRobert W. CantyFrank H. Capehart, IIIM. Douglas CarlsonGerald P. Carr, Ph.D.Charles C. CarusoAlexander B. CarverAlan B. CasmereRoger R. CedilloRichard J. Cellino, Sr.Pete T. CenarrusaEric M. ChamberlainJohn ChamberlainJoseph H. ChambersBilly J. Chambers

John R. ChapmanJohn R. ChapmanNorman L. ChapmanHanco*ck ChauEdward J. CheaneyR. Bruce ChisholmJoseph A. ChrismanScott R. ChristiansenThomas H. ChristiansonH. Earle ChristiansonAlbert H. G. ChunPatrick C. CinielloRene CintronGerald D. ClarkJames M. Clayton, CFCFrederick B. ClearwaterWilliam B. Clegg, Jr.Richard A. ClementsDonald G. ClodfelterStephen K. CloetinghChristopher L. CobleDaniel J. CodespotiGerald J. CoghlanRobert A. ColacelloMatthew S. M. ColeSamuel T. ColeridgeDavid E. CollierArthur R. Collins, Jr.Tom ColognaCombined Federal CampaignLeonard M. ComptonJoseph E. ConnorKenneth L. ConoverFred J. ConvilleRobert A. CookDonald B. Cook, CFCPaul L. CooperDiane CooperRobert O. CopelandMichael J. CorbyWilliam S. Corey, Jr.Mike W. Cornett, Sr.Dan E. CorrellMichael V. CorriganJack D. CosgroveJ. Kennedy Costello, IIIJon D. CozeanChris D. CraftHarry F. CramerWilliam V. CramerGus P. Cramond, IIILarry A. CrispEdwin L. CrockerDaniel J. CrockerTerrance J. Croco, CFCThomas D. CroftGene E. Cross, Jr.William J. CullinaneJeffrey A. CurtisLeon J. DaciekPaul F. D’AdamoByron W. Daniels, Col. (Ret.)Jack C. DartMichael C. DavidsonLester W. DavisDonald A. DavisPeter M. DawsonGary A. DayDaniel De Los SantosJohn F. De TurkJoseph DeAngelo, IIIJack W. DeBoltRobert DeCubellisJoseph P. DeJohnWilliam S. DeLeonardis, Jr.Jerry V. DeLeonardo, Jr.Delta-Nu Alumni AssociationDelta-Xi ChapThomas Delutz, Jr.H. Stanley Dennis, Jr.Donn H. DennistonJohn L. DentzerJames R. DePauwPhillip R. Derengowski, Sr.John R. DewMarc C. Di LiddoRichard M. E. DibbleLloyd D. DickensheetsDavid M. Diehl, CPABennie S. Diliberto

Joe H. Shinn, Ph.D.William A. SimmonsNicholas F. Siviglia, Jr.James H. SloopJohn C. Smit, Jr.Keith J. Smith, Ph.D.Hugh C. Sobottka, D.D.S.Frank J. SondererWilliam A. StarkConrad F. StempelDavid W. StockEdmund J. SutroRobert D. Taflinger, CAERalph M. TaitCharles S. TappanJohn T. Taylor, CFCJames A. TennantGary A. TerrillJohn M. ThompsonHayes W. Thompson, CFCStephen G. TimberlakeRay F. TodakJohn A. TomlinsonHenry H. Triplett, Jr., Ph.D.Frank P. TroostBob TroyerJack L. UfheilUpsilon ChapterJames C. UptonPaul H. VagniniRussell P. VeldenzJohn B. ViscegliaThomas S. Wade, Jr.Glenn M. WagnerRichard N. WalkerTimothy D. WardlowDavid L. Weamer, Jr.Herman Jack WebbJonathan P. WeirDavid J. WellerB. Lavon WellsRichard T. WestDavid K. WheelerFrederick E. WicksJohn H. Wicks, Ph.D.Gary E. WiedleFinn WilhelmsenRobert C. WilliamsJeffrey P. WincelGene W. WittJohn M. WolfLee B. WoodburyGregory S. Wyatt, CFCMichael A. YagjianStephen P. Zachmann


q lifetime giving clubs

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (62)

Ronald C DiliddoWilliam D. DilksMichael P. DiMaggioRichard E. DinkelKeith A. DirksAnthony DiSantoWilliam E. DittenhafferMark W. DivelyGeorge A. DixonDuane D. DockterJohn Christopher DorrWilliam W. Dorsey, Sr.MacDonald R. Drane, Jr.Gary G. DrennonLeon A. Driss, M.D., P.C.Wallace F. DroegemuellerRichard E. DryerMax L. Dufeny, Jr.Arthur S. DuffyJames R. Dugan, Jr.Karen J. DukeDunkin DonutsChristopher R. DyckmanTawnya R. DysarzPatrick K. EastDavid E. EbbelerRobert D. EberwineAlbert S. Eckilson, Jr.Paul E. EcklerJulius J. Edelmann Jr., CFCK. Donald EdwardsRobert M. EhrlichMichael S. EickhoffFred R. Elias, Jr.William C. EllsAlbert C. Elser, IIF. Albert ElyFrank J. EmerickGordon E. EngleKevin L. EnglishRonald C. EppersonDavid W. EppihimerRonald L. ErvinHarold L. ErwinJack L. EsteppJames P. EvansJohn M. EverettJustin A. EversCharles W. EversonDavid G. FairweatherJames C. FargoJames H. FassbenderRonald H. FenelonDavid J. FerranDavid W. FerrisJohn A. A. FestaRick E. FeuerGraham P. FileanThomas J. FilipkowskiDavid A. FioreFirst USA BankFirsTier BankStephen H. FischerKent O. FlandroEdwin S. FlatoffBrent E. FlechsigDavid W. FleetwoodThomas E. FlowersDavid H. FluckeJames L. FoghtRichard M. FoleyDale R. FoleyEasmon J. FordRichard L. FordSteven D. ForellDouglas M. FortnerRobert E. FosterBill D. FrancisRobert B. FranklinFranklin MintPaul H. FreyRalph G. Frick, D.D.S.Jon D. FriedlandThomas A. FritzJ. B. FritzJeffrey C. FroehleDonald C. GackleAndrew J. GaleJoseph D. GalganoEugene Gallant, Jr.

Agostino T. GalluzzoJames L. GammonJames L. Garard, IIRobert R. GardCarl J. GarkowskiWilliam M. Garrett, IIDarren J. GarveyFrank G. GarzoliniRichard A. GauseWilliam C. GeisenThomas C. GeorgeMichael W. GerberickJavier GeronimoRobert L. Gibson, IIIGary J. GigerHenry H. GildemeisterRichard W. GillBruce D. GillettWilliam E. GilmanWallace M. GinnEugene E. GinoliDavid B. GinsburgSteve GirardFred P. GlennieSteven A. GloverMarion B. Glover, Jr.Jason J. GoitiaMartin L. GoldsmithMichael P. GoniaOmega S. GonzalesFougere D. GordonRussell K. GordonHerbert H. GrabbDick E. GraceBob W. GrahamDouglas A. GrahamJames A. GrahamJohn B. GrantCapper C. GrantWilliam W. Grantham, Jr.Steven J. GreenbergRichard D. Greenleaf, Sr.Thomas Gretzinger, M.D.Roy L. Griffin, CPAJohn J. GrilloRobert E. GrissomJames L. Gross, Jr.Daniel E. GrotekeRobert T. GustafsonPeter GutzwillerWilliam K. HaasDonald M. HackerTheodore S. HaddadWilliam D. Hagen, IIIDonn K. HaglundRichard W. Halteman, Jr.Arthur T. HamfeldtGregory E. Hammond, USAF (Ret.)Jack W. HandeyMichael S. HandorfRichard L. HannaGary A. HannahW. David HardingNathan E. Hardwick, IVJack R. HarkleroadRoss D. Harris, Jr.Larry G. HartDavid A. HartleyJames E. HatchW. Jerome HatchDavid S. Haworth, IIIDavid HayNorman D. HaynesDavid L. HaywardJohn M. HeadWilliam M. HeathMichael S. Hecker, CFCStephen G. HeilemannDaniel C. HelixEdwin R. HemphillGeorge F. HemptChester G. HendersonJames O. HendricksDennis C. HerculesGary B. HermannSnyder E. Herrin, IIW. Kent HerronGilbert L. HershbergerThomas L. Hicks, M.D.David C. Hicks

