Tana Mongeau House: An Inside Look at the YouTuber's Real Estate Journey - Bloxburg Houses (2024)

Grab your phone and scroll through Tana Mongeau’s Instagram feed. You’ll likely see the social media star posing in various lavish locations—from sprawling mansion interiors to tropical poolside patios. With millions of followers closely tracking her every move, Tana’s living situations have long captivated her passionate fanbase.

But how much do we really know about the Tana Mongeau houses, apartments, and penthouses which she called home? This deep dive will uncover the behind-the-scenes details on some of the YouTuber’s most iconic properties over the years. From her early LA pads to rumored recent splurges, we’ll explore how Tana Mongeau’s residences reflect her meteoric rise to fame.

Brief Background on Tana Mongeau’s Career

Before delving into Tana’s real estate history, let’s do a quick recap of her path to social media celebrity status.

Tana first joined YouTube in 2015 as a 17-year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada. She quickly charmed viewers with her blunt opinions, candid storytimes, and outrageous sense of humor.

By 2019, Tana’s channel hit 5 million subscribers. She also launched an MTV reality show, expanded her podcast, and got involved in various controversies. Through it all, her fanbase grew more and more invested in the intimate details of her daily life.

Now, at 24 years old, Tana Mongeau sits atop an empire of YouTube, Instagram, and OnlyFans followers. As her career has evolved, so have the spaces she chooses to inhabit.

Why Tana Mongeau’s Living Situations Draw Curiosity

But why do fans care so much about Tana Mongeau’s living conditions in the first place?

For one, her residences make frequent backdrops in social media posts. Fans feel connected to spaces they’ve virtually “visited” for years through photos and videos.

There’s also an aspirational element. Impressive homes project a wealthy, influential image many hope to emulate. Tana’s properties essentially become extensions of her personal brand.

Of course, some simply enjoy the voyeuristic thrill of peeking into a star’s lifestyle. Tana herself has even commented on the public’s fascination with her dwellings.

Whatever the reason, a tour through Tana’s real estate history offers insight into her astonishing rise from small-town teenager to queen of YouTube. Let’s see how the Tana Mongeau house has evolved over the years.

Tana Mongeau’s Early LA Apartments

Tana Mongeau moved to Los Angeles at just 18 years old in 2016. Coming from suburbia, this marked her first foray into big city living.

Melrose Apartment

Her earliest LA home was a modest apartment on Melrose Avenue. Based on the glimpses Tana shared, the unit had classic built-ins and hardwood floors.

As an aspiring social media star, the space gave Tana freedom to create content away from parental supervision. Proximity to Hollywood also offered opportunities to network and collaborate.

First High Rise Apartment

Shortly after, Tana upgraded to a sleek high rise apartment. Full-length windows overlooked the LA cityscape.

For small-town-turned-LA-transplant Tana, scoring this downtown pad felt like proof she’d “made it.” The aesthetic, modern interior also allowed her shooting more stylized YouTube videos.

This new apartment marked a pivotal first step in Tana Mongeau house upgrades to come.

The Studio City Mansion

In late 2017, Tana moved into one of her most buzzworthy homes—a 10-bedroom Studio City mansion. The Mediterranean-style property spanned over 8000 square feet.

Renting with a group of friends including Jake Paul, Tana had ample space to create content. Features like a movie theater, gym, and massage room also enabled her luxurious new lifestyle.

But this famously chaotic “Team 10” house ended up generating as much drama as viral moments. Still, Tana looks back fondly on the ridiculous memories made there.

Las Vegas Penthouse

Wanting more independence, Tana relocated to Las Vegas and leased a hip, modern penthouse. The 4-bed, 4.5-bath home sat high above the Las Vegas Strip.

For Tana, moving back to her hometown where her career began felt nostalgic. Having the penthouse as a self-proclaimed “boss babe” symbolized how far she’d come.

With its sleek furnishings and floor-to-ceiling windows, the space had an airy, sophisticated vibe. Tana often used the neon-lit Strip as a photogenic backdrop.

Though a brief home stint, the lux penthouse represented Tana Mongeau house goals at the time – all about flash and indulgence.

Sherman Oaks Rental House

In summer 2019, Tana settled into a $15,000/month rental house in Sherman Oaks, CA.

The 8600 square foot property featured amenities like a home theater, wine cellar, and beauty salon room. Outdoors, lush landscaping surrounded an idyllic pool.

For around 8 months, Tana filmed videos showcasing the extravagant estate. House tours let viewers experience the space like her personal guests.

Renting this opulent (and pricey) CA celeb-style compound showed Tana Mongeau’s star status hitting new heights.

Current Residence Rumors

Lately, Tana has avoided revealing too many details about where she’s living. But rumors suggest the star craved more privacy and upgraded to a luxury home or condo.

Some fan theories say she purchased a place either in LA or her native Vegas. Wherever Tana currently rests her head, expect the interior to be Insta-worthy.

Knowing Tana, she’ll likely flaunt her new digs when the time feels right. But for now, the location remains under lock and key.

Tana Mongeau House Preferences and Must-Haves

Looking back, a few clear real estate preferences emerge when examining Tana Mongeau’s living history.