William R. Hilgendorff, Jr.Darrell G. HillEric P. HillnerJoseph B. HoageAlan W. HockenjosWilliam D. HoefleRobert H. HofferFrank A. HoffmanG. Kurt HogaboomTimothy R. HolbrookKenneth R. HooksLyle L. HooverMichael R. HooverJames H. Hopkins, IIICecil P. Horn, Jr.Samuel M. HortonPaul A. HotmerOra E. Hubbart, Jr.James A. HudlowCharles H. HuettnerJohn D. HugginsPeter D. HugginsKenton W. HughesDonna HughesLarry G. HullHarold S. HumMark A. HuntThomas J. HurdTrent M. HurleyJonathon B. HusbyRodney J. HuttonGeorge B. HuyskenI P & LDouglas C. IkelmanJames G. InglisS. James IslamBrian & Linda JackmanE. Gregg JacksonRichard A. JacobsEllis JacobsRobert G. JacobsenJames C. JacobsenDavid E. JacobsenRussell E. JacobusPaul J. JanusPhillip W. JarrellRoger O. JarvisJasper County Farm Bureau CoopSteven JaycoxAlve L. JemtrudJohn C. JenkinsWalter W. Jenny, Jr.Mark J. JensenFred L. JensenDavid L. JensenGregory L. Jessup, Sr.Donald N. JohnsVernon E. JohnsonLeo F. JohnsonJohn J. JohnsonDouglas S. JohnsonKevin W. JohnsonBob D. JohnsonDonald L. JohnsonMrs. Katherine R. JohnstonRonald E. JonesJohn A. JoskoStephen D. JoyceGary D. JunghansWilliam F. KabourekNicholas P. KafasisRoger P. KalinowskyJon M. Kaliszewski, M.D.Joseph C. KaluhaStephen B. KaminskiDavid C. KasperMike J. KazacosMark R. Keaton, M.D.Brian J. KeeneyMichael R. Keim, D.D.S.Roger J. KeithCharles D. KellamBryan P. KellerJohn V. Kelly, Jr.Joseph W. KellyJames K. Kennedy, IIIThomas J. KennedyDonald G. KennedyRobert Kenner, IVT. Alvin Kepley

Paul J. KerryJohn L. KesslerEzekial G. KeyesDavid T. KeysJoseph KicakHelen KingJohn D. Kipley, LTC (Ret.)Kent W. KirkhamKirklin & Company, LLC.Kerry W. KissingerSteve R. KlaersWilliam G. KleinKirk E. KleinRichard L. KleinFrancis J. KlugeRoy D. KnappRobert K. KnezevicRichard S. KnightTerry E. KnightMark E. KoenigRobert G. KohmTheodore J. KohnenGerald C. KonnStephen H. KorzeniowskiWilliam E. KoudeleGary L. KounkelChristopher F. KozelFrederic B. KraftJohn R. KraftDonald E. KramerGregory K. KramerThomas G. KrauseRobert L. KravitzEric KriegerKenneth J. KroftCharles F. KronsagenT. Chris Krueger, Sr.Thomas J. KuchanStanley KuczynskiChuck G. Kuhn, Jr.Kenneth N. KumminsJohn KyriazisGary R. La PerleRichard K. LaidlawWillis D. LandonRobert C. LandrumChristopher W. LandseaGene C. LangeEugene F. LaurendeauDon A. LawrieDennis A. LawsJ. Mike LawterGary D. Le AndreRichard M. LeagreDavid H. LeavittDaniel Y. LeongHarry R. LeskoIra S. LetofskyStanley LewThomas P. LibonateThomas C. LicataJuan A. LiceagaDonn R. LidingtonGary K. Liebschner P.E.Curtis O. Liles, IIIDaniel R. LindsayJames W. Lindsey, Jr.Reid C. D. LinneyJoel W. LinscottLee M. LippertCharles W. LittleA. S. (Pete) LittlefieldRaymond J. Lloyd, Jr.Charles E. LockeAlan R. LoeffelmanRaymond P. LoftusRalph F. LofyJean-Pierre LoMonacoJohn G. LongJames S. LongCharles R. LongGene C. Loomis, Jr.Robert A. LossJames D. LoveringRobert S. LoweMichael J. LudwigPeter H. LukeshThomas S. LuptowskiJames G. LuthTimothy R. Lynn

Bruce S. MaccabeeJohn R. MacGregorAlexander L. MackayKenneth H. MacLeodDwight D. MaddessJerry M. MadisonRoland H. MageeJoseph L. Maggini, Sr.James L. MalloryErni S. MannAlbert P. ManzoJeffrey MarJeffrey M. MarangiStephen C. MarcusDoug and Francie MarkhamScott C. MarksMichael J. MaroneyJohn E. MarquardtRichard J. MarquartPhillip R. MarroneJohn G. Marshall, CLU, ChFCJerome A. MartinekHenry H. MarvinCorey G. Mathews, CAEMax MathewsG. Stewart Mathison, CFCCory W. MattSteven R. MatthewsDave H. MattinglyMatthew F. Maury, IVCharles H. MayRussell F. MazdaLeon W. Mazurie, IIMichael F. McAvoyJohn R. McBrideHunter P. McCartneyWilliam R. McCaulleyCharles K. McClainRaymond N. McClureKevin J. McColeKevin E. McCormickJames W. McCoyDaniel B. McDuffieWilliam J. McElroy, IIIJohn M. McFarlandRichard S. McFeeJoseph D. McGeveranThomas G. McGowenGerard G. McGrathR. Loren McGuireJohn W. McHughThomas R. McKennaRickard W. McLeanW. Pat McNallyHarold N. McNamaraLee A. MearhoffHarmon S. Meeker, Jr.Scott D. MeltonGary G. MendenhallJesus S. MenendezMarvin R. MenschArnold B. MerrellMaurice W. MertzJames K. MeyerJames A. MeyersGary S. MichelMidland Nat’l LiMichael A. MillerDuane F. MillerDavid C. MillerEric J. MillerThomas G. MillerMiller Brewing CompanyAlan MilsteinRobert J. Minkler, Sr.Robert J. MitchellSteve M. MitchellHarmon L. MitchellRichard J. MoakCarm R. MoehleEdward C. MoehleRichard MohrmannMichael A. MokrosKurt A. MonsellBrian D. MontgomeryRobert C. MoodyRobert P. Moore, Col., USAF (Ret.)Paul H. MooreStephen J. MooreJoe H. Moorhead



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The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (63)

Steven F. MoresJeffrey S. MorganDonald B. MorganThomas E. Morgan, Jr.Takeshi MoriwakiJeffrey P. MorlierLeonard W. Morris, Jr.Kent R. MorrisonJames G. MortierJoel L. MoserGary L. MossmanDaniel B. MowreyCraig A. MoyerRobert A. MuhlbachRobert G. MukaiMichael J. MullenMichael V. MulliganMichael H. MundtDonald L. MurrayKenneth E. MyersRobin C. MyersRobert M. NaclerioRobert NakonThomas B. NallJoseph P. NappiLin T. NashIrvin S. NaylorJohn D. NeelJames A. NeelandsRudolph A. NefEdward A. NeffWilliam B. NeidlingerHoward D. NeighborKim L. NelsonMark R. NelsonHoward F. NemirDave L. NethertonRonald F. NeukamGregory E. NewenhofLawrence E. NewmanMark D. NewtonChristopher H. NilesRobert L. NoddinThomas V. NoonMack V. NormanRalph T. Northrup, Jr.Chauncey A. NortonDouglas N. Nott, Jr.Alan L. NovakDavid G. NovakNu Chapter Alumni AssocationDavid S. OakleyRobert E. O’BryanDonald J. OckerJohn M. O’DayStanley E. O’DellJohn W. OlanderMillard L. Oldham, Jr.Todd J. OlsonThomas E. O’MalleyGary M. Onady, M.D., Ph.D.T. Rod O’Neal, CFCJohn W. O’Reilly, Jr.Jeffrey H. OrloffWilliam D. OrrWilliam T. OsoskiM. Price Oswalt, CFCB. D. OwensJeffry R. PaddockWilliam C. Parfitt, Jr.Boyce G. ParksJohn PaulsonRobert W. PavlicekClifford M. PeakeBruce R. PearsonFred Lamar Pearson, Jr.William R. PeattieThomas PecsvaradiRobbie E. PedersonThomas C. PendergastDennis W. PerryGerhard A. PerschkeJames A. PetersonEric R. PetersonDouglas J. PewLouis W. Pfleckl, Jr.Robert M. PfohlDavid W. PheattRoger W. Pietras, M.D.Leonard P. Pietrewicz, Jr.

William G. PittmanChester J. Plauche, Jr.Erich M. PloogCraig T. PodosekGordon D. PopeGary E. PoppeR. Scott Potter, M.D.John J. PoustPatrick J. PowerMatthew J. PrevitsMatthew L. PriceMichael M. Priebe, M.D.David R. PuettmannRobert E. PughGregg A. PutnamMark M. PuzdrakJoseph T. PyzykFred H. Quantmeyer, Jr.Salvatore QuattrocchiRobert C. RademacherMichael A. RadoffThomas A. Raduenzel IISamuel J. Radziviliuk, IIHoward B. RafalSabino J. RanaudoRobert C. RankinJohn C. RasmusDarrell B. RayAllan L. RayfieldFrederick W. ReamRay E. Rebello, Jr.Daniel A. RedykJerry B. ReeseDuane A. RegerGeorge R. RehnFloyd S. ReidDaniel S. RekstadDavid J. RekstadRaymond J. Renton, Jr.Jeffrey D. RessinRho Chapter Alumni AssociationRho-Upsilon Alumni AssociationGeorge E. Richards, Jr., DVMTravis S. RidgelJohn M. RigbyWalter B. Riley, Jr.Jeffrey C. RinehartRoger R. RistySteven P. RobertsMichael G. RobinsonDavid J. RobinsonMichael J. RobinsonJ. Richard RockstrohPhilip B. RodmanArmando Rodriguez-Feo, CFCHarry L. RoeschDavid W. RogersRobert E. RollThomas L. RollerAndrew J. RominieckiHuyler E. Romond, Jr.William G. RoosMarvin RosenbergFred M. RosenbergerGary A. RoshakLaurence A. RothJoseph S. Rovansek, Jr.Richard D. RowlandsAlexander C. RudloffTerry A. RuseEdmond J. RussRoger A. RussellCharles C. Ryan, Jr.Ramzi M. SabbaghDennis A. SadlowskiRonald J. SalamoneRichard H. SaltmarshSan Francisco Alumni AssociationEd SandidgeW. Clark Sanford, IVBryan N. SaterboEdward G. SawtellEdward R. SayDavid C. ScharreJoseph R. ScheinerKenny Joe J. SchenatzkiGlenn B. Scherzer, IIWalter K. SchindhelmRobert L. SchirtzingerRobert E. Schlansker

Thomas D. SchlosserArthur R. SchmauderWilliam A. SchmidtLewis C. Schneider, CAEJames N. SchofieldBarry K. SchonbergerJames M. SchormanDavid G. SchottEdward C. SchraderRichard L. Schramko, CFCRichard E. SchreiberRichard E. SchuleyPaul ShulmanStephen R. SchulteJeffrey G. ScottIsaac J. Scott, IIIJames M. ScutellaroEdgar C. Seely, IIIDonald J. SeilerJoseph A. SekelskyA. William Shafer, M.D.Barbara SheahenSteven E. ShecterJames R. ShetlerDavid E. ShivelyPaul N. Shockley, Jr.David E. ShookCharles D. ShopeRobert D. Shorb, CFCCharles R. ShreveW. Kirk ShrumHoward A. ShugartJohn A. ShumanPeter J. SibilskiRudolf B. Siegert, Jr.Lucian A. SiekmanRobert G. Sievewright, IICharles W. Sigerson, Jr.Richard L. SiltonJames D. SimmsAndrew H. SimonLyle L. SimpsonWilliam E. SimpsonSamuel W. Sinderson, Jr.Charles A. Sine, Jr.Frederic C. SipeLeroy E. Sitlinger, Jr.R. Brian SkadowskiThomas B. SkonerWilliam H. SlaninkoKyle K. SlaskiMichael W. SmiarowskiJohn J. SmileyPaul J. SmitRoger K. SmithRick B. SmithDaniel A. SmithAtwood E. SmithDouglas R. SmithJames W. SmithDenis J. SmithRodman N. SmithGeorge L. Smith, Jr.Christian M. SnavelyFrank S. SoThomas M. SopkoJames D. SouthwellRandall B. SpenceRichard W. SpencerHerbert B. SpoelstraJames M. StacyRobert A. StambaughF. Christopher StaneckiJoe W. Stanton, Jr.Richard B. SteedmanMichael D. SteeleJ. Ronald Steiger, IIIKeith SteinerGene J. StelcikDonald R. StelzerThomas R. Stephenson, Sr.Charles W. Stevens, Jr.Lee R. StewartJohn D. StilesRobert H. StitzingerWilliam J. Stiver, Sr.Mitchell E. StockCharles W. Stoll, Jr.Russell M. StormontDouglas J. Stranahan

Daniel P. StrattonGregory T. StruebingThomas C. StueckBrian M. StumpSid V. SuarezRobert S. SuchEverett T. Summerall, Jr.Gary J. SummersRobert L. SwaimMichael J. SwartzDaniel S. Swett, IIIM. Louis SwinehartWayne D. SwitzerJames P. TaborAnthony J. Tangora, CFCJon G. TankersleyAlison L. TannerRobert N. TapKenneth G. TaylorJames S. TaylorRobert A. Taylor, D.D.S.Daniel W. TepkeJeffrey A. Terp, CFCDouglas W. TestDick TewsGordon W. ThayerTheta-Eta Alumni AssociationMichael A. ThomasJ. Scott ThompsonWilliam T. ThompsonCraig J. ThurberBrian M. TietjeJeffrey M. TitusJerry R. TobiasNeill TolboomE. Paul TonkovichLionel V. TopazLarry A. ToppertRobert V. Toutges, D.D.S.Michael E. TraegerTrans NationalRobert L. Tree, Ph.D.Dane TrembathAlbert J. Trimpert, IIIStephen TroxelRichard M. TrudellMalcolm T. TruppMichael A. TryonAllen D. Tucker, Jr.Robert D. Tucker, Jr.Stephen A. TuckerMichael L. TurnerRobert P. TurnerPeter B. TuttleRobert E. TuttleWilliam L. TynerRobert S. UhlUSC TKE Alumni AssociationStephen K. Valentine, Jr.Michael J. ValentineDavid Van BruaeneRandall L. Van ScoyRusty VannemanDonald L. VarnauWilliam M. VarnerGilberto R. VasquezClyde B. Vedder, Ph.D.Leonard N. Venen, Jr.Ryan J. Vescio, Esq.Ron D. VilasFelipe M. VillalonKristopher M. ViningFrank J. VisintinJoseph B. VivonaNicholas C. VlachosJames J. Vopal, M.D.Richard A. VorceW BancorporationFrederick W. WackerleCraig A. WagnerRobert W. WakeWilliam E. WalkerCraig A. WallaceKenneth L. WallackRichard D. WallerRobert D. WallsDavid J. WallsmithRobert D. WalzBenjamin W. WardFrank J. Ward

Christopher WarlickCharles S. WarrenTripp R. Warren, IIIWashington Alumni AssociationFredric R. WasserspringDavid A. WayneCharles T. WeaverSamuel C. WeaverGeorge W. Webb, M.D.Wilford A. WeberSteve A. WeeksDonald L. WehmeyerJohn B. Weigele, M.D.Robert C. WeinholzerE. WeintraubLawrence F. WeisJames T. WelchEdward K. Welch, IIGary N. Welch-Bass, IIDonald E. WelgeJames P. WellsJack A. WengerEugene P. WenningerJames M. WenteMr. & Mrs. Henry WestSaima WestWoodrow W. WestleyPaul P. WhalenDavid A. WharffJames E. WhiteJohn S. WhiteW. R. Ben WickeGene P. WicklundHarry R. WienerRobert O. WilburWilliam J. WilderJ. Edward WillardRobert L. WilliamsDavid H. WilliamsRobert H. WimsattKenneth B. WinieckiLouis E. Winkelhaus, IIDavid M. WintersRandall F. Witter, CAELouis G. WitynskiElizabeth E. WoerpelJeffrey P. WokounWalter C. WolfKenneth B. WonderlandGlenn C. WonnDavid S. WoodPeter WoodhamDale N. WoodlingGlenn E. WoodmanseePaul D. WoodsRaymond S. WorthDallas P. Wright, USA (Ret.)Donald E. WuerchJoanne L. WurtzJohn F. Wyatt, Jr.Fidel J. Yaeger, IIIWilliam B. YersinMichael D. YonJeffrey R. YoungAnsel E. YoungWalter T. ZabickiThomas M. ZaisJohn J. ZakowskiFrank T. ZimmererFrank E. ZippererMichael L. Zoruba

GRAND COUNCIL SOCIETYGifts of $500 - $999

H. Steve AbbotAnthony J. Abela, Jr.James V. AckermanJoseph R. AdamsEdward R. AddicottAlan M. AdkinsPat F. AgrestaJoseph P. AienaRobert F. AitaKevin E. AkerAlfred A. AkkeronDavid W. Aldrup


q lifetime giving clubs

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (64)