  • Location – Tana gravitates towards trendy, bustling city areas whether LA, Vegas, or nearby suburbs. Being close to work opportunities trumps most other factors.
  • New and Contemporary – Tana’s homes usually boast sleek, contemporary finishes. She favors new construction or recently updated properties.
  • High Rise – After her first LA high rise, Tana developed a fondness for penthouses and apartments with soaring city views.
  • Amenities – Must-haves include pools, home gyms, and movie theaters or entertainment spaces.
  • Privacy – As her fame grew, Tana sought more secluded homes away from prying eyes. Security and privacy have become higher priorities.

Considering these preferences provides clues into what Tana Mongeau house may look like in the future.

Impacts of Homes on Tana’s Branding

There’s no question Tana Mongeau’s residences influence her image. As her career took off, her living situations evolved from modest apartments to huge mansions.

More than just backdrops, these homes help cultivate Tana’s personal branding. Luxe, trendy spaces align with the wealthy influencer persona she projects. Outlandish party houses also bolster her reputation as the life of the party.

Essentially, her properties contribute majorly to the aspirational tone she broadcasts. Fans eat up the glimpse at Tana’s lavish lifestyle.

But recently, hints of a refined, mature direction have emerged via her living spaces. Will a more subtle, grown-up home signal a new era for Tana?

Unsurprisingly, outlets heavily cover Tana Mongeau’s real estate moves.

Whenever Tana switches locations, sites like E! News break down the home’s most outrageous attributes. Video tours also rack up millions of Youtube views.

Combined with Tana’s own social media documentation, fans get 360 access into her latest and greatest abodes.

This media spotlight further fuels public intrigue around the Tana Mongeau house situation at any given moment.

Fan Reactions to Her Residences

Tana’s supporters have strong opinions regarding her living quarters. Conversations arise during spon-con at a jaw-dropping new mansion.

Long-time fans also reminisce on old properties, like her first LA high-rise. Seeing throwbacks prompts nostalgia for earlier career stages.

Some even offer unsolicited suggestions—advising Tana Mongeau upgrade to a luxury condo or downsize to something more practical.

Whatever their take, devotees consistently voice fascination with the physical spaces housing their fave at each career phase.

Property Speculation and Investment Potential

With millions in the bank, fans predict Tana investing her wealth into real estate.

Some theorize she may purchase property around LA as assets. An LA penthouse could also give Tana Mongeau a local base when not in Vegas.

Others wonder if she’ll buy a lavish permanent residence like fellow YouTubers Jeffree Star or David Dobrik.

Wherever she chooses, LA market prices mean Tana could score a prime mansion or condo with her substantial budget. One thing’s for certain—size and amenities will impress.

Investing in property could also prove a smart long-term financial strategy for Tana. Real estate diversifies her income streams for sustained wealth.

The Future of Tana Mongeau’s Housing Situation

Predicting Tana Mongeau’s next housing move requires analyzing her current mindset.

Lately, she’s focused on mental health, wellness, and musical pursuits. This suggests a departure from past wild child antics.

Therefore, upcoming residences may reflect that shift. Rather than party pads, expect dwellings promoting privacy and recharging.

While likely still lavish, future homes could have cozier vibes—think fireside lounges and reading nooks. She may also purchase rather than endlessly rent.

But with Tana, anything remains possible. She may reveal a new sprawling mansion made for entertaining.

Ultimately, her lifelong journey of upgrading into her dream home continues. We can’t wait to see where that takes the Tana Mongeau house next!

The Bottom Line

Tracing Tana Mongeau’s housing history discloses volumes about her sensational path to fame. From modest LA flats to luxe LA mansions, her residences chart her skyrocketing success.

More than just backdrops, these homes actively shaped her image and career. Tana Mongeau house became central in crafting her personal branding.

While her current situation is hush-hush, chances are it’s impressive. No doubt Tana will unveil the next stage of her never-boring real estate evolution when the time feels right.

Tana Mongeau House: An Inside Look at the YouTuber's Real Estate Journey - Bloxburg Houses (2024)


Whose Tana Mongeau? ›

Tana Mongeau was born on 24 June 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She is an actress, known for Escape the Night (2016), Minute Match-Ups (2015) and Candy Flip.

What is Tana Mongeau middle name? ›

Tana Marie Mongeau (/ˌtænə ˈmoʊʒoʊ/ TAN-ə MOH-zhoh, born June 24, 1998) is an American Internet personality.

Does Tana Mongeau have a dog? ›

Name. Dexter was Tana's second dog, before adopting Lumen.

Is Tana still married? ›

The couple's decision to go their separate ways comes after Mongeau admitted that she hasn't been experiencing newlywed bliss. Mongeau married Paul in July in a wild Las Vegas wedding, though they later clarified that the ceremony was not legally binding.

Did Tana Mongeau drop out of high school? ›

Tana Mongeau dropped out of highsschool her sophom*ore year and was a millionaire by senior year, what's you're excuse????

Who is Tana Mongeau agent? ›

Mongeau's current manager, David Weintraub of Dwe Talent Management, will serve as the third co-founder of the new endeavor, which has been dubbed Tana's Angels Agency -- or Taa for short.

How much does Tana Mojo weigh? ›

Tana Mongeau's Personal Information
Real NameTana Marie Mongeau
DOB (Age)June 24, 1998 (age 25)
Height5 ft 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)
Net worth$4 Million
3 more rows

Is the hype house for sale? ›

And now, the setting where one of the house managers paid $5 million for the 11,291-square-foot property, is now back on the market for $5.495 million. “Welcome to a truly one-of-a-kind majestic property nestled on over 20 acres of breathtaking Santa Rosa Valley,” the listing on The Agency says.

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