David S. AlexanderMichael J. AlfieriFranklin D. AllhandsAllianz Global Investors of America L.P.Robert A. Alonso, USN, M.D.Alpha Gamma DeltaAlpha-Chi ChapterRalph F. Altman, Ph.D.Thomas J. AmeenJames H. AmellAmerican ExpressJames A. AmlingCraig AmshelTrifon G. AnagnostosLynden E. AndersonDavid L. AndersonJohn C. AndersonDwayne C. AndersonL. Richard AndersonSteven W. AndersonBilly M. AndersonCharles P. AndrewsKenneth J. AndrewsAnthony G. AndrikopoulosThomas J. AntalEdward J. AntoshChristopher E. AnuswithApollo Alumni AssociationWilliam C. Apple, Jr.Paul ArcherRay L. Archer, IIPhilip F. ArdGary M. ArmstrongEric Asa-DorianPhilbert A. AshleyLouis E. AstrothThomas S. AsumaDavid L. Athey, Jr.Clark Atkins, Jr., CFCRussell R. AttisRichard N. AumillerCharles E. AupkeRobert J. AustinEdgar W. Averill, Jr.John J. AvilaBruce C. Babco*ckDonald P. BachPaul E. Backs, Lt. Col, USMC (Ret.)Robert E. BaierVincent P. Bailey, Jr.Donald L. BairdS. Robert BakallJeffrey M. BakerDavid J. BakerLarry A. BakerRobert C. BakerMichael E. BakerJames G. BalaschakRobert W. BalchWilliam C. BaldwinRobert H. BallWalter L. BallardJohn W. Ballinger, IIIEdward J. Banas, Jr.Anthony J. BangraziWilliam R. BarchetR. Christopher BardMichael H. BarlowWilliam G. Barnard, IIIRon C. BarrCarl A. Barr, USAF (Ret.)Ronald W. BarrettKevin M. BarrettKevin C. BarringtonRandall BartholomewJeffrey M. BartoDonald C. Barton, M.D.Rod A. BasconcilloSalem G. Bashara, IIIGennaro Basilicato, Jr.Electric BasinDavid P. BatemanSteven A. BatesJohn C. BauersfeldWayne E. BaumAndrew J. BeachnauJohn R. BeardDavid G. BeatyTimothy M. BeckPaul J. Beck, III

David A. Beck, IIRobert G. BeckWilliam L. BeckensteinMichael R. BeckmannWilliam E. BecknerAnthony C. BeissnerCharles A. BellRandy A. BenderJoseph W. BennettPaul R. BennettRichard C. BenneyJames M. BensonRichard A. BentonVirgil D. BeougherEric W. Berg, III, MDWalter BergsethPaul R. BerrymanDonald G. BertrandDonn R. BesselievreBeta-Sigma ChapterCurtis M. BeyerJohn P. BeyersdorfWilliam H. BeyrerErvin F. Bickley, Jr.Charles J. BiebelDonald H. BiehlElmer S. BilesCharles M. BillmyerFred D. BillsDonald E. BindokChristopher D. BirchIra M. BirnsGlenn M. BirzerJames B. BlackAlan BlackmonBrian L. BladesThomas R. BlankenbillerAlan A. BlatzRichard L. BlockBruce C. BlomG. Barton BlossomLloyd M. BlundenDavid BodenheimerMartin J. BoerstJohn C. Bogan, IIGary G. BoggieJames R. Bollam, Jr.Daniel L. BoneKenneth A. BoniRaymond P. Booker, Jr.Carl W. BorklundFrank T. BoronThomas G. BorowiakH. Craig BoswellTimothy P. BouchardBenoit & Agatha BouchardKarl F. BourgeoisPaul O. BowerJeffrey G. BowersoxThomas C. BoyerEarl W. BoyntonJames A. BradenNicholas BradleeDave A. BradleyJames C. BraidThomas W. BrandonElmer E. BranumStacey W. BraswellGeorge A. BreaultWayne E. BrennerJohn M. BriansStephen R. BriceJohn B. BridgersSteven L. BrightwellJoseph BrimmerMichael D. BrockRalph R. BrockKenneth E. BrockmanRichard H. BromDennis R. BrookeJames F. Brooke, III, USN (Ret.)James J. BrophySchmitz BrothersRichard J. BrownH. Gordon BrownDallas F. BrownJustin H. BrownRichard W. Brown, Esq.Gregory C. Brown, CFCRaymond S. Brown

Adam M. BrowningEverett D. BuchlerBrian F. BuckenmeyerC. Roger BuckmasterMark N. BullRobert J. Bump, Sr.Stephen J. BurackBrent L. BurdickDonald A. BurgeFrederick R. Burger, Jr.Trevor BurkThomas A. BurkhartJames A. BurkhartDonald R. BurnettRodney J. BuschkoetterBransby W. BusheyJay M. BushrowC. Raymond Buss, Jr.Douglas J. ButlerKathy CadwellFrancis A. CalabresePeter C. CaldwellRobert O. CameronGerardo Campos, Jr.James H. CanadaRobert E. CanadaJohn J. CannavoMichael P. CannonMichael D. CantoneDustin CappsDaniel A. CarapellucciAnthony L. CarboneWilliam R. CarderR. Scott CareySteve S. CarlisleRichard A. CarlsonJames R. Carmean, D.D.S.Robert D. CarnahanFrank L. CarolloDox W. Carr, IIIR. Jeffrey CarruthersDerrill L. CarterMilton E. CarterPeter C. CaryVernon O. CasperThomas L. Casperson, M.D.Drew P. CataldoGlenn J. CattanachPeter A. Cavallo, Ph.D.Kevin D. CavanaughD. Burnell Cavender, USAF (Ret.)Charles M. Cavicchio, D.P.M.Mark L. CawthronTimothy A. ChandlerW. Curtis ChandlerDavid L. ChapmanFrank B. ChapmanSamuel L. ChappellDonald M. CharskyLloyd R. Chase, Ph.D.Leon B. Cheek, IIIRichard N. CheeverMaxwell G. CheneyJerry W. ChildersCharlie F. Childress, Jr.Stephen J. ChomniakHenry ChowJames W. ChrissisWilliam M. ChristianCarter R. ChristiansenTerry Claggett, M.D.Brent A. ClaibornJames M. ClardyMark A. ClarkWilliam M. ClarkRoderick W. ClarkeArthur W. ClausonEdward W. Clay, Jr.Galen C. CliffordRobert H. ClineCharles B. ClizerRobert A. CochranGlenn B. CochraneWilliam N. CoffeeKenneth W. CohenRobert I. CohenKevin D. CollinsAlan V. CollinsKenneth D. CollinsJames M. Columbia

John C. ConcannonDaniel C. Connell, Jr.Edward F. Connor, Jr.Robert E. ConnorT. Randy CoodyJ. Randall CookKenneth CooksonDean M. CoonsSamuel D. CooperWalter R. CooperRonald J. CorkJoseph W. CorleyWalter G. Cornett, IIIThomas A. CorriganCortelligent LLCRoy D. CottenWilliam L. CotterRodney L. CottrellBill T. Couch, Jr.Thomas D. CovingtonPeter M. Cowper, B.A., J.D.James H. CoxDennis W. Crabb, M.D.David H. CrainBenjamin N. CreasyAnthony J. CrebsRonald C. CreswellJohn L. CrispJames M. CrossJohn H. CrossM. Robert CrossAlan B. CrothersClinton C. CrowDennis E. CrowellNancy CrowthersDavid A. CulverWilliam P. CunninghamJohn D. Currey, Sr.Rick Richard CurtisMark A. CushingEverett E. CutterRaymond A. CyrgalisJerome S. CzajaJoe CzechBilly R. DabbsScott M. Daigle, CFCFrank N. D’AlessandroDois D. DallasRenold P. DamianiTheodore J. D’AndrioleWarren A. Daniel, Jr.Merrill D. Darlington, Ph.D.George G. Davenport, IIIDana B. DavidsonClyde T. Davies, Jr.Oliver W. DavisSpencer W. DavisWilliam W. Davis, Jr.Jeffrey H. DavisJeffrey W. DavisRichard L. DavisDelmont A. Davis, Jr.James A. Day, D.D.S.Ray DayRobert T. De AngelisRobert G. De ForeStephen A. De LurgioRoger S. DeaconPhillip B. DeanMichael DeAngelisDonald R. DeArmonJohn A. deBontRoss C. DefriesRichard C. DegeisoE. J. DeGraziaAndreas DeischlStephen M. DeluskyJohn F. DeNicolaSteven J. DennisMichael A. DePaoliGaston R. DesnoyersMichael A. DeVitoDonald R. DeZutterDale A. DicksonHerbert E. DilgerDon C. DillMichael L. DillonEdward L. Dillon, IIIPeter DivokyMyron L. Doan

Robert M. Dobbins, IIIJohn C. DobbsJeannette M DobbynJohn A. DobrichBrett A. DodgeClayton W. DodgeKeith D. DodsonVictor W. DolbinThomas R. DollJames E. DonahueKeith L. DonaldsonWilliam W. DonnellyKevin R. DooleyJ. P. DoorGeorge D. DorstAnthony A. DovidioRoger J. DowJohn R. DowlingWalter B. DozierJames E. DrasalK. William DreierSteven DrizingRobert P. DruckerClarence C. DrumellerRobert J. DrummondCharles E. Du CheneRichard T. DudzinskiThomas G. DuffettWilliam W. DuncanElbert V. DuncanDavid R. DuncanJames I. DunnamJames E. DunningMichael A. DziubekMark R. EasterdayC. John EastonJames B. EdlemanPaul K. EdmanGregory L. EdwardsLawrence F. EdwardsDonald W. EdwardsWilliam T. Edwards, Jr.K. Donald EdwardsDonald C. Eggert, Jr.James W. EkissBradley D. EldevickBenjamin EllenburgHarry W. ElliottDavid L. ElliottDavid H. EllisSteven EmasEncyclopedia BritannicaMichael C. EngelhartMichael J. Engeln, Jr.Tom L. EnghRobert W. English, IIIPaul Eric Engstrom, Jr.Bryan K. EnsleyDaniel W. EricsonGeorge R. Erkes, Jr.Edward C. ErnstCharles R. EslingerEdward A. EspinaDavid B. EspositoJerry W. EtchesonWayne E. EtterRichard H. Evans, Jr.Robert J. EvansRod R. EvansWilliam H. EverardPeter R. L. FaberJohn K. FabsitsPhilip FaddenGarland E. FaistLarry D. FalstadJoseph F. FaltaWillis S. FankhauserJoseph P. FarleyMarc G. FeinsteinR. Powell FelixWilliam G. FellersGeoffrey D. FenelonMartin L. FenikJames H. FenskeTheodore J. FergusonErnest E. Ferrell, Jr.Richard L. FerroJeff A. FiedorowiczJon M. FilesRichard E. Filippi



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The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (65)

Robert H. Fillmore, Jr.Keith R. FingerWilliam B. FingerLarry D. FinkelBrian A. FisackerlyWilliam B. FitchJohn FiteBrendan D. FitzgeraldLeonard J. FleischerJames W. FlemingJames J. Fleuriel, Jr.David P. FlippinThomas F. FloodTravis S. FloydCharles W. FlugelWilliam M. Fogarty, Jr.Edward J. Foran, Jr.Curtis C. Force, D.O.Robert G. ForemanRobert F. ForilloLee W. FormwaltWilliam R. FortnerJoseph D. FortunatoSteven E. FortuneJoseph A. FortwenglerBevley E. Foster, Jr.Timothy M. FowlerRobert G. FowlerHoward N. FoxBrian W. FoxRobert F. FoxArthur R. FranceMichael T. FrancisMike S. FrancisDavid A. Franko, Jr.William V. FranksRaymond J. FredericiEugene FredericksonMichael K. FreemanArthur R. FrelundJames T. FrenchJohn K. FretsBenjamin R. Frevert, Sr.Francis L. FriedliKenneth R. FroelichChalk Fry, D.D.S.Jason R. FryGAB Robins North American, Inc.Rob L. GabelEdward E. Gahres, M.D.Richard M. GalganGary A. GalyasRobert GangiDavid J. GarberHarold E. GarberDonald F. GarbersJames G. Gardiner, Jr.Thomas J. GarfunkelGlenn L. GarnerJohn B. GarrettDaniel GatesJames D. GausEmerson W. GearheartMichael J. GebauerJames R. Gebhart, D.O.Jon J. GehringJames GeierFred A. GeigerLouis B. GenevaMatthew T. GenovaDaniel A. GeorgeKenneth L. GeorgevitsDonald M. GerardiKevin M. GerberJohn H. GerdingGeorge C. GibbsG. John Gilbertson, Sr.Brian E. GillPaul L. Gilles, Jr.John J. GiolittoFred L. Gissoni, Jr.Alec A. GizziPatrick L. GlonGerald J. GoeckeRichard N. GoekeErik GolbiwJeffrey B. GoldmanJames S. GompersChristopher J. GondeckRaymond B. Gonzalez

Frank S. Goodell, USAF (Ret.)Thomas J. Gordon, CFCJerry GorupLarry E. GrabbCharles R. GraberEugene V. GraceJoseph M. GraindaStephen E. GrainerBruce R. GrangerRobert M. Graning, IIJ. Ray Grant, M.D.Albert J. GreasbyDominic Grecco, M.D.John A. GreenJohn V. GreenCharles L. GreeneJohn M. GreenerRichard T. GreggThomas M. GreggRichard A. GriffithDavid E. GrimmLloyd F. Grinslade, Jr.Edward N. GronnebergRobert J. GrossoLarry R. GroveJeffrey R. GrowKenneth B. GuiseleyGeorge W. Gurnee, Jr.Lynn R. GusePaul D. GuthrieTerry A. GuttrichRobert & Catherine HaackArmon L. HaagenJerry C. HaakeKenneth E. HaarstadRobin H. HagamanPeter E. HainesDaniel W. HaleGeorge E. HallLaurence E. HallasRussell G. HalleenStuart E. Hallett, III, CFCMack A. HamblenRay E. HambuchenPatrick M. HamiltonThomas H. HamiltonDouglas W. HamiltonRichard B. HammerstromBrett E. HaneyJohn D. HanksS. Mark Hansen, Jr.Allen F. HansonRobert A. HarrisonGeorge F. HartungGeoffrey L. HartungJames E. HartwigDouglas C. HasbrouckKarl E. HasenstabJohn E. HassettStephen D. HassettJohn J. HastingsBrian D. HauserAndrew J. HaverkatePaul J. HavilandWilliam C. HawkWilliam A. HawkinsPhillip P. HawkinsRobert J. Hawley, Ph.D.Warren J. HawsDavid J. HayesRichard E. HayesThomas F. HayneThomas G. HazeltonRobert B. HeathLarry A. Hecker, Jr.Robert W. HeinRonald E. HeldKeith R. HeldtTimothy D. Helton, M.D.Phillip R. HemmingJames K. HendersonDonald S. HendersonWilliam H. HendryKenneth D. HenkensRobert M. Hensler, IIWilliam H. HenslerChristopher C. HerbstPeter E. HerguthPaul C. HetzelPaul R. Hetzer

Merlyn R. HeusinkveldRichard K. HidaniWalter A. Hilgendorf, Jr.Bryce S. HillChristopher D. HillerJerry A. HillhouseAnne HindsR. Steven HinesMax E. HinkleEdward J. HirschRoger H. HitchJerry L. HixJames K. HocuttTimothy H. HodgeAlan B. Hodish, Esq.Phillip A. HoedtLouis E. HoffmanBrian D. HoffmanRobert J. HoffmanRon HoffmanRichard W. Hogan, Jr.Eugene B. Hoggatt, Jr.Richard W. HogquistG. Herb HolleyRobert A. HolmFloyd A. HolmesGary B. HoltKenneth C. HolzingerTimothy J. HongLarry J. HoogForest S. HootRichard A. HopkinsM. Burton Hopkins, Jr.Verne L. Hoshal, Jr.Robert W. HotalingWilliam L. HoverstenRichard E. HowardJames W. HowardCurtis M. HowardDonald L. HowerTimothy J. HoyingBradley M. HoytStephen F. HubbardGeorge E. HudiburgReginald K. HudsonSteven D. HuffmanAllen J. HumeWilliam R. HummelRay O. HumphreyThomas E. Hunt, Jr.Samuel E. HunterDerek W. HunterRobert N. Hurd, M.D.Joseph M. HurlessRobert G. Hurley, IIIThomas F. HusseyKeith E. HutnerHutton-Conam RealtyHyatt Hotels CorporationRobert E. HykesJoseph P. Hylan, USMC (Ret.)Edwin I. IchiriuDavid M. IkeRobert H. Ikelman, Lt. Col. (Ret.)Gordon R. IlesRex W. InmanW. Gordon InnesInvestors TrustDonald H. IshikawaRobert M. ItaliaRodney C. Ives, Jr.Terry W. IveyJeffrey M. IwanskiJames B. JacksonJames K. Jackson, Jr.James S. JacksonJeffrey B. JacksonPeter N. JacksonDouglas B. JacobyAndrew M. JakubekRobert L. JamelliTony M. JamesThomas J. JamesJoseph M. JanosikRaymond G. JasperSteven H. JasperRobert W. JefferisScott R. JefferyJack R. JeffriesFrederick C. Jenks

John J. JensRussell H. JensenRoger W. JepsenPaul L. Jernigan, Jr.Daniel A. JimenezRobert W. JoeStephen L. JohnsonThomas W. JohnsonIrvin L. JohnsonWilliam JohnsonHorace M. Johnson, Jr.A. Warren Johnson, Jr.Frederick C. JohnsonEdward G. Johnson, Jr.Wayne J. JohnsonJeremy W. JohnsonTimothy P. JohnsonJesse A. Johnson, Jr.Charles A. Johnson, Jr.James L. JohnsonM. James JohnstonFred G. Johnston, Jr.Stephen W. JonesJames E. JonesFrederick M. JonesChris A. JonesHarbert M. JonesJeffry R. JontzStephen M. JordanRichard G. JoshDavid L. JuchauVincent J. JuneEric P. JungCalvin E. JungquistJames W. JusticeKappa-Psi Alumni AssociationPhilip L. KaserEugene R. KasperRonald D. KeanDennis A. KearnsOliver D. KeeJoel D. KeeferRobert E. KeelyLarry E. KeenanCol. Norman A. Keith, US Army (Ret.)William J. Keller, M.D.D. Gregory KenneyBrian C. KensingEdward N. KepnesJames F. KernJohn J. KesslerRandy KesslerChristopher J. KeyCharles A. KezarJames F. KileyRobert A. KingJames O. KingThomas C. KingPaul W. Kingsbury, CFCDavid L. KirkhamKirkland & EllisMichael D. KirnEric E. KirschnerEdward C. Kittel, USN (Ret.)Gilbert O. KjorstadMark A. KleinRobert H. KleinJohn K. KleschDonald W. KlickEarl C. KlingerKevin D. Knerr, Sr.Richard L. KnodeWalter T. KnollenbergDarren KnottRichard A. KoepplinDouglas A. KoestelMelvin KohanJohn W. KohutEric P. KoniecznyDavid J. KoningRichard W. KopckeGrant A. Korkoyan, Jr.Peter A. KostekMichael W. KoubekDaniel E. KovachMichael J. KowalskiDavid J. Kozlowski, CFCDavid J. KramarczykGreg F. KramerLawrence A. Kramer

Dennis J. KranzRalph L. KrasikKevin B. KrausStanley M. Kriel, Jr.Joel A. KrienerRoger H. KrieteThomas J. KrupkaMark A. KubikJoseph D. KudellaSteven R. KufusDana H. KulpDaniel E. KunzJohn J. KurkaFrank G. KuzmickusSteven M. KuznetzJoseph A. KwasnyGregory C. La FranceJoseph A. La RussaDustin A. LacasseWalter T. LaczWilliam C. Laderer, IIIJeffrey M. LaingDan F. Laird, CFCWallace F. LairdGeorge T. LalmanJohn H. LambWill M. LancerArthur E. LandiJohn K. Landis, Jr.William R. Lane, Jr.Andrew S. LaneRichard G. LaneCraig A. LangeWolfgang LangeBrian O. LanierJohn E. Lanz, Jr.Lyman G. LarsonTodd J. LarsonLee L. LasseigneWilliam C. Lauch, Jr.George M. Lauderbaugh, USAFSteven K. LauerGerald R. LavoieDaniel M. LavoldMichael J. LawMark A. LawrenceWilliam J. LawrenceJohn B. LawsonScott R. LawsonRichard W. LeachLeagre & BarnesJohn R. LeahyLawrence T. LeBlondEdwin P. LeCroy, Jr.Robert J. LeducThomas Y. LeeRonald E. LeeRon E. LegangerHenry J. Legere, Jr.D. Earl LeggNathan E. LehmanMichael W. Lengacher, CPARobert M. LennRichard A. LennonMichael J. LeonardRoberto LeopoldiDaniel R. LevinsonDonald B. LewisPeter A. LiehrWilliam E. LieneschRobert B. LightDavid E. LingStephan M. LingreenG. Kenneth LinkBob E. LinnJack L. LipseyRobert E. LissRaymond C. LiszewskiRichard B. LivingstonLloyd V. LofgrenR. N. Pete Long, USAF (Ret.)Larry D. Long, D.M.D.Lennie M. LongGeorge N. LoomisCharles M. LosingerJustin R. LouiseJames S. LoweryJoseph W. LucasKevin I. LucasHerbert D. Ludwig


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The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (66)

Dale H. LyonsAlbert L. Mac ClainH. William MacaRon S. MacalusoRalph L. Maccarone, IIIColin C. MacCrindleSteven R. MacLaughlinKevin L. MaddockDaniel T. Madish, Col. (Ret.)Lyle J. MaginFrancis W. Maher, Jr.Mark S. MahoneyThomas F. MaidmentLawrence R. MaierMargaret MaioccoWilliam C. MairFredrick MakoczyPaul R. MalnatiDonald C. MaloneD. Haley Manchester, IIIScott M. ManchesterJohn A. MancusEinar D. MankiJohn M. Manzanares, CFCJohn D. MarasaJames B. MarbleLouis R. MarchettiCharles E. MarkingRobert L. Markle, Jr.Clifford O. Marks, D.D.S.Patrick M. MarleyHal R. MartensDaniel MartignettiDennis A. MartinGeorge F. Martin, Jr.Thomas S. Martin, Jr.Steven W. MarzoDonald J. Mash, Ph.D.Don W. MasonRichard B. MasonJohn T. MatarelliMarvin R. MattfeldBruce D. MayRobert C. Mayer, Jr.Richard S. MazzellaGregory A. McAndrewsThomas M. McAninchIan M. McCainBrian K. McCarthyMike McCarthyCharles I. McCartyDonald R. McCartyGeorge D. McCaughey, IIIWarren A. McColloughThomas H. McCollumDavid K. McCulloughJames J. McDermott, Jr.Milton R. McFarlandThomas M. McGintyMichael A. McGovernThomas J. McGuireHugh H. McIntyre, Jr.John R. McIntyreJames D. McKenzie, IIIWilliam P. McKibbenAndrew C. McKirdyKenneth F. McLaughlinJames D. McLuckieWilliam J. McMahon, Jr.Wendell G. McMurrain, Jr.Dennis J. McNeilFrederick N. McomberJohn W. McTopy, IIGlenn B. MechanickRussell L. MedlinChristopher A. MeetzeShimul N. MehtaDavid L. MeierRobert A. MeierChester A. MeisbergerMerchants BankPhilip E. Merritt, Ph.D.Stuart M. Mertz, Jr.P. Michael MetcalfDavid M. MetzWilliam B. MetzgerWilliam J. MetzgerPaul W. MeyerRichard L. MeyersFrederick W. MichaelDavid P. Middlemas

Boniface MikulkaRobert H. Miller, CFCRoger S. MillerEric S. MillerSid J. MillerJames R. MillerThomas E. MillerRobert G. MillerWilliam S. MillerEveret G. MillerWalter J. MillerThomas MillerRichard B. Mills, USN (Ret.)Roger E. MillsColie E. MillsonWilliam P. MiloGlenn R. MingPatrick M. MingoJohn R. Minor, IIIWilliam H. MintyMichael ModicaCharles A. MoeJonathan W. MoellerMichael F. MohrJoseph Molnar, IIIJohn M. MonihanMark D. MonsonDavid K. MonsourEdwin J. MontgomeryDavid E. MoomawMichael D. MoonG. Thomas MooreDennis R. MorganArthur & Amy MorinMaynard B. MorrisIra D. Morris, Jr.George M. MorvisStephen E. Moss, CFCSteven C. MottMarjorie F. MoyerMark E. MudgeMu Lambda Alumni AssociationDaniel D. MulfordThomas S. MulinskiKenneth B. MundorfSamuel C. MunhollonJohn G. Munoz, CLUPaul MurgioEdward G. MurphyPatrick K. MurphyThomas A. Muscarella, CFCHarold S. Muse, Jr.J. N. MustoSteve J. Mustric, M.D.Kenneth A. MyersGerard E. MyersGeorge Nagy, Jr.Nagraj Narasimhan, M.D.Andrew D. NarraiLeonard E. NatkowskiJames D. NealMichael B. NeelyMichael E. NelkensTaza M. NelsonRoger L. NelsonEdward W. NewbyThomas C. NewmanWarren P. Newmark, IIRobert V. NewtonAdam W. NicelyDonald K. Nicolson, M.D.R. Scott NietzelRandall H. NivenNJ TKE Alumni AssociationTimothy B. NolanKeith R. NolanRobert T. NoonanJay H. NorenbergPaul R. NorthupRoss A. NortonEdward G. NosekGeorge A. NousiainenGeorge W. NowatkaChristian I. NybyRobert T. O’Brien, Jr.Cecil D. O’Bryan, Jr.Michael J. O’ConnorMr & Mrs K. A. OhlmannW. Sean O’KeefeHenry M. Okleshen

Mark P. OldbergWallace B. OliverDavid W. OliverVincent R. OlivieriHarold F. Olsen, LLPJames D. OlsonScott W. OmiecinskiJohn A. O’NealSteven E. OoleCarlos A. OramasCragin T. OrrAlbert O. OrthLawrence L. OrthRobert C. OsborneBryan A. OscarsonSteven R. OsterTimothy D. OswaldAlbert W. Owen, Jr.John M. OyhenartAnthony E. PacellaRaymond J. Palmer, Jr.Richard L. PanarellaPanhellenic AssociationArmand R. PaoliniHarry PapadakisRichard E. ParkErnest T. Park, Jr.Philip C. ParkerCharles R. ParnellThomas G. Patterson, Jr.James E. Patterson, Jr.Andrew J. PattersonJohn F. PavettoScott M. PawenskiLarry D. PayneJeffrey P. PearsonCharles PechewlysStephen J. PeirceHarvey A. Peltier, IIIDavid T. PendleyDavid J. PerssonDavid L. PessesEric M. PetersonRichard W. PhelpsLarry S. PhelpsPhi Kappa Psi FraternityGeorge D. Phillippy, Ph.D.Peter R. PhilomeyPi Lambda Phi Fraternity Inc.Kenneth R. PianaPhilip E. PickardJ. Wesley PierceRobert L. PiercePatrik L. PiersonJames M. PiersonThomas E. PinelliGerald D. PintJohn P. PinterMark S. PintoW. Bryan Pizzi, IINelson R. PleauRichard A. PluthDavid S. PohlmanDavid G. PollartRobert W. PopeAaron C. PorterJ. David PorthouseJames B. PosanskiDavid H. PowellGary H. PrebleGene L. Preisse, IIIRichard C. PrestonJ. John PrestopnikGary & Frances PrevitsShane D. PrierRalph F. PrincipeMark F. ProiesFloyd E. PropstFrank Pulice, Jr.Donald R. PungIshmael PurcellWilliam C. PurdonRichard C. PuryearPhilip S. PyneCorwin D. Querrey, Jr.Ken A. QuincyTulio Quirantes, Jr.Wayne L. QuonDavid N. RackmalesAlbert E. Radcliffe

Glenn B. RaiczykNatale P. RaimondoJoseph M. RamirezZachary D. RamsayJohnny C. Ramsey, Jr.Michael E. Ranshaw, IITimothy P. RatajczakG. W. Stephen ReadGerald O. ReeceAlvin D. ReeceAlbert G. Reed, Jr.Randall S. ReedRobert M. ReedKirk D. ReevesBoyd H. ReidJames E. ReidDouglas M. ReifFrederick W. ReinhartKevin D. RenfroKirk L. RenoWinston J. RenoudKevin R. RepcheckAlvin B. ReubenKenneth P. RevayThomas J. ReynoldsRho-Alpha Alumni AssociationEdward J. RibsteinNelson K. RichardsMichael J. RichardsonScott I. RichardsonKyle C. RichardsonWilliam E. RiebeJohn R. RiedmanGerald F. RiggersRobert T. RiglerRobert C. RinehartDaniel J. RiordanTimothy J. RitchieAndrew M. RitterNicholas A. Rizzitello, Jr., D.C.Ronald S. RobertsonJack T. Robinette, Jr.Neil D. RobinsonRichard B. RobinsonDavid R. RobinsonMichael A. RockMelvin B. RockeySteven E. RodickDennis A. RoeB. Carter Rogers, M.D.Thomas R. RogersJay J. RogersJuan F. Rojas, M.D.Andrew B. RombergerHarry L. RookFrank J. RoseJames J. RoseKent J. RosenauDavid J. Ross, IICharles S. RossWilliam J. Rossiter, CPAClyde E. RostadChristopher J. RothJoseph C. Rotolo, M.D.William R. RouletteThomas A. RourkeRichard B. RoushHoward RubensteinDonald H. RubinLeon A. RubyDavid B. RuckerKevin J. RuddyRonald R. RufattoRobin H. RuffinoMichael J. RugglesThomas RuleJohn V. RumbleGeorge A. Russett, CLUJohn F. RutledgeJeff A. RutledgeStephen P. RutmanWilliam R. RyanTimothy A. RyanBob G. SalyerWilliam L. SandersDonald G. SappScott H. SariRoy S. Sasaki, CFCRoland R. Saucier, Jr.Robert N. Saunders, Ph.D.

Neil SavinW. Tom Sawyer, Jr.Jerry W. Sayre, M.D.Louis J. ScarfoTimothy O. SchaeferChristopher M. SchaefferSteven M. SchauerJohn E. ScheatzleDavid R. SchechterJohn W. SchererRonald R. SchildWalter R. SchirberJames C. SchluckbierLeonard SchlusselJohn A. SchmidtPhillip J. SchmidtEdward C. SchmidtFred J. SchmittSamuel L. SchmitzTerry L. SchneiderRonald A. SchneiderMichael P. SchneiderKeith N. SchnelleJames R. SchonbergerRobert L. SchornstheimerJames D. SchreyerRobin S. SchroederRichard A. SchrommAlbert J. SchuetteRobert SchulenburgMichael D. SchultzSteven J. SchulzStephen D. SchulzeGerald A. SchwalbachSteven P. SchwefelWilliam D. SchwenkeTroy A. ScottTimothy D. ScottMichael J. ScullyRonald D. SeaveyAllen H. Seed, Ph.D.Michael D. SeemanBart C. Segal, CFCKenneth F. SeisJoel M. SelberJon D. SellPerry B. SellsJames C. Selover Ph. D.Eric C. SemmelmeierWilliam A. Sensenderfer, D.D., Ph.D.Michael SerSamuel A. SerrianLester P. Servid, M.D.Neil A. SettleMichael R. ShanahanCharles E. Shapiro, M.D.Matthew J. ShapiroJack A. ShawFrancis J. Sheeran, CFCRichard L. Shelton, Jr.James P. SherkMichael T. ShieldsAnthony S. ShifflettRichard D. ShmelJeffrey L. ShoberWilliam E. ShouldersWilliam J. ShouldersH. Burkley ShoweJohn D. Shull, Jr.Benson P. Shupe, Jr.Bob B. SieckDana J. SieckertRobert F. SiegertRichard D. SilverthornRalph J. SimmonsDennis M. SimonChristopher L. SimonsRobert Simpson, Jr.William T. SinclairScott G. SinkScott K. Sitterle, O.D.John A. SkidmoreThomas C. SkubichWilliam L. Slade, CFCEric P. SlippEdward A. SlyeJoseph M. Smetana, Jr.Thomas B. SmithDavid S. SmithLowell R. Smith



q lifetime giving clubs

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (67)

Calvin G. SmithRodman B. SmithW. Hilary SmithMilton R. SmithSean A. SmithJeffrey L. SmithBrad SmithGregory B. SmithCaleb SmithStephen S. SmithMartin A. SmithTerry E. SnavelyRichard G. SnyderMiles A. SnyderE. Michael SoromGerald G. SpaughJeff B. SperryMark S. Sperry, M.D.Jeremy J. SpiveyDaryl A. SplichalJay A. SpotoScott R. SpringerPeter J. SquierSt. Mary’s Sales CompanyMichael R. St. PierreThomas E. StaabWayne E. StabrawaJack V. StalnakerStewart G. Stalnecker, Jr.Raymond T. StampsCurtis G. StanglerLaurance S. Staples, Jr.Donald E. StarkThomas A. StarkJoel A. StarzeckiBruce F. StasiakErnest A. Staubs, Jr.Robert C. SteckRichard M. SteeleLoren M. SteensonJoseph T. SteibleJohn L. SteimkeJack W. Steiner, Jr.Charles M. Steinhofer, Jr.Michael F. StellArthur W. Stellar, Ph.D.Jon E. StevensTimothy W. StewartTerence E. StewartJanet M. StewartRichard H. Stienmier, M.D.Richard B. StiversLewis H. StivittsLynn C. StoeckerDouglas J. StokesJim M. StrachanRandy L. StriteEthan M. Stubbs, IIDwight L. StullFrancis B. StullLeonard G. SuelterJohn L. SullivanJoseph E. SummerhaysStephen L. SuslikMichael A. SuttonWilliam E. Swank, Jr.David A. SwansonNorman H. SwickMichael J. SymonsRichard H. TaitJohn E. TalleyJerry W. TastadRichard H. TateEdward A. TauserWarren L. TaylorGregory S. TaylorTimothy L. TaylorDavid TeeterJohn C. TelanderGeorge TereshkovichWilliam S. ThayerLawrence W. TheriaultRyan P. ThibodeauxTodd E. ThiesseLee B. Thomas, Jr.Ronald B. ThompsonJames W. ThompsonTom L. ThorkelsonRichard A. ThornburgWillard C. Tice, IIChristopher B.Tidwell

William M. TiltonRodney G. TimmBruce E. TitusThomas N. Tjarnberg, D.D.S.Robert C. ToninyDavid H. ToopsRichard D. TorlinaCharles W. TrainorRobert G. Treece, Jr.Clinton B. TrousilJohn R. TrudellRaleigh D. TruittDavid A. TrumpRobert D. TwitchellU S Postal ServiceDallace W. UngerThomas J. UrquhartBennedict R. UselmanShane UtterCharles P. ValentineRonald L Van BuskirkRene W. Van ZantenWilliam L. VandenburgRonald J. VandermarkStephen A. VanderpoortenRobert J. VanekJoe B. VangilderRobert S. VangrinPhillip J. VanyoPaul J. VarkalWilliam P. VaughnJoseph J. VauterNorman C. VeachMarvin D. VeeNicio Vega, Jr.Allan R. VelerRobert W. VeramayJoe K. VernerSteve VickersAnthony M. ViolaVitale, Caturano & Co. FoundationJoseph Voldrich, IIIDaniel T. VolkOliver L. Von BehrenPeter O. Von BradskyMahlon W. VorhiesJames VotanekClayton J. VreelandJames E. WaechterKendall P. WagarChristian W. WagnerJohn Jacob Wagner, IIIMichael R. WahlDonald A. WalbrechtDennis J. WaldronBarry B. WalesStephen C. WalkerBian B. Walker, Jr.Alvin F. Walker Jr.Ronald K. WallaceRalph M. WallemSteven R. WalshRonald L. WalshStephen A. WalstonThomas G. WaltersBrad WambachDonald L. WanieGeoffrey M. WardSidney J. Ward, IIIPaul D. WardJames R. WardellWilliam R. WarmbeinRichard R. WarmboldLeon E. WarnerSanford A. WassermanMark E. WattersJeffrey P. WaveringEarl A. WayneC. Joseph Weaver, Jr.Abraham M. WebberJames K. WebsterRobert Wedberg, Jr.Dennis R. WeddleWilliam A. Weed, Jr.Kenneth M. WeesnerSue E WehnerRonald J. WeimerSteven A. WeinerRobert P. WeismanBrian J. Wellock

G. David Wells, IIIL. Byron WelshJeffrey R. WescheDean A. WesselsEd L. WestTerry E. WestbrookChris J. Westhof, IIIRainer J. WestphalTed F. WethjeMark G. WeyermullerJack J. WeymouthDavid F. WhedonEdward A. Wheeler, IVRichard T. WhistlerWilbur J. WhitcombLee C. WhiteByron D. WhittenCharles W. Whittington, Jr.Craig N. WiederholdJoseph L. WikoffW. Peyton WilbarRichard R. WilfordLeonard C. WilkersonCory WilliamsCharles E. WilliamsMark W. WilliamsRick Williams, ChairmanGregory L. WillisRichard E. WillsonMark WilsonMichael D. WilsonJohn F. WilsonKeith D. WilsonJames A. WimbushLeslie W. WinegardenRaymond L. Winn, IIIPhilip E. Winston, Jr.Gregory D. WisorRobert G. WithamJohn L. WittG. Michael WitteMichael H. Wittmer, CFCRichard E. WittnebelRobert E. WojnickiChad WolfRonald & Karen WolfRobert J. Wolfe, IIDavid A. Womble, Jr.Gary K. WoodhullWilliam A. WortzmanWilliam H. WregeJeffrey W. WrenAnthony J. WrightKevin R. WrightMichael G. WukovichRaydee E. WyattSteven E. YanneMark M. YoderKieran C. YorkAnton P. YrleMartin ZadnikNorman R. ZammarCharles Zampich, Jr.Richard C. ZappPeter ZarrasJames M. ZechmannRobert V. ZenzWilliam R. ZieglerDaniel J. ZielanisWilliam J. Zinn, Sr.Robert C. Zornes



q lifetime giving clubs

SteveJ.Muir Societyof1899 RanchoSanteFe,CAGregoryP.Woodson Societyof1899 Darien,CTElmerR.Smith Societyof1899 Rosewell,GARichardC.Ernest Societyof1899 LakeForest,ILLonnieG.Justice,CFC GrandPrytanisCircle Sunnyvale,CAWilliamV.Muse,CFC GrandPrytanisCircle Cincinnati,oHDonaldR.Tapia GrandPrytanisCircle ParadiseValley,AZMarkA.Fite,CFC GrandPrytanisCircle orlando,FLMarkK.Johnson PresidentsCircle Denver,CoCharlesJ.Trabold PresidentsCircle Maplewood,NJW.AllanHerzog PresidentsCircle LaHabraHts.,CADanielW.Bower PresidentsCircle MullettLake,MIDonaldA.Campbell,Jr. PresidentsCircle Wilmette,ILJohnA.Courson,CFC PresidentsCircle RanchoMurieta,CAChristopherEber PresidentsCircle WestLinn,oRRobertL.olcott,CAE LeadersSociety Reston,VAJamesL.Totten LeadersSociety Alexandria,VARussellH.Heil LeadersSociety PeachtreeCity,GAJohnB.Phillips LeadersSociety Moraga,CAMarkC.Romig,CFC LeadersSociety Neworleans,LAShawnA.Babine LeadersSociety Scarborough,MEFredrickT.Jacobi LeadersSociety Juneau,WIMichaelA.Moxley,CFC LeadersSociety Indianapolis,INKevinJ.Brock LeadersSociety Chicago,ILJoelE.Johnson,CFC LeadersSociety Lincoln,NEEdwardC.Droste LeadersSociety Clearwater,FLDanielLeeCummings LeadersSociety Rochester,ILRobertD.Planck LeadersSociety Houston,TXJonnM.Wullschleger LeadersSociety KansasCity,MoTimothy L. Taschwer Leaders Society Indianapolis, INBennyL.Johnson LeadersSociety ColoradoSprings,CoJamesE.Crockard,III LeadersSociety Pittsburgh,PAWallaceE.Johnston,Jr. LeadersSociety Memphis,TNKevinM.Mayeux,CAE LeadersSociety WinterSprings,FLT.J.Schmitz,CFC LeadersSociety Largo,FLGeraldJ.Murphy LeadersSociety LongBeach,CARodneyG.Talbot ScholarsSociety WinterGarden,FLJohnS.Daniel ScholarsSociety CapeGirardeau,MoGaryA.Reed ScholarsSociety LasVegas,NVBruceB.Melchert,CFC ScholarsSociety Indianapolis,INJamesD.Williams ScholarsSociety UniversityPark,MDRaymondW.Franklin ScholarsSociety DeerfieldBeach,FLDavidR.Jones ScholarsSociety Montclair,NJJamesS.Margolin,PGP ScholarsSociety LloydNeck,NYS.ToddFarmer,Jr.,CFC ScholarsSociety Indianapolis,INEdwardM.o’Shaughnessy,Jr. ScholarsSociety Beavercreek,oHMarkKuhnke,M.D. ScholarsSociety Springfield,ILGaryA.LaBranche,CFC ScholarsSociety Evanston,ILJamesF.Place ScholarsSociety SanAntonio,TXLenwoodS.Cochran ScholarsSociety Greenville,SC

TKE pays special tribute to those who rank in our top 50donorsinLifetimeGiving.Thesedonorsdeserveour thanks for their exceptional commitment of time, talent, and treasure.

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (68)

Tau Kappa epsilon7439 Woodland DriveIndianapolis, IN


• Past Grand Prytanis• Order of the Golden Eagle• Teke Alumnus of the Year • TKE Triangle Award• Hall of Fame

OfficerNaboatcon, LLCLife Loyal Teke

The Teke Spring 2011 - [PDF Document] (2024)


